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You are so hot, for an older guy.

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I thought your daughter was going to be home when I dropped these clothes off for her. I would have come back a different time if I knew she wouldn't stay long enough for me to get here. Since I am here, are we the only ones in the house? I can't leave without saying something to you. I have always had a thing for older men. Each time I come here to hand out with your daughter, I am also hoping you are home so I can at least look at you. You really are hot, for a guy your age. You have to be the same age as my father and he looks nowhere as good as you. In fact, I don't think I can leave here today without showing you exactly how horny I am for you and have been for quite some time. Are you going to share your mature sex experience with me? Maybe you can teach me a few things.

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You are still in the friend zone.

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It's great hanging out with you all the time. You are like the best friend a girl could have even thought you're a guy. Problem is that I hang out with you so much I don't have time to meet any potential boyfriends. I am uber horny so you get to come out of the friends zone only to satisfy my need for sex right now. I will lay down the ground rules though and you have to do exactly as I say. This may only happen once so you better do it good. I already had my orgasm I think so you're gonna have to finish yourself off. Oh wow! When I told you to finish yourself that wasn't an invitation to make a mess on me!

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You are still the biggest one.

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How long has it been since we hooked up way back in high school? We both have changed a little but I think for the better. I am so glad you responded to my wink on that social media site. You know, you are still the biggest guy I have ever been with and Im not referring to your height. I dont mean to be too forward but I am on this bed for a reason. I want that big dick again. Go ahead and unzip those pants for old times sake and let me remind you of the great blow job I used to give you.

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You are such a nice man.

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This is a little embarrassing that you caught me laying out naked in your yard. I hope this is ok to do. Back home I always laid out naked. I dont want to overstep boundaries while staying here in your home. Is the missus still out shopping? You know my dad considers you one of his best friends. He told me I would like living here while I go to school. Its nice being here but one thing I am missing is the ability to bring guys home and get laid. Its been months since I had sex. Your wife wouldnt suspect anything if you and I had a quick romp would she? I can totally act like nothing ever happened, can you?

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You are such a shy guy.

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Now that our parents aren't home it's the perfect time to have a discussion about sex. We're so close to the same age yet me being slightly older, I feel the responsibility to help you in the girl department. I have a feeling you haven't ever seen a naked girl, am I right? Even though I'm just your stepsister I think I should be the one to talk to you about girls because I don't think your mom is going to do the job. Besides, I like being the older sister and I am kind of perverted and want to play with you. We're going to play the show and tell game. I'll start by showing you my titties. Come on, this is going to be a fun game. ****This video contains age regression role play.****

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You are such a sweetie.

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It's nice having you back home for a little while. I've missed you since you've been away at college. Oh, you notice I have been working out? Well, I guess I have put on more muscle since you've been away. Your dad is always off doing his own thing so I had to have something to occupy my time. I could say the gym and I have more of a relationship than your dad and I do. You want me to flex for you? You're so sweet to encourage me in my weight lifting. Your dad just shoos me away when I try to show him my progress. You really are a supportive and sweet stepson. I notice you have been using the college gym. Your abs are pretty tight! I am so incredibly horny since working out extra hard and your dad won't even touch me. Looks like you like what you see. We have some time before your father returns from errands if you want to run into the house for a quickie, I am so down with it.

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You are the best tax man ever.

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I am so grateful to you for doing these taxes for me this year. My accountant last year was such a lame dude. I wish you would let me pay you for your great service though. Just because I'm your daughter's best friend doesn't mean you have to do things for free. I know you must be super stressed out right now during tax season so I want to at least help you relieve some of that stress. I won't take no for an answer and if you like me enough I may even come back later this afternoon for double duty.

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You are the hottest Professor.

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I am sure I am not the only female student you have ever invited to your house, am I? Oh well, I am glad to be here tonight. You know you are the hottest Professor on campus. When I am sitting in class watching you pace in front of all of us it makes me a little moist in my panties. Your voice is so has such authority in it that I want to be told what to do by you in the most intimate way. This is kind of like a dream come true to be with you and don't worry about your job because I am keeping this a complete secret.

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You are the nicest neighbor.

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Usually when people say that someone can come use their pool anytime they never really mean it. You are one of the truly nice guys for letting me actually come over and hang out at your pool even without a pool party going on. Not only are you super nice but you know what else people call you? You are the neighborhood DILF (Dad Id Like to Fuck). Oh I am totally serious about that. You are a very sexy older man. I happen to like older men because they are honest and dont spew so much bull shit words like young guys do. I dont mean to come on so strong but not to waste time, wanna fuck? I wont tell anyone. If anyone asks what I was doing over here I will just say you were letting me use the pool. No harm in that.

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You are upgrading to my bedroom.

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I must let you know that I am kicking your father out of the house. He has been unfaithful to me for quite some time now, with his secretary! It's time I took charge and make this house what I want it to be. First of all I want you to move down the hall to my bedroom that I used to share with your father. Even though you are his son and not mine by blood you get to continue living here. Not only am I kicking him out but I am making him to continue paying the mortgage and your college expenses. I convinced him it is more economical for him to keep you living here with me. He doesn't have to know that you are now sharing the same bedroom with me. It's been so long since I have felt like a desired woman. Can you help me feel like I am desirable? I am offering you my voluptuous body in exchange for your warmth at night and the feeling of security you can give me. Be a good boy and let mommie use your young cock. I need to feel like a woman. I like that. Touch me and lick me everywhere. Come close and kiss me on the lips. I need to feel you inside me. Yes, like that now make mommie cum. It's your turn to cum inside me and fill me with your warm seed. You need this to don't you? I feel your hot cum inside me! That's a good son! Now you lay next to me and let's have a nap then we can do more of this later.