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You should entertain me.

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Mom left you in charge even though I am technically number one in her eyes and always will be. It gives her some strange comfort to know there is an older adult watching out for me. Speaking of watching, I need you to watch me stretch in my new tiny outfit. I bought this outfit to get the coach's attention next time I am in class. From the way you are staring at me right now I have an idea it's going to work exactly as I planned. You really are a pretty cool step dad you know. I like that even though you're a macho tough guy you will do whatever women want you to. I am eighteen so I'm officially a grown woman. I want you to come over here and lie down on my bed. I want to be entertained. Go ahead, show me something I haven't seen before. Show me your dick, daddy. Do you like it when I call you daddy, even thought you aren't my real dad? It turns some older guys on to have a young hot girl call them daddy. You're one of those kind of guys, aren't you? I can tell by the way your dick moved in your pants the moment I spread my perfect legs in that first stretch and asked you for your opinion. I'm ok with calling you daddy. It can be our secret. Neither of us ever has to say a word of this to my mom. You know very well when she comes home if I am upset in any way she is going to make your life hell so just play along with me for now. I want to play with your daddy dick so you had better get hard for me. You know I get bored easily and am always looking for new methods of entertainment. Don't disappointment me with you dick right now. I want it as hard as it gets when my mom touches it. You may as well have both women of the house owing your dick. Just like how you have to ask my mom for money because she supports your broke ass, you have to wait for my permission to release your cum while I am stroking you off. Remember you don't want to upset me or I will tell my mom you are a pervert and told me all the disgusting things you want to do with me. You will lose your meal ticket so you had better listen close for my command. Ok, I'm ready now to see your white icky sticky goodness spray out from your cock. Do you want to cum for your little girl? Yes, yes that's what I want. Give me every last drop of your hot sticky stuff. Now remember, if you tell mommie any of this she will only blame you.

Brunettes,Small Tits,Step Sister,18-19,All Natural

You should keep quiet about this.

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Remember the other night when I came home past curfew and was slightly tipsy as well? You have to promise me you wont say anything to our parents about what you saw. They are all set on helping me get my own apartment if I can prove I am responsible. I know you like hanging out with your stepsister and all but if I can get my own apartment just think of how you would have a place anytime you wanted to bring your girlfriend over and fuck! I would so let you come use my pad to get a little action cause you're like the coolest stepbrother a girl could have. So you see the importance of keeping quiet about my late night? What do you mean you and your girlfriend broke up? So how long has it been since a chick touched you, you know down there? I can change that. Here is the deal, you for sure keep quiet about my late night and I can at least jack you off and even show you my parts. Thatís worth silence right? I know you've tried to sneak peaks of me while I'm showering so let's just make a deal and we both get something great.

Small Tits,Step Sister,Pov,18-19,Blondes,Long Hair,All Natural

You should stay home today.

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Do you like how I set up a little romantic spot for us? How many stepsisters fall in love with their brothers I wonder. I missed you so much while you were away at school. I wish I could have gone with you instead of going to the local college but maybe next year. I know you missed my sweet hands on your dick didn't you? How many campus sluts did you bang this semester or were you saving all your cum just for me? Our parents are away the whole weekend so it's our opportunity to make up for lost time. I can hardly wait to wrap my freshly manicured fingers around your beautiful shaft. Just like old times you let me sit between your legs and take care of you in the most intimate way. There is something to be said for sisters in love.

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You shouldn't spy on me.

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I don't know what I was thinking, I wasn't thinking. My stepmom is such a hottie and I can hardly contain my erection when I am in her presence. I thought if I could sneak in her room and maybe have something with her scent to myself that I could rub one out to her as I wish and not have these constant yearnings for her. I found one of her toys she uses to pleasure herself but just as I had it in my hand I heard her voice coming toward her bedroom. Only thing I could do is hide behind her chair and hope to crawl out quietly. She picked her toy up, turned it on and began pleasuring herself with it in my plain site! No way could I leave the room now. Ever since I turned eighteen all I think about is getting my cock off and especially to thoughts of her. As she vibrated her clit I began rubbing my knob. I accidentally bumped the chair and she heard me. I had to come out of my hiding place and face her. She seemed a little grossed out that I was watching her but then she invited me to stay and keep watching. She laid back and spread her legs and pussy open in my full view. I felt my dick stand at full attention in my underwear. All she said is that she was going to finish me off and made a game of it by keeping me in her and my dads room and saying she hoped my dad doesn't walk in on us. I couldn't go against her word and walk out because my dick was in control and this moment was almost a perfect fantasy come true for me. I laid down as she instructed and she took command of my cock. My stepmom is a horny cock slut who had such a good grip on my dick. She made my cock slippery with her saliva and also parted her pussy lips so I could gawk at her pink. I couldn't tell if she was being condescending to me with her talk or really enjoying what she was doing to me. I didn't care so long as my dad didn't walk in and she cranked out a good cum from my throbbing cock. She finished herself off with her toy as she kept her one hand on me then she went back for another orgasm with her toy. She asked me to cum with her and for her. She was practically begging for my cum as she brought herself to orgasm. We reached orgasm together. No more than ten seconds had past when she said she heard my dad to which she informed me I was so fucked. I'm not sure who is more fucked me or her but at least I have this moment with her locked in for some excellent masturbation material later on tonight.

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You shouldnít sexualize her.

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This has become problematic. You know what Iím talking about. You canít keep your eyes off my tits! Itís embarrassing and everyone in the family has noticed. Iím surprised our parents havenít said something to you. Ever since they got married and made us siblings this whole family structure is askew. What kind of weird family do you come from anyway where you would get a boner from looking at your sister! This is just so weird but Iím going to play along and get this out of your system somehow. Go ahead pull your pants off so I can see your dick. Youíve seen my tits in all their naked glory so letís see some of your private flesh. Maybe if I jerk you off and give you some spank bank material you can stop staring me down so hard in the hallway. Thatís it, youíre going to give me your cum and from now on when you need to get a nut you will think about this moment, in private! Keep a mental picture of my hot young body burned in your brain cause this is the only time you get to see it up close. You had better not take forever to cum either. Iíve better things to do than stroke my new brotherís boner!

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You were gonna do it anyway, right?

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I can't believe I caught you sniffing my panties in my own bedroom! What kind of sickness is in your head to make you go to my room and get my dirty panties from my laundry basket and sniff them? That is so gross! I'm your sister! We grew up together! Well, I mean, step-sister, but still. No wonder you can't get a real girl to fuck if you are fantasizing about a family member instead. Is it because you know I have natural tits? I look nothing like those fake porn stars you wank off to on your laptop. Is that what you want? A natural girl? I will show you my young perky tits but then I want to see something of yours. I bet if I pulled your pants down and took a look at your cock it would be the same size as my step-Dads wouldn't it? Now I'm curious to see it. You were gonna jerk yourself off in my room anyway weren't you? I will jerk that cock of yours as long as you promise to stay away from my stuff after this. I will work your shaft and get this sick fantasy of me out of your system by making you cum. I can't believe I'm rubbing my brothers cock, so NOT what I had on my agenda for today. All I can say is you had better shoot a big load for me to make this worth my time. I don't touch the dick of a loser but I take pity on you cause you've probably only had your own pathetic hands around your pole. Don't think I haven't noticed some of my clothes a little stiff in certain places as I'm putting them in the washer. Ohh, wow, you gave up quite a load of cum for your big sister now I think you should lick it off. Go ahead, lick that frosting off my fingers. Oh and by the way, I recorded this whole thing so don't think you can go tell Mom or Dad about it. I recorded you sneaking in my room all the way to the pop shot, including eating you own cum. Now you're under my control. You will do what I want whenever I want. What I want for you to do right now is put your pants back on and get your loser ass out of my room!

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You're a very naughty professor.

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Thanks for meeting with me professor. I have to tell you some gossip about you that is going around campus. One of my girlfriends told me she has been sleeping with you to get better grades. Don't worry, I'm not going to rat you out I'm here to propose a different arrangement. The student you are banging is kind of a prude, I know because we are good friends. You must know, I am a much dirtier girl. I will do all kinds of filthy things with you because number one I find you sexy and number two I need better grades in your class. Your office probably isn't the appropriate place to show you just what a dirty girl I am but I can give you a quick handjob here and no one has to know. I won't say a word to anyone like your other class slut. I'll be a perfect teachers pet for you in every way. Go ahead and lie down so I can show you. Oh wow look and that nice big cock of yours. My girlfriend neglected to tell me what a big dick you have! Just so it's fair I'll strip for you so you can see what my little holes look like. See these holes? You can make these your private parts if you would like and stuff them any time you want. I could sit your cock and grind it but for now I can only show you as I stroke your big cock into total pleasure. I bet my girlfriend doesn't give you total attention and jack you off does she? Does she let you use her like a little sex slave? I'll let you do whatever you want to me Professor. I'm the dirty girl you've been needing. All my extra homework can be slurping your cum. I can hardly wait to see the load you're going to give me today. You are going to give me your cum aren't you? I want it teacher, I want you to cover my hands in your cream. We had better hurry and get your cum before another student comes to your office and discovers us in this very compromised position. You like both my hands around this big shaft. I'll keep both hands on you and get this load out of you. I'll work hard for you teach and show you just how much I want to be your new pet. Oh look at all that cum! Wow, it keeps flowing doesn't it? I can come to your office everyday and do this if you want. I should probably go get cleaned up and dressed now. So do we have a deal that I can be your new dirty girl?


You're kind of vulnerable right now

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This is the last thing I would expect to walk in on while at my parents house for our little family party. My hot brother in law who I've always had a crush on, almost passed out. So now I have to make a decision. Do I grab my coat and purse and just pretend like I never saw him laying there so vulnerable or do I...take advantage of the moment? Being the slut sister of the family, I'm going to take advantage, definitely. I lock the door behind me and let him know how much I've wanted him all these years. I let him know my disappointment that he chose my prudish sister over me. I know all about their sex life. There isn't a sex life. She tells me everything how she just lays there until its all over with. A happily married man would be laying here in this condition at all. I want to give you a little something to make this miserable condition of yours somewhat better. I tell you how much I wanted to be the one you fell in love with. I tell you how much I have fantasized about being with you, not necessarily under these strange conditions though. I can't help myself, I positions myself in between your legs and right above your cock. I want to see it. I want to touch it. You don't mind, do you? There isn't much you can do to stop me anyway, not looking like you do. When was the last time your cock was touched by anyone else but your own hands? I know my sister doesn't do anymore than she has to in the sex department, but I will. Its not really cheating if I just jerk you off is it? I'm sure my sister would be incredibly upset if she knew I had your dick in my hand right now but it's only a little bad, not a lot. I've seen you looking at me sometimes at our family gatherings so I know that even though you are drunk right now that you want this as much as me. You proved it to me by how much cum you spewed from your dick. That was so damn sexy. Now, I'm going to be a little mean and wipe your sticky goo off of you with my sisters sweater. That's sick but it's because she's been such a bitch to me all these years. Now she can wear her husbands cum that her own sister milked from him. Oh, and if you remember this tomorrow, call me. I would love to do this again.

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You're my new Step Daddy.

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Ever since you told the family you would soon marry my Mom I have made big plans for you in my life. You know that being my new Daddy carries responsibilities like taking me shopping, paying for my hair appointments and mani/pedi appointments for me and my girlfriends on occasion. Oh don't worry, I'm not just a taker, I know how to give. Let's just call this our new Daddy-Daughter relationship. You take care of me and I will take care of you. I may be young and blonde but I'm not stupid. I see the way you look at me. I know what you want. In fact, we have some time right now before my mom gets home for me to show you what I am talking about. Come over here and lay down on the bed. I know it's a little weird, you and me on the same bed you and my mom sleep on. Does my mom give you awesome hand jobs on it? This is what I will do for you. All of my attention focused on your beautiful cock. You know of course that I am only doing this with you so you will take me to the mall and spend money on my like you do for my mom. You're marrying her and me both. She takes care of your cock with her pussy and I stroke you into ultimate release with my perfectly manicure hands. Do you like my soft hands on your rock hard dick? Is it OK if I call you Daddy? There's lots of daddy/daughter games we can play. My body is so much hotter and tighter than mom's. She is such a prude I don't really know why you would waste such a nice looking cock on her anyway. Sometimes I wonder if you dated her just so you could get closer to me. I would suck you right now but that would mean you are cheating on my mom. Its not cheating if I just jack you off. After you marry my mom I can do whatever you want because then its just called Daddy/Daughter games, not cheating at all. You want to see my tight body? I'm not shy. Here, look at all of my young tight body. It looks like my mom's body looked twenty years ago. I can hardly wait for you and my mom to marry so you can be here all the time. We will have so much time together for you to buy me whatever I want and for me to take care of your cock whenever you want. No one has to know, and if you buy me a car I will let you fuck me. You get my pussy and my mom's all under one roof! You have to fuck me before her though, I don't like sloppy seconds. Oh, you're an ass man, here let me show you what you can someday have so long as you spoil me like I want. I will let you do things to me that mom never would. All of this dirty talk has made you super rock hard. If I wrap both my hands tight around your cock and stroke you fast will you cum for me? Cum for you soon to be little girl, Daddy. OK, now that your has delivered its sticky spooge all over my hands, lets get cleaned up so you can take me to the mall. Is it OK if I call you Daddy as we walk around the mall together? If you get horny while we are there I can jack you off in the parking lot. You never have to worry about your cock not getting taken care of, it belongs to me now.

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You're sick and you have a boner!

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Hi sweetie, hope you don't mind but your step mom called from work and asked me to come check on you. She said you were skipping college classes today because you weren't feeling well. Let me have a look at you . Your face does appear a little flushed and it's freezing in your bedroom yet your skin feels hot. Hmmm, well I don't want you to get too chilled so I'll bring you a blanket to put over you instead of laying here just under a sheet. Oh my, is that what I think it is? Now how can you have such a hard cock even when you are laying here sick? Is that all you men think about, how to get your cock off? I certainly hope it wasn't the sight of my breasts in my shirt that made you all excited but if it was, now I feel bad. I feel like I should do something about your rock hard situation. I think I read somewhere that having an orgasm can actually strengthen the immune system. You probably aren't sick at all you're just horny. If you swear you won't tell anyone I'll give you a dose of some quick hand job medicine. I'll stroke you off and no one ever has to know. I never thought I would make a young hottie like you hard. Do you have a thing for older women or just for my huge breasts? How does my hand feel wrapped around your cock? Am I helping you feel better? This is so wrong isn't it? I came over to check on you because your step mom asked me to and now my hand is stroking your manhood. It's not like we're blood related so I suppose it isn't completely bad, just a little bit. It seems you like my huge titties. How about I titty fuck you? My pussy is getting wet from feeling your hard cock in my hand. I love teasing you like this. Don't cum until I tell you to because I'm having so much fun teasing your dick. I want to jerk your dick with the crack of my big ass. How does that feel? Do you like how I jerk it while you look at my booty hole? Ok, I think it's time now for you to give me your hot cum. Let's make you feel better by getting rid of that nasty goo inside you. I want all your fucking cum. Make a mess on my hand. Oh look at that cum you just gave your Aunt! I have a feeling you're going to feel a lot better now. I'll cover you up and you just rest. Remember, this is our special secret remedy.