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Getting acquanted with my new Step Dad

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Mom went out to brunch with some friends, so I thought this would be a good time to get more acquainted with my new step dad. I know mom thinks I'm a good girl, I get good grades, and don't get in trouble, but the truth is I'm really a bad girl. Would you like me to show you how bad I am? Let me show you my perky titties, they're nicer than Mom's, aren't they? Mom thinks I'm a virgin, but I'm really not. I love giving guys head, and I've been thinking that maybe you'd like to see what I can do for you that my Mom can't? Let me take these panties off and show you my smooth pussy, it's completely bald. Touch me Daddy, see how soft my pussy is. Just like that, I love how youíre fingering me. Maybe I can play with your cock a little bit? It's so nice Daddy, I just have to put it in my mouth, is that ok? Do you like that Daddy? I know mom doesn't do this for you, she's such a prude. I want to make you feel good Daddy. This is definitely a good way to get to know my new Daddy! I can take your cock all the way down my throat. I want to make you cum for me Daddy, Let me stroke you faster until your cock explodes in my hand! OH my god Daddy!! That's so much cum! I love being your daughter. starring Anastasia Rose

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Give Stepsister That Baby-Batter

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My hot-ass lesbian step-sisterís girlfriend wants to have a baby. I think my sis is a dumb shit for wanting to have a baby with a girl that she has only been dating for a few months. Not to mention the janky pot dispensary bottle she wanted to put it in, there is no way my little guys will survive the voyage to planet no cock and make a mini-me in that tired dub bottle. So yeah, I was stoked to finally get the stepsister handy Iíd been waiting for. She clumsily pulled my cock out and fumbled around with it in her hand. It was cute her lack of experience, not to mention, hot being the only cock in her hand in years. She took her shirt off and showed me her pale perky titties with rosebud nipples. Iíve waited so long to see those. She got the hang of it and stroked and pulled my sloppy shaft. Pulling off her pants and showing me her tiny pussy. I loved how she asked if she was doing it right. Then right as I came she poured my sticky-icky into the bottle that held what probably spurred this hair brain idea. Iím going to tell her the more I cum the more likely her partner is to get married and that it might take a month to get it strong enough. Starring Athena Rayne

Big Tits,Brunette,Step Sister

Giving my brother a handjob to keep his mouth shut.

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I want to throw a party while Iím staying with my folks and they are gone for the weekend. But I donít want my sleazy little step-brother anywhere around while I do it. I see the way he looks at me and my friends. He is such a dork he probably never gets any play. I acted like I didnít know what he was going to want to keep his mouth shut and not tell our parents. But he came right out and asked for a hand job. To be honest, Iíve been was dying see what he was packing. I offered to show him my tits and took off my shirt. Then he laid on my bed and I started stroking his surprisingly fat cock.I got naked and jerked his dick, I could feel him throbbing he was so turned on. My pussy was getting wet milking his hard thick shaft. Rubbing it between my sexy full tits and telling him to cum for me, and he did. All over my chest. Then I told him he was disgusting and to keep his mouth shut about my party. Starring Charlotte Cross

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Giving uncle a massage leads to a handjob.

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Athena knows about her Uncle's game with his daughter where she massages him. Athena wants to play her Uncle's game too... after all, he's not her genetic uncle. It may be a little taboo, but she's been horny since they got to the reunion. Seems like her Uncle has a thing for younger girls, but she knows it's not illegal so she pulls out his cock. Athena sucks her Uncle's cock and strokes it up and down. She thinks she can do a way better job than his daughter does and wants to take her place.She does... she extracts that cum from her Uncle like the naughty niece she is. Starring Athena Faris

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Guess What? Step Sister is a Slut.

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I knew my step-sister was getting ready to go to a rave dressed all slutty. If she wanted me to not tell mom and dad where she went when they got home, I was going to get something in return. Oh, and I did! She said that she didnít like it when she could see my cock swelling in my pants. I could tell she liked it. I wanted to take her to pound town, but she said that she was saving her pussy for the guy that she was seeing later. If that guy only knew what she did before she even left the house that night. She pranced around in her slutty little bra with her tiny titties almost popping out, lifted her skirt to show me her tight young ass in her g-string. She acted so reluctant at first, such a slutty little brat! Made me so hard! She took my cock out and stroked it while on all fours her ass in the air. She acted like it wasnít turning her on. As if she were repulsed. I knew better. She couldnít help it. She wanted me deep in her mouth and I was going to give it to her. She took off her bra to show me her tiny hard pink nipples sitting on her firm mouthful tits. She sucked me hard and deep. Slurping, gagging and drooling on it just like I like it. Then with her pretty little hands, grabbed me firmly and milked my hard cock until I cam in her hand. Such a slutty Step-sister. Too bad I told mom and dad where she went as soon as they got home. Now sheís grounded and stuck in the house with me for the next two weeks. Hmm wonder what we will do to pass the time? This video is soft core Virtual Sex - no actual sex.

Step Daughter,Blowjob,Handjob,Big Tits,Brunette,Big Ass,Long Hair

Helping my Step Daughter with Higher Education

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I volunteered to drive my stepdaughter to her college tour because I knew we would have to share a hotel room. She is so fucking sexy and I know it's wrong. But I think we were both counting down the days until she turned 18. Since then, it's been a lot of sneaking around the house and amazing blow jobs. She should teach her mother how to properly suck cock. So when it came time to drive her to the next state over, I told my wife it would be a great opportunity for us to bond. That tour tour took forever .So much touching and flirting in the car on the way there. As soon as we were done at the college, we checked into a hotel. No sneaking around. Just me and my slutty baby girl. She called and checked in with her mom like a good girl. Then sucked my cock like a pro. She might be young, but this girl has potential. Potential to make me cum in her pretty mouth if she isnít careful. She spit and drooled on my hard dick while sucking and stroking it. Her big tits bouncing, she finally made me cum all over her hand and licked it off the tip like a good little whore. I hope she has more schools to check out.

Blowjob,Handjob,Big Tits,Blonde,Step Sister,Big Ass

Home alone with step brother

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My younger stepbrother and I hooked up about a month ago. We were home alone one night and one thing led to another and we had the most amazing sex I've ever had. After that we didn't talk about it and hadn't been home alone. But I have played with myself so much thinking about how good his cock felt inside me. My parents went out for the night and I took a shot at a do-over, I know he wants it too. I told him how amazing his cock is, pulled my bra off slowly and showed him my full perfect tits. I could see him swell through his pants. I pulled his pants off and took it very slow, teasing him, breathing and blowing on the head of his cock before putting it deep in my mouth. Stoking, sucking and slurping with my glistening spit spilling from the corners of my mouth I milked his swollen dick until he came all over my tits. I love "home alone time" with my little brother. Starring Blair Williams

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Horny little step-sis strokes my dick.

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My slutty little step-sister said she watched me in the shower. My parents were gone and she totally asked me to to lick and finger her tight pussy. It was so hot. Then she couldn't help herself she had to put what she saw in the shower in young 18 year old mouth. So young, so slutty. Just like I like them. Pulling her skirt up and showing me her skinny ass up in the air, stroking and gagging on my cock. She loved it so much. She is so horny since she broke up with that douchey guy she was dating. She stroked my cock and rubbed it all over her face. Rubbing it on her tongue while jerking it like the little whore. I came all over her barely-there tits. Sometimes you have to help out and give your step-sister what she wants.

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Horny step-mom needs step-sons honest input

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Hi honey, do you have a second to talk? I am in a bad mood. I saw your father going into one of those massage parlors in a sketchy part of town. I did some research and I guess they give happy ending there or something. I don't know. Maybe I'm overreacting but I mean he won't sleep with me anymore. Won't even let me give him hand jobs. And I mean, not to share too much, well you don't mind do you? No, good. Anyway, I have been told that I give good hand jobs. I just don't really know what to think anymore because he won't let me touch him. I mean, you would never go into one of those places would you? No, of course you wouldn't, because you are my good boy. More of a man now really. I was thinking, maybe you could help me... Maybe I could give you a hand job and you can tell me if its good or not. Then at least I would know if it's me or not. What do you think? You ever think about your step-mommy? I begin to rub the outside of your pants. I'll be honest. I have thought about you before. I can see that you are getting hard. I run my hand over your cock swelling in your pants. Just take your cock out and you can give me your honest opinion. I help you out of your pants and lay you back. Good boy, I just can't wait to jerk this giant cock. It's so big, even bigger than your father's. I begin stroking your cock. Can I get it wet for you? I want your cock in my mouth so bad right now. I begin sucking your cock. I alternate sucking and stroking with both my hands. Oh yeah, my pussy is so wet for you. You like your mommyís boobies? I pull my perfect perky tits out and show them off for you. Do you jerk off thinking about my titties and my pussy? I squeeze my pretty hard nipples. I hope you do. I crawl towards your throbbing cock and lick the tip of it. Yummy, you taste so good too. You are such a good mommy's boy. You would never cheat on me would you? No, you are so good. I think you should get to see mommy's pussy. I turn around and stick my ass out and put my feet on either side of your cock. You like my cute little feet? I wave my little ass and pussy in your face as you rip my panties down. I turn back around and begin sucking you. Oh yeah, you wanna cum for mommy? I want you to. I stroke your cock with both my hands as fast as I can. I want you to cum all over my tits, come on baby. Be a good boy for mommy and cum all over my tits! I stroke your swollen cock up towards my tits until you ooze your hot load all over me. Thank you so much baby, I hope you liked it. Starring Vera King

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Horny Step-mom wants to help with son's girl problems

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You seem so sad lately and have been moping around the house... I know Iím not your real mom but I know girl problems when I see them. Am I right? I thought so. I can help you if you want. Maybe show you a few different things about being with a woman. Itís okay because I am just your step mom. I think you are just having a confidence issue. Well trust me, Momma knows exactly what to do to get that confidence to skyrocket! Why donít you just lay here and relax and let me take care of you. But you have to understand that this has to stay between you and me, okay? Iíll show you exactly what you need to do. I begin rubbing your legs and staring deep into your eyes, my finger tips nearly touching your cock with each stroke. Shall we pull him out and see what we are working with here. Mmmh, you like that donít you? Your mommyís hands all over your cock. Leaning in I begin to rub your cock gently with my hands. I like it too. Mommy likes to please you too but pretty soon you will have all the girls rubbing your cock... just like mommy does. How about I take my shirt off for you? I sit up and slowly unbutton my shirt. I wore this just for you. I reveal my beautiful pink breasts. Touch me, I know you like my swollen little nipples. You like that donít you? I slide my hands up and down your shaft nice and slow. Oh that feels so good doesnít it. I rock back and forth, sliding your cock between my hands. Oh yes, I can only imagine how good you would feel inside me. I rub the tip of your cock with my hands nice and tight. You are being such a good little boy. Mommy can feel you growing, itís okay, donít be shy, I love this hard cock baby. You are such a good boy. I keep stroking. Iím gonna make you cum for me too. Let me take this skirt off and get a bit more comfortable. I slide out of my skirt and spread my legs while I stroke your cock. I wanna make you cum for me. I jerk your cock faster and faster pointing your cock at my tits. I stroke your cock as I feel your load getting closer and closer to the tip of your big cock. Cum for mommy baby. I jerk your cock up and down until you explode your load all over my pretty titties! You are such a good boy! Starring Holly Lace