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Your cock will make or break you.

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I'm the perfect judge to determine if you can be a porn star. I'm one of the leading MILFS in the Adult Industry right now. Let me see what size cock you have. It has to be larger than average you know. Oh wow, I'd say you have a qualifying cock. Now lets see how you perform with a real porn star. I sure hope you can keep it hard until I ask for your cum!

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Your dad is gone and I need penetration.

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Your dad has been gone for a week and I'm not sure if I can go any longer without a cock in me. In fact, I know I can't. This is why I called you into my bedroom. I want your cock. It's not like you're my real son so it's not so wrong but still, don't tell your father about this. I'll cum really quick. I'm so horny. Would you lick me first before you stick that beautiful dick in me? Oh yes, slide that tongue up and down my slit real slowly. You like this pretty little slit don't you? Your dick was hard already as I was just talking to you about fucking me. You must have wanted this to happen as bad as I do. Oh yes, fuck me slow and deep. I like it like that. You feel so much better than your dad ever has. When you're ready to cum, pull yourself out and spray it on my tits for me. Ohhh, its feels so good to have sticky cum on me, and you taste good to! You're such a good boy, taking care of your mom like this. Now that you took care of my pussy I will go make us dinner and take care of your tummy. Go get cleaned up for dinner and who knows, maybe I will be the dessert.

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Your dad thinks we are doing it.

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I swear you dad can be such a complainer sometimes. I admit there are times when you do deserve a good tongue lashing but I certainly don't. His most recent complaint is that he thinks you, his only son, and I, his most current wife are having an affair. Just because I happen to get your sense of humor and we talk pretty much every day while you're away at school, this must be his way of showing jealousy. It Wouldn't be so bad, his verbal accusations if he didn't withhold sex from me as punishment. I am so horny and bent out of shape right now that I feel we may as well do it. We may as well go ahead and enjoy a harmless fuck since we're being accused of it anyway. Come on, this pussy isn't going to calm down without having a good young cock dick down.

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Your dad's blue pill didn't work.

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Your dad took a little blue pill and then fell asleep. I was ready for my pussy to be stuffed and he just rolled over and started snoring. I am so damn horny I thought since you are just down the hall and newly single that maybe just this one time you can fuck this ache in my groin out of me and no one has to know anything ever happened between us. Would you do this for your step-mom? I'm not your real mom and you're nineteen so it's not that bad for this to happen. I'll take good care of your cock. I only need it for a few minutes and then I'll cum. Would you be a good boy and lick mommies pussy for just a minute? I can hardly wait to feel that stiff rod inside me. Your dad has nothing but a limp noodle. I knew you would have a gorgeous thick dick for me. Oh yes, fuck me in any position you want. Where do you want to make a mess on me? Do you want to pull out and shoot your load on my ass? Oh, you like my huge tits. Come on bebe fuck me hard then pull out and shoot your hot cream all over mommies titties. Oh that felt so good. O.k, well since we're both satisfied you can go back to sleep now. Sweet dreams my young stand in stallion.

Starring: Karen Fisher


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Your father knows I need more.

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I'm glad your dad is out of town because this gives us a chance to talk. Don't be shy, come closer. Soon, your father and I will be married and I will move in here to live with you both. I've never been a step-mom before and am looking forward to spending time with you a lot more. We should get one thing out of the way though while you father is gone. I notice you stare quite often at my cleavage. I don't mind that you look, in fact it turns me on. I am a very sexual woman who needs more than one man can possibly handle. You see where I am going with this? You're over eighteen so you can act as an adult and do as you please. I am saying, I want to fuck you, a lot, whenever your dad is away. He can't keep up with my urges so I need a young strong guy like you to satisfy me. You do want me to, don't you? Let me see your big dick. It will be fun, don't worry. Your cock feels so good in my hands. Do you like the way I touch it? I want to show you my huge tits that you are always staring at. Pretty soon I will be your step-mom and I want you to call me mommie. Would you like mommie to suck your cock? Let me make it wet so you can slide it in between my big titties. Do you like how soft and warm they feel? Do you like titty fucking your new soon to be mommie? You should see how wet my pussy is for you, and smell me. Get used to how good I smell because you are going to crave me as much as I crave that cock of yours already. Lie down so I can mount you and bounce up and down on that big young thing. Watch my big titties bounce as you fuck me harder and harder until I cum. Oh, I needed that cum so bad. Fuck my tittes now until you cum on them. Frost my titties with your cream. Oh what a nice big load, I can tell we're going to have so much fun living together.

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Your mom is a b word.

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Why does your mom feel it's her job to watch my every move? She isn't my real mom yet her nose is always so far up my ass I can hardly breathe. You know I have a boyfriend who is your mom's same age and she must be jealous or something because she said I am grounded and can't see him anymore. I'm eighteen! I should be able to date whomever I choose. I am so pissed right now and just want to do something that will totally piss her off. I know, since I can't go out and get laid tonight, I'm going to use your cock. Come on, were the same age so what does it matter? You're just my step brother and probably as horny as I am.

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Your performance evaluation sucks.

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I absolutely hate wasting my time by having to call you in my office and treat you like a grade schooler. We're adults here and you should be more concerned about keeping your job! I know you have responsibilities at home and you need this paycheck. I could cut you like that if I wanted to but there is something more I want than just a good job evaluation from you. I want your cock. You heard me, take it out and get it hard because you're going to fuck your boss with that cock. You want to keep your job? I suggest you move quickly to make me happy because this is our lunch break and it won't last long. You had better fuck me good enough to make me orgasm so much that my legs shake. Your job depends on this. Get over here with that hard cock. I want it now. Yes yes, ram it in faster, harder. Oh yes, I'm cumming I'm cumming! Ah, that is exactly what I needed to relieve a little pent up tension. What do you mean what are you supposed to do with your boner? I don't care what the fuck you do with it but don't leave your ejaculate in my office. Zip your dick back in your pants and go down the hall to the restroom to finish yourself off. You had better not say a word of what just took place here in my office. If I happen to hear so much as even a rumor of this, your ass is canned. Hey, it's not all that bad is it? You could have to do a lot worse to keep that paycheck coming, remember that.