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A taste of Tracey Sweet, my new baby sitter

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Tracey is at your house today because she wants to baby sit your kids, but she is interviewing with only you. Your wife is out right now and she trusts your judgment. Tracey informs you that all the dads in the neighborhood would give her a very high rating. She also tells you that she works extra hard for tips. After all, a college girl cannot live on just $8 an hour, right? She suggests that you take out your cock and start rubbing it slowly. Very soon after that, she takes out her perky little titties. You want to touch those puffy nipples, but Tracey tells you to keep working your dick for her. Her short skirt leaves little to the imagination, but it soon ends up on the floor with her bra and tank top. Her striped panties intrigue you and you hope she soon lets you see what is underneath them. She softly commands you to handle your dick to her exact specifications and you follow her every word. Tracey lowers her panties and you see her hairy pussy. She tells you how soft and tight her pussy is and you want nothing more than to plow into her, but you restrain yourself and continue to stroke your dick. Then she invites you in for a closer look. You can smell her cunt and you feel the heat coming off of her. She narrates a scenario of the two of you driving in the car, which pushes you over the edge and you unleash a hell storm of hot spunk as she sweetly smiles at you. This girl is definitely going to get the job!

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A tiny cumload from my tiny balls for Allison Moore

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Hmmm - Allison is a little disturbed by your tiny testicles. How did they get so tiny? Are they even testicles? They are like marbles and Allison wonders what the point is of having such small testicles. You want to jerk off, but Allison is not going to lend a hand. She will, however, give you visual inspiration. She removes her top and you see her full boobs in a pretty bra. You begin to work your small dick and balls as she continues to undress. She doubts that you can even work out a decent load since your balls are so unimpressive, but she is willing to let you try. Maybe if she removes her bra, it will make your assets grow. Alas, it does not help, but you do like what you see. Allison is a fan of men with a big cock and balls. She wants to be able to be gagged by a mouthful, but you cannot offer her that. It makes her smile as she thinks about how pathetic your balls are, so at least you have that going for you. Your hand furiously moves up and down your little shaft as she teases you sweetly. It is now time for you to milk any cum that you possibly can out of your teeny balls. Even though you offered her very little visually, she was pleased that you were able to offer her even a small cumload.


A very special delivery for Allysin Wonderland

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You encounter a lot of different people in your job as a delivery person. Today you meet Allysin. She is really cute and perky and she invites you in for a cup of coffee. You deliver a lot to her house. Allysin tells you that she does not leave her house much and she seems happy to have your company. Out of nowhere, she asks you to jerk off for her and she starts unbuttoning her shorts. They quickly land on the floor and she informs you that the package you just delivered contains lots of new bras and panties. At this point, she notices YOUR package, the growing bulge in your pants. You figure that you have nothing to lose, so you start jacking off. As your hand maneuvers your hard dick, Allysin fingers her pussy. If you jerk off faster, she promises you a surprise and she removes her t shirt. Allysin exposes her titties and she tells you to jerk off onto them. "Hover on top of me," she pleads. You look down at her and you cannot wait to see your jizz blast out of your cock. She is now moaning for you to cum all over her and you happily do just that. You are already looking forward to delivering to her again!

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A wank job for tax help (with Stevie Lix)

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Stevie is having some tax problems. This single mother is overwhelmed, but she wants to try to make things right. You are there to help her, but she really has created a mess of her finances. Can you please consider waiving your fee if she shows you her titties? She really needs your help. Maybe you can take out your cock and have some fun with Stevie. You just want to jerk off to her and you ask her to take off her skirt. The only thing she is wearing is nude thigh highs. Stevie starts playing with her pussy as she talks dirty to you, promising to do anything you ask of her. You love how she speaks to you and you soon cum all over the place! Stevie comes closer and plays with your load. Now can you help her? Starring Stevie Lix

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Abby Cross the pillow humper

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Cute Abby has an affinity for her pillow that is very strong. It is so strong that she is going to hump it while you jack yourself off. Her pillow is fuzzy and pink. She lies on her back and rubs the pillow between her legs. She reminds you to keep stroking your cock as she slides off her bra. Abby goes back to grinding on her pillow. The way her ass moves up and down and in circles turns you on so much. Next she mounts her pillow so that you can see her soft tits. She slides off her thong and begins to bounce on the pillow she loves so much. That pillow surely carries the scent of her wet pussy. It must be wet by now. Again she gets on top of her pillow and rides it like a champ. Abby seems to have a genuine affinity for her pillow and you wish she would feel like that for you. For now, though, you happily jack off watching pretty Abby molest her pillow. Abby is ready for you to cum and she takes your load as she snuggles up with her pillow between her legs.

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Advice from my mother-in-law (with Tara Holiday)

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Your mother-in-law wants to talk to you and you are nervous. You cheated on your wife and now you have to take your punishment. Your mother-in-law Tara decides that you should never go outside the family for any of your needs, including your deviant sexual fantasies. Tara is going to show you how to jerk off properly so that you won't have to cheat on her daughter. As she tells you how to work your dick, you begin to feel an attraction to your mother-in-law! She is sexy, but much older than you are, so you never considered her as an option. Her big boobs hold your attention while you handle your business. Then, before you know it, she starts stripping off her clothes! She is in fantastic shape and you now see the resemblance between her and your wife. Tara tells you that you cannot stop until you cum and you fully intend to do so. She works her pussy as she encourages you to cum and you blow right on your mother-in-law's pussy.

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Aiden Ashley makes fun of my small dick

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Aiden is wearing a black latex dress and shiny black boots. The dress barely covers her bubble butt and she suspects that your little dick wouldn't even be able to get past her juicy booty. You are a tiny-cocked bitch and Aiden thinks that you are a waste of her time. Her small fingers could pleasure her pussy more easily than your little twig dick ever could. She is verbally humiliating you and you find that you really love it. Yes, your dick is hard, but Aiden cannot tell. Aiden makes sure that you know that no women would ever want to be with you. Only a real man can fuck Aiden, not someone like you. She laughs at the thought of your cum load. When you masturbate, do you use only two fingers? Will you even be able to cum today? You have one chance and you do your best, but Aiden laughs at your efforts.

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Aiden Ashley sucks her toes through her fishnets

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Aiden is fully aware that you want to cum all over her stockings and play with her feet. Do you think that you can handle all that Aiden has to offer? Her long, stocking-covered legs beckon you. Those sexy black high heels hiding her sexy feet and toes? She slides off one of her black platform heels and you can see she is a supreme tease. Look at that sexy sole. Did you know that she got a pedicure today? She slides off the other shoe and presents you with ruby red painted toes. Her toes are trapped in the black fishnet. No! Do not touch yourself just yet, but undo your pants. She is a stocking seductress with lovely brunette hair. Her feet are too clean and she requires your cum on them but not yet. She licks her toes through the fishnet. She drips saliva onto her tit. Start stroking your dick for Aiden as she shows off her sexy feet. Would you like her to play with your balls using her toes? You continue stroking yourself as she sucks her own toes. As Aiden slides off her fishnets, you wish she would give them to you to jerk off with later, but you remain focused on her feet. How big of a load will you deliver on those pretty feet? Aiden wants it all.

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Aleksa Nicole and her fuckholes

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You are a very smart man and Aleska needs your assistance. Your daughter told her that you can help Aleksa to save a lot on her taxes. Since you will not accept money for your accounting services, she has something else on her mind. Maybe she can undress for you and entice you. Aleksa stands up and when you see her body and you hear her offer to let you jerk off for her, you happily accept. She asks you to stroke your dick as if she were riding you. Go nice and slow for her and watch her big ass bounce for you. You do love a big, healthy ass. Do you like dirty talk? Aleksa tells you that she wants your cock shaft in each of her three fuckholes and you nearly blow your load right there. Your wife would never say anything so perverse. Aleksa sees your response and continues the dirty talk as she plays with her wet pussy until both of you cum very hard in unison.

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Alex Chance drains your balls

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Your good friend Alex wants to know what you think about her getting a breast reduction. She thinks that she gets too much attention from guys about them and she feels that they are too big. Alex also knows that she gets certain things because of her big tits. What do you think? She bounces and shakes them at you and she notices that growing bulge in your pants. Alex didn't realize that you like her in that way, so she decides to help you get rid of your hard on. She closes the door and asks you to take your cock out. All of a sudden you are a little shy. Then she takes off her shirt and jiggles her boobs at you as she compels you to jack yourself off. When she takes off her bra and releases those natural, soft tits, your hand moves faster on your cock. She squeezes her boobs together and she asks you to imagine sliding your hard cock in between them. You already were! Alex flips over for a bit to let you see her ass, but then she decides to let you cum on her titties. She flips back around and coaxes a fat load from you.