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Do I look like a cougar to you?

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You are such a patient boyfriend to my daughter. I can hardly believe you've waited here in her bedroom for the past two hours. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news but she will have to work overtime and won't be coming home for at least another four to six hours. I can see you are all worked up to get some action tonight and to be honest I am horny, as in really super horny. Maybe we can be each other's dates tonight. I have a really hard time meeting men my age that I am attracted to. I find myself drawn more and more to younger men. Actually, just recently a cute younger man called me a cougar. Do I look like a cougar to you? Don't be so shy with me. I happened to notice at dinner the other night you were staring quite a long time at my breasts. You weren't being very discreet in front of my daughter. Even though I am super horny and would really like to get laid, why don't we just fool around a little instead. I can be sexual with you without fucking you and we both get something close to what we want. Just imagine my body about twenty years ago and that is what my daughter looks like now. I looked just like that except now as the years have gone by I've gotten a little more to love is all. I'll show you my big tits that you were staring so hard at in my blouse if you let me stroke your cock. Oh I like the size of your cock. So this is what you fuck my daughter with. She is a lucky woman. I also like the size of your balls. Those are man size balls. I can only imagine how good your dick feels to fuck. Do you like how I stroke you? I'll titty fuck you with my big beautiful breasts. I can feel how hard your dick is for me so you must like getting stoked by an older woman. I can hardly wait to see your creamy cum shoot from your cock for me. Your balls are tightening so you must be getting close. Yes, give me your young cum. Let me see how much you like getting stroked off by my mature hands. That was so much fun. I want you to remember this has to be our secret. I don't think my daughter would believe her mom jacked off her boyfriend anyway.

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Do you approve of my slut outfit?

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Layla really wants to go out with her girlfriends to a new dance club. Her mom doesn't want to see her daughter dressed like a skank but says if her step dad approves of the outfit then she is free to go out and have some fun at the club. Layla knows her step dad kind of has the hots for her so getting his approval is going to be a piece of cake. She turned her dad on so much while modeling her outfit for him that she feels the least she can do is jerk him off before she leaves for a night out with the girls. What a naughty girl Kayla is for having her dads cock in her grip while her mom is downstairs. What a dirty pervert Kayla's step dad is for letting her stroke him off while his wife is in the same house. Mom should have known better than to send a sexy little eighteen year old to her husband for a slutty outfit approval.

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Do you want to play the game?

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I was wondering how long it would take you to make it to my room so we could play the game we used to play before I went away to college. We have to be quiet so Mom doesn't wake up and catch us. Have you missed me Daddy? I love calling you Daddy even though you aren't my real father. You like to hear me call you Daddy, don't you? I know you're just my step-dad but you are the only Dad I have. I missed you while I was away at school. None of the college guys compare to you and how good you are to me. I'm sure Mom didn't take care of your cock either while I was away, did she? That's what your little girl is for, to take care of her Daddy. You love the way my small soft hands stroke your shaft. I also look so much better than mom does. It's ok for you to want my body more than your wife's. I won't ever tell her of our little game because this game makes me feel I am your only special girl. You trained me to be your special little cock slut Daddy. You need my hands around your cock don't you? You know what I miss doing to you Daddy, rubbing my little wet pussy on you. I love how my skin feels against your rough skin, it makes me so wet. I want to always be the one to get you off the best. I know what you really want to see, my smooth pussy. I know how much you like my little smooth clam. It's sealed off so tight unless it's penetrated. You want to stick in you big hard Daddy dick don't you? I'm so addicted to stroking your cock Daddy. How does my hand feel? I will keep stroking you until you give me all your hot load. I'm a good girl for you just like you taught me. Are you almost ready to cum for me Daddy? You like both my hands squeezing your cock don't you? Cum for me, I want to see your dick spurt out a stream of cream for me. Oh Daddy! I saw it shoot out! I will keep milking it until I get every last drop. Thank you for making a mess on my little hands, I will see you again tomorrow night Daddy.

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Does Mom know you have naked pictures of her daughter?

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I needed to use your computer because mine is broken. I'm glad you came home and found me at your desk because there is something I have to talk with you about. I saw you have a photo album on your desktop and was curious, thinking I would see pictures of our family vacations and BBQ's. What I saw instead of happy family memories was naked pictures of me! These were private pictures I had on my cell phone. You must have really wanted to see me with no clothes on for you to get into my phone and steal those pictures. I don't know what to think about this. I'm hurt but yet somewhat flattered. You aren't my father by blood relations so I suppose its not as bad as if you were my real Daddy, but still. I thought all Dad's thought of their daughters as their little wholesome Princesses. Is it because I'm not your daughter by blood that you can have sexual thoughts of me? Oh wow, you are getting a bulge in your pants just by having me sit here in my pigtails and confront you about this! It's obvious you have strong sexual feelings for me. I only think it's fair that you show me your package since you have seen all of my package unwrapped. In fact, I think you are going to show me what is making that bulge in your crotch otherwise I will be forced to tell Mom about this conversation. I am going to grab hold of it while its in your jeans cause I have been curious for a long time what size of dick you have cause I can hear the way you make Mom moan when you're fucking her. Did you know that? I can hear you fucking her sometimes and I wish it were me getting fucked by your big Daddy dick. Mom is lucky, you have a really nice cock. I like how big it looks in my hands. Do you like the way I'm touching you Daddy? Does it make you extra hard watching your daughter jerk it for you? I'm going to make it even harder by showing you my naked body. I like being your big girl. I'm your little Princess with my hands on your cock aren't I? I want to be your good girl and make you cum better than Mom does. Mom doesn't give you hand jobs does she? I will, any time you want. I will grab a hold of your stiff dick and stroke it. My grip feels better around your cock than Mom's stretched out pussy. I love how much skin is on your dick, its not circumsized like guys my age are. I like how I can move my hand so smoothly up and down with your dick skin. Ok Daddy, its time to feed your hungry little girl with your cum. You have to cum in my mouth so I can swallow it so there is no mess to clean up. Mom is going to be home soon so hurry! Shoot your big Daddy goo in my pretty mouth. Ahhh, You taste so good I have to suck it off your dick tip. Do you like to see your cum in my mouth? Watch as I swirl it around with my tongue before I swallow. You gave your little girl a big belly full of cum. Thank you Daddy. Oh, and next time you want pictures let me know and we will take them together, ok?

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Does my outfit make you nervous?

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Mom said you wanted to see me regarding my choice of clothing today. I have the important parts covered. It is because you see my pierced nipples through my shirt that you want me to change my outfit? So what if a little ass cheeks falls out the bottom of my skirt. I'm just hanging around the house so it shouldn’t matter what I choose to wear, unless this outfit make you nervous. Is that really what this is all about? What if I were to stand in front of you and show you just exactly how this outfit hugs my tight, young body. I know exactly why I am here in your room now. You weren't just trying to be the dutiful step dad, you wanted a closer look! I see that bulge in your pants. You can't go downstairs with a bulge in your pants so why don't I take care of that issue and you tell my mom I can dress however I choose to as everything is now approved by you.

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Does this costume show too much?

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You're a really great stepdad for spending your hard earned money on a cutsie style Halloween costume for your daughter but she has a different outfit in mind. You waited for the perfect time when everyone but your daughter was out of the house for the day to present her with your gift. Not only did she politely refuse to put such a thing on her young tight body, she quickly offered to show you exactly what she plans on wearing to one of many parties this time of year. You could hardly believe your eyes when she came back in the bedroom in an outfit that hardly covered her womanly parts. Your dick immediately stirred and an ache in your groin began to get strong especially when she bent over in the barely there skirt to ask if all her parts were on display, which they clearly were. Oh she noticed your erection and being the sweet but naughty stepdaughter she is, offered to give you some much needed relief. There is no way you are going to pass up a hand job from someone as cute and sexy as she. You just hope your wife and her mother doesn’t walk in the door before your happy ending.

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Does your dick have mad skills?

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I can't believe my mom left you home alone with me, her precious daughter. Are you two getting serious or what? First it was casual dates and now sleep-overs and fucking so loud you wake me up at night. My mom never made that much noise with my dad which leads me to believe you have some mad fuck skills or your dick is huge. So, which one is it? Come here, let me see it. Oh, come on, I'm old enough to see your dick. I'm over eighteen and we aren't even related, you're just my mom's horny boyfriend. I'll scoot over so you can lie down beside me. Wow, it feels pretty big underneath your bath towel. I want to touch it. There is no harm in touching it a little and stroking it. I'm not going to tell my mom about this and you shouldn't tell her either. I don't have a boyfriend so maybe you can be my secret boyfriend? I want to start out slow though so only a hand job today. Does my hand feel as good as the way my mom touches you? Don't you think I look like a younger version of her? My boobs are still perky and hers are droopy. I look way better. Maybe as we get to know each other better, I will let you fuck me someday like you do my mom. I'm sure my hole is much tighter than hers. I've never made a move on any of her other boyfriends she had before you but I could tell you were curious about me like I was about you. Do you think you can give me your cum or did you waste it all on my mom last night? I want to make you cum to. Think of how warm and tight my little pussy is while I stroke your cock. Think about how good my toned body would feel underneath your tall body as you slide your hard cock in and out of me. I would spread my legs for you if you promise to make me moan like you make my mom. Oh, I can tell this dirty fantasy is almost making you want to spew your load for me. Go ahead and give it to me. I want your warm goo all over my hands. Oh wow, look at all that sticky cum you gave me! Looks like someone needs to go take another shower to clean up. Maybe I can hop in with you this time and if you get hard again, I'll let you stick it in.

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Don't tell my mom I got caught giving a handjob.

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It's not easy being the step-father of an 18 year old college girl. Fortunately for me, I'm not the one paying her tuition, her real father takes care of that. So imagine my surprise when I got a phone call from the Dean's office, asking me to come pick up my step-daughter from school. It was the middle of the day, and I had to leave work to go get her, so I was rather pissed off when I found out that she had gotten caught doing something that her mother would kill her for if she found out. It seems that her daughter was giving a boy a handjob and was busted in the janitors closet during class! The Dean was threatening to expel her for her action, and so far I was the only parental unit to know what was going on. I hadn't told her mother that I picked her up yet, but was planning on breaking it to her when she got home from her job. During the ride home, not a word was spoken. She knew she was in trouble, and I think she was trying desperately to think of a way out. We walked into the house, and my daughter immediately began to apologize to me, and beg me not to say anything to her mom. She told me that she had given a boy a hand job, and was so good at it that word began to spread around campus. She had apparently gotten the reputation for giving the best hand jobs and had a line of guys waiting to get their cocks between her palms. She's a pleaser, she said, and enjoyed making guys feel good. I could tell she was scared of her mom finding out, which is why she suggested that we could have some sort of arrangement. If I promised not to tell her mom what happened, she would demonstrate her hand job skills on me! I was reluctant at first, but it had been a long time since such a cute young girl had her hand on my shaft that I couldn't say no. She's basically a good kid, and doesn't deserve to get in trouble for such a small thing. I let her lead me into our bedroom to show me how she had gotten such a reputation. I laid down on the bed and let my daughter take control, she was the expert apparently. She unbuckled my pants and saw that my cock was already half way there. She took my dick in her cool, smooth hand and began to stroke me. She said my cock was the biggest she'd ever had in her hands (and she had a lot of dick in her grip). She was willing to do anything to make me feel good. She took slid her top down and took off her bra, showing me a pair of the firmest 18 year-old breasts I could ever imagine. Her tits were perfect! My cock got even harder when she said that when she was jerking off the boys at school, she was really imagining that it was me she was pleasing. She had been thinking about my cock for a long time she said. She took off her panties to show me how wet she was getting from stroking her Dad, and that because it was so wrong, it was an even bigger turn-on for her! She gave me a nice long look at her pussy while she rubbed my spit-lubed cock. "Do you like when your little girl spreads her legs for you, Daddy?" she asked me, with half lidded eyes. I could see how filled with lust she was becoming. "You should punish me with this big dick, Daddy. I think I need to be penetrated". "Come on Daddy, cum for me", she implored me as she increased the speed of her cranking. I felt an enormous rush as a huge load of cum shot out of my cock to cover my daughter's tits. She spread my jizz over her tits, rubbing it into her hard nipples. "You made a mess on your little girl, Daddy. Remember to keep our little secret. We better clean up before Mom gets home."

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Don't worry, they can't hear us

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It's been a while since I sat up late in your room. I really appreciate you helping me study for this big art history exam. Since it is your same major, I was hoping you could give me lots of valuable information. Yeah, college is fun just like you said it would be. I'm so busy though I miss hanging out with you. You're pretty cool for a step-brother, all my girlfriends think so. In fact, one of my girlfriends was just saying how much you have filled out and how good looking you are. I have to agree with her. It's not so much that I wanted help with my studying as much as I wanted to spend some time with you, alone. Don't worry, mom and dad are sound asleep and can't hear us. Remember when I showed you my boobs a long time ago? Well they're much bigger now, you wanna see? The guys at school that I have messed around with say my boobs are perfect. What do you think? You know what else has filled out? Have a look at my booty. You've always made comments on girl's asses and now mine has filled out. It's plump, tight and round. I'm kind of horny tonight if you haven't noticed. Would you like to fool around with me? Come on, it will be fun! I like seeing you hard for me. I can see it thru pajama pants. You definitely have filled out. Let me show you what kind of skills I have been picking up with the college guys. Do you like the way my little hand feels on that big cock of yours step brother? You are so hard for me. You must like what I am doing to your dick. I want to rub my little body all over that stiff rod of yours. It's sexy to spit on that dick and titty fuck you. Oh you like to watch me take control of your cock. Do you like all the dirty talk I've learned at school? I'm so glad we get to hang out again and play like this. How close are you to giving me your cum? I like squeezing my hand hard around your shaft and pumping. I want to pump all your cum from you. I see your balls shrinking so that must mean you're ready to make a mess on me. Give me that hot sticky cum brother. Now wasn't that much more fun than studying? I may have to sneak in your room more often under the pretense of needing help with my studying skills.

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Dont grow up and be like your father.

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We had another fight and I can't handle sleeping on the couch again. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around when couples fight? He yells at me to go sleep on the couch then passes out in our bed. I am so exhausted and wondering if it would be ok just this once to come sleep in bed with you. I'm just your stepmom so it should be ok right? Guys your age aren't attracted to older women like me anyway so if I lie down here beside you we are both comfortable enough with each other to just fall asleep right? Great, thanks for sharing your bed with me tonight. Oh, what is that? No really, what is that? I see quite a mound under the sheet where your penis is. It appears to be swelling by the second. Are you aroused at your stepmom lying beside you? Well I am completely flattered. You would be so nice to me if you and I were together wouldn't you? Don’t grow up to be a jerk like your father. You're nineteen so there is still time to teach you how to treat a woman. I'd like to teach you a few things right now, starting with your growing mound. I'll take care of you just like a good mom should.