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Seducing you for a green card (with Cindy Starfall)

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You have finally met your mail order bride in person. She is perfect! She flew all the way from Vietnam and she is excited to be in the US because she really needs her green card. You are informed that she really wants a man with a fat cock, though, and she wants to be sure that you will be able to keep her sexually satisfied. Cindy is eager to show you her body and you quickly find that she is sexier than you ever could have imagined! Her small, perky titties are perfect. Now it is your turn to show her your big American cock. Cindy definitely likes what you have to offer, but she wants you to get it hard for her. You comply with her request as she slides down her panties. Her ass and pussy are so nice that you nearly cum right into your hand. With her ass high in the air, she demands that you work your dick for her. She tells you that you should imagine her bouncing on your dick, although you already were! Cindy is eager to see what kind of a sperm load you can give to her and she urges you to stroke your dick hard till you let loose for her. It looks like this deal will work out very nicely for you both.

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Shay Fox is my Amazon princess

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You love sexy Amazon women and that is what you have in Shay Fox. She likes tall men, but you do not fit into that category. At least she thinks you are cute, though. Shay is a smoldering brunette with big titties and you feel confident that she will be all that you hoped for. She asks you to start stroking your dick and she demonstrates her preferred techniques. Shay happens to like the two-handed technique. She acknowledges that your height was likely an impediment to you getting dates and she is correct. Your fat cock never got used to its full potential, but Shay will help you with that today. After she takes off her bra and you see those magnificent tits, you nearly lose control of yourself. Then she plays with herself under her tiny panties. If you were more confident, maybe you would have offered to help her. For now, though, you handle your dick as she instructs. She is fully aware of how much you want her, but today she will remain a cock tease. When she stands up, she towers above you and you like it that way. In fact, you are practically eye-level with her massive mammaries. Shay lets her panties fall to the floor before she urges you to cum for her as she plays with her pussy. You cum a fat load and this seems to impress Amazon Shay.

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Sheena begs for it in her ass

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From the start, Sheena makes it clear to you that she is very horny and she wants to help you get your cock hard. Her perfect ass will certainly help. Ass in the air, Sheena softly tells you what she wants you to do. Jerk that cock for her! Did you know that her pussy is already wet? She can feel it through her panties. It has been so long since she has been laid that she has let a little bush grow. Though she gives you just a quick look, you see her impressively large labia. You now are teased with her great booty. Her juicy ass jiggles before you. Since her panties have become so very wet, she changes into a pair of pink panties. As she shimmies them on, you think about how rare it is to watch a girl put panties on. The new pair has lace in the front and a pretty bow on the ass. Sheena gives herself a camel toe with them as she tells you that she loves how it feels. She gyrates and squirms on the bed as you firmly grip your hard dick. Cum slut Sheena tells you how much she wants to taste and feel your cum on her. Every girl loves a pearl necklace, right? Her fingers manipulate her pussy as she tells you exactly what she wants and what she wants is for you to give up your cum, but not just yet. There is much more teasing for her to do to you. A finger in her ass seems only to get her more aroused. The pink panties come off and are replaced with a pair of silky white panties. These might be your favorite panties so far. You cannot see her pussy through the opaque crotch, but the rest of the panties are sheer. You nearly blow your load as she plays with her pussy and tells you that she wants your cum on her face, even in her eyes. She wants to be blinded with your jizz! Sheena also relates to you how very badly she wants your cock in her ass. You have been jacking your dick for nearly 17 minutes now and you want to cum so badly, but you are not in control of your orgasm right now. You must wait till Sheena tells you she is ready for your spunk. She fingers her asshole a little more and she begs you to bone her ass nice and deep. Please? Please? She is begging you to put the tip in her ass and you do. Okay, just a little more...You slide your hard dick in a little bit more and you can tell that this is what Sheena really needed. Her ass is so very tight, but she wants you to loosen her up. She takes your dick in her ass expertly. You hope that she will let you jizz into her ass. Frankly, if she doesn't, you would be quite surprised. Sheena moans and gyrates around your cock until you finally release into her gaping hole.

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Show and tell with my step daughter Ash

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You spy Ash smoking outside, even though you and her mother have absolutely forbidden her to smoke. She begs you not to tell her mom. You bring her inside for a stern talking to, but she seems not to have any respect for you as her stepfather. Ash is dressed like a slut and now she starts acting like one. She takes off her vest and reminds you that you are not her real dad. She wants to be a good girl, so why don't you show her how to do it? Can you keep a secret, daddy? Do you want to teach her a lesson? How about if Ash teaches you a little something instead? You are shocked when she pulls out her titties and begins to slide down her skin-tight jeans. Go ahead and grab your cock. Stroke it to Ash. Yes, just like that. She stands there and she shakes her ass for you and you simply cannot hold out and you take your dick in your hand. Ash kneels on the floor in front of you and she tells you not to stop, that she likes watching you. Her pussy is now exposed and you briefly wonder how the hell she managed to get into those tight jeans. You know how wrong this is, but you are too far in to stop now. Ash tells you that she really wants your cum and you want nothing more than to give it to her. Would you like to feel her sweet mouth on your cock? Maybe you would like to cum into that pretty mouth. "I want to taste you," she says. She says that she needs your cum in her mouth and she begs you for it.