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Your son can't know I am a stripper.

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A girl has to make a living these days doing what ever it takes, innocent looking Lily is no exception. Her boyfriend's father happened to patronize the strip club the same night Lily was on shift. She doesn't want to lose her boyfriend so she decides to pay a visit to his father and offer much more than a lap dance for his silence. She isn't typically one of the bad girls at the club but to keep her boyfriend she is willing to do anything. Dad has no problem inviting her straight up to his bedroom to show him exactly what she has in mind. She may look innocent but she certainly is not.

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Youíre my perfect stand in date.

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Once again, your dad cancelled date night with me. How many times do I get dressed up only to get the phone call he has to work late again. Look at this dress! I think I look pretty fucking sexy tonight and heís going to miss it. If I believe everything happens for a reason it means you and I are meant to spend time together. You are always so patient and listen to me complain. Youíre also a sexy young man who could have his choice of any college girl. I think you may have a crush on your step-mom and thatís ok with me. The thing is I was hoping to get laid tonight and thatís not going to happen. Can I at least show you some appreciation for once again listening to me? I canít even remember the last time I saw a hard cock. It would make me feel just as good as you if I can give you some pleasure tonight. I promise to keep it our little secret if you do. As much as your father cancels date night with me this could become a regular thing between us. Letís have some fun together!

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Youíre my stand in sex toy

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This may come off as a weird request but your brother, my husband and I have talked and agreed you are perfect for this. When your brother got sent off to prison while Iím in my sexual prime itís been more than difficult to stay faithful. I canít cheat on my husband by fucking someone but I do need to express myself sexually to stay healthy. Youíre the person we both trust to be able to help me be me and not cross any boundaries. This is a win for everyone because youíre going to get a great release of cum and Iím going to feel like the sexual goddess I deserve to be. Iíll do all the work. Iím just so glad youíre open to keeping this in the family.