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Secret jerk session with my step daughter Alison Faye

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You have a problem with the way your step daughter Alison dresses. You feel that she might be attracting the wrong kind of attention. She points out that you are not really the one in charge of you and that maybe the problem is you. Alison thinks that you like that she shows off her body at home. Do you? She knows that this is true because she sees the bulge in your pants. If you are home alone with Alison, she will dress slutty for your benefit. Are you okay with this arrangement? You agree, but Alison thinks that you need some help getting rid of the bulge in your pants. She offers to help you jerk off as she strips for you. When she takes off her bra, you see that her nipples are pierced and you wonder when she had them done. She is only 18 years old, after all. Regardless, she is hot and you keep stroking off to Alison. Now on her knees in front of you, she reminds you to work your balls as well as your shaft. When she spreads her legs, you notice that she and her mother have pussies that look similar, but you have never violated Alison's tight snatch before. Alison encourages you to stroke your dick faster, focusing on the tip, and she soon urges you to cum on her pretty little titties.


Seduced by Brenda James

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You did some yard work for Brenda and it is now time for her to pay you. Unfortunately, though, she does not have the money to pay you. Maybe there is something else that she can offer you. Would you be interested in having Brenda help you to get off today? She was watching you tend to the lawn and she liked what she saw. Your big bulge intrigued her and now she finds that it is all that she had hoped it would be. Your fat dick grows hard under her touch. You already are leaking precum at the mere thought of this older woman seducing you for your lawn services. Brenda is encouraging you to jack off as she takes off her dress. She tells you to slide your dick between her tits and she moves up and down against your dick. It feels good, doesn't it? Brenda is turned on and she seems very excited just by watching you stroke off. Do you want to cum on her cougar boobies? Brenda happily takes your fat load on her tits and it seems you are also quite happy with your payment deal.

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Seduced by my broken-hearted ginger step sister Dani Jensen

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Dani is upset that her boyfriend broke up with her by text message. He is a coward, but Dani admits that she does not have the best taste in men. Her need for cock likely helps her to make bad decisions about men, but a girl needs a cock!! She seems to think that you have good qualities. You are attentive and considerate, but since you are her step brother, you are off limits. Or are you...? You do not have a girlfriend and you are not actually related to Dani, so why not have a little fun? You only feel slightly weird about it, but you do not feel weird enough about it not to have some fun with her. She confesses that she has been curious about how it might be to be with you and that thought makes your dick grow hard. When she admits curiosity about your package, it grows even more. You are both curious and you have some time, so it looks like today is the day! She slides off her shorts and she asks if you want her to take off more clothing. First you have to show Dani a little something and whip out your dick. Your already-hard cock impresses Dani. Her tight and sexy body is more than you could have imagined. Her pale skin somehow pleases you. She takes off her panties, but she leaves on her socks, and then she plays with her pussy while you watch. Dani is anxious to see you cum for her and she seems quite happy after you blow your load for her.

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Seduced by step mommy Nikki Daniels

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Your step mother Nikki is finally ready to go on a date after being widowed by your father. She is nervous and she would like your input about what she should wear on her first date. She changes into a sexy melon-colored dress that seems quite slutty to you, but she looks really good in it. You suggest that she remove her bra so that it does not interfere with the lines of the dress. (...and also so that you can get a peek of her titties!!) She tries on the second dress and she needs some help zipping up the front of the dress. You get a nice look at her firm tits. Now step mommy Nikki notices the bulge that has grown in your pants, but she is not upset about it. She knows that you are a growing boy and that you have needs. She decides that she needs to help you to relax as she takes your dick into her hand. Have you stroked off to step mommy before? That is okay, she knows that it is a natural thing to do. You now unzip her dress and expose her sexy MILF body. You heard of cougars before, but you never thought that your very own step mother would be one! Step mommy Nikki writhes on the floor and exposes her pink pussy to you. She spreads her lips and you see how wet she is for you. You jack off to her big pussy lips and you expend your seed right onto them.

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Seducing a priest (with sinning slut Veruca James)

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Veruca is far too embarrassed to go to the church confessional, so she is visiting you in your office. She holds rosary beads in her hands as she confesses that she touched a boy on his private parts the other day. She is regretful, though she did not mean to do it on purpose. Veruca is looking to you for a punishment that is severe enough to reconcile herself in the eyes of God. You ask if she enjoyed it and she denies that she did, but you can tell she is lying. She goes into detail about exactly what happened. You find yourself getting aroused when she tells you that she liked how his hands felt on her breasts. You tell her to do 50 Hail Marys and 50 of the Lord's Prayer and that will make it right. She then asks if you were aroused by her confession and you tell her that you were. Since you are a priest, though, it must be okay if you have these feelings. It must be a good thing to make a priest happy, right? Do you think that it would be okay if she watched you while you touched yourself? Of course this is acceptable because she will not touch you. You take your cock in your hand and Veruca touches herself through her panties. Veruca puts down her rosary beads and begins to remove her clothes. She feels that God would want her to make her priest happy and you do not disagree with this reasoning. She slides her panties to the side and you now see her perfectly innocent pink bits. Surely something that feels so good cannot be a sin, right? Frankly, even if it is a sin, you have no intention of stopping now. Veruca begs you to baptize her with your cum so that you can rid her of her sins. You wash away her sins with your holy seed and she kneels before you to thank you for your forgiveness.

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Seducing my boyfriend's dad (with Scarlet Banks)

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Your son is dating a girl named Scarlet and she is prettier than any girl you remember when you were that age. She asks if she can sit and wait for him with you. He is late again for a date with her and this is really starting to get to Scarlet. She tells you that she has been thinking about dating someone more mature...someone like you, perhaps. There is some time to pass before your son arrives, so Scarlet coaxes you to show off your dick. She knew you would be bigger than your son! Can you get it hard and jerk off for her? She does not have to ask you twice as you immediately take your shaft into your hand. Scarlet removes her strapless catsuit and now she sits nude in front of you. She takes your dick into her hand and works it like a pro. As she jerks you off, she maintains eye contact with you. Proudly she shows you her freshly shaved pussy and it appears to be very tight, and you wonder whether your dick would easily slip inside or if you might have to be a little forceful to get inside her sweet cunt. When Scarlet tells you that she wants you to feed her your cum, you deliver immediately and she takes every single drop. She is now convinced that older men are for her!

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Seducing my probation officer (with Maddy O'Reilly)

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Maddy is in trouble again. She says that a necklace fell into her purse, but the store did not call the cops. You are her probation officer and you are obligated to tell her parents, but you do not have to let her know this. You agree to keep quiet for now if she will give you a show. Maddy asks you to take your dick out. Sit down and let Maddy do the work. She shows you that she is not wearing a bra underneath her tight t-shirt. Stroke your cock and watch as she removes her t-shirt. Those perky titties should be slapped with your dick, but you have to try to maintain some control. When she slides down those shorts, she tells you how much she loves watching you stroke off. Maddy turns around and you see her butt. That butt needs a spanking for Maddy being such a bad girl. She beckons you to move closer to her because she wants to play with your dick. Her hand is so soft and small. She smiles as she jacks you off. Since you are being so helpful to her, Maddy says that she will let you bust your nutt all over her face. You will have to wait, though, because she wants to let you see her pussy. She can see the precum leaking from the head of your dick and she again asks you to cum on her face. She goes down on her knees to take your big load.

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Seducing my spinning instructor (with Veruca James)

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Veruca is a student in your spinning class and she is thankful for your inspiration. Is it okay if she changes into something that is not covered in sweat? You tell her it is okay to change in front of you. She thought you might look away, but she is not surprised to see that you were watching her. She is wearing her bra and panties and she offers you the chance to check out her firm ass. Veruca sees that you have a bulge growing in your pants and she wants to watch you jerk off. Will you do it for her? You would do it for anyone who wanted to watch you! You are excited to jerk off for her because you have been watching her closely in class over the last few weeks. She tells you just how to stroke it as you stare at her titties. Now she tells you all about her fantasies about you and that makes your dick even harder. Can you see how wet her pussy is getting? She is sweaty and dirty from her spinning workout. You want to taste her sweaty pussy. She flings her panties at you and you catch a whiff of that pussy. Veruca encourages you to work your dick faster and faster and it is now that you observe that she is still wearing socks and sneakers. How much longer can you go before you have to cum for Veruca? She knows how close you are and she gets on the floor and begs for your spunk. You shower her with your hot jizz and she thanks you for the delicious post-workout protein treat.