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Come on step brother, be my scapegoat.

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I was stupid, took dad's truck out today and got into a small bump with a pole. There is no way I can take responsibility for the damage. I need you to tell him you did it. He is way harsher on punishment for me than you. Will you pretty please tell him you did it? I'll do anything, your laundry, clean your room, your want what? You want to fuck my tits? Eww, really? You're my step-brother, that's gross! Ok, ok. I've noticed you checking out my tits before. I'll take my shirt and bra off but don't get creepy about it. You're still my brother and I don't want to let anyone know that this happened. Do my soft tits feel as good as you thought they would? It kind of feels good to have your hard cock in between my tits. This is naughty and I like it. Can I suck you? I don't know what came over me but this has got me horny and I want to taste your cock. You can fuck my titties until you cum after I kiss your cock. Go ahead and stick your dick back in between my soft warm tits and give me that sticky load. Now I hope you keep your side of the deal. I have to go clean your cum off me. Don't talk about this to your friends cause we're still brother and sister. BRUNETTE PETITE TITTY FUCKING ALL NATURAL HAND JOB BLOW JOB TABOO CUM SHOT

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Compliments go far with me.

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Sometimes all a woman needs is her beauty appreciated. The way you just looked at me is a way your father hasnít eyeballed me in years. The fact you are kind of eye fucking me when you could have your pick of any college girl tells me I still have it going on. I was heading out to hang out with my girlfriends but if you have some time why donít we have a little harmless fun before I leave?

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Could you fuck a nerdy girl?

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I have to admit that no guy has ever carried my books for me while walking home from school. I usually walk home alone. I did not think anyone in college did these kind of things for girls anymore. Can you tell Iím a little nervous about you being here? I think youíre so attractive and it makes me wonder what you see in a nerdy girl like me. Why donít we break the tension by playing a game. You show me yours and I will show you mine. Letís start with touch. I donít have much experience but Iím sure I will learn fast how to turn on a hot guy.

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Dick before the day begins.

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I can't let you leave for work just yet. I have to have your cock or else I will be a whiney brat all day. Can't you spare less than ten minutes to give your girl a proper banging? You know that aching feeling when all you need is a good sexual release? Come on, don't make me beg when we could already be fucking! Ah I see that cock swelling in your slacks. Come closer so I can make it wet. Your girl is going to get her way with you isn't she?

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Dirty sexy date night

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We usually have sex every date night but tonight I wanted to spice it up a bit. Do you like my sexy lingerie? You always see me in a t-shirt and panties. I can see your cock is swelling as you see me in this cute nightgown. It has matching panties that show off my nice plump ass that you love so much. Oh thatís all you needed to see to get this party started! Youíre the best boyfriend who deserves his girl anyway he wants.

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Do I look cute for you?

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I like the way you try to be sly in sneaking peeks of me around the house. Why else would I wear these tiny shorts and a pretty much see through top? Iím an adult who notices you and my mom donít get along well. A man has needs and we are only related by your marriage to my mom. I wonít tell my mom if you wonít.

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Do I look like a cougar?

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I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news but my daughter won't be making it home tonight for your date as she got delayed at work. You've been waiting her in her room for so long I hate to see you leave without any kind of affection. I'm sure you were anticipating affection tonight, weren't you? What do you think of me? Someone called me a cougar this week. Do I look like a cougar to you? I have been kind of lonely since my divorce. If you don't mind and can keep quiet I'd like to see more of your young sexy body. You college age guys have an abundance of testosterone I'm sure. Why not give some of your love to a sex starved mature woman like me? My daughter never has to know. I'm certainly not going to say a word about anything you and I do together. I'm just a more voluptuous version of her anyway so pretend I am her for a little while. I really need a hard cock and I can see yours is hard for me already. Let me taste you. Oh yes, slide that young cock in my eager pussy. Oh this is just what I needed! Fuck me and make me cum hard like I haven't cum in years! Oh yes, yes. I want you to pull out and show me your hot load all over my belly. I love how you just sprayed your seed all over me. Now remember, this is our secret. You just made a hungry cougar very happy.

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Do I need to change?

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I think my mom is jealous of the woman I have become. She recently asked me to change the way I dress around you. I donít think my clothes are too revealing to be around you. Youíre a cool step dad and have never given me any weird feelings. On the other hand, I think youíre pretty hot and would love to give you some weird feelings where it counts. My mom doesnít have to ever know about the crush I have for you. I see that growing bulge in your pants and know you have feelings for me to.

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Do not be a two pump chump.

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We have reached the point in our relationship where I feel comfortable telling you that some of the times we have sex I fake orgasm. I have to fake it so I can go to the bathroom and actually rub my orgasm out since you are virtually useless after you cum. You really have become what is known as a two pump chump. I love you too much to let this continue so I'm going to teach you exactly what you need to do to pleasure me and make me stay your girlfriend. Are you ready? Come close to me with your tongue and lips ready and now do exactly as I say.

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Do you coach everyone this way

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I think you're the absolute best drama professor of the college. I'm so glad I signed up for your class this semester. I am very serious about performing to the best of my abilities and it seems as though you are able to bring out the best in me. You've spent so much time coaching me especially on this latest play. I have to tell you that I think you are one of the hottest guys, I mean men, that Ive met. You make me feel special like I can do anything. I think Ive developed a crush on you. Even though you're my professor there really isn't that much age difference between us. Can I show you how much I appreciate all the coaching time you've spent with me?