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Do you have an scratch to itch?

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When you said you were going to redo my bedroom I had no idea you were capable of this transformation. I love all the colors and furniture! You get bonus points as the best step dad a girl could have. My mom would never have given me a room like this. She would sooner spend the money on herself. There must be some way I can show you my complete appreciation. I think I know. I never hear any action happening in your bedroom so why don't you let me scratch a little itch you may have.

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Do you like my scent?

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You mean to tell me you don't wear my panties but you steal them so you can sniff them? What kind of perverted step-brother are you? All my friends think you're pretty hot. I don't think you're too bad looking. I'm still kind of upset that you stole my expensive panties. If you want something of mine, just ask for it. Now that I know you get turned on from my scent, Ill ask you for something. Show me what you do with your dick when you smell my panties. No sense in wasting a good looking boner.

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Do you like my slutty outfit dad?

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I really don't like having to go to such a conservative college dad. I know you and mom think it's best but it is stifling! I was sent home today for wearing an outfit that completely covered all my important parts even thought admittedly is a little over the top for school. You want to see the outfit I wore? Ok sure, wait here and you will see it's really not that bad. See! Everything that should be covered up is covered. I even still have my nerdy glasses on. This shouldn't have got me sent home, should it? Oh whoa, I think I know why the dean sent me home...I see something stirring in your pants. The dean was probably turned on like you are and couldn't do anything about his boner but send me home. You know how crazy mom gets when I am in trouble at school so I think you and I can work out a way that she won't know about this. I'm pretty open minded when it comes to sex so why don't I give you a little quickie and we forget I was ever in trouble. You're only my step-dad so it's not that wrong, is it? Ha, that's what I thought. Look how fast your cock made its way over to my mouth. Let me suck you before I fuck you. You want to taste me? Oh yes, please lick my tight little pussy. Seeing how turned on you are by me makes me so horny for your cock. Am I wet enough for you to slide in? Oh god yes, fuck me hard! Of course I'll turn over so you can see my ass. You can't cum inside me though, you have to pull out. You can make a mess on my ass if you want. That was fun! I'm kind of glad I got in trouble today and had a chance to get laid as a result. I may have to dress a little sluttier at school more often.

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Do you like the outfit you bought me?

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I know you like it when you come home to me wearing pretty clothes you buy for me. I especially love the way this sheer fabric feels on my skin. Look how beautiful my breasts are in this blouse. Come close and nibble my neck. Oh yes, you know what makes me get chills on my skin don't you? Work your way down to my special spot. Suck gently on my clit. Your lips feel incredible on my mine. Give me your tongue deep inside my pink slit. Open it up and slide your tongue along the opening because you know it makes me quiver. You want to watch me pleasure myself? I love to use my fingers while you play with yourself and watch. I've been extra horny today so I need to make myself squirt. Will you taste my juices? Oh that felt so good but what I want right now is a nap with you lying behind me. Snuggle up close to me and lets feel each other's heart beat as we fall asleep. I love you.

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Do you like watching me?

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Of all the places to go wank your cock with my panties you chose to hide under a bed? Get out from there and let's have a talk. First, you have to stop taking my panties. Each one of my panties matches a bra and I don't like it when my sets become separates. If you are so needy of the smell of my pussy why don't you just come out and tell me that you need MILF pussy? Is this the reason you aren't dating any college girls your own age? I have to say I'm flattered. I wouldn't mind having some young cock. You already have a great looking hard on that you worked up so why not finish it off with me? Oh yes, slide it right inside this grade A pussy and give me a good fucking. Lay back on the bed and let me lick my juices off your gorgeous young meat. Now it's nice and wet for me to ride it. I love cumming on top of a big dick. Now it's your turn. Jerk that cock off and give me your cum in my mouth. That's it, jerk it really fast I'm ready for your load. I wouldn't mind doing this again with you if you can keep this a secret from your dad. I could us a nice big cock like your on a regular basis. Go ahead and keep those panties to, I'll come back for them another time when I'm ready for you cock again.

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Do you think I am good enough?

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This is an awkward situation my husband put me in, put us in. I know he owes you lots of money. I also know he doesn’t have any money to pay you. He has no idea I am here to settle his debt with you. I believe I could make you forget all about any money he owes you. Look at me. What do you think? Could I take your mind off money matters and rock your world? I think so. CHEATING WIFE LONG HAIR PETITE TATOOS & PIERCINGS HAIRY BUSY BLOW JOB COWGIRL MISSIONARY CUM IN MOUTH

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Do you think I'm cute?

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I really need a guys opinion. I know your just my step-dad but you will be honest with me, right? I haven't had a date at all since being in college and I don't know what to do about it. Should I get my hair cut? Lose my glasses? What? You think I'm cute like I am? Aw, you're just saying that. I'm almost embarrassed to say how long it's been since I've been intimate with a guy. You really do think I'm cute? And I am your type just how I look now? Well, I know you and my mom don't have that great of a sex life so maybe since you like what you see, you and I can work something out. You know, I could be a part time girlfriend for you. Maybe you could teach me how to be good at sex. You will? Where do you want me to begin? I'll suck on you. Oh wow, you're bigger than I thought you would be. You taste really good to. You want to see my young body? Your tongue feels so good on my nipples. Oh yes, please put your mouth on my soft spot between my legs. You know how to lick pussy really well Daddy. You want me to turn over and be on my knees for you? Is that the doggystyle position? Ok, but don't cum inside me. Are you ready to cum Daddy? Squirt it on my tits. I want to feel that warm blast on my chest. Oh, you made such a mess on me! I hope we get to do this again soon. We have to wait for mom to leave the house before we can fuck again. This is our special secret. I love you Daddy.

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Do you think I'm sexy?

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I have to talk with you. Something happened at the grocery store that has me very upset. You see the outfit I'm wearing? I look sexy right? Well the guy at the grocery store called me Ma'am. I don't look like I should be called Ma'am do I? I think I look pretty hot for my age and now I'm all depressed. I'm not really that much older than you. I'm hardly old enough to be anything but your step mom. I don't think your dad would understand why I'm so upset but you seem to understand. I think I even see something stirring in your pants. So you're attracted to your step mom. Will you help me feel sexy again? This is wrong for me to touch you like this but so long as you don't tell your father then we can have this as our secret. Give me that young cock of yours and make mommie feel sexy again. Oh yes, drive it in deep. Can you feel my pussy lips wrap around your cock? I needed this so much and from the feel of your throbbing dick you needed this to. Look at my fat ass move against your body as you drill me with that dick. Oh god yes, give my all your young hot cum all over my big ass! Mmm, that is just what I needed to feel sexy again.

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Do you think it is a sign?

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I am quite sure I just felt you eye fucking my ass while I was bent over looking for my missing wedding ring. Your father will be beside himself if he gets home and notices it's not on my finger where it should be. I think this is some kind of sign why it keeps falling off my finger. What do you think? Help me find my ring would you? Oh wait, what is that? It's true what I was thinking! My ass up in the air turned you on didn't it! Like I was saying, I think it's some kind of sign why I keep losing my wedding ring. I feel like being naughty and well, if I don't look down and see a wedding ring on my finger then I won't feel guilty about having some fun with my step son. I see you want it to. Let me help you out of those pants.

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Do you want to fool around?

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Wow, you guys must have partied hard last night. My brother is still passed out but I can see you're coming back to the land of the living. I hope I'm not being too forward but would you want to fool around? Ive always thought you were super cute but every time I see you my brother is with you. We have to keep this secret to because it might be awkward if my brother knew I seduced his best friend.