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The Family Slut.

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I was cheated in life. I have my mom's genetics, and have been cursed with a pair of the smallest tits imaginable. I mean, they are not much bigger than a couple of mosquito bites! All of the girls and guys at school make fun of me because my titties are so tiny. I don't think I'll ever get a boyfriend, or maybe even a good job if I don't have a pair of curvy, round boobs that are at least Double D's! I realized that the only way that was going to happen is to try and persuade my dear old step-dad. And that, is exactly what my nerdy little stepbrother caught me doing. My brother spied on me as I was jacking off my Dad to get a new pair of boobs! I've always been told I give great handjobs and blowjobs, so I figured that if I could convince my old man to buy them for me in exchange for the occasional hand job, then everybody would be happy! Until my stupid little brother called me into his room to tell me that he saw what I was doing. I wondered how long he stood there watching, and if he was jerking his dick to the incestuous scene. Then, the little asshole threatened to tell my Mom if I didn't give him a hand job too! The little fucker was blackmailing me! Oh well, I didn't really mind. I've always kind of wondered how big my brother's cock is anyway, and since I already had his dad's prick in my hand I may as well give my bro a hand job as well so I could compare who's cock was bigger! I told my step brother to lay on the bed and I would get him off just like I did his dad. When I unzipped his jeans and pulled them down, I was happy to see that his cock was even thicker and longer than his dad's! It was hard as soon as I wrapped my hand around it and spit on it to make it nice and slippery. I loved teasing him, and showed him my tiny little tittles so he could see what I was talking about. I told him that I would let him cum on them, and that he could cum on my new tits that his Dad was buying for me as well! I teased him with my mouth and tongue a little bit too, and told him that he should let my Mom play with his big 18 year old cock as well. If I know my mom, I know that she'd love a young guy's cock to play with too. Hell, we're this far already, we may as well be one fucked up family that fucks each other! I think he liked the idea of fucking both me and my Mom, because as soon as I said that his cock got really hard. I stroked it really fast, and kept spitting on it to keep it slippery. I love the taste of cum, and wanted to see if his tasted as good as Dad's cum, so I opened my mouth and jerked my brother's dick between my lips. As soon as I felt his balls tighten up, I wrapped my lips around his shaft and stroked a big load of cum right into my waiting mouth. I opened my mouth and let him see what a nice load he gave his sister, before licking the rest of it up off of my hand. I think we're all going to be happy with my new position as the "Family Slut".

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The parents are gone. Let's do it!

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Zoey is a bouncy bored beauty sitting at home with her brother, step-brother. He doesn't know it but she has had a huge crush on him every since their parents married a few years ago. She is always trying to get close to him and now that the parents have gone away for a few days it's the perfect time to make her move. All he wants to do is channel and couch surf while she wants to get outside and go do anything with him but sit there staring at the t.v. A little flirtatious look comes over her sweet face as she thinks of the perfect way they can spend alone time together. She may look young but she knows exactly what she is doing when she pulls off her shirt to expose more of her tanned toned skin to her brother. He's not sure where she is going with this and gets quite uncomfortable. He even looks confused when she begins to touch herself seductively. Do you like it? She asks. His only reply is "you're my sister." She reminds him that its only step so it doesn't matter if they fool around. Such a role reversal, the girl chasing the resistant boy for some sexual fun. She puts her hand all the way up his board shorts and makes him jump just a little. After much cat and mouse play he finally decides to go along with her advances. They both agree to not tell the parents anything about this. She assures him she isn't going to say anything as she pulls his shorts off to expose his young flesh rod. Its flaccid but she quickly gets to working on it with a little spit for lube. This way we can always do something together she tells him. Do you like playing with your big brothers cock? Yeah, I do. She says. Its obvious how much she is enjoying gripping his hard shaft. She twists her hands up and down the pole sometimes fast and then slow. Zoey places herself on her knees in between his legs for the final build up. She wants him to cum on her little perky tits. She is really working hard to get a good nut from her brother. She holds the base of his stiff cock and focuses on the shaft until he explodes with a gooey load all over her cute chest. They ask each other if they liked that and both agree, Yes! Now they always have something to do together when the parents are away.

Brunettes,Small Tits,Step Sister,Petite,All Natural,Cum Shot

The payoff for a hook up

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I canít believe I have to come to you for this favor but I searched for an online presence of that hot friend of yours and there is none. I canít get that guy out of my head! It would have been ideal to find him online and let him know how Iíve been thinking of him. Instead I am stuck here with you and asking for a favor. Heís your friend and you know Iím generally not so into guys like this. As my step-brother will you please hook your sister up? Come oní donít make me beg. I know we donít have much of a friendship you and I but I can do things for you. I can run errands for you, go get your favorite burger or something. Oh you like watching me squirm right now. Alright, spit it out. What do you want me to do so I can get hooked up with your hot friend? Are you serious? You want your sister to crank your cock? Oh gross! Oh damn I mean, fine! Just this once I will help you get a nut but you have to promise me you wonít say a word about this to anyone. All youíre going to do is give me your friends number after this and weíre even, OK?

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The weirdest favor payoff ever.

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Ok so you know my best friend has a crush on you. The thing is I want to go with my boyfriend and her to the prom but she needs a date. This is where you come in. Donít shake your head no! Itís super easy. All you have to do is be her date for one night. Itís not like Iím asking you to take one for the team and fuck her. What would make you change your mind? Ugh, really? you want me to jerk you off? Is that all you guys think about is your dick? Of course it is why do I even ask. Alright, I will jerk you off but thatís it and only this once. You canít say anything about this arrangement to anyone! Just make my friend think that youíre being nice for a night by being her prom date. Our parents canít know we did this. This really is kind of gross and weird. I hope my best friend knows how much I love her. Come lay down brother and letís hurry up and get this over with. Iím sure youíre gonna be fantasizing about this for a long time while Iím gonna be grossed out longer.

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There are no cocks in girls school.

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You can't make me go back to that all girls college dad. I mean, look at me I'm a budding young woman! How can I possible have all these raging hormones and not be able to satisfy my urges with a dick? I know that is the reason you and my mom send me there but I am pleading with you to not make me go back. You're a sexy man and can understand can't you? Yes, I called you sexy. I've always thought you are sexy but it's not like I can just come out and say that to you, at least not until now. Speaking of sexy, I'll bet you have a sexy dick to match that fit body of yours. Can I see it? I want to see your dick. It's been months since I have been able to fool around with a guy. No, I'm not talking about fucking you, I just want to see it and touch it. You understand the desire to be sexual don't you? That's what I crave right now, the desire to play with my sexual side and your cock. Would you be cool with a hand job? I'll do that for you daddy if you promise not to send me back to that horrible girls school. I'll even get naked and show you my pretty pink pussy and firm round ass. You know what else? If you can convince mom not to send me back to that school I will do things for you that she won't do. I'll let you in on a secret. I like to get fucked in the ass. I'll let you fuck me in the ass if you can convince mom to transfer me to a different college no questions asked. I think that is a pretty sweet deal, don't you? For right now I'm going to take care of this cock for you with my soft little hands. Do you like looking at my pretty face while I dirty talk you into cumming for me? Will you give me your cum daddy? Oh, yes! We made a mess didn't we? Thank you for letting me play with you daddy, remember to talk to mom and you will get that special offer sooner than you think.

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There is no one cuter than me.

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You are my fiance's best friend so I know you want his best interests in mind. I also know that guys usually have strippers at their bachelor party. I don't want any skanky strippers at my mans bachelor party and you are going to make sure this doesn't happen. Just so you don't feel left out of a hand job you may have received from one of those skanks, I am going to take care of your cock right now as we plan this party. I trust you won't say a word of this to your best friend and you will make sure there are no chicks at my mans party, besides there aren't any girls out there cuter than me anyway. Do we have a deal?

Brunettes,Step Sister,18-19,Long Hair,All Natural,Piercings

These feelings for you are intense

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What am I to do with these feelings I have? Our parents are getting married which means you and I are related as siblings but I donít see you that way. I am intensely attracted to you but not sure what to do with these feelings! Would our parents get super pissed if we fooled around together? They probably wouldnít understand. Theyíre too old to get it. Why donít we just have a little fun together to satisfy curiosity? We wonít go all the way so itís not that bad if I only play with your dick with my hands. Thatís not too weird, right? Weíre young adults and deserve to have some sexual fun so what you say brother, wanna have fun with me?

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These two girls can't get enough!

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Chloe and Zoey are at it again, on the hunt for older cock. Zoey's stepdad was the first to get his mature dick fondled and his balls drained by these young besties. Now its Chloe's stepdad's turn for some fun. Zoey can hardly contain herself when she learns that Chloe's mom is out of the house and the dad is just downstairs. It's their perfect opportunity to get hold of another mature cock and play as only horny college girls do. They know it would be too great a scandal if they were to go all the way with either dad but what's wrong with a little jerk session? No harm in getting their pretty little hands wrapped around a married man's penis and providing him with some unforeseen pleasure. These two girls know exactly what they're doing with each smile and giggle. They love nothing more than to make an older married man squirm and cum.

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They need my cock!

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Mom had been acting weird all day, like she was embarrassed or hiding something. I couldn't put my finger on it, but I knew better than to ask what was up with her. I was between jobs at the moment, and I didn't want to get on her nerves, so I just pretty much hung out in my room or at my friends place. Her hot friend Zoey came over, and the two of them retreated into my parent's room, laughing like a couple of schoolgirls. I knew something was up. Zoey is pretty much the hottest MILF I know. Not that my mom isn't hot, but Zoey has more of that dark beauty and smoldering eyes that give a hint of how much fun she could be. I have spent many tissues on my mom's hot friend. I was just thinking about rubbing one out to her, when suddenly my mom came into my room wearing a silky, sheer robe and lingerie! Now I KNEW something was up. It was the middle of the day and this is how she was dressed? My first thought was, OMG!! My mom and Zoey were LESBIANS!! But what she began to tell me was even hotter than my fantasy. My mom and her hot friend were actually doing a live webcam show! The kind where some pervert pays them to have sex with each other on the computer. At first I was shocked, but when she told me that she could make a lot of money if they only had a guy's cock, my strongest fantasy was about to become a reality. My mom and Zoey needed a cock, and since I wasn't working and was available pretty much every day, they wanted me to help them with their cam show. She even offered to pay me $20 for 15 minutes of my time, and the chance to have my cock played with by not only the hottest MILF in town, but my own mom! I was nervous when I followed her into the room and saw Zoey wearing a pair of black stockings and a sexy bra and panties. My mom took off her robe and I got a good look at her hot body in stockings and lingerie as well. I could see the computer was on, and someone was watching and stroking his cock. Being watched freaked me out a little bit, but Mom assured me that my face wouldn't be seen. I didn't care, I was about to be stroked off by my fantasy MILFs! Zoey took my cock in her hand first and her strong grip told me that this wasn't the first cock in her skilled hands. She stroked me, while my mom watched and encouraged her. They laughed, and I could tell they liked the size of my rod. In fact, they even hinted that maybe they'd like to do more with me, and that someone would pay a lot if they fucked me! My Dad couldn't ever know about this, my mom told me as she took my cock in her hand and slid it up and down the shaft. They took off their tops for the guy, and my benefit, and kept talking dirty to me while they showed me how horny they were for young meat. I laid there and let them do whatever they wanted to me as they stripped to show me their pussies and asses and make a good show for the lucky bastard on the other end of the computer. Soon, mom and Zoey's pace began to increase as they were getting near the 15 minute mark that the guy paid for. They wrapped both of their hands around my cock and began stroking in unison. The feeling was like nothing I ever felt before as I felt a huge nut ready to blow. They encouraged me to cum for them, and I shot a ribbon of white goo up in the air, nearly hitting mom in the eye! They laughed and praised me for having such a good load for them, and the guy watching seemed to cum at the exact same time and logged off. I think mom is going to be using my cock for a lot more then shopping money.

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This is better than Mom taking care of you.

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I am bored without mom here at home. When does she get back from her trip? She always takes me shopping and on errands with her. I don't feel like there is anything fun to do now that she is gone. What can I do for some fun? I mean, I know you're just my step-dad so you aren't responsible for me but is there something we can do so I'm not so bored? Hmm, you know, I'm taking that sex-ed class and we had to learn about the anatomy of a penis. It might be kind of fun to look at your penis and play with it. Is that ok? Would you like it if I touched your penis and made you feel good? Oh wow, you are actually getting hard for me, I can feel it through your pants. Lie down so you can be more comfortable. Now I am glad that mom is gone so we can have some quality father daughter time. I bet mom has fun with your big daddy dick all the time in here, in your bedroom. This is fun that it's my turn to be in here. I should probably only rub it with my hands and not put my little mouth around it, that way we aren't being too bad, just a little bad. It's not fair that mom gets this big dick every night. From now on will you share your big dick with me when mom isn't around? Maybe I can take you inside my tiny hole. I don't know though, I am really tight and you may stretch me out. I am willing to try some day though. We could have lots of fun together since mom is away so much for business trips. I'm glad I am old enough now to play with you. Eighteen is pretty much a woman isn't it Daddy? You want to see what mom used to look like twenty years ago? Look at my tight naked body. This is what she used to look like. You want my panties around your cock? Wow dad, I didn't know you were kinky like that. Sure, you can have my dainty panties around that big dick of yours while I jerk you off. You can also feel how soft my perfect tits are with the tip of that dick. I'm a perfect C cup unlike moms droopy D cup. Make my perfect tits shine with your cum Daddy. Will you give it to me? Oh, that was so much fun, watching you shoot your hot mess all over me. We have the whole week ahead to play more games like this. No reason for either of us to be bored, anymore.