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Chemistry lesson turns into a boner session.

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I know I suck at chemistry. I doesn't matter how many times I read the instructions for a successful lab experiment I still mess it up. I'm desperate to get a good grade in this class. Oh hey, Hi geeky step-brother! You came in the kitchen at the perfect time to see what a fuck up I am with chemistry. I know I have a problem but I also know you have a problem too. I notice you don't go out much with girls. You spend a lot of time in your room alone. I also know what you do alone in your room. I admit to looking on your computer. I wanted to know what you watch and could hardly believe it when I saw all the kinky porn you've downloaded. I think I have a solution for both of our problems. You help me get an A in chemistry and I will help you by taking care of that raging boner you often walk around with. Come on, let's go to my bedroom and I will show you what I mean. The only catch is, you can't tell mom and dad what I am going to do with you. If they wonder what you are doing in my room more often now just tell them you are helping me with chemistry home work so I will get a good grade, ok? This is the perfect solution to both of our problems. I know what a dirty freak of a pervert you are so this should add to your collection of dirty visuals, your sister jacking you off. Pull your cock out for me. I want to touch it cause its gross isn't it? Your sister jacking you off is super gross. Oh wow! Look at how big your dick is! It doesn't seem so gross anymore. I think I'm going to like feeling this piece of stiff meat in my little hands. Oh yeah, look how hard you are for your little sister. Now that I see the size of your dick I wish I could do more than a hand job with it. We'll see what kind of grade your tutoring gets me before I give you anymore than a good cock cranking. Am I making you feel good? You didn't know your sister is such a cock slut did you? Have any of your friends told you that I am fucking them? You would be jealous of all the dirty things I have done with some of your friends. Now that you know how much I love cock you will be sure to help me get an A in chemistry won't you. I will do much more than titty fuck your dick if you do. I can tell you want be to do this again because your dick is super stiff in my hands. You are probably imagining what it would feel like inside my tiny pussy hole. All of your friends like my hole, they like all my holes. I told you I was dirty. Are you going to give me your cum? I want it in my mouth. I want to taste your sticky load. Will you give it to me big brother? Ah, you surprised me with your stream of spooge! That's ok, I will lap it up with my tongue. You taste sweet just like I thought you would. Now that you are relaxed and have both of your heads cleared you can go do my homework. Remember how much I want that A and how much more I am willing to do with you if you get it for me.

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Cock games for my shopping trip.

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Is mom around? Oh good, we're here alone. I want to thank you for letting me use your credit card at the mall today. I know what game you like to play while mom is out of the house. You are such a good step-dad to me. I don't know of any of my friends who's step-dads let them have his credit card. I am eighteen now and should probably get my own credit card. You must really like me and the game we play. Let's hurry and get your cock taken care of before mom gets home. Hurry and lie down Dad. I love our special time together. Do you want to see what I bought at the mall today? I want to wear them for you. They are so much prettier than anything my mom would wear aren't they? I like how they make my butt look, don't you? I bought the matching bra as well. You like seeing what your credit card paid for don't you? Your cock is so rock hard in my hands. I remember you saying this color is one of your favorites. That is the main reason I chose to buy it. I like making you happy. You know shopping makes me happy and I know playing cock games makes you happy. Do my pretty manicured hands feel good around your dick? Every time I get my nails painted I choose a color that I think you would like. I always want my hands to look perfect while I am stroking you. How much cum do you have saved for me today Daddy? It's been a little too long since we have been able to play our secret game. I'm going to make up for lost time right now though. Have I told you before how much I love your big balls? I really do! I love the way they feel when my hands cup them. I can hardly wait to feel them drain of their cum just for me. Here, I'll get naked again so you can see all of my tight little body. I know how much you like when I rub my moist pussy on your leg. It makes you imagine if I were sitting on your big stick and fucking it. You like that we are naughty but don't go all the way like you do with my mom. We just play our little semi-innocent game in private and we both get what we need. Are you ready to let go of your stress and let it shoot out of your cock for me? I want it. I want to know I am the reason for the smile on your face the rest of the night, not my mom. You like the way my toned body moves on top of your flesh. Will you make me happy and cum for me if I massage your balls and your cock at the same time? Make your cock cum for me daddy. This is my favorite part of our game. I can hardly wait to see every drip of your sticky stuff mess up my hands. We had better get you cleaned up quickly so mom doesn't walk in and see something she shouldn't. So same time next week good for you? Just slip your credit card under my door of the morning you want to do this again. I'll go shop while you're at work and then you come home early for more of our private game. Mmm, you really are the best step-dad a girl could have.

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Cock games with my step-brother

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I've had a crush on my older step-brother for a long time. Now that we are both home from college for a short break I could hardly wait to have some fun like we used to last year before we had to go to separate sides of the country for school. The kind of fun we have isn't typical of most siblings. I like to play with my big brother's cock. It's not like were having sex, it's just a hand job. I really love the feeling of my brother's dick in my hands and knowing I can make him feel better than any other girl out there. We were alone in my room today and just when things were getting fun and slippery my step dad burst into the room. He pretty much caught me with my hand around my brother's dick. I tried to back away quickly and say we were just talking but my dad didn't buy that excuse. He sent us to separate ends of the house and threatened to tell my mom. I stayed in my room and out of trouble for the remainder of the day. I was really bummed that my brother and I were only going to be home together for a couple of weeks and now our parents had reason to keep us separated. I didn't find any guys at my college attractive and none of them had the great size cock that my brother does. I made myself fall asleep early and was awakened to a really nice surprise in the middle of the night by my favorite guy, my bro. He snuck in my room for me to finish what we started earlier before his dad caught us. I would hate to think what our parents would do if they knew we were here together again in my room but we're going to take that chance. I asked my brother to lie down so I could look at him in his eyes as I took care of his cock. I blew hot breath on his boner before pulling his dick from his pants. I was so excited to have both hands wrapped around his pulsing penis. I worked it so good, like we were never ever apart. I took off my clothes for him like I used to. He loves my small tits as much as I love his big dick. I let him know I was rubbing my pussy during family dinner tonight. The thought of his big hard cock in my hand made me so horny. I had to get on his leg and rub my wet pussy as I stroked him. He like to please me orally as I jack him off so I lowered my wet mound on his face and let him lick me, all my juices. Pleasuring me turns him on so much that he was soon ready to give me his cum. I grabbed hold with both of my tiny hands and told him I wanted his cum, just for me. He gave me a load like I have never seen, all for me. I almost forgot where we were I was so elated at what I just milked out of him. I soon gathered my wits and told him he had to get out of my room before dad catches us again. Now that I was able to play with my brother again I know I am going to get a great nights sleep tonight.

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Cuddle and comfort me step brother.

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I watched that scary movie you warned me about. I know, I shouldn't have watched it alone but I was bored and thought I could handle it. Now I can't sleep. I noticed your light was on and thought maybe you could cuddle me until I fall asleep here in your room? Come on, you're only a year older than me and it's not like were blood related so what's the big deal if we sleep together? I mean, not sleep together sex wise, you know what I'm saying. I know I'm eighteen and should be a big girl by now when it comes to scary movies but I can't help myself tonight. Whoa, what is that? Are you getting a hard on from me sitting here in my night clothes? It's just a stupid t-shirt. You guys are so funny with what turns you on. Seeing that you are getting horny makes me start to feel horny. If it wasn't so late I would call my boyfriend over. How about if I jack you off in exchange for you letting me sleep here tonight. Mom and Dad won't think anything weird. In the morning we will just tell them I got scared and couldn't sleep along and you let me stay in here on the total opposite side of the bed. Go ahead, lie down and I will take care of that boner. I think it's not just my stupid little t-shirt turning you on but the thought of fucking me. I've seen you peek through the cracked open door while I am showering. I also think you probably lie in here and wank yourself while my boyfriend is fucking me in my bedroom next to yours. Since you want to see me naked so bad I guess this is as good a time as any so off comes my top. Your cock just jumped a little. Next time I'm in the shower if our parents aren't home, strip down and join me. Now that I know how you feel about me I may not even need a boyfriend to get cock when I have you next door. Truth is I wasn't really all that scared. I seriously need cock like everyday and now that I know you want me I'm going to be back in your room everyday. You liked giving your little sister your cum. While you lay there cum drunk and drift off to sleep think of all the fun we're going to have tomorrow night when we're quietly fucking with our parents asleep down the hall. Love ya big brother, my new boyfriend.

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Cum countdown by pissed stepdaughter.

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I couldn't help but look at a message that came up on your phone. It was sitting beside mine on the table. So who is this slut you're going on a date with? You and my mom don't talk that way to each other so this means one thing, you are cheating on my mom! How can you do this? I know you aren't my real dad but we are all still family in this house. If my mom finds out what a pig you are she will be devastated and will most likely kick your ass out of the house. This is where I come in. I have like five years left of college and you agreed to pay for it. If you get kicked out of the house that means I will probably lose my college funding and then where does that leave me? No way in hell am I going to lose your college funds because your cock isn't getting taken care of by my mom. I will take care of your damn dick so long as my mom doesn't find out and you keep paying my bills. Yes, you heard me, I will get your cock off as often as a filthy pig like you needs it just so I don't have to go get a lame job and try to finish my college education. Do we have a deal? Ok great, you may as well make yourself comfortable and lie down on your bed so I can get to work before mom gets home. This means I own your cock for the next five years while I am in school. You stop texting that bimbo and let her know you found someone new to take care of you. No one has to know that someone new lives under the same roof as you. How do my hands feel Daddy? Do you think you're going to like our new arrangement? You sure are hard for me which tells me you are willing to give me complete control of your dick. I can do what I please with it. I can slap it around a little, suck it, stroke it and even tease the tip to make you squirm. You should say out loud who owns your cock , say it like a daily mantra Daddy. "My little college girl owns my cock for the next five years." I like the sound of that. Just to be sure you don't stray from home any more you get to look at my petite body and see what is here for you. My perfect breasts that still have their shape, unlike my mom's sagging skin. If it's a tight little body you needed you should have come straight to me Daddy. If you can prove to me you dedicate to only me for the next five years and to my mom occasionally I may even give you my tight little pussy. Today you're going to spew your see in my hands though. I want to see you give up that cum when I tell you. Ready? I'm going to count down from ten to one. When I say one, you get to cum. Ten...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2............One! Give it up dad! Ah, yes! Who owns this cock Daddy?

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Dad's date does the son.

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Hey, I saw your light was on in your bedroom. Hope you don't mind if I come chat a bit. I'm not quite ready to go home as I thought I would be having some fun with a cock tonight but doesn't look that way. Did your dad mention to you that he was going on a date with me tonight? We met on that internet dating site. We talked a lot over dinner and got along pretty well. I was ready for some kind of action when he invited me back here to his house but then within minutes of kissing in his bedroom he passed out. Maybe he had too much to drink at dinner, who knows but it's been a long time since I have got to play with a hard cock and I don't want to go home without feeling like a woman if you get what I am saying. You're in your first year of college right? So that makes you of appropriate age to play with a woman like me. What do you say, would you mind sharing your cock with me tonight? It would be too weird for me to mount up and fuck you but what about a nice sensual hand job? I want to know I can get a cock hard still, at my age. I feel I look pretty damn sexy still but it's been so hard to get a date it's left me feeling a bit done for in the men department. Oh wow! Ok, so you're game to letting me jack you off before I leave for the night? That's great! I'm going to make that cock of yours feel incredible. You really are a handsome young man. You resemble your father quite a lot only twenty years younger. This is quite a treat for me to have such young cock in my hands. I had better talk a little quietly though as I please you. Would not be a good thing to wake your father with my hand around your cock. I would love to do so much more with your beautiful dick but that will have to wait. Perhaps you and I could meet up for a date without your dad knowing? I really like these internet dates because I never know how they will turn out. Who would have thought I would be cranking the cock of the son of my date? It's funny isn't it? I would feel really bad if your dad woke up and saw me in here naked on top of his son. Are you about ready to give me that young cum? We probably should drain those lovely tight balls of yours before your father wakes up. Give this English cougar your hot load. To bad all that jizz can't spray all over my clit but there may be a time that will be possible. Oh yes! I love your sticky mess! I had better get cleaned up and leave now but have you a date for tomorrow night? You don't? Well let's pick up where we left off tonight and tomorrow it's my pussy that gets the pleasure.

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Daughter-in-law is my companion!

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What a shock and surprise for us both to be in this hotel room. I'm sure you did not expect your daughter in law to answer your companion call. I am quite embarrassed and nervous. You appear quite nervous as well. So where do we go from here because having sex with you is completely out of the question. I must say I only started doing this to pay down some college debt. Your son is a wonderful husband to me and knows all about this, except this part of being in this room with you. Neither of us has to tell a soul. Why donít I just accept your donation as a gift to pay for our next family dinner party and I will give you a quick hand job. This way I can still have a little extra help with grocery expenses and you get somewhat of what you needed. This shouldn't be awkward at all, we're just two people helping each other out with something both of us needed, right?

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Diapered Daughter Jacks Pervy Step-Dad

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You know, if my real dad were around he would beat your ass for making me wear this diaper for punishment. Most parents just ground their offspring from going to a party or using the car but you, you are disgusting! Did you get your rocks off all week knowing I was walking around the house wearing a diaper? Well, I'm humiliated and completely over this punishment so lets just end the game right here and now. I don't know who to be more angry at, you or mom for making me wear this stupid thing. I bet was you, my mom isn't a pervert. Do like seeing the way the diaper makes my skirt puff out a little because it's so thick and bulky? Since you like it so much, I decided to put a customized touch to my punishment. Can you read it? Look real close at my ass and you will see exactly what I think of you. I don't really care if you think I'm a brat and that's why you made me wear this. I'm a good girl. What can I do to prove I can be a good girl for you? I can think of something to show you what a good girl and can be for such a giant perv like you. How about I give you a hand job Dad? Is that what you've been imagining while I've been wearing this diaper? Have you thought about me doing something dirty with you while wearing it? I think I'm learning how your head works. I had to start thinking like a dirty perverted old man. Would you like your giant dick in my little hands? Come on you dirty man, lay down on my bed. I will show you what I good girl I am. Ohhh, you have a big cock daddy! This excites you having my hand on your growing bulge. Would you make mom wear a diaper to get you off? No, no one would want to wear this uncomfortable thing but it was my punishment so I accepted it. Even though you aren't my real dad I still respect you. I want to make things right so are you going to let me jack you off so I wont have to wear this diaper anymore? I figured out you have a diaper fetish so I will keep wearing it while I stroke you, ok? Yea, look at my cute little body with this big bulky diaper blocking your view of my little pussy. If I keep the diaper on, all you can do is imagine how beautiful my pussy is. Ahh, Daddy your cock is so hard for me. You really like how I stroke you shaft with my determined grip. Does this mean I am a good girl for you Dad? Is milking your cream from your cock a good enough exchange for me to take this punishing diaper off? Give me your hot load Daddy, Mom won't ever find out about this. She doesn't feel this good on your dick like I do does she Daddy? You're going to give me your load today instead of giving it to her tonight aren't you Daddy? Oh wow! You gave me so much of your sticky cum! You really are a pervert to give your little diapered girl such a big warm load. I really wouldn't mind if you just want me to give you a hand job for future punishment Daddy.

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Did you miss my hands around your cock?

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You're the best stepbrother for letting me stay here until I figure out where I want to move next. I certainly don't want to go back home to mom and dads. You sure your roommates won't mind that I'm staying in the spare bedroom? I might even start going to same university as you so I can be close to you again. Would you like it if I stayed here awhile? It's been a long day and I'm really tired so I'll see you in the morning. Thanks again big brother for letting me crash here. Oh hey, what are you doing in my bedroom at this time of night? Shouldn't you be asleep down the hall? What if your roommates hear us? Wouldn't they think it strange for you to be in your stepsister's bedroom in the middle of the night? Oh I know what you want. You want to play that game we used to play when we both lived back home. You've missed your sisters small hands around your big dick haven't you? Ok, lie down and be quiet. I know what to do to help you go back to sleep. You are such a naughty brother. You are surrounded by so many hot college girls yet it's your sister's hands you want around your cock. I have to say, I've missed stroking your rock hard rod. I love the way it feels in my hands and how you lie so still while I stroke pleasure into you. I've missed playing our game to. Do you think I'm as hot as the girls you go to school with? You always liked the way my fleshy soft tits feel on your shaft don't you? Here is that pink pussy you love to look at so much. I have so much fun teasing you because you know I wouldn't ever fuck you but we can pretend. It would be so bad if one of your roommates walked in on your sister playing with your cock. Stroke your cock for me while I pull my panties down and show you my plump ass. Stare at my pussy while I stroke your cock. I know you wish you could fuck me. I'll get my pussy close to your cock so you can cream all over my bush. That's it big brother, spray your hot cum all over my bush. Ohhh, this is so bad of us to do. Look at the mess you made all over my hairy bush. That is all your cum dripping down my pussy lips. Ok, your cock is taken care of for the night now go back to bed so I can go back to sleep with your cum all over my sweet pussy.