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This will be your best tip today.

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I donít know if you're aware but my dad left your paycheck with me. He told me to make sure you did a good job fixing our fountain. Well, did you do a good job? Have you ever got a tip on top of your paycheck for a job well done? I think your hot and neither of us are in a rush to be anywhere so lets have a little fun.

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Time for birthday nookie!

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We have plans to go out later to celebrate your birthday but until then, what should we do? I have a great idea that starts with a blow job for the birthday boy. Birthday sex is always a great idea especially since I have a special surprise for you today. You get my tight little asshole, happy birthday babe!

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Timing is everything.

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I wish we didnít have to always time our interludes. You and my husband hang out so much Iím surprised he hasn't caught on to us. We have so much fun in bed I canít imagine this ending anytime soon. Should we get right to it? Doesn't sound so romantic to talk like this but you know, timing is everything.

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Today was a rough one.

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You wont even believe the day I had at work, one of the worse. I'm so glad you are my lover and available to make my day better any time I come over. We don't have much time since work went over schedule and I have to get home to my husband. I can hardly wait for you to make this bad day better.

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Tonight is a good night to conceive.

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We have such a great marriage. You make it exciting to be married to you. I think we can add to our happiness by having a baby. Iím wearing your favorite lingerie set and I can see you are in agreement for us to practice baby making tonight.

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Tonight is all about me.

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The last time we had sex you said when we fuck again, I get to be in charge. Iíve been thinking about what I want first from you. I know how much of a boob man you are but I also know you adore my ass. I want you to start your attention on my backside. Thats right, get you tongue way up in there and make me feel something good!

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Tonight we both get fucked.

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What do you think about the size of my new cock? You did so great last week that I upgraded the size for you tonight. I can see you are already turned on which makes me even hornier than I already am. You know what to do, kneel down and start worshiping my beautiful cock. Ill give it to you then its my turn.

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Turn chill into a thrill.

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Iím not doing much but wasting time chilling in my room. I can tell things are about to change now that you walked in. I see that look in your eyes. I see that bulge growing in your jeans. Come closer so we can make something fun happen in this otherwise boring day.

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Two days is too long.

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I thought maybe I could spice up our sex life by taking a trip to the lingerie store. Would you like to see what I bought to wear for you? Iíve always thought black stockings are sexy so Iím wearing them with my short shorts. The strap bra is the best part of this because it lets my tits hang just like you like them. Oh I see your cock growing in your pants. Iím so excited we get to fuck.

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Vacation sex is the best.

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You do realize before we leave this rental house that we have to do it in every room of the house. This is the only place we havenít fucked, right here on this couch. Iíll help get you in the mood honey. This is the best part of going on vacation together, the sex!