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Would you like to be my sugar daddy?

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You were kind enough to let your son and his fiance move in while he finishes law school. Your future daughter in law approaches you with a whole different kind of arrangement. She would rather you indulge her with your money in exchange for some sexual favors than wait for your son to finish college and afford her the finer things. Will the sight of her petite young body and eagerness to please make you possibly destroy your son's future with this little hot slut? I think so. She isn't going to fuck you just yet but she will suck and stroke your stiffy into pure pleasure.

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You and your dad are my dream men.

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I'm so glad we have this next week to get to know each other better since your dad is away on a business trip. First, I have to say how very much I love your dad and wish he didn't have commitment issues so we could just get married. I've always had a thing for older men although now that I've been living here with you and your dad I have to admit I like your company to. Maybe you and I can work out a deal where you can talk to your dad and tell him how much you like me and that he really needs to marry me. I can help you out with whatever needs you may have that aren't being met like starting with that young cock of yours. You're in college now and should be having sex all the time yet I've hardly seen you date this past year. I would really like to have a little fun with you. Maybe we can get to a place where we have a mutual understanding and everyone who lives in this house can get exactly what they want. I will get a marriage proposal from your dad, you will get a good release from your hope to be stepmom anytime you want... and your dad, well, your dad will do whatever he wants as he already does. Maybe he doesn't want to commit to me because he goes away on these business trips and actually has a girlfriend wherever he travels. Who know? But you and I are going to have some fun right now so come closer and lie down for me. I want to see your young cock and give you some pleasure. It has to be a little awkward that I am your dads girlfriend and I'm not much older than you. Do you think I'm hot? I was hoping to seduce your dad before he left so I wore really expensive lingerie but he didn't even seem interested. I bet that last girl you dated, that brunette bitch, didn't wear pretty lingerie like I do. Maybe if you can get your dad to marry me then you and I can play with each other any time we want. Wouldn't that be fun? Your dad really likes my tight little body, do you? You can touch me if you would like. I'll get you off and you finger my tiny pussy. Can we cum together? Oh yes, you came at the same time I did! Oh and you taste so good and sweet. Now don't forget that little favor I asked you for. Be sure and convince your dad that I am worth keeping around and I'll let you play with my pussy only with your cock next time.

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You are such a sexy handyman.

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My best girlfriend is so lucky to have you. It was really nice of her to let you come over tonight to fix this annoying plumbing problem. I sure miss having a man around the house. Not that my ex knew how to fix anything but just having a man in the house was nice. I have to confess, my girlfriend and I talk about all kinds of crazy things and she has mentioned to me on more than one occasion how much she loves your big dick. I know it's a little awkward of me to bring this up but it's been so long since I've had a dick in my hand I thought that maybe since you're here you can hang out a few extra minutes and help me another way. I would also be helping you out I'm sure. At least I think you're attracted to me right? It's not so wrong to mess around a little bit with each other. I can't fuck you and then look my girlfriend in the eye but I can touch you and get to feel this big dick of yours that she raves about. I feel so neglected since my ex left me. I know you and my best friend are really happy together but I do notice you looking at me sometimes when we all get together. No harm in having a little fun is there? I won't tell her about anything we do. I know you don't want to ruin your relationship so you'll keep quiet. Come on, let me take care of your dick. Oh my, she wasn't lying you're bigger than my ex and you aren't even completely hard yet! I'll show you my body don't worry. I want to take good care of you since you were so nice to come take care of my house. Isn't this fun? It's just a little naughty what we're doing. I'm really jealous my girlfriend get's to fuck this big dick of yours anytime she wants. I'll let you touch your dick against my pretty pink pussy. You can't slide it in though because that would be really bad. I'll think about your big dick after you leave and I'm masturbating with my rock hard dildo. I wish I could make a replica of your gorgeous dick and use it to stuff my little pussy. My girlfriend is so damn lucky to have a guy like you. As good as it feels to have your dick rubbing against my hungry pussy, we should probably get you finished off and heading home so my friend doesn't think anything happened between us. Do you want to give me your hot load? I want to see your creamy cum on my big tits. Yes, bebe yes, make my tits shine with your seed. Oh yes, look at that beautiful cum on my pretty skin. You know, I'm sure there is something else around my house that is broken and could use your attention real soon. Maybe you can come back tomorrow?

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You are in fact a panty thief pervert.

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So glad I caught you because we have a very important matter to discuss like right now. I have something to show you. I want you to look very closely at these panties and ponder as to why they are completely stiff. They aren't even stiff in the right place like where my crotch rests. They are a crumpled ball of stiffness! Any idea how they came to be this way? After I sniffed them I knew exactly why they are sticky so don't lie to me because it's either you or your dad that made them this way. You still deny having anything to do with this? Looks like there is only one way to solve this situation and prove you are the reason my panties are corroded with cum. I demand you lie down and I will milk you of your cum. You will see that what I take from your cock smells exactly like what you left in my panties. This will prove in fact you are a perverted panty thief stepbrother.

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You are now my bitch boy!

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This has been a long time coming. I always knew there was something weird about you and Iím referring to a pervert kind of vibe you have. I didnít marry your father to become a mother to anyone much less a young man like you. My instinct is right as I found one of my favorite bra and panty sets that has been missing for a month here, in your bedroom. This grosses me out so much I canít ever wear them again. So guess what, you get to wear my panties whenever I want to make you feel like my little bitch. Unless you have the money to go get your own place to live, consider you being my play bitch your penance for a roof over your head. I want you to wear this bra and panty set for me. Iím sure your look so pretty in pink. Were you imagining my perfect MILF body while your wore my underwear? I want to see how hard your cock gets for me while wearing my pink panties. Does the silk feel good on your ball sack? Iím going to get your cock throbbing hard while teasing you with my pretty pink pussy that you wont ever be able to sink your meat stick into. Iím going to steal your cum every damn day. You won't ever get the privacy of jerking off while you live in this house. Your cum is all mine, whenever I want it, give it to me bitch boy!

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You are overdue for some cock love.

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You are such a great step dad paying for your daughter's college acting classes so she can overcome shyness. You certainly did not for see her coming to you with the need to practice being slutty for a class assignment. What is a good father to do but as his girl requests. First, you suffer through a horrible attempt of her acting skills but then a light bulb goes on over her head. She suggests you provide her with something tangible, like your cock to get her into the correct head space to be slutty. You aren't going to pass up some young love on your manhood especially when her mom just doesn't put out like she used to. Since she has no problem with doing what it takes to get a high mark on her assignment, be a good dad and lie down so she can get to her school work.

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You are such a little pervert.

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Come talk with me while I put some things away. So you need a ride to your friend's house? I will take you soon as I finish a few chores around the house. What are you doing? Were you looking up my skirt? I wear my cute little outfits for your father, not you. Not that I mind you look but you don't have to steal my lingerie in case you thought I didn't notice. Why do you think I made you follow me in here why I put my new panty sets away? I know you have been taking mine from the laundry and doing who knows what with them. I can only guess you've been using them to get yourself off somehow. What do you do, wrap them around your cock? Sniff them? Rub them on your balls? I'm curious what an eighteen year old does with his stepmother's lingerie, dirty lingerie non-the-less. What would your dad say if he knew you have the hots for his wife? You probably wouldn't be his favorite son anymore. There is something else I know about you, you like my pantyhose. It's no mistake that I am wearing some today and we are home alone. I get my kicks from knowing how much you are hot and bothered by me so it's time to get this out of the way. You can't show up at your friend's house with a huge boner. Do my pantyhose covered feet feel good on that dick? What would your girlfriend think if she knew your step-mom was touching your dick? Are you a sneaky pervert with anyone else or just me? I'm having fun teasing you right now. Don't worry I'll take care of that boner. Tell me what you dream about doing to me. Do you dream of fucking me in my pussy or my ass or both? I have your cock in my hands you can tell me all the dirty things you want to do to me with it. I let your dad fuck my ass, I'm sure you hear me moaning in here while he's fucking me good. One thing I don't do with your dad is wrap my pussy scented nylons around his dick and jack him off like I am going to do with you. Smell mommies pussy before I wrap these around that boner. You like that don't you? Your balls look good wrapped up tight with my nylons. Since I am such a nice mom, I am going to let you spooge on my nylons and give them to you. You have to stop stealing my lingerie though. I have to get you to your friend's house so give me your cum as soon as you can. I know you want these soiled nylons as a trophy to stick in your room somewhere and wait for you. I know while I am fucking your dad later you're going to pull these dirty nylons out and rub your dick sore with them. I love messing around with little perverts like you. Ah, sensitive cock now that you unloaded isn't it? Just let me get a few last squeezes in to make you squirm. Ok, get cleaned up so I can take you to your friend's house. Don't say a word of this to anyone cause you know what I will do, the 'D" word, deny.

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You can trust us.

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I had to tell my best girlfriend our little secret daddy. I hope you don't mind that I shared our extra personal relationship. She knows you're just my step dad so what we share isn't all that bad. I told her how we wait for mom to leave for work so I can come cuddle in bed with you and you sometimes already have morning wood which I help you get some relief from. It's not your fault my mom has an extra long commute every morning and has to leave so early. It's to our benefit that you work from home and are available for play time with your special step daughter and now her best friend. I told her how big your cock is and she didn't believe me. I knew you wouldn't mine showing her your man size morning wood. You just lay there and let our hands work this wood down to a relaxed nub. How does that feel dad? Do you like our four small hands wrapped around your stiff shaft? I told her I also get naked sometimes for you. Ever since she got her new boobs a few years ago she has no problem showing them off to anyone. Do you like my best friend's big boobs dad? Aren't they so pretty and look perfect with the rest of her body? If you want her to I'm sure she would use those big titties to fuck your cock. Do you like that dad? What do you like most, when we stroke you slowly and tease the head or when we caress your balls and stroke it super fast? Oh yes, you like it stroked hard and fast. We'll both wrap our hands around your cock and work it hard until you cum daddy. We'll get naked for you daddy so you can give us a big cum load for your naked girls. Show us how much you like this daddy. My best friend wants to see how huge your load is. Oh my gosh dad! You didn't give us any warning before your made a mess on us! You're a bad daddy for that. Now I'm gonna tell my mom that you were messing around with my friend and I won't know anything about it or we could just go shower and was all your spooge away down the drain. Let's go shower. As for you naughty daddy, you have to clean yourself this time. This video uses a fake penis

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You can't afford this Platinum pussy.

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There you are spying again. You heard me making a deal didn't you? How else do you think I afford that beamer in the driveway? I can hardly wait to move out of here into my own place and be away from you. Ever since our parent's married all you do is creep me out with your lingering where ever I am. You're in college, shouldn't you be hanging out with people your own age or have a girlfriend? You probably can't get a girlfriend. So what is it going to take to keep your mouth shut about what you heard? No way am I going to fuck you. This pussy is platinum and I know for a fact you don't have enough in your bank account to afford it. Tell you what, I won't fuck you but I will jerk you off to keep you quiet. You heard me right, all you are going to get from me is a cock cranking. You don't get to touch me nor do you get to talk to me while I am doing it. You know I have to leave soon for my appointment so hurry and lie down and let me do my thing. How does it feel having a girl's hands on your dick? Not just any girl, your step-sister! You're such a twisted little pervert that you probably like my hands wrapped around your dick more than some random college girl. Don't think I haven't seen you outside my bathroom door trying to catch a glimpse of my sweet body. Does it turn you on knowing your sister gets fucked for money? Ah look how close my money maker is to your cock except my panties don't come off for you. I wonder if your dad is as big of a pervert as you. I'd fuck your dad, my step-dad but it would cost you double if you ever had enough money to pay for my pussy. You want to hear the best night I had? I got paid 5k to let a guy eat my ass out for an hour. You want to see what a 5k ass looks like? It's right here in front of your face little brother but I don't fuck for free. I may fuck you without a condom for the right price though so think about my sweet pussy and ass and start saving your money. Ok, enough of showing you my sexy self. You need to hurry up and cum so I can get to my appointment. You can't just black mail me and not cum so give it to me. This is almost a freebie so hurry up. How does that tight grip feel on your dick? You gonna black mail me ever again? Try and see what happens. Now I gotta get cleaned up and go fuck a real man for money. Keep your fucken mouth shut about this or you will find my foot shoved so far up your package that it's going to wind up in your throat.

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You deviant little panty sniffer!

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How does it feel to be caught in your sister's bedroom with her dirty panties? Is that how desperate you are for a woman's scent that you have to steal you own blood sisters underwear? How long have you had this urge to sniff a soiled crotch and touch your cock? You know, you may need to go to a professional therapist about this problem of yours. Come to think of it, I'll bet a lot of young men your age have their own deviant ways that drive them to do things that are strange. You're at that college age where the testosterone overrides the logical part of your brain doesn't it? That's ok, I won't tell your sister what I found you doing in her bedroom. What I will do is take control of this awkward situation and have you lay down on her bed so I can show you some techniques to calm that little willy of yours down and keep you out of your sister's dirty laundry basket. I'm only your step-mom so this isn't as inappropriate as you getting your rocks off to your blood sister's smell. This is just simply an opportunity for a mom to help her son out with his stress level and teach him a better way to manage the evil pecker in his pants. Would you like that? You must learn ways to tame that hungry cock of yours before you do something even more drastic like start stealing girl's panties from your cousin's house or something like that. That's it, lay down and get those pants off so I can get a good grip on your cock. Lets make that little willy turn into a big woody right here in mom expert hands. How does that feel? You like letting mom have control of your manhood right now don't you? I rim the tip for you and stroke it in just one direction. I am doing things that you haven't even tried yet. That's ok, its what I'm here for, to help you get better control of your urges though your own masturbation techniques. Ahh, that feels so good doesn't it? I feel your balls tightening with each stroke on your shaft. That's a good boy, go ahead and work that cum up and give it to your mom. I'm working so hard for you to have a great big release so you can get back to your studies and out of your sisters panties. Oh wow! Look at all that jizz you just coated my hands with! You really did have a lot of stress built up. Well now that we have that out of the way, you had better get cleaned up because now you have some laundry to do, your sister's sheets and her panties! Hurry up and put your penis back in your pants and remember, we don't talk about what just happened, with anyone.