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Every guy has their weirdness.

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Your stepmother is totally sympathetic to your stocking fetish. I helped her have a little better understanding about what fascination you have with her stockings. Since she is such a good friend to me I suggested we do this special experience with you so you know every guy has their weirdness and yours really isn't all that weird. What is it in particular you love about women's stocking feet? To show you how much we accept your fetish we want you to reach in your pants and grab hold of your cock. You're going to stroke yourself while we give you a sexy show. When we decide the time is right, we will give you one of our stockings to wrap around your cock and balls so you can ejaculate on our pretty partially stocking feet. I find it very sexy for a man your age to have such an advance appreciation of a woman who wears stockings. I wish in knew a guy like you when I was your age and in college. It looks like you need to let go of your hot load. Your mom and I offer our feet for you to cover in your cum. You look so happy and relaxed now! Go ahead and keep our soiled stockings for future spank bank material. This was so much fun!

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Foot slave in training.

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I appreciate your efforts in picking up your dads regular household duties while he is away. There is one more duty your father does that you will also need to perform until he returns home. You must worship my petite perfect feet. I want them kissed, licked, massaged, caressed and anything else that would make me feel like the pampered queen I am. Your dad is calling me right now to check on things here at home. Go ahead and make yourself useful while I tell you dad what a good son you are for taking care of me. You love your stepmother don't you.

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For you ass lovers

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Cherie is known for her plump yet fit ass cheeks. She graciously shares her best assets with you little perverts. I know you lust after your step mother and if she looks like Cherie, any hot blooded young man would want her!