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A practice lap dance with redhead Dani Jensen

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Dani has asked you over because she is thinking about working at a strip club and she is very nervous about it. She wonders if you would let her practice a lap dance and you simply cannot believe how lucky you are. YES!!! This sexy redhead already looks the part, so she is halfway there! Dani drops to her knees and she inches closer to you, looking right in your eyes. You already have a nice bulge in your pants, she notices. She was told that she could make even more money in the champagne room, but technically, she cannot touch you. Instead, you can take your dick out and handle yourself as she strips just for you. Her bra quickly is tossed aside and you see her perfect, tiny tits. Dani instructs you in how to stroke yourself and you follow her instructions. Now she stands up to remove her panties and you get a full appreciation of her slim body. Does her body look good enough to work in a club? She bounces her ass for you so that you and make a proper assessment. Once again she drops to the floor, legs spread wide, so that you can see her pussy. Dani is now begging you for your cum and you see no other option than to give it to her.

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A predicament with my teacher Miss Allysin

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Allysin is your teacher and she knows that you were cheating on a test. She wants to know why you cheated because she thinks that you seem to have a lot going for you. She presents two options to you. One option presented is expulsion, which seems extreme. The other option is to learn some respect, release your boy tension, and spend a little time with Miss Allysin. You decide that the second option is preferable and your lesson begins. She orders you to the floor and she notes that you are nervous. Just follow her instructions and everything will be okay. You have a close look at her shoes and her legs, both of which make your dick stand at attention. She asks you to rub your dick through your pants, but you cannot take it out yet. Miss Allysin asks if your dick is pressing against your zipper yet and she appears to be very horny for you. When you are permitted to take your dick out of your pants, she asks you to lay on the floor on your back and present your dick to her. You are concerned, but you must trust her. One of her feet is now stepping on your engorged cock as she demands that you apologize for cheating. Finally she begins telling you how to stroke your dick. Use long, hard strokes and use lots of saliva as you do so. You never really paid much attention to Miss Allysin before, but you are now totally attracted to her. Her blond hair, eye glasses, and sexy body now on display before you are more than you can handle. You wonder what her pussy tastes like as you jack off. Pulling her panties to the side, she tells you to think about what she must taste like and what her pussy might look like filled with your cum. She fingers herself as she begs you to cum on her pussy and you do as you are told.

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A present for your business trip from Allysin

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Your girl Allysin is making a video for you while you are away on business. She seems less than amused about it, but she will give it a try. As she begins, she notices that she likes watching herself in the camera. Is your dick getting hard watching Allysin? Maybe she should take off her normal clothes and let you see what is underneath. She wears a pretty pink negligee that you have never seen before. She looks perfect as she asks you to take out your dick and start stroking it. Hand in her panties, she realizes that this is really turning her on. Her pussy is very wet now. She tosses the negligee to the floor and continues to work her pussy. You know that not all girls would do something like this for their men, so you really appreciate her efforts. "She could be in porn," you think. Your cock is so hard that you do not know how much you can handle, but she is now fingering herself with two fingers. Allysin tells you to vary your stroking pace, but you just keep going faster and faster. When you cum, she wants it all over your stomach. Stroke faster, faster. She rubs herself to a strong orgasm and you cum at the same time. Allysin shows you all the cum from her pussy in her fingers. She was definitely not faking it for the camera!

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A quick poolside wank session with Arya Faye

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Arya is not going to have sexy with you, but she will tease you as you rub out a quick one. You love her animal print bathing suit and small titties. Her stomach tattoo is super sexy. She really wants to see you jerk off today and you love doing it for her. Do you think about her pretty pussy riding your cock? Arya knows that you do. Hurry and rub out a fat load for blonde temptress Arya. Hurry up before you get caught!!

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A religious experience with Sister Odette

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Sister Odette thinks that it is time for you to pay penance. She has heard about you and how you act inappropriately when you listen to confessions. The best thing to do right now is to expel the evil from your body. Obviously the best way to do this is to expel the evil from your penis. Remove your clothes. Do not be afraid, son, the Lord wants Sister Odette to help you get rid of your pent-up feelings. As you stroke your penis, just remember that this is for the best. Sister Odette is taken aback by how large your penis is and she is willing to give you a little encouragement. She plays with her nipples because she feels certain that this will help you along. Would you like to bend Sister Odette over a pew and violate her? As she bends over, you find that she wears nothing beneath her habit. You also see that she has a nice bush. You are on your knees before her, but you are not exactly praying. Never before have you worked your dick like this, but Sister Odette wants more from you. Go faster. It is now time to release the sins from your body as you cum nice and hard. Peace be with you, my son.

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A sister's revenge jerk-off session (with Jojo Kiss)

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Jojo is looking for her sister, but she is nowhere to be found. Jojo is mad that her sister snitched on her about Jojo's boyfriend. How can you stand dating her sister? Jojo really wants to get revenge on her sister and she wants to recruit you into her plan for revenge. Are you up for it? Do you mind if Jojo makes herself more comfortable? She slides off her skirt and you can now get a good look at this sexy girl. You really should not do anything with Jojo since you are dating her sister, but you are a man, after all, and you have urges. She asks you to masturbate for her and then she takes off her bra. You love perky titties and hers are definitely perky. Jojo likes knowing that she is the reason that your cock is so hard right now. Her sister rarely fucks you or lets you cum, so this is a welcome change of pace for you. Jojo takes off her panties and puts her ass up in the air just for you. "Does my sister let you cum on her," she asks. No, she does not, but today you get to cum on sexy Jojo. She tells you that you can cum on her anywhere you like and you cum all over her pretty pussy.

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A slut addicted to cock (with Ella Nova)

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Ella's brother ran out to the store and you are here with her. It is just the two of you and you are having dirty thoughts. Ella tells you that she has been a total slut while away at college. She thinks that she might be addicted to cock. It has been only three days for her without seeing a cock and she is thinking only of cock. Hey, can you help her? No, there will be no sex, but she really would love to watch you jack off. Please? Before you have the chance to say no, Ella exposes her titties. Her nipples are pierced. Ella is so turned on right now just from watching you masturbate, but there is not much time till her brother gets home, so you have to hurry things along. She takes off her panties and begs you to cum for her.

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A special thank you from Summer Brielle

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Since her divorce, Summer finds that she sometimes needs a hand around the house. You fixed her running toilet, so she wants to repay you in a very special way. Summer heard that you have a big cock and she wants to see it for herself, if you do not mind showing her what you have. Of course you do not mind showing off your manhood to a sexy woman like Summer, so you happily whip it out for her. More than happy with what she sees before her, she is fully prepared to help you get off. Go ahead and stroke it for her as she shows off her sexy body. Her fat titties barely fit in her purple bra. She removes her shorts and you can see her sexy body much better now. Would you mind if she touched your dick? Summer reaches over and takes your hard cock in her hand as she looks up at you. You notice that one nipple is peeking out of the seriously inadequate bra cup. Luckily for you, she removes the bra and then slides down her matching panties. As she spreads her legs, you see some tan lines. As she asks for your cum, Summer plays with her pussy and you give her a hot and healthy load. You would fix her toilet any day if this is how Summer says "thank you!!"

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A special video message for my daddy (with Christie Nelson)

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Christie made a little video message for you before she left for college. You have just discovered this video and you are excited to watch your step daughter. She wanted to leave you a little present for you: her used pink panties. Next to her on the bed she has her favorite stuffed animal that you gave her: Weasel! She put some of your cologne on Weasel and she plans to sleep with him every single night when she is at school. Christie takes off her top and slides her hand into her panties, when she invites you to come see her when she returns home from school. She turns off the video. Now that she is home, you slide into your step daughter's room and uncover her as she sleeps, per her instructions in that video. Christie awakes to find you standing over her and she asks what you want to do. You ask her to remove her top so that you can see her tiny tits. "Now show me yours, daddy," she pleads. You begin to stroke yourself right next to your step daughter's bed. She confesses that she has been making herself horny by thinking about you fucking her. Make sure that you keep quiet since her mom is in the adjacent room. You are excited when she tells you that watching you stroke off makes her excited. You are making her pussy so wet right now, so keep stroking for your little girl. She quickly reconsiders that request and puts her hand on your hard dick and she begins to stroke it for you. Then she begins to play with her pussy while you jack off. Are you ready to cum for your good girl, daddy? Your balls empty out onto her small titties and she thanks you for playing with her.

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A sperm sample for Alexis Adams

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You are ready to go to the next level with Alexis after a few dates. She informs you that she really wants to be a mother in the future and it is important that you can give her what she needs. Yes, this means that you will have to give her a sperm sample. If your sperm sample is acceptable, then you can move further. Right now you have to get your dick out and get to stroking. Alexis lets you look at her soft tits and you imagine how big they will grow when they are full of milk. You are informed that she needs a very big sample to ensure a successful analysis, so you stroke nice and hard. It is a little frustrating not to be able to ravage Alexis properly, but you feel that she is worth the wait. Eventually you can fill up her pussy with your hot sperm and then you can watch her belly grow bigger and bigger. You now realize you really want to get her pregnant and that thought is more than enough to fill up her sample cup.