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We should take a trip back in time.

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It's hard to believe we are all back here under one roof again. Not much has changed in this house. Your bedroom is still the same and so is mine. We are fully grown adults and our parents have done nothing to change our bedrooms! I even peaked in my old dresser and saw some cute cotton panties and knee hi socks I used to wear! Hey, remember that time when we where both about to head off to college and we kind of fooled around? Want to wait until everyone is asleep tonight and do something like that again? I'll even put a pair of knee high socks on and wait up for you tonight. It will be so fun sneaking around again like we used to. I may even throw in another surprise, which I know you will adore.

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We should take care of the tension.

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I sense it is awkward for you that I am now your stepmother and we are so close in age. I can't help my attraction for older men. Just because you are a somewhat uncomfortable it does not mean you need to move out. It would break your dads heart for you not to be here. I think we can all make something work out, don't you?

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We should talk about your lust for me.

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I think we need to have a talk. Oh, no it isn't about anything bad necessarily. It's about something that we need to work out together so we can live with each other peacefully in this house. You've always been accepting of me as your new step-mom however, when your dad bought me these big boobs a few months ago it seems you can't keep your eyes off of them! It's really becoming noticeable so I feel we need to clear the air. Don't you see enough boobs around the college campus? I mean, I know since you still have a few years left of college that you will be living here so we need to work this out. Why don't I show them to you to take some of the mystery away? There, see! They are quite nice aren't they? I love how firm and round they feel in my hands. Oh my, is that a bulge in your pants? Go ahead and let me see what you have in your pants. You remember I was raised by European parents so nudity and showing off the body is not a big deal to me. I am very open minded. In fact, why don't you let me take your cock out for you? I'm not your real mom so it's not such a big deal if I touch you down there. Wow, your cock is bigger than your dads but don't tell him I told you that. Your cock is so nice I want to play with it. Oh it feels so smooth and rigid in my hand. I like that I'm the reason your cock is so hard. I wish I could put it in my mouth where your dads cock goes but that may be a little to much. I'll just play with it in my hands until you're ready to give me that nasty cum of yours. I'm sure it's that nasty cum that makes you stare at me with such lust. It isn't cheating on your dad if your cock doesn't penetrate me. I bet you would like these huge tits touching your stiff shaft. Titty fucking doesn't count as penetration. How does your cock feel in between my huge titties? Oh you like my tits massaging your hard cock. We've gone this far so I may as well show you the other place where your dad's cock goes but you can't. Do you see my pretty pussy? I'm sure you want to stuff my little slit don't you? Imagine how good that would feel as I stroke you faster and faster until you are ready to release that nasty cum. Mommie wants a big load of hot fucking cum. Mommie always gets what she wants. Oh yes! Look at the big mess all over my pretty pussy. We had better keep this our secret. I don't think your father would understand your needs like I do. Now that your head is a little clearer, hurry and get ready for school. Try not to be so obvious when staring at my tits from now on.

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Weíre all grown up now

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Iím still that curious version of my younger self. You remember, the one who always wanted to play Dr. with you so I could see if your cock got any bigger week by week? Itís not so wrong since weíre step-cousins. I noticed some movement in your shorts when I said the word, cock. Did that stir some old memories of us? Thereís no one home but us right now should we pick up where we left off? My tits are twice the size as last time we played. Oh wow, I see the outline of your cock in your shorts. I definitely think we should have some fun. Iíll show you mine if you show me yours. Your dick is such a great size cousin! I would so love to fuck you but today weíre going to just have some semi-dirty fun with a titty fuck and hand job. Donít worry I wonít get you worked up for nothing. Iíll finish you off and drain those balls for you.

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Whatever it takes, I want you

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I notice everything that goes on in this house. I know my mom is more than a headache to live with. My own dad bailed because he couldnít deal with her. Iím kind of surprised youíve lasted this long. Youíre a really great guy and a fantastic step-dad. What Iím trying to say is I want you to stay around. I waited to have this talk with you until I knew for sure we would get some alone time. I want to alleviate some of the stress you are under. Think of me like a live in go- to for sexual release. Iím going to make living here with my mom so much better for you that you will be excited to come home from work! Now we just have to plan our together time around that crazy bitch.

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While Dad is away, you get to take care of Me. BONUS VIDEO!!!

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Today I'm posting a bonus video for you to enjoy - from my newly launched clip store and upcoming member's site! This is a Virtual Sex video starring Kendra Lust. I hope you enjoy it! Please let me know on the forum if you like the video and want to see more of this type of scene! I should have the member's site ready to go in about a month or two depending on how long it takes me to shoot enough of these to make the site (at least 50). For now you can find SexPOV videos on the clip store. I am so glad I married your Dad, do you want to know why? Because I get to be close to you especially when he goes away on business. You are such a good looking man and so much stronger than your Dad. You're of legal age and I'm not your real Mom so there is nothing bad with wanting you to please me sexually, is there? I don't think so, come over here and make me feel good. Let me rub your cock and make it hard. Do you like making Mom's pussy wet? Come here so I can suck your cock and make it as wet as my pussy. You should lick some of my pussy juice before you put your big cock inside me. Oh yes, that feels so good you dirty boy! I love the way you fuck me, so much better than your father. My pussy is stuffed full with your young cock. Let me flip over so you can fuck me from behind. After you make me cum then pull out and shoot your load all over Moms pretty ass. I want to feel your warm goo splash on my flesh. Oh yes! Look at that mess you made on me. What a dirty dirty son you are but you taste much better than your Dad. Now go get me a towel and clean your mom like a good boy.

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Why are you dating my mother?

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I don't mean to be rude but why are you dating my mother? She usually dates men who are dorky, not good looking like you. I've been trying to figure out your relationship since it started and the only thing I can conclude is that you are dating her to get closer to me. Is this true? I knew it! I mean how could you be attracted to her when she has a daughter that looks like me? So what should we do about this while she is gone today? I want to do something with you. I've been curious about you for so long especially since my mom is always bragging about what a great cock you have. Let me see it. I'm not going to fuck you, I just want to jerk you off. I masturbated a couple of nights ago to the thought of having your cock in my pretty hands. I must say now that I see it, I am jealous of my mom getting to fuck this cock whenever she wants, which knowing her, probably isn't that often. I should make myself as comfortable as you right now. I'm sure you don't mind if I lose some of my clothes do you? Isn't this fun? Look how good your cock looks in my hands. My mom probably doesn't jack you off does she? I bet I'm a much better fuck than my mom even though I'm only nineteen. I love sex and she probably just tolerates it. You know what really turns me on? When I get fucked from behind in doggy. I'm going to tease you with my ass right now. You like what you see? Doesn't my ass look so much nicer than my mom's flabby butt? You could still date her yet have me on the side if you want. I know you like that she spends money on you. All men want a hot piece of ass though so I am here for you. I want to milk all your cum right now so you don't have any left for my mom tonight. I feel your cock getting harder in my hands. Give me all your cum, I deserve it. I love taking things away from my mom. Oh yes, that's what I wanted! Look at all that cum on my hands. Ut oh, I think I heard a door close. You had better get out of her before my mom sees you in my bedroom. Too bad for her you have no boner to give her tonight.

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Wifes hot friend needs attention.

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Thanks so much for letting me borrow this microscope but I thought your wife was going to be here to give it to me instead of you. Not that I'm complaining, it's just that I haven't really been myself lately and was hoping to hang out and talk with your wife. You're not busy right now are you? The thing is I've been such a bitch lately because my husband and I aren't having sex. We haven't had sex in like six months! What am I supposed to do? I hear you and your wife aren't getting along all that well right now either. Your wife and I talk about everything and she told me that you have a really nice cock. I'm so horny to even have a cock in my hand that ...since she isn't around, why don't you show me yours? Oh come on, it's harmless fun. I want to see that I can still arouse a man if you know what I mean. It makes relationships so hard when both people aren't into it. Are you into me right now because I am totally into you. Come on and let me see it. Oh yes, you do have a really nice cock. I like how it has a slight curve. I bet that feels so good inside a warm wet pussy. I want to touch it. It's been such a long time since I've got to touch a man like this. You're so hot. I've always been a little jealous of your wife. Your wife isn't coming home any time soon is she? Good, because I want to make myself a little more comfortable. I bet your wife doesn't get naked in front of you so you can check out her body. I'll do that for you. I want you to see what you can have if you want it. Do you like how my hands feel wrapped around your gorgeous cock? I can hardly believe I am in your front room stroking you off. This makes me feel so sexy. It's to bad your wife doesn't make you feel good like this. I would do this for you everyday if I could. Can you believe my stupid husband doesn't want to have sex with me? I think I'm going to need to borrow something from you everyday just so I can do this to you. It feel so damn good to have a hard dick in my hands. Are you ready to cum for me? Why don't you give me your big load and show me what your wife is missing out on? I love stroking your dick. Oh yes, look at all that creamy cum you gave me. So I think tomorrow I'm going to need to borrow something else. You'll be home right?

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Will a penis pounding pay for my purse?

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I could hardly wait to tell my best girlfriend about my most recent albeit sneaky mall purchase. I am supposed to be saving money to move out of my parent's house. I am twenty- one and really should be paying my own rent but I have a bad habit of impulse shopping. I can't help myself. I see something that would make me feel pretty or cute and I must have it! I saw this super expensive $700 purse last week and knew I had to buy it somehow. I couldn't use my moving out money since my parents ask to see my deposit book on a regular basis. The plan I schemed should have been fool proof, or so I thought. My step-dad is always giving my mom his credit card to go shop for herself. He doesn't look at the statement, he just grumbles a little each month when he pays it then they go off to the bedroom where mom says she will make up for shopping so much. When they emerge from the bedroom both have a smile on their face and my dad especially looks happy. My dad always leaves his keys and wallet by the front door so I "borrowed" his credit card for just a few hours to quickly go to the mall and buy my dream purse. I slipped the card back in his wallet exactly where it was when I left the house and was sure he never missed it. The problem is my mom has probably been spending a lot and mine was the purchase that flagged the credit card company to make a phone call, to my dad. I was telling my girlfriend all about my dream purse in my very own hands when there was a knock at my bedroom door. Uh-oh... I had a feeling I was in trouble as soon as I saw it was my dad at my door. He saw my gorgeous purse right in front of me in the new shopping bag and I knew I was busted. I quickly thought about how my mom takes him to the bedroom to put a smile on his face again. I wasn't going to fuck my step-dad but I would jack of his dick to release a little of that stress I caused. In my sweetest voice I asked him to lie on my bed and get comfortable. If my mom can make him feel better then so can I. I hurriedly pulled his dick from his trousers. I was a little nervous since we had never been intimate like this before. I just put in my mind that I was stroking one of my college friend's cocks and that made me feel better about gripping my dad's penis. I could tell my dad liked what I was doing yet it took him a little while to get hard for me. Maybe it's cause he is a little older than the guys I'm used to jerking off that his dick didn't feel super stiff until right before he released his stress all over my perfect hands. I even took off my shirt and let him look at my boobies while I stroked his shaft which is more than I do for most guys my age that I get frisky with. When my dad finally let all that pent up stress spew from his rigid pole I knew I could probably get anything else I wanted from him at that moment. With a sparkle in my eye, I let him know there was a jacket I had admired at the mall and that maybe I could get it next week and he could get more of me. His big smile gave me my answer. Looks like I will be wearing a new purse and a jacket very soon. It's so good to be young and pretty.

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Will you fix my toy?

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Everyone brings their stuff for you to fix so today I have something for you that is broken and needs your expertise. I'm embarrassed to show you what it is that is broken. It's something that gives me lots of stress relief so I really need to have it working. If I show it to you will you promise not to judge me or say anything to my mom about this? She has no idea how stressful college is for me. She is such a prude I know she wouldn't understand my way of handling stress. Yes, it's a vibrator. I've tried to make it work but it won't turn on. Of course there are batteries in it. Oh, the batteries have to go in a certain way? Let's see if changing them inside works. It turns on again, yay! You're the best step-dad ever! See how stressed out I am? I couldn't even think to turn the batteries around. You want to see me what? Isn't that a little kinky for me to use the vibrator in front of you? You aren't my real dad so I guess it's not so bad if I rub my pussy a little bit over my panties. I'll only do it for a minute though and my panties stay on. Dad, um, are you getting excited in your pants? I saw something move in your pants. I can't believe you're getting a hard on from watching me rub my pussy, I'm your step-daughter! I have to admit this is kind of kinky and I am getting turned on to. If you promise not to tell my mom, I'll rub your daddy dick for you. I'm curious to see it. You probably needs some stress relief to, don't you dad? Lie down and get comfortable so I can stroke your shaft for you. What if I put the vibrator under your balls while I jack you off? Mmm, does that feel good? Your dick feels so good in my hand. I bet mom doesn't jack you off anymore does she? It's great for a guy to not have to do anything but lay still while he gets his dick serviced. My pussy is so wet do you mind if I put the vibrator in my little hole while I stroke you? I'll show you my wet pussy if you try and cum for me. I want you bust a big load for your little girl. Oh, first you want my soft titties on your dick. You're such a kinky daddy. Do you like my soft tits on your dick? I love stroking you with my little hands. I'm gonna spit one last time on your cock and jack it fast so you will give me your cum. Come on daddy, give me that hot sticky cum. I want to cum with you so I'm going to use my toy on my tiny hole while I jack you. Come on daddy, cum with me. Oh daddy you made a mess on me. Thank you for fixing my toy, you're the best step-dad ever.