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How dare you do this!

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I am just beginning to get to know you and this is what I discover about you? I knew there was something sneaky about you but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Your dad thinks the world of you so I should have known you were up to no good when he told me he was thinking of sending you off to military school instead of Jr. College. What kind of young man jacks off while sniffing his step-sisters panties? I am so beside myself right now. The only thing I can think of to do with you is spank some sense into your ass. If you don't let me take care of this the way I see fit, I will make sure you are on the next bus to military school. So what is it going to be? You going to bend over my knee or get sent away?

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Hurry before your old man gets home.

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You little pervert, spying on me while I was trying to get some mommie special time in. I always knew there was something strange about you but then, we're all strange in our own special way. So you see I like big black dildo's instead of puny white cock replicas. I also prefer a real big black cock in my white tight pussy. I said we all are weird, well you're old enough to know a few things about sex and life. Your father is my cuckold which means he likes to watch me get fucked by another man. I see you are beginning to mature just like him by spying on me while I play with my big black cock. I should tell your father his son is just like him. I could be a cruel step mother and spill that secret. Instead, I think I want to watch you play with yourself since you were watching me. Go ahead, pull that little white cock out and get started.

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I accept your pantyhose fetish

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You are such a good stepson that I have decided to reward you with a treat today. I notice you have a pantyhose fetish so look what I have on just for you. Pull your dick out of your pants and let me touch it with my hose. Stroke that dick for me my good son. You're so sexy at your tender age of twenty-one. I bet girls your age don't appreciate your pantyhose fetish. Look at these gorgeous pantyhose with the lace panties sewn right in. You love the sound of my feet rubbing together while wearing these hose don't you? I want you to jerk yourself and cum all over my feet. Jerk yourself fast and don't stop until you soil my stockings with your young seed. Oh yes! Look at all that precious cum you gave your step mommie. I'm feeling extra generous today you can have my sexy hose as your reward.

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I am ready for your sperm.

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I am so sorry you had to hear your father and I fighting the other night. Its no way to welcome you back home from college is it? I'm sure you heard every word we were saying which brings me here to your room right now. I am ovulating today and it's optimal time for me to get pregnant. I don't have that much time left to keep trying and your father refuses to go get a sperm count check at the Doctor. I figured a quick and perfect solution would be for you to get me pregnant. You're young, virile and probably have a huge cum load full of sperm that can get me pregnant. It wouldn't be so wrong because we aren't blood related. No one has to know but you and me. You look so much like your father that I'm sure no one would question who's baby it is. You fill me with your cum now and tonight I will fuck your dad and he will think he made a baby in my belly. From the bulge in your pants I can tell you like my idea. Let's make a baby.