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Alexis Grace, the neighborhood slut

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Your neighbor Alexis let herself into your home even though you have never met her before. She used to let herself into the house when the previous owner lived there. You don't mind, do you? She introduces herself as the neighborhood slut who jerks off the neighborhood husbands when their wives are out of the house. Don't worry; she does not mind being called a slut. You are taken aback slightly, but only for a moment. You quickly regain composure as Alexis informs you that you are going to be jerking off for her today. Start stroking your cock. Did you know that Alexis has the best titties in the whole neighborhood? Let her show them to you. They are some nice tits. She encourages you to stroke yourself slowly as she plays with her big tits. Then she flips over and shows off her ass. It is fleshy and round, but you cannot touch her today. That will come soon enough, so be patient. Think about your dick filling up her wet pussy. She spreads her legs and rubs her pussy. Alexis can tell that you are getting close to an orgasm and she tells you that you can cum right onto her face. You do just that and she takes all you give her. You feel pretty confident that you are really going to like the new neighborhood.

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Alien Zoey needs my sperm sample

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Your step sister Zoey knows you are a sci-fi fan and she is going to fuck with you. She arouses you from sleep and you are slightly confused and aroused at the same time. Zoey is wearing a silver jumpsuit and she says that she has come for a sample of your sperm. This outfit is very sexy and you can see her camel toe quite clearly. She knows that you need help to give her a sample and she is curious about your human penis. Show it to her. You are ordered to stroke it and you had better do it well because only the very best sperm will do. You now realize that the girl that you thought was your step sister is actually an alien from another planet and she needs your sperm to repopulate it! Human or alien - you do not care - the girl is sexy! Her body has taken well to the human form and you wish she would let you touch her. Zoey shows you her girl parts, her "shaznat," and you see that it is similar to a human vagina. You are turned on when she calls you a human and she reminds you that she needs slave people on her planet to pleasure her. Is your sperm sample almost ready? She extends her hand and asks for your sample deposit into the receptacle and you deliver.

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Alison Faye is my jerk off tutor

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Alison is thankful that you have helped her with her studies. Did you know that she got an A on her last test and it is all because of you? You are flattered, but when she offers up her way of showing thanks, you are more grateful than ever that you took this tutoring job. She wants to help you jerk off, so she will be your jerk off tutor today. Alison seems to be an expert as you quickly find out. She is precise in her instructions, which you follow to the letter. When Alison takes off her bra, you find that her nipples are pierced. You have never seen pierced nipples before, so you focus on them as your hand jacks your dick. Her body is nice and tight and she seems to enjoy showing it off to you. In fact, you can see how wet her pussy has become from your interaction today. Keep stroking your dick for Alison using long strokes. Be sure to work your balls as you stroke the shaft. Move your hand faster, keep going! You blow your big load and Alison concludes your jerk off tutoring session for the day.


All about Aria's asshole

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Aria has been told that she has a great ass and she wants to share it with you. She loves the sensation of someone playing with her ass, especially with her asshole. Her finger circles the rim of her asshole and she winks it at you. Your dick almost pops out of your pants and you begin to work yourself. She knows that you want to put your tongue into her hole. Aria sticks her finger inside her tight ass and your only thought is that your cock should be plunging into that warm hole instead. Now she puts two fingers inside and you really realize that this girl loves her ass to be the center of attention. It is the rare girl who will finger her own asshole, talking about having it stretched by a fat dick, but Aria happens to be just that girl. Aria now demands that you cum all over her tight asshole and you do.

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All about Cassandra's ass

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Cassandra Nix has a nice ass and she wants to show it off for you. Are you ready to worship her ass? Get out your dick and let's begin. She turns around and presents her round butt to you and you are immediately impressed with its shape. You see a bit of her pussy lips peeking out of her panties as she is bent over. Cassandra thrusts slowly against a pillow because she knows you love a good pillow hump. Her ass looks so very smooth that you almost cannot even breathe. She says nothing as she thrusts and gyrates before you. Such a perfect ass is something to behold and you wish you could touch it, smell it...For now, though, you are going to have to image her scent. Is she musky? Sweet? Your dick pulsates as you consider this. In the meantime, she has removed her panties and she now orders you to put your nose against her asshole. Stick out that tongue of yours and taste it. Yes, that's right. Now don't forget to squeeze her ass as you orally service it. Her tight hole resists your tongues slightly, but you know exactly how much pressure it would take to penetrate her. Your hand has not once left your dick as you have played with Cassandra's ass. She spreads some oil onto her ample cheeks and they glow. Your dick would slide supremely well between her fat cheeks. Now she stands at the side of the bed as she flexes and wiggles her butt at you. She commands you to get your face into her ass and you do just that. Her scent is intoxicating and you would be happy never to breathe the air again if she would sit on your face for eternity.