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Step daddy pays for my parking ticket (with Vanessa Cage)

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Vanessa received a parking ticket last night and she needs your help. She does not have the money to pay for the violation, so she comes up with a plan. If she gives you a little something special, would you be willing to pay for her ticket? She promises that this will remain between the two of you and she will not tell her mom about this. As her step father, you should have boundaries, but she Vanessa is of legal age, so you go along with her plan. She asks you if you think about her while you are fucking her mom. You do, but you cannot tell her that. Vanessa takes off more and more clothing and your dick gets harder with each piece she removes. Your hand carefully moves up and down your hard dick as you watch your step daughter take off her bra. Finally her panties are off and you see her lovely pink pussy. She has no hair down there and you can clearly see how tight she is. Vanessa is ready to let you cum for her and she counts down from ten. At the end of the countdown, you explode all over. Vanessa leaves you covered in cum and responsible for her parking violation.


Step daddy's dick is bigger than my boyfriend's dick (with B

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Your step daughter wants to talk to you about her boyfriend. He just proposed, but Belle does not think that he is mature enough for her. She would, in fact, prefer an older man like you. It seems that Belle has a big crush on you and she wants you to show her your dick. Since your wife is not around, you pull it out for her. She is not actually related to you, so what is the harm? She is beyond pleased with your penile offering and she quickly reciprocates by revealing her titties and ass. You are not sure which you prefer, but both are a fine offering. Belle slides her panties aside to show you her pussy. It is pink and hairless and she prefers to give it all to you instead of her boyfriend. Do you want her pussy, daddy? Have you thought about where your jizz bomb should fall? Belle wants it right on her titties and you give her what she wants.

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Step mom's nude panty hose (with Maya Hills)

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You are caught looking up your step mother's skirt at her panty hose. She knows you have a fetish for them and she confronts you. What would your father say about this? You are unconcerned with his wishes. Your sexy step mother Maya does not really mind. In fact, she now knows where all her missing panty hose have ended up!! Take your dick out and stroke it while you look at her pussy through those nude panty hose. She invites you closer so that you can smell her. There is a special quality to the scent of a woman's pussy after wearing panty hose all day long. Even her pretty feet have a distinct panty hose odor that turns you on. As she rubs her legs together, the distinct sound has you mesmerized. Would you like to see more of step mommy? She removes her blouse and bra and you see her big titties, but your focus is her pussy inside those panty hose. With each stroke you feel your balls know your orgasm is building. Step mom Maya's ass is high in the air as she plays with her pussy. You cum on her ass and pussy and leave a hot, sticky mess on her panty hose.


Step mommy knows best (with Mikki Lynn)

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Your sexy step mother finds you in the middle of a jacking off session when you should be getting ready to go to school, but she does not scold you. Instead, she instantly decides that you could use a little help from her. Step mommy Mikki eagerly encourages you to play with your dick. This is definitely the best way to start a school day, and mommy knows best. In fact, mommy knows that playing with her titties will help you get to the end result much faster. Even better, she knows that her hand on your cock will speed things along. Not wanting to be left out of the fun, step mommy Mikki begins to play with her pussy. You cannot be late for school again, so you do just as she tells you. Now the time has come for you to finish yourself off and you do it right there with step mommy Mikki in your bed.

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Stress management with Cherie DeVille and Zoey Holloway

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Your step mother and therapist both feel that you need a little help with stress management. Cherie, your therapist, believes that masturbation is your best option and both women want to help you. You are left-hand dominant and your left arm has been giving you some trouble recently. It seems that you will need some extra help in masturbating with your right hand and your step mother wants to help you. The first step is that you need some visual stimulation. Step mother Zoey and your therapist Cherie are eager to remove their bras to show off their tits to you. Your hard on is a promising sign, so both women continue encouraging you as you begin to jack off. You never jacked off before with your right hand, so it feels new and exciting to you. Be sure not to go too fast at first. As you continue to work your cock, the women take down their skirts and tease you with their asses. The therapist goes a little further and shows off her pussy just to make sure you cum nice and hard. When you finally explode, you receive high praise from both women and you all know that your right-hand therapy will go very smoothly.

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Stress relief in the office (with CiCi Rhodes)

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You and CiCi are on a deadline at work and she thinks that a little stress relief might be helpful so that you can both focus on the assignment. Since you are married, she will not fuck you, but she will watch you jack off. From the start, she likes your cock and she is unable to contain her excitement. CiCi does love thick dicks like yours. Have you thought about jacking off in front of her before? That would explain all the long bathroom breaks she has noticed you taking. Take your time and work your dick. She pulls out her titties and pinches her nipples. You are really turning her on and she pulls down her panties so that you can see how wet you have made her without even putting a single finger on her body. CiCi fingers her pussy on the other side of the desk as you continue jacking off right there in her office. Do you want to cum with CiCi? She would love for you to cum together and she wants to count it down for both of you. Pick up your stroke speed and wait until she is ready! After you cum, you are more thankful than you have ever been for your job.


Stress relief with my step sister Abby Cross

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After a tough break-up with your girlfriend, your step sister Abby just wants to make you feel better. She does have an idea how she can cheer you up if you're game. Maybe you need a really good orgasm to help you get over your ex-girlfriend. Abby takes off her dress and you have already forgotten your ex. You knew you had a hot step sister, but you only now realize just how sexy she is. Abby asks you to take your cock out of your pants and start stroking and she is happy to see your fat dick. She can no longer hold back and she takes off her panties to further entice you. When she turns around, you finally get to see the ass you have been admiring for so long. You really want to slide your engorged cock into her, but you resist that urge and continue to work your cock. You never would have suspected that Abby is the kind of girl who could get you off like this, but she definitely is. Abby wants you to cum on her tits and you do just that as she moans beneath you. You don't even remember why you were so upset in the first place.