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You're the hottest guy in school!

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I don't know how I got you to come to my house and into my bedroom but here you are. You know you're the hottest guy on campus right? All my girl friends talk about how much fun it would be just to see your cock. So are you going to show it to me? I haven't even seen one before and now I get to see yours! I get to touch it? Oh whoa, you want me to remove my panties? I've never done any of this before. You just have to go slow is all I ask. I'll do pretty much anything you ask so long as it's going to feel good to me.

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You've sure grown up.

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It's so nice of your mom to lend me these shoes to go out tonight. I needed the perfect pair to go with my new dress. I appreciate you letting me in so I could pick them up. It's been so long since I've seen you. How old are you now, eighteen? Wow, I'd say you've grown up very well. You know my husband left me last year right? It's been so lonely without a man. You're looking pretty good. I hate the dating scene, it's such a stupid game. Have you ever thought about being with an older woman? I won't tell your mom. If you want to try me out I won't say a word to anyone. Why don't I start by stroking you while you stare at my big tits that you haven't taken your eyes off since I got here. Would you like my big lips around your big dick? I can hardly wait to feel your cock inside me but first lick my pussy a little and make it wet. I know this is your mom's bed but I'm not going to say a word about this and you don't have to either. She won't ever know what went on here today. Let's hurry and fuck until we both cum. Oh yes, just like that. You are just what I need! I'm on the pill so you can cum inside me if you want. Oh I feel your cock throbbing and getting ready to release all that hot jizz deep in my pleasure place. Wasn't that fun? Ok, let's hurry and clean up so the place doesn't smell like sex when your mom gets home.

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Your cock is now mine.

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You should know I only married your father for his money. You must know I don't have a sex life. This is where you come in. You're a hot young stud muffin who I'm sure has plenty of seed to spread. Why not share some of that with your new stepmom? As long as you live under this roof you will do as I say. Your father put me in charge of running the household, which includes the maintenance of my pussy. All those stupid girls you bring home from college aren't allowed in my house anymore. Why would you even want those stupid inexperienced girls when you could have a woman? I'm going fuck you whenever I please. I don't even want you touching your own dick. It's mine now. I get to suck it then fuck it. I see you want this because you're already hard for me. Fuck this pussy like your father can't ever do. I know you have a lot of sexual energy and I want it all expended on me! Let me see that cum load of yours. Pull your cock out and spooge all over these huge tits. Oh yes, I knew you would have lots of hot cum for me. Your father doesn't even release a teaspoon but look at all that hot young cum you make, just for me now. By the way, I like to fuck about 3-4 times each day so get used to it. Keep yourself hydrated my new sex toy.

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Your cock will make or break you.

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I'm the perfect judge to determine if you can be a porn star. I'm one of the leading MILFS in the Adult Industry right now. Let me see what size cock you have. It has to be larger than average you know. Oh wow, I'd say you have a qualifying cock. Now lets see how you perform with a real porn star. I sure hope you can keep it hard until I ask for your cum!

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Your dad is gone and I need penetration.

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Your dad has been gone for a week and I'm not sure if I can go any longer without a cock in me. In fact, I know I can't. This is why I called you into my bedroom. I want your cock. It's not like you're my real son so it's not so wrong but still, don't tell your father about this. I'll cum really quick. I'm so horny. Would you lick me first before you stick that beautiful dick in me? Oh yes, slide that tongue up and down my slit real slowly. You like this pretty little slit don't you? Your dick was hard already as I was just talking to you about fucking me. You must have wanted this to happen as bad as I do. Oh yes, fuck me slow and deep. I like it like that. You feel so much better than your dad ever has. When you're ready to cum, pull yourself out and spray it on my tits for me. Ohhh, its feels so good to have sticky cum on me, and you taste good to! You're such a good boy, taking care of your mom like this. Now that you took care of my pussy I will go make us dinner and take care of your tummy. Go get cleaned up for dinner and who knows, maybe I will be the dessert.