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Even though you're older, I'm hot for you.

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I know it's probably weird for you to be living in our house while you're going through your divorce. You and my dad have been friends for so long and I am glad you are here. While everyone but us is gone today I figured it was a good time to let you know something I have wanted to say for quite a few years but had to wait until I was grown up. I'm nineteen now and the best age to tell you that I remember that time you went camping with my family and you jumped in the lake and your boxers fell off. I saw how nice your cock looked and it made me think dirty thoughts of you for all these years. Now I am grown up and can do something about it. I don't want to have sex with you, at least not yet. I want to play with you and maybe help you relieve some of this divorce stress you must be going through. I thought maybe you would like this outfit I have on. I chose it especially for you because it shows off every womanly curve of mine. I remember you mentioned while at dinner the other night that you love a girl in a good looking pair of jeans. What do you think of these jeans? Do they make my ass look cute and perky? I'll model them for you and even pull them down a little so you can see my panties that match my little delicate corset. You don't have to be nervous around me. I've wanted to touch you like this for a long time. How does it feel to have a nineteen year old jerking your cock off? I know I am way hotter than your ex-wife. She didn't deserve you or your cock. How long has it been since your cock touched young nineteen year old tittes? Do you like the way my titties bounce as I jack you off with such a strong grip? I feel like such a little slut right now jerking off the cock of my dad's best friend. You like that I am a dirty girl. Think of how good it would feel to slide this cock in my tight little pussy hole. You won't ever tell my dad about this will you? This has to be our secret. I haven't even begun to do the dirty things I want to do with a real man like you. I've crushed on you for so long. I only want one more thing from you right now though. I want your cum. I can hardly wait to see your cum and know you let it go because of me. You need to release that cum for me and let go of all that stress. Oh yes, look at all that warm goo. You gave it all to me you sexy man. That was so much fun but I have to go clean up before my dad gets home. Mmm, blow you a kiss you sexy man.

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Fitness Model Step Sister owns my cock.

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My step sister is a hottie even though she is more muscular than most guys I know, myself included. She is constantly working out for fitness competitions. Great thing about her having to work out so much is that some times she trains at home, in her little sexy fitness bikinis. I saw her heading down the hall to the front room in a new tangerine colored ensemble and knew she would soon be stretching, flexing and putting herself in some visually stimulating positions, stimulating for me anyway. I parked it on the couch and pretended to be interested in finding a t.v. show to watch. All I was interested in was staring at my step sisters ass as she moved her tight body up an down, up and down doing push-ups. I figured I would watch her only for a few minutes then I would have enough stimuli to run back to my room and furiously rub one out before anyone knew what I was up to. I'm such an idiot when it comes to being discreet. Not only did she catch me completely oogling her ass, but I tried to compliment her bikini and all it did was come out creepy. I fully believe my step-sister could kick my ass sideways if she wanted so I kind of backtracked on my words in hopes she would carry on with her training and I could make my way back to my bedroom for a quick rub out. No such luck. She pulled me off the couch and on to her workout space, laid me out like a wet towel and proceeded to have her twisted way as big sister's sometimes do. I was stimulated sexually yet scared. My cock didn't know what to do so close to her. She put one hand sternly on my package and the other around my throat. When she raised her hand to slap my dick I really started to get nervous. She didn't stop with one slap, she kept going and going. I think she liked tormenting me is as many ways possible while I was under her. Not that I minded having her pussy shoved in my face but I imagined it in much nicer circumstances. She assumed the role of a dominant woman like I've never seen in all my porn watching before. I was actually the sub without ever intending to be in this position. As she shoved her smelly foot in my mouth she demanded me to cum or else she would tell our parents what a creep I was for spying on her. She also let me know I was now her little bitch and things were going to be different in this house now. All I could think to do was grunt in agreement and hope that meant a lot more hand jobs for me. I gave her my weak load and without missing a beat she instructed me to take my creepy ass back to my room. I didn't even take the time to put my pants back on as I scurried away. I needed time to recoup from that not so sensitive cum stealing that just took place by my now new cock owner step-sister.

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Fitness Model Step Sister Strokes.

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I love being involved in fitness and the competitions but the stupid poses get me every time. I feel so stupid having to stand and strike a pose. Can't the judges already see how super strong I am and totally tight? Maybe you can help me with these poses. Tell me which ones show off my muscles the best. Hey, I know what would make my muscles look better, if I rub some glycerin on them to make them shine. I'll rub some shine on my biceps and pecs so you can get an idea of what the judges will see. This feels kind of good to rub this on my skin. I like how shiny I look right now. Hey, what is that? Are you getting a bulge in your pants from watching me rub shine on myself? That's a little weird don't you think? You're getting turned on by watching your step-sister rub her muscles? I didn't think fit looking girls turned you on. You certainly don't date girls who look anything like me. I guess I'm kind of flattered that you find me attractive in that way. Say, our parents probably won't be home for a while so what about you and me have a little fun with this left over glycerin on my hands? I know what else I can rub and make shiny. Go ahead a lie down for me. I can get my arms a little pumped up while cranking your cock, that way you can really see how great my muscles look for this upcoming competition. I can understand that blood rushing into your muscle. It turns me on to think about muscles becoming engorged. I want to see your big muscle that is growing for me. Oh wow brother, that is quite a large a cock! Have you ever been touched by a girl this way? Probably not, I bet a girl hasn't ever fucked your cock with her bicep either. You like to see your cock in my arm muscles? Looks pretty fucken hot doesn't it? I may not have the biggest tits but I could also titty fuck that big dick of yours. Since you're almost naked for me its only fair I get naked for you. What turns you on the most brother, seeing the girls in these competitions in their little tiny bikinis or seeing me in front of you taking mine off, just for you. Would you like my tiny bikini bottom wrapped around that dick of yours? Oh you like that a lot! What if I jacked you off with my strong thigh muscles? I'm so damn horny from all this working out yet I have to reserve my strength for the competition so I can't have sex, which really sucks. At least playing with you like this lets me get some of my sexual side out of me. Which muscle of mine do you want to make shiny with your hot cum? You want it on my bicep? Go ahead and let it go for me little brother. Oh wow, look at that! Now I have something else to make my bicep look better, your jizz!

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Get out from under my bed!

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Ever since we started our little game its been weird around the house hasn't it? We like to have our quick intimate moments when your Dad isn't around. I have even shared you with my sister and my best friend. You must have a really hungry appetite today to wedge yourself under my bed just to catch a glimpse of your step mother's pussy as I am getting dressed. I have only let you see my tits this far into our game. I am a little disturbed when I catch you yet intrigued that you would go through such effort to spy on me. We can't let our little secret be known to your father now can we? It's good that you at least come to me when he isn't at home. You have to learn some boundaries though! What if I thought you were a robber or someone here to harm me? We must keep our game safe so that we both want to continue to play, ok? You surprised me and now I am going to surprise you. Today I want you to smell my pretty lace panties while I jerk you off. You wanted to see my pussy so bad that you hid under my bed! Now you get to feel my hands on your hungry cock and inhale the scent of my private place. I know what you like and waste no time pumping my tight grip on your pole. I'm going to give you another surprise by sliding my wet pussy up and down your pole. Its not fucking if I keep it on the outside of my pussy. I want you give me my panties back so I can wrap them around your dick when you are ready to give me your cum. I want to clean up every drop of your sticky goo with my pretty lace panties. You had an explosive load today to leave in that lace. Even after I thought I cleaned it all from your cock you still had more inside that I milked from you, every last drop. You are such a good boy for your step mom. Did you have fun with today's game? I did.

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Give step mom your baby-batter before your date.

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Just like Daddy's have their little princess daughters, some Mommy's have MaMa's boys for sons. I happen to be very fond of my budding stepson. Ever since his Dad departed it's just been him and I at the house. I've gotten used to having him with me in the evenings hanging at home. He needs to go on dates, I know, but I don't feel any girl out there is going to love him as much as I do and take care of him the way I like to. When he comes to me for wardrobe approval before his date, I inspect him thoroughly on the outside and ask the most important question of the evening, "Honey, did you jerk it?" I've taught him so much over the years that I was sure he would remember to do this most important step before a date. It's the sure way to relieve nervous tension as well as leave his baby batter at home so no stupid cum hungry girl will fill her vagina with it. There is absolutely no way I will let him leave my house with his balls full of pent up cum. What is a good mother to do? I must help him of course! No sense in him breaking a sweat trying to relieve himself of that gooey mess. I will do all the work. That's right son, lay down and let Mommy jerk you off before you go on your date. I can hardly stand to see you so nervous over a girl. I mean, who is she anyway? She can't be as pretty as I am, nor as smart. She won't love you as much as I do. I love you the most. I will always take care of you. I will let you spend time with these girls but you will come home to me, always. You will also come to me before every date so I can make sure you have released all of your sperm filled cum for me and only me. I know these young dumb sluts you date only want to take from my boy. They will open their legs and promise you anything but I am the only one who will actually take care of you. I am always here for you, anytime you need me. I love to help my boy. I love to place my mature experienced hands on your bulge in your pants and rub you to full erection. I can hardly wait to wrap my hands around your young stiff cock and work out all that cum from you. I want to make you tremble in ecstasy and get rid of all your nervous angst. I don't want that girl date of yours anywhere near your man pole tonight. I want to be the one to take care of your primal need for release. That's it, just lay there and relax while I work on your wood. You are such a good son. You are going to give me all of your cum aren't you? You are going to give me every last drop as I milk it from you. Every...last...drop. I hope you come home from your date tonight and have more to give me. I'm the one who takes care of you, your Mother loves you the most.

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Guys like more than just hand jobs.

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I don't want to be the creepy step-dad but I saw my fairly new step-daughter and her boyfriend in my driveway earlier, heavily making out in his car. With her mom in a self medicated deep sleep I decided to wait for my step-daughter to finish her business with her boyfriend and come in the house where I waited to have a few words with her. I knew she was doing more than just kissing and could prove it by the fresh cum stain left on her dress. My guess is she was probably giving her guy some good head and believe me, I wanted in on that. When confronted, she swore she was only giving him a hand job as that is all she claims to know how to do. As a responsible step-father I felt it my duty to educate her on how to give a good blow job so she can keep that uterus of hers baby free for as long as possible. Even though I'm not her real dad, I am way to young to be a grand dad. I could care less if she blows and hand cranks the whole college campus so long as she keeps those legs of hers tightly shut. My little girl seemed to like the idea of me teaching her the art of a great blow job to add to her cock handling skills. I helped her remove her clothing as all men love to see a good looking girl naked. I felt like such a complete pervert helping her remove that cute little pink dress she wore but my cock was already at full attention so there was no turning back no matter how perverted this was. She kept her reading glasses on like a good girl as she took to my cock like a vacuum to a dirty carpet. I rubbed her little pussy thru her pink lace panties and could feel the heat coming from her tight mound. I asked her to remove her panties so I could slide a wet finger in her little slit as she sucked and slurped my raging hard boner. Her mom never gives me blow jobs so I was enjoying this treat more than she could know. I flicked her little wet clit until she squirmed and came for me. I could hardly wait until she jacked of my cock into an exploding orgasm. She followed my complete directions, keeping my dick nice and slippery and gripping it tight with her whole hand. I needed this cum so fucken bad and was pretty damn lucky to have fallen into this situation of education with her. As she played with my hot load on her little hand I mentioned we had both hurry and get cleaned up before her mom happened to possibly stumble in on us. Now that I've broken the ice with a hand job/blow job with my step-daughter its seems the appropriate next step would be to teach her about safe sex. Oh it's good to be a dad.

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Hand job for better birthday present.

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I could hardly wait for my 19th birthday to arrive. My stepdad has been hinting that he is going to buy me some wheels. It would be so great if he really does buy me a car to go off to college. I have to admit, his gift giving has left much to be desired in the past years but with all of his random comments on "wheels" as my birthday approached, he may have done a gift right this time. The moment finally arrived when he told me to cover my eyes as he had a surprise waiting outside for me. I figured it must be a car if he isn't even waiting until the family birthday dinner when everyone is home tonight. I was a little shaky with anticipation as I followed him outside. I could tell I had a huge smile on my face right before he told me to uncover my eyes and look at my birthday present. That smile turned quickly upside down into a frown when I saw what his version of wheels meant. What a jerk! He was so excited about giving me a bike for my birthday? It wasn't even a good looking girly bike, it was clearly a boys bike! It looked like he picked it up from a garage sale! I immediately made him aware of my huge disapproval. He totally ruined my birthday with such a cheap and thoughtless gift. Off I stormed to my room to sulk and wait for the rest of the family to get home to see what kind of gifts they were going to give me. My stepdad came to my door not long after I yelled at him outside. I guess he wanted to have a stupid father/daughter talk now about my lack of gratitude regarding a gift. Fine, whatever, he can say all he wants but I still think he's the worst stepdad ever. Seeing him sitting there in my room looking like he felt bad that he disappointed me, I thought of something that would make both of us happy. I figured my mom gets lots of things from my dad, she is always shopping for new clothes and jewelry. I don't want those things but I do want a car. I'm going to give my dad something that my mom probably doesn't, a hand job. When he feels how good my soft skin is against his hard prick, he will buy me whatever I ask for. This will be our sexy dirty secret. I've seen this work for my boyfriend so it must be the same for someone my dads age. Guys are so easily manipulated as long as their schlong is well cared for. I didn't think I would like cranking my dads dick as much as I did. As I was stroking him I was adding up in my mind all of the things I would ask for from now and and make sure he buys them for me. I got a little wet in my panties while I jacked him off. I let him see my perfect titties and my tight pink pussy. I know he like looking at my tiny pussy while I stroked him cause his dick got super rock hard. He looked like he was in another world as I worked on his shaft. Maybe his jizz is as sticky as my pussy juice is on his leg. My pussy was so close to his member, I'm sure he wanted it inside of me. After some steady stroking action he gave me his warm sticky jizz. His whole body trembled as he spurted his spooge. I was so glad we shared this intimate experience and even more glad at the knowledge he was going to take me car shopping on my birthday and it would be an even better car than he bought my mom!

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He agrees to be my baby's Daddy.

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I've been married a couple of years to a really great husband. The only thing not so great is we want to have a baby and he has an extremely low sperm count. I want to try artificial insemination but don't want just anyone's spunk injected in my uterus. The only man I can think of who means as much to me as my husband is my step-mom's brother. He is my favorite Uncle. He is really smart and sexy for an older guy. I've had sexual fantasies about him over the years but never acted on them. The thought of having a part of him inside my body really turns me on. I can tell my husband that I chose an anonymous sperm donor from the clinic files and no one needs to know my plan except me and my Uncle, that is if he agrees to share his semen with me. I called him and he welcomed me over to his house the next morning for a little chat over coffee. I told him my dilemma and how much I wanted to have a baby with his genetic benefits. I think I flattered him and he agreed to be my baby's daddy without hesitation. I even told him we didn't have to have sex so I wouldn't be cheating on my husband except for the little lie of where the sperm donation came from. I brought a sterile cup with me to collect my Uncle's cum through means of extracting it myself by giving him a hand job. His eyes lit up a little more when I told him I was going to crank his cock myself so he didn't have to sit in a clinic bathroom and do the deed. He made himself comfortable on the sofa and I began working on his load. I wanted the biggest ejaculation he could give me so I had a good chance of getting pregnant with his baby right away. As I had his precious family jewels in my hands I let him know I noticed he has been a bit nicer to me over the years than he is to my cousins. I also made him aware I remembered when he had a boner in his swim trunks that time we were all at the lake for family vacation and I hugged him while wearing my bikini. I never said anything to anyone about the way he looked at me when I winked at him, acknowledging his stiff cock was there because of me. This situation seems perfect that years later I get to be the one to take care of his stiff cock and for my own benefit. I wanted the biggest load he could give me so I gave him plenty of encouragement by stripping out of my clothes and showing him my perfect little pink pussy and tight round ass. I saw his cock stiffen and bounce as he looked at my young body. I knew it was time to work my precious load from him. I asked him for his cum as a gripped his shaft firmly. I asked my Uncle to help make me pregnant with his baby. He released his semen into my hands just like I asked him to. I milked his dick for every drop before letting him know that if this first sample doesn't make me pregnant then I would be back for more of his daddy batter. I also informed him if this first sample doesn't take then we may have to try direct implantation. I want a baby so bad that regardless of what my husband says, I would let my Uncle fuck me but first I'm going to the clinic with this fresh semen, spreading my legs for the Doctor and hoping the injection of my Uncles spunk hits the baby making spot.

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He is gone! I'm yours now.

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My step-mom and I have been flirting behind my Dad's back for a few months. It's been real hot and heavy lately because we know he is going away for two weeks with his buddies for spring training. What a stupid man to leave his sexy wife with me for two whole weeks! If he only knew the dirty talk and text we have been exchanging, he would probably kick me out of the house before leaving me home with her while he goes away. My dad is a pretty cool guy but sometimes doesn't give my mom the attention she truly deserves. I know I am just a college aged young one but I can see my mom is a sexual goddess who deserves more than she gets. No sooner had my pops said goodbye and we were in my bedroom for some sexy time. My mom may have even been more excited than I at the prospect of two whole weeks of just us in the house. I lay down on my bed and she immediately went for my crotch. She unzipped my jeans to free my growing cock. She said we weren't going to go all the way on the first night alone so tonight I get a hand job. All of her sexual attention focused on me! Soon as she saw the size of my dick she whispered what a lucky girl she is. She then laid a total surprise on me by hinting she would like to have my baseball buddies over for movie night. She wasn't talking about WATCHING movie night , she was talking about MAKING a movie night. My mom! Wanted to get busy with not only me, but my baseball buddies to! She is more of a slut than I knew! My cock grew rock hard at the thought of my buddies taking turns on my sexy slut mom. She was jacking me off really fast with a good tight grip and painting a picture of what the scenario could be like. I love it when she calls me a naughty boy. Just when I didn't think her hand job could get any hotter she whipped off her top and pulled her full tits from her bra for my viewing. The raunchiest part of her fantasy with my baseball buddies is that she doesn't want me to tell them she is my step-mom, she wants me to tell them she is just some whore in my bed. How fucked up is that? It's my kind of fucked up for sure. She continued to crank my cock, pumping it up and down so damn tight. I would do anything for this woman so long as she gives me more of these insanely dirty talk hand jobs! I began to tremble and she noticed, saying, "Are you gonna give your cum to Mommie?" I couldn't hold it in any longer as my spooge spurted from me. What an incredible release she gave me. Now that my cock was satisfied she quickly suggested I call my friends over for a "mom-b-que". Mom is the menu. Fuck yeah.

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He is the perfect man.

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I really appreciate you handing down a precious family heirloom, this hope chest. I have to confess though, it's not really my style but knowing you were home alone today I had to come over to accept it. I have to confess something else, I know your wife doesn't take very good care of you. I mean she doesn't acknowledge the true man you are. Look at your bedroom for instance, do you actually like this weird blue color and these stupid vases stuffed with sticks? I didn't think so. I see what a great man you are. I married your son in hopes he would turn into the man you are but he hasn't and won't. You're wife is at bingo and my husband is home playing video games so why don't you and I make the most of this time together. You should come closer to me, here on the bed. I'm not going to fuck you this time because I don't want to go back home smelling like sex but I am going to show that cock of yours some real attention. Let me pull down your pants and have a look at what I've been craving for years. Oh god yes, it's as perfect as I imagined. Look at how big it is! Your son certainly didn't take after you in the cock department. I must taste you. Oh yes, as sweet as I imagined. You know, I've been in your room alone before. I've rolled around on you and your wife's bed and even masturbated on it. I want you to have a look at my pretty pussy so the next time you're masturbating you can imagine how good it would feel to be inside my sugar walls. I would love to slide your cock right inside me but I have to give you reason to want to see me alone again. I know you don't want to fuck your wife and I certainly don't want to fuck your loser son. I've craved you for so many years and love everything about you. I can hardly wait to milk your creamy cum from you rock hard cock. Oh right there, that's where you like it. Long fast strokes will make you blow your load for your daughter in law. Oh yes, please give me that man cum. I love having my hands wrapped around a real mans cock. Go ahead, let me see all that hot cum you have just for me. Oh wow! You came all over my pussy. I've waited so long for a chance to be intimate with you. You even gave me a perfect shot all over my pussy. I think I should come back tomorrow for that hope chest and I do hope you will fuck me then. Make sure your wife is gone and I'll make your dreams come true tomorrow like you made mine come true today.