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This is the right kind of lingerie.

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One of the great thing about being a close-knit family is the ability to talk with each other about pretty much anything. I wanted to have a special private talk with you today because as we both know my daughter's birthday is approaching and I want to make sure you treat her right this year. As your mother in law I feel it is my duty to make sure you both remain happy and satisfied in your marriage. She showed me the lingerie you bought her last year and it simply wont do. For that very reason I am here in my robe and a beautiful lingerie ensemble so you can see for yourself exactly what you should be buying my daughter. See how feminine this outfit looks on my body? Imagine how amazing it would look on my daughter. Oh my, I think I saw something stir in your pants, which tells me you really do like what you see. It wouldnít' be so wrong to maybe have a little fun while you're here for this lingerie lesson would it? Why don't you come closer and let's see what we can do about that stirring in your pants.

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This might help you sleep better.

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My dad is so happy you are here to go to the class reunion with him. You two have been best friends for a really long time! So how does it feel having to sleep in my brother's tiny bed? I guess staying here could be slightly better than a hotel since you have familiar people around. It's the middle of the night and I can't seem to fall asleep and it looks like you're having the same issue. Can I be honest? I really am in here because I have to confess I have had a crush on you for many years. I can't sleep because I am lying in my bed next door knowing you are only a short distance away. I'm all grown up now and thought now is as good of a time as any to reveal how attractive I find you. My dad would smack the both of us if he knew I came in here tonight but I can't go back to bed without having a little fun with you. I just have to wrap my hands around what you have in your pants and what I have been fantasizing about for years. No harm in having a little late night innocent fun is there?

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This shouldnít be awkward

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When you first married my mom I didnít have these big tits did I? It seems like ever since I grew these tits you canít take your eyes off them. Iím wondering if you want to have a little harmless fun with me. Itís kind of fun to secretly flirt with you behind my moms back. Now that Iím college aged I feel so much more secure with my sexuality. I think we should have some fun. Donít worry, Iím not talking about cheating all the way with me. Harmless fun means you can look at my tight petite body while I play with your dick. I love to make a guy cum. This can be our dirty secret and maybe make things less awkward around the house.

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Tied up and stroked by pissed off Step Sis.

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Sometimes I drink too much. Last night was one of those nights, and I barely remember how I got home. All I wanted to do was crash hard and sleep the day away. I still live with my parents and step-sister, but fortunately for me my parents were gone for the week on vacation, so I didn't have to worry about getting caught. My sister, on the other hand, would probably tell my parents if she knew. Particularly because I ratted her out for having a party at our house one night and not letting me invite any of my friends. Screw her, it's my house too. So here I was passed out on my bed, when the next thing I knew the sheet was ripped off of my head, and standing at my feet was my freakin' sister! I was really disoriented, and couldn't seem to move my hands. Everything was a little blurry at first before I realized that the bitch had tied my hands to the bed! She was pissed! It seems that my mom ragged on her for having a party and she knew that I snitched. She owed it to me I guess, but I wasn't crazy about being hung over AND tied to the bed! I looked over my shoulder to see what predicament I was in and saw that she had cut up my favorite red shirt and used it to tie me to the bed frame. That fucking bitch. Just wait until I get my hands out of here (and sober up). I felt really humiliated, laying there in my boxers, feeling very exposed to my hot step sister. It was sort of turning me on, and the next thing I knew she noticed my boner and sat on the bed with me. She laughed at my situation, and then began to pull my boxers down to take a look at my rod. Holy crap! She took my cock in her hand and started stroking it to make it harder, as she continued to make fun of me for being turned on by being tied up by my sister. Then, she took out her cell phone and started taking blackmail pictures of me! Now I was really starting to feel afraid - yet really aroused at the same time. I think my sister was getting off on having this power over me. She took out her huge tits to further embarrass me and turn me on, delighting in how much harder my cock was becoming. She called me a sick fuck for being turned on by my sister, and threatened to post the pictures she took on facebook! Fully in control of me (and my cock), my sister began to fuck me with her enourmous tits. Her tits are absolutely perfect, and felt incredible. The shirt that she tied me up with began to feel tighter as I strained against the bondage. She then straddled me and pulled her panties the side to show me her cunt. She was getting wet! I wasn't the only pervert in the family. Then she turned around so I could see her ass. I couldn't touch, because my hands were restrained, but I really wanted to. She bumped her pussy up against the head of my dripping cock. The only thing separating me from fucking my sister was a thin piece of fabric. When she turned around again, she took my cock in her hand and really started to go to town, teasing me. She asked if I like my sister's big hand around my cock. She put her mouth right next to my cock and told me I was sick for wanting my sister to suck me off. I felt en enormous load building up. She kept a steady rhythm going until at last one of the biggest loads I ever shot spewed out of my swollen cock. This was the hardest nut I ever had, and at the hand of my sister! I was spinning for a while after that, and came back to consciousness to find that my sister was gone, and left me tied up in a puddle of my own messy cum.

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Vacation with Step Mom.

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My dad recently married one of the hottest MILFs I've ever seen. When he told me that they were going to get married, it made me a little nervous knowing that she was going to be living in the same house as me and my pop. My dad decided that the best way for us to all get to know one another better was to arrange our first vacation together as a new "family". He and I always loved surfing, so when he suggested we rent a bungalow for a week and catch some waves, I thought it sounded like a fantastic idea! Little did I know that one of my chores would be putting baby oil on my new stepmom. She asked me to put a lot of lotion on her so she wouldn't get burned, and I happily obliged. As I was spreading the oil over her smooth skin, I couldn't help but notice her butt wiggling a little every time my hand creeped further up the back of her thigh. I guess my little head took over, and I began to test her and see how far she would let me go. She spread her legs a little bit as my fingers began to slip under the bottom of her bikini, but then my dad walked in and I immediately had to stop and excuse myself to my room to take care of my raging hard-on. The entire rest of the trip consisted of her bumping up against me, catching my eye, and giving me little glimpses of herself while she adjusted her swimsuit or came out of the shower. When we got back home, she acted as though nothing had happened on our trip, especially when my dad was around. However, the other day I went into my room and there she was sitting on the edge of my bed! She wanted to talk to me about what happened on vacation. I was so embarrassed, and I was sure that she was going to bitch me out for being a pervert. However, when she told me that she was flirting with me and how she thought I was cute, I was shocked. I was even more shocked when she told me that she had been thinking about me ever since, and that the only way to get the thoughts out of her head was to do something to kill the curiosity, and that the way to do that was to rub my cock for me! She told me to lay down and began to feel my already swollen cock through my pants. "You're so big", she said, "you may be bigger than your dad!." She took my swollen cock out of my pants and began to slide her hand up and down the shaft. She took off her top and let me get a good look at her perfect tits, the same tits that I stared at all week long. "Every time you ran your hand up my leg, I thought my wet pussy would drip down my thigh", she said as she continued masturbating my cock. "I know it's not right for me to have all of these thoughts about you". She turned around and pulled her panties to the side, giving me a long look at her wet, pink pussy. "Uh uh, I just want to touch you", she said. She continued to stroke me as she turned back around and straddled my leg, grinding her pussy against my thigh. She teased me, and told me that she wanted to fuck me. The entire time, she wore a pair of hot, pink high heel shoes. "I'm going to stroke this cock until you cum all over my hands", my new mom said. I couldn't hold back any longer, and blew a big, thick load all over her hand. "Mmmmm, look at all that cum", she purred. "Don't you say anything, this is between me and you... until next time".

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Virgin preacher gets some action.

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I am a devout man of god and spend my weekends preaching his word to those who may need salvation. I may be a young man of only nineteen but I know what I believe and feel that others may benefit from my beliefs. I wasn't expecting my will power against women's charms to fail me as I knocked on the last door of my route today, but they did. I have a weakness for redheads and a fine looking redheaded woman answered the door and invited me to tell her about the word of god. I gave her the usual introductory lesson and then she proceeded to give me a few things to think about. I have been battling my urges to masturbate lately. Instead of wasting time relieving myself thru my penis I turn to prayer. This sexy redhead complimented me on my appearance as well as my scripture knowledge. She then said a man my age should be out spreading his seed all over young horny college aged women instead of pounding the pavement preaching. She flirted heavily and convinced me to try her way of spending a Saturday. I figured I can always repent later for the sins I am about to commit right now. I laid down on her couch as instructed and let her completely seduce me. She removed my shy yet semi hard penis from my pants and began talking so dirty as she stoked it. For such an awkward situation I felt pretty comfortable with this smooth talking woman. I revealed to her that I am a virgin, which made her stroke me with even more excitement. She removed all her clothes and climbed on top of me. I thought she was going to slide herself down my dick and completely de-flower me but she just straddled my legs as she continued her dirty talk. As she picked up the pace of her stroking then said I could cum anytime, I felt my scrotum tighten as I pumped out all the stress build up from who knows how long. My head was dizzy as she invited me to come back tomorrow same time with an offer to take care of my virginity problem completely.

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We can do what we want

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We know what is coming with our parents donít we? My dad is such a man whore that he keeps destroying marriages. I though this one with your mom would last but nope he had to go cheat on her to. You know this means divorce and that we wonít be brother and sister anymore. So now is a good time to tell you something. I saw you jacking off your cock recently. I saw you giving yourself pleasure and I wanted to touch myself but thought it was too weird. I saw how good looking your cock is and I want to touch it myself. Pretty soon we wonít be living in the same house and may never get this chance to fool around again. I think this could be a fun memory for both of our spank banks.

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We could be kissing cousins or more.

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There is no way I could let you sleep on that tiny couch when I have this nice big bed. Iím glad you called and needed a place to stay tonight. Things work out unexpectedly donít they? Iíve had a feeling for a long time you would like to be dirty with me. Iíve had the hotís for you for so long but you know, weíre kind of cousins so Iím not supposed to think about these things. My rationale for being able to play with you guilt free is that I was adopted. We could be two people who simply have the hots for each other. Iím so curious about your cock size and youíre probably curious about my body. Shall we indulge in our curiosities? I think so.

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We should just get this over with.

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How could our parent's be so stupid to make us share a bedroom together while your mom's family is in town? Why did I have to be the one to share this room with you? They must know how horny college kids are, all the time. Let's get one thing straight, I don't want any penis poking in the middle of the night from you. I know guys get boners all night long. Don't look to me to do anything with your random night urges. I like my beauty sleep. In fact, why don't we just take care of that damn cock of yours right now before we go to bed. I'll jerk you off and completely drain you of all that nasty cum. You don't say a word to anyone I am touching your dick like this. I really don't know what our parents were thinking. Good thing I thought of a solution to get a good nights rest while sharing a bed with you. So it's a deal right? I take care of that bothersome dick right now and you leave me alone with any random late night erections. Alright, lets' get this out of the way.

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We should play a game of chickin-cest.

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I can't believe how bored I am tonight. Mom left us some money to order pizza if you want but I think I want to do something else first. We should play a game and then order some food. My girl friend told me of a weird game she played with her real brother. You're just my stepbrother so I wouldn't have any problem playing this game with you, that is if you want to. You arenít chicken are you? The game is called chicken-cest. You know, like the game of chicken but with an incest twist. We have to see how far we can go without having sex. I know even though you aren't blood related I still wouldn't bang you. Let's see how far we can go before you say chicken cause I have a feeling you would be the one to chicken out first.