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You are almost a groom.

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I'll bet you are getting so nervous about your wedding. I know my sister is nervous yet super excited. Her and my mom are going to be trying on and fixing my mom's old wedding dress for at least another hour. I heard you aren't having a bachelor party and I wondered why not? Is it because my sister is too jealous of you to let you be out with the guys for one last possible romp before the I do's? My guess is that is exactly the reason. No one would suspect anything if you know, you and me fooled around in here in my room. I am totally down to give you one last sexual experience as a single guy. I've always been the bad girl of the family anyway and my sister and I aren't that close. I'll just give you a little show and a blow job. It will ease some of your stress and put a big satisfied smile on my face that I got to be the last one to suck your cock before my sister gets it for life.

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You are as horny as your dad.

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I have to go to work but I think I see a hickey on my neck. Will you come look at my neck? I knew it! Your father and I haven't missed a day of screwing since we married but this is the first time he's left his mark on me. Oh look at you now. I see a bulge in your pants from getting so close to me. I'm not your real mom so what do you say we fool around like your father and I do? You look like you would be as fun to fuck as he is. I'll bet your cock is as nice as his or even nicer. Let me have a taste of you. Mmm, that's good. I'll remove my panties and spread my legs wide for you. Oh yes, you are as fun as your dad! Does this make me a bad step mom? It doesn't matter because I'm having too much fun. You have to pull out so you don't cum inside me though. Shoot your load on my ass! Oh yes, just like that! Wow! You've been saving that hot load for a while! No need to have such a back of of cum anymore now that we got the initial fuck out of the way we can do this all the time.

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You are intoxicating.

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This is such a weird place to be as far as being married for money and my whole body needing to be with you. I cant walk away from my husband who provides an abundant life for me. We both know you have chosen the life of a starving artist and may always have nothing more than a small studio apartment to your name. I have all the clothes, food, expensive vacations a woman could ever want yet my pussy calls out for you. All day Ive been salivating at the thought of your thick girthy cock in my mouth. Get over here and let me have you, I need this.

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You are kind of dirty.

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I don't mean for this to be awkward. I know as your new stepmom we have a lot to learn about each other. I just didn't think I would be learning that you like to steal my used panties from my hamper and sniff them while you masturbate. I'm glad your dad isn't home to hear this discovery. I understand a young man your age needs release and I am actually in support of this. I can only imagine the testosterone coursing through your eighteen year old body which makes you do things such as sniff dirty panties. I am such in support of sexual release that I want to help you out right now but we have to do it my way, nice an slow and under my direction. You may start at my beautiful size 10 feet.

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You are my best art student.

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I am very flattered you want me to be the model for your final project in my class but I can't on the grounds of it is highly inappropriate. You obviously know the female anatomy and can draw it from any angle. Why don't you have a young college colleague model for you? You have a crush on me, an older woman? Now I am very flattered and have a confession to make as well. I find you incredibly attractive. Since we are alone here in my office why don't we do something about our feelings? It would probably make our time in class better if we don't have these silly lusty feelings in the way. We'll be quick so we don't get caught. Let me suck that young cock of yours. I can hardly wait to taste you. Oh yes, bend me over my desk and drill me good from behind. I love the way you look at me as you fuck me with that big cock. Here, let me get down lower and hold on to my chair. Oh god you're going to make me cum in this position. You made me cum so hard! It's your turn now to cum. Go ahead and make a mess on my tits. Oh look at all that hot creamy cum! You're such a good boy for giving it to me. I'll see you tomorrow in class.

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You are my best friends brother.

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Can you believe your sister invited me over here to hang and then her boyfriend shows up now I'm kicked out of her room. I totally get it but still. Thanks for letting me come hang in your bedroom. Hey, you know I broke up with my boyfriend a few months ago and haven't had sex since. I've always thought you were cute. If we're quiet and you don't say anything to your sister, why don't we have some fun in here while she is having sex across the hall? We're both consenting adults, right? Besides, what else is there to do? I'll start cause you seem pretty shy. I'll put my mouth your private parts then you do the same to me. Oh yes, I needed this cock more than I thought! Don't stop pushing into me until I cum! Ok, not you get to look at my ass while you plunge into me. Give me your load! Nice hot load all over my ass! I wonder how your sister is gonna feel if I make you my new fuck buddy.

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You are my favorite.

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Of all my mom's boyfriends over the years, you're my favorite. I see the way you look at me sometimes. My mom just called to say she is working late so its just you and me home tonight. Do you want to do bad things to your girlfriend's daughter? Is this little pink pussy what you want? I want you to fuck it good and hard from behind. I know men like to see little perky titties so let me ride that big man cock of yours. My little tight ass is the cutest part of me thought. Watch it bounce as I ride your cock until I cum. You should feel how good my pussy is when I lie on my belly and keep my legs closed. That's it, slide your big dick in between my soft thighs and into my little hole. You can't cum inside me so you should pull out and frost my tiny ass with your cream. Ok, now that the sexual tension is done, let's go snuggle and watch a movie!

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You are my first white cock.

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I can't believe this is finally happening, I get to have sex with a white cock. I have been trying to make this happen for so long but no white guys ever seemed interested in me until you. I don't want to waste any time talking so why don't you pull that pretty white meat out of your pants and let me kiss it.

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You are my hero brother.

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It was so amazing of you to stand up for me today against that ass hole of a guy I used to date. You really showed me how much you care for me despite the fact you're just my stepbrother. I don't know how to repay you except show you how much I care for you in a whole different way. I want to give myself to you if you promise not to tell anyone. I think it's great we aren't blood related otherwise I couldn't even do this with you. Let's make each other feel amazing and forget about the stupid thing that happened to day. I can hardly believe how good you made me cum! I may have to sneak down the hall on a regular basis and get more of this new brotherly love at least until we head off to our separate colleges soon.

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You are my new young lover.

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Ever since your dad started fucking that young blonde skank from his office, I haven't been getting laid. I am so pissed right now because I dressed up for him and he calls to say he is working late, again. That skank is probably around the same age as you so you know what? If your dad can get his cock off with someone other than his wife then I am going to get my pussy off with his son. You aren't my blood so it doesn't matter if I get some satisfaction from your young cock. You give enough of it away to those college girls so I'm sure you have some left for this sexy cougar. Maybe if your dad and I do wind up divorcing you will like my pussy so much you will choose to stay living with me. Let me see what you've got and if I decide to make you my new young lover.