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Your cock belongs to our family now.

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I saw you out with a woman who was not my daughter and I gave you the benefit of the doubt that she was a work associate. My gut tells me she had nothing to do with your work and that you are cheating on my little girl. When you married my daughter you married into our family and we are known for keeping everything very tight knit. My daughter doesn't know I asked you to come here today to talk with me and it's going to stay that way. You are here to understand that should you ever have roaming eyes again then you just bring them right to me. I am saying I will take care of any needs of yours so you will remain faithful to this family and my daughter. For instance, you are going to get your wandering dick taken care of by me while you are here, today. I can't send you away without giving you a full demonstration of just how I plan to cease your wandering ways. I know you think I'm a sexy mother in law. Word gets around you know. Lie down and let me show you how good of a deal you got by marrying my daughter.

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Your mom is a sexual freak!

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I always knew something was a little strange about your mom. I wondered what my dad saw in her but now I think I know. Its not like your mom is ugly or anything, but my dad was used to dating a woman with a certain type of look and then before I knew it he married your mom! She looks nothing like the other women my dad has been with. I mean, you're my step-brother now, didn't you ever wonder what brought our parents together so fast? What I found today in your mom's dresser drawer totally explains what brought our parents together. Your mom is a sexual freak! Look at the size of this ginormous dildo I found in her drawer! It's so obscene I can't even believe I'm holding it. Do you want to touch it? Go on, touch it! Ha! Your mom's pussy was on this! Watch, I'm going to lick it. Eww, I'm licking on the big obscene dildo your mom crams in her fuck hole. Oh wow, is this turning you on brother? I think it is. It turns me on to that you're into this freaky .\\r\\n\\r\\nYou know, I can do something about it for you. I could reach in your pants and touch your cock, play with it until I make you cum. Would you like that or is it too weird? Seems like you are freaky like your mom. Let me touch it. Oh, it feels big! It's already hard for me! Does your sister's hand feel good on your stiff dick? What if I shoved your mom's dildo inside my pussy, would that turn you on even more? Watch, I'm sliding it deep inside of me. Now it will smell like your mom and your sister. Ha, your cock just got harder didn't it? You like the way I twist your cock as I stroke it? You're a slut like your mom aren't you? I'm sure your mom uses this big dildo to fuck herself after my dad already fucked her and made her cum, or maybe she sticks it up her ass while my dad fucks her loose mommie pussy. All this dirty talk makes you super horny doesn't it? I can tell. Do you think your mom would be mad at me if she knew I was jacking off her son? She would probably tell me how to get you off, wouldn't she? Your mom is a cock slut just like you're a slut for ejaculation. Give me your goo, come on...give it to me. You know you want to frost your new sister's tits. Do it. Shoot that hot load on my tits! Give it to me! Ahhh, yes, yes! It feels so good to see your spooge dripping off my nipples. Oh , I guess I had better put this big fake cock back in your mom's drawer before she gets home. I'm gonna go clean your cum off my flesh. I'll see you in a few hours for dinner and don't say a word about this to anyone! I'll lie and say I caught you with the dildo up your ass if you say anything about what we just did. Hahaha, love you brother.\\r\\n

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Your small penis is a gift.

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I notice that you spend way too much time in your room lately. As your stepmother I feel it's part of my duty to find out why all the moping is happening. You're a good looking young man and should be outside enjoying the summer weather, not cooped up in your bedroom all day. I thought once you enrolled in college, all your time would be spent being busy but that doesn't appear to be the case, so what is the problem? Your dick is the problem? What is wrong with it? The guys at school tease you about how small it is? From my experience with your father, a small penis is a gift. I don't have to be fearful its going to go too deep and we can play around with anal sometimes without fear of permanent damage to me. Oh, that's probably too much information. What I am trying to say is, I am sure your dick size is just fine and there is a girl out there just waiting to meet you who will love it. Why don't you let me take a look and give you a woman's opinion? I wouldn't mind showing you exactly how appreciative I am of a smaller penis.

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Your son can't know I am a stripper.

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A girl has to make a living these days doing what ever it takes, innocent looking Lily is no exception. Her boyfriend's father happened to patronize the strip club the same night Lily was on shift. She doesn't want to lose her boyfriend so she decides to pay a visit to his father and offer much more than a lap dance for his silence. She isn't typically one of the bad girls at the club but to keep her boyfriend she is willing to do anything. Dad has no problem inviting her straight up to his bedroom to show him exactly what she has in mind. She may look innocent but she certainly is not.