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Cousin By Marriage

I like playing cock games with my step cousin

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She got caught blowing a guy at school, but Xandra doesn't understand what the big deal is. She likes guys and playing games. Her cousin listens to her venting, and then realizes that she also wants to play games with him! She pulls out his cock and strips down, getting her cousin nice and hard. She starts off with his cock in her mouth, and ends up getting a load of cum from stroking her cousin's cock with her hands!

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I want to call you Daddy

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My step-daughter ate too much chocolate and got a stomach ache. She came in my room and said she didn't want to sleep alone since her mom was gone and asked if I would rub her tummy since it didn't feel good. She is such a beautiful baby girl. So sweet, she said she doesn't like to call me step-dad cause she loves me so much and wants to call me daddy. I like that. I rubbed her upset pretty tummy and she asked me to go up further. So I did. Cupping her soft tiny boobies. She is so pretty and innocent I couldn't help myself. Then taking off her skirt I could see her adorable pale pink panties I couldn't keep my hands out of them. I knew it would make her feel all better. Her super tight slit was already wet. I knew she wanted Daddy to show her how special she was and she was going to make me so proud. Pulling her cotton panties over her pink sneakers and ruffle ankle socks, I could see how pretty her tight kitty was. I slid my finger in, so wet and so tight. She liked it so much. My cock throbbing in my pants. Sliding two fingers in, getting wetter and wetter my baby girl was about to cum for me for the first time. After gushing all over my hand she climbed on top of me, mounting me like a big girl, it barely fit. Grinding, stretching and fucking me until she came again. I couldn't help but pour my hot baby batter deep inside her claiming her tiny cunt as mine.

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I want to make you feel good with my mouth, StepDaddy

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Guess who had a few too many again? Yep, Mom is crashed on the sofa again, leaving you all alone Daddy. I'm sorry my mom is like this, it's not fair to you and I hate seeing you so sad. I want to talk to you about what happened the other day. I guess it was a little weird that I gave my StepDad a handjob, but you seemed to like it and I didn't mind at all. In fact, that's why I came to your room tonight. With Mom out of it, we don't have to worry about her coming in and catching us. I want to make you feel good again Daddy - but this time I'd like to do a little more for you. Wouldn't you like to feel your little girl's mouth around your big cock? I couln't wait to see you again, I've been thinking about your cock ever since you let me touch it. Can I do it again? You can't resist your girl. Her mouth feels like nothing you've ever felt, like it was made for your cock. She takes it all the way down her throat and it feels like soft velvet as her tongue swirls around the head. You love her great big tits, they're much fuller than her mom's. She wraps them around your cock and slides them up and down the shaft. You may just cum from your daughter's tits. You can feel it building up, you're about to cum. You can tell she wants you to cum in her pretty mouth. A huge blast of cum shoots into your daughter's mouth and spills out the side as she continues worshipping your cock. What a good girl, her mom never swallowed your cum.

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I want to stay with you Step Daddy

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My Mom is telling me that I need to move out now that I'm an adult. She said that I need to support myself in the real world. I don't want to move out. I don't even know how to support myself and I don't want to leave my stepdaddy. I know my stepdad has wanted me for years. I knew if I went to him and told him I wanted to make him happy that he would keep me in the house. I told him I wanted to make him feel good and not move out. He laid on my bed and I took off my shirt. I showed him my big full perky titties. I could see him get hard instantly. I pulled out his throbbing cock and started to rub it and spit on it to keep it nice and wet. Pulling and massaging on his thick shaft, pushing it in between my huge tits. Leaning back and spreading my tight young cunt for him. Leaning over and bouncing my boobies while I yanked on his big fat daddy toy, begging him for his cum until he shot it all over my perfect rack. I don't think I will be moving anytime soon.

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I will do anything to borrow the car from my stepbrother

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I really need to borrow the car from my stepbrother today and I will do anything to him to get it. I am begging him to let me have the car today and he doesn't seem like he's going to let me but I can be a naughty sister. I tell him that I will jerk him off or suck him off and he is very interested in getting dirty with sis. I undo his pants and I pull out his already hard cock and ask him if he wants to blow his load on me. I am a naughty sister and he likes it so much I pull my dress down and rub his dick all over my tits and he gets harder. I pull my dress up and start playing with my wet pussy while I rub his cock, I start stroking my brother's cock harder and harder and I beg for him to cum all over me. He gets harder and I know he's ready to cum so I lay down and he shoots his load all over me, how lucky is my brother to have such a naughty sister, he can just imagine when I want something more than just to borrow the car which I make sure I'm getting to use today.

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I'll always be Daddy's good girl.

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I'm getting married soon and my step-daddy paid for everything. He got me the dress I wanted, the venue, everything. It makes sense because Iíve been fucking him ever since I became legal. I'm his number one special secret baby girl. He has taught me everything I know that helped me get a man to propose to me. The only thing is my soon to be husband and I want to have a baby and I canít keep fucking my daddy. But that doesnít mean I canít please him. I waited until we were home alone and called him in my room. I thanked him for buying me all the things for the wedding and that we are trying to have a baby. So we can't have sex anymore. But that doesn't mean I can't show him how thankful I am by putting his big perfect daddy cock all the way down my throat just like he taught me. I sucked and spit on it just like a good girl. Stroking it and showing him my perfect body. Pulling and yanking on his hard dick until he came all over my chest. I will always be daddy's good girl. Starring Lauren Phillips

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I'm Married now Step Daddy, but I'm still your girl

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Your stepdaughter Lisey just got married! She thanks you for being there for her, being more of a Dad then her real Dad has ever been. Now that your little girl is married, things are going to be a little different. She wants you to know that no matter what, she will always be Daddy's girl. She misses the games you used to play with her, and wants to show you how important you still are to her. She asks you to lay down, and begins to rub you over your pants. When she sees how hard you are for her, she takes your cock out and begins to slowly stroke it. She loves her Daddy's cock, and sucks and strokes you until you're ready to blow a load all over your little girl's tits. She may be married, but she will always belong to you. Starring Lisey Sweet

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I'm Not a Little Girl Anymore Step Daddy

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I asked my mom if I could paint my bedroom. I hate that it's still "Little Girl Pink". I mean, Iím old enough to vote. I shouldn't still have a pink bedroom. I'm an adult, with sexual urges and needs. I want to be able to express them, with my Daddy! Mom is such a frigid downer. She canít be providing my sexy stepdad with the pleasure I can. Iím a very good girl. So I asked if I helped him, if he would help me convince mom to let me paint my room. I could see Daddy's cock bulging through his pants when he was standing in my room. I've see that happen before. I went for it! I asked if I could touch it. It was so big and hard. Then I asked if I could show him my boobs! Then it got even bigger and harder. Getting all the way naked for him was so hot! I felt like a sexy women in my "Little Girl Room". I told him I was going to give him the best hand job he ever had. Spitting on my hand I jerked him and stroked him making him harder and harder until he came all over my firm little titties.

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I'm tired of Fuck Boys, I need my Step Daddy's cock

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Hey Dad, I know this is weird and you probably don't want to talk to your stepdaughter about boys, but I need your advice. I've been trying to get with some guys, just for fun, but they are just fuck boys. They come and have sex with me and then they just leave me without me even getting off! I want to cum too, and all the guys my age are just awful. I need an older more experienced man like you. Do you think you could show me what it would be like to be pleasured by someone who knows what heís doing? Honestly, I really want to suck your cock. Can I Daddy? Please lay down and let me play with you. Oh Dad, your cock is so nice! I love running my hand up and down, but I want to feel it in my mouth, can I suck it? See what a good girl I am Daddy? Boy's should like me, right? Do I suck your cock good? It's making my pussy so wet, let me show you. Touch me Daddy, I'm so wet for you. Can I feel your cock inside? I'm so tight, much tighter than Momís pussy, right? Do you like the way I bounce up and down on your cock? I love fucking my Dad, Oh my god it's so good! I'm cumming Daddy! Now it's your turn, cum all over my tits Dad! You're so much better than a fuck boy. Starring Kenzie Madison

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Iím the bad influence Step Daddy

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My mom is a total bitch! She thinks the reason I got all my tattoos is due to the guy I was dating. She told me if I didnít break up with him that she wouldnít pay my tuition. Now Iím miserable, or at least I was. My step-dad has always been a good sounding board for my bitching about my evil mom. She is so controlling and I know he thinks that too. He also thinks Iím super sexy. I would be lying if I said I didnít feel the same about him. I pulled him into my room and told him that I had to break up with my boyfriend, and then told him how horny Iíve been. I knew I could really stick it to my mom by letting her hot husband stick it to me. He laid on my bed and I started stroking his fat cock. Getting naked for him just made him harder. Stroking and sucking his cock as I have wanted for so long made me so fucking wet. He slid his fingers in my tight barely legal twat while I pulled, squeezed and sucked his cock. Then running my bald pussy lips up and down his throbbing dick until I came all over it. Dismounting him and gagging on and stroking his rock hard shaft until he came all over my chest. Take that Mom! Starring Nora Ivy