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You are my first white cock.

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I can't believe this is finally happening, I get to have sex with a white cock. I have been trying to make this happen for so long but no white guys ever seemed interested in me until you. I don't want to waste any time talking so why don't you pull that pretty white meat out of your pants and let me kiss it.

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You are my hero brother.

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It was so amazing of you to stand up for me today against that ass hole of a guy I used to date. You really showed me how much you care for me despite the fact you're just my stepbrother. I don't know how to repay you except show you how much I care for you in a whole different way. I want to give myself to you if you promise not to tell anyone. I think it's great we aren't blood related otherwise I couldn't even do this with you. Let's make each other feel amazing and forget about the stupid thing that happened to day. I can hardly believe how good you made me cum! I may have to sneak down the hall on a regular basis and get more of this new brotherly love at least until we head off to our separate colleges soon.

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You are my new young lover.

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Ever since your dad started fucking that young blonde skank from his office, I haven't been getting laid. I am so pissed right now because I dressed up for him and he calls to say he is working late, again. That skank is probably around the same age as you so you know what? If your dad can get his cock off with someone other than his wife then I am going to get my pussy off with his son. You aren't my blood so it doesn't matter if I get some satisfaction from your young cock. You give enough of it away to those college girls so I'm sure you have some left for this sexy cougar. Maybe if your dad and I do wind up divorcing you will like my pussy so much you will choose to stay living with me. Let me see what you've got and if I decide to make you my new young lover.

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You are not quite married yet.

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You are a real sport for filling in this questionnaire for the bridal shower I am throwing. Your future wife is pretty lucky to have you. I am curious about question number 5 though. I'm sure your answer is you would not ever cheat on your wife but my question for you right now is, "Is it cheating if you aren't married yet?" You see, I have a huge crush on you and won't be able to do anything about it once you say your wedding vows. We can do something about it right now though and nobody has to ever know. You can walk down the aisle with a clear conscience and just smile at me like you always have. I wont tell anyone if we fuck.

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You are so hot, for an older guy.

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I thought your daughter was going to be home when I dropped these clothes off for her. I would have come back a different time if I knew she wouldn't stay long enough for me to get here. Since I am here, are we the only ones in the house? I can't leave without saying something to you. I have always had a thing for older men. Each time I come here to hand out with your daughter, I am also hoping you are home so I can at least look at you. You really are hot, for a guy your age. You have to be the same age as my father and he looks nowhere as good as you. In fact, I don't think I can leave here today without showing you exactly how horny I am for you and have been for quite some time. Are you going to share your mature sex experience with me? Maybe you can teach me a few things.

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You are still in the friend zone.

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It's great hanging out with you all the time. You are like the best friend a girl could have even thought you're a guy. Problem is that I hang out with you so much I don't have time to meet any potential boyfriends. I am uber horny so you get to come out of the friends zone only to satisfy my need for sex right now. I will lay down the ground rules though and you have to do exactly as I say. This may only happen once so you better do it good. I already had my orgasm I think so you're gonna have to finish yourself off. Oh wow! When I told you to finish yourself that wasn't an invitation to make a mess on me!

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You are still the biggest one.

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How long has it been since we hooked up way back in high school? We both have changed a little but I think for the better. I am so glad you responded to my wink on that social media site. You know, you are still the biggest guy I have ever been with and Im not referring to your height. I dont mean to be too forward but I am on this bed for a reason. I want that big dick again. Go ahead and unzip those pants for old times sake and let me remind you of the great blow job I used to give you.