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Stepmoms panty lesson

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I have the greatest stepmom ever. Not only is she hot, she's also very cool and not like most women her age. The truth is, I've had the hots for her for years, and have sort of developed a fetish for her panties. I used to steal them from the hamper and jack off while smelling them. I loved the feeling of the soft silky fabric rubbing against my dick, and knowing that my mom's pussy was against the material always made me blow the biggest loads. I always made sure to put the panties back in the hamper though, so she didn't catch on that I was wanking in her worn panties. Until today, that is. My mom called me into her room and had a bunch of her panties laid out on the bed in front of her. I was mortified when she told me that she found a pair of her panties stuffed under my mattress. I took them that morning and figured I'd get a good chance to stroke my cock with them later that night. I didn't expect my mom to change my dirty sheets and find them. She was very cool about it though, and told me that it is perfectly OK. She told me that a lot of guys have a panty fetish and get off to the scent of worn women's underwear. I couldn't believe that she wasn't pissed and threatening to tell my dad! Then she dropped a bombshell. She told me that it turned her on, and that she had a fetish as well... for young cock! She said that she really wanted to feel my cock in her hands, and that this gave her the perfect opportunity to do so. My mom took off her panties and handed them to me, and told me that I could smell them while she jerked me off! She wanted to let me feel all sorts of different panties on my penis, so she took my cock out of my pants and began to stroke me with a soft, silky pair to begin with. They felt amazing! She rubbed them over my cock head, and back down again. Here I was, laying in my parents bed with my step-mom sliding her hand up and down my rod. She kept her panties wrapped around the base and began to really crank my cock. The entire time she stroked me, she kept saying the filthiest things about how I was a little panty boy and that I needed my mom to make me cum. I blew a thick load all over her hand, and she wiped it all up with the silky pink panties. She then gave me the panties to keep, and promised me that we could do this again sometime! I'll just have to be more careful the next time I steal a pair of her panties... or will I?

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Stepmoms twisted stroking contest

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I lead such a lazy life. I find a guy with a big heart and a big bank account to match, tell him how much I love him then next thing I know, I'm his wife. It's pretty easy to be taken care of. I mean, why would I want to waste my sexy self on someone who was poor? I want things, lots of things. I like to drive expensive cars and wear cute designer clothes. I find myself often bored though. My husband works long hours to buy me every thing I ask for. He is such a good husband to me and a great Dad to his two boys. Its kind of weird being a step mom to two guys who aren't much younger than me. They are pretty good guys but I do find them looking at me with a little lust sometimes which can be uncomfortable yet enticing. I decided to give them a fun fantasy one day with a generous reward for the winner. We were all sitting around the house when I came up with a fun contest for the two of them. I would jack off both their cocks at the same time and who ever could hold their cum in the longest gets my old BMW. Their dad is buying me a new one soon since my BMW is now almost one year old. This game will satisfy my curiosity of wondering if these guys are hung like their dad, plus it will give us all a bonding experience I think. Their dicks were hard for me even before I pulled them from their pants. I knew they liked me but I didn't think they liked their stepmom this much! I loved having them both in my grip simultaneously. I must admit I would have like to ride them both up my tiny twat. I feel I have to at least save that for their father though. I showed them my tits their dad bought for me. They both stared at me, not saying a word. I was enjoying how much control I had over them. I saw their cocks bounce when I took my panties off and bent over to show them my puffy pussy. I teased them that they may get to fuck my pussy like their dad does sometime. I could tell they were having a hard time holding their load back once I got naked. I decided to really go for the one who's dick was sticking straight up for me. I knew neither of them wanted to give up their cum first since there was a new car for them riding on the line. Secretly I wanted the smaller dick son to win the car because I already had plans in my mind to fuck the larger dick son. I would give up my pussy to his long straight cock everyday if he wants. I think my pussy is a much better prize than my used BMW. I milked the smaller dick of his cum so quickly he probably forgot he was supposed to be holding it back. I salivated at the thought of bouncing my pussy on the supposed loser son. Hell, I should just give the keys right now to the winner so he can go for a drive in his new car while the loser and I fuck like animals in his bedroom while the house is empty. I'm so glad I came up with this fun game for the boys and now I get a big cock and money all from the same family.

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Stepmoms vacation handjob.

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I'm almost too old to be vacationing with my parents but they invited me along last minute on an extended weekend trip to Mexico and I couldn't resist. It's never a guarantee if I'm going to hook up with a girl but with my step-mom around, something fun is sure to happen. No more had we settled in our rooms and had a few minutes at the pool when my step mom and I decided to go back to our rooms to get ready for dinner. My dad was in the lobby getting a rental car set up and my step-mom was putting her make-up on. I couldn't help but stare at her and her perfect lips, wishing they were wrapped around my cock. As my dick began to swell I had to rub it in hopes she would have the same thoughts and sneak a quick hand job in before dad came back to the room. It doesn't take much persuasion because my mom is quite the flirt with me and lives to make me and my dad happy. I waited patiently while she applied her red lipstick, smacked her lips together, I'm sure just to tease me, and then instructed me to the sofa. She looked so pretty in her new vacation dress. I felt like the luckiest guy to be laying there with all her attention on my swollen shaft. With expert hands she applied coconut oil and began what I needed so badly from her, a hand job. There is nothing better than being able to lie back, relax and think of nothing but how deliciously great my cock felt at that moment. With each of her firm strokes my head was being sent to places far from that hotel room couch. Her touch is heavenly. Not only did she stroke my shaft with her hands but she pulled her dress down to get a few good minutes of titty fucking in. We were taking a bold chance here half naked together with my dad only a few floors beneath us in the lobby, we hoped anyway. She was talking so dirty to me to get me to explode for her. She asked if I ever touch myself while listening to her and my dad fucking back home. Of course I do, it's like having live porn in the house except using my imagination to match the sounds they make. I wish I could fuck my step-mom like my dad does. At least I get my cock cranked pretty much whenever I want it, which is not a bad thing at all. She started to ask for all my nasty goo, giving me permission to release any tension I hold thru my dick spit. I gave her all I had, she drained my balls completely. As my head was reeling she reminded me that tonight at dinner we can smile at each other but not to give anything away about the stuff she and I share together. No way am I going to fuck this guaranteed go to.

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Stepsister takes over cock duty

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What guy doesn't like to wrestle around with a cute female? I've been rolling around pretending to be pinned by my step-sister for some time now. She is so naive it's adorable. She actually thinks she is getting the better of me by always winding up on top. Today I couldn't control my cock very well and she found out just why I let her win time and time again. She felt my boner under her sweet little bottom and instead of getting grossed out that I had the hots for my sister, she demanded to see it. She convinced me to go to her bedroom and let her have a look since we were the only ones home. No sooner had she got my dick in her hand and pulled her perfect perky boobs from her shirt when we heard the bedroom door open. Her mom and my step mom stood in supposed shock and the site of her little girl's hand wrapped around her stepsons stiff dick. I had no idea what to do so I just laid still and readied myself for whatever was going to happen next. Instead of some crazy female outburst my mom took a seat on the bed and revealed to her daughter that she has been cranking my cock ever since I started college as a means of stress relief for me. My mom exclaimed she was relieved to see my sister now on my shaft and willing to assume my cock duty. All I know is I couldn't have felt more lucky and relieved that my dad married such an open minded woman and I have the best step sister ever. It was a little harsh having to lie there as the women bantered back and forth about the reasons my dick needs such extensive attention. I wasn't going to give up a free pop that I didn't have to work for so as long as my sister's hand stayed on my dick, I was staying put on the bed. My mom gave my sister explicit instructions on how to take care of my raging boner. She really seemed excited to not have to pay attention to my needs now that my sister was enthusiastically taking over for her. Mom told my sis exactly how to rub it and to ask for my cum. Something about a woman asking me to give her my seed makes my head spin and the desire to spew for her overwhelming. As my balls tucked up in preparation for my ejaculate the girls both got quite the shock when I finally did shoot a thick load from my cock. There was no way I could disappoint two women who asked for my hot mess. Now we could get on with the rest of the evening with mom starting dinner and my sister going back to her studies and me going to my own bedroom for a nice long nap. Ah it's good to have such a fucked up family.

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Stepsister's crotch inspection leads to a boner!

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What happened to you little step brother, did you catch an STD from the skank who lives next door? The way you walk around the house with you hand down your pants scratching yourself one would think you have crabs or something. Has mom seen the way you keep scratching your groin? I'm sure she will want to take you to the Doctor if she sees the way you're going at it. Why don't you let me have a look at your crotch? Maybe I can tell if its just a bug bite or something like that. Go ahead, lie down and take your pants off so I can see your crotch. I'm your step sister, I'm not going to do anything weird. Oh wow! Look at the size of that red mark! Let me see under your boxers if there are any more spots like this. There aren't? we'll from all your scratching this one looks infected. Whoa, what is happening in your underwear? You have a huge hard on brother! I kind of want to see your big cock. Wow! I can hardly fit my hand around your shaft. This is really weird. You're such a pervert wanting me to touch your cock. You had better not say a word to mom about this or I will say you forced yourself on me to touch it. I kind of feel sorry for you with all the scratching and clear discomfort you've been experiencing. I'll rub you out and at least make your cock feel good. Maybe a good hand job will make you forget about the fact that you have a gross sore on your leg. I can't believe I offered to do this for you. Now you want me to undress? Oh geesh, well we've gone this far so why not. I'm not going to fuck you though! I don't want to get my skin near whatever it is on your leg. I'll just jack you off but keep your underwear covering that bite. This is kind of making me horny. You mind if I rub your big dick on my pussy? I want to masturbate myself with your cock. Oh that feels so good. Ok, maybe I should hurry and crank you off before mom or someone catches us being naughty. I want you to cum for me. Doesn't my spit make your cock nice and slippery so I can stroke you off good? Oh wow, you have so much cum and it keeps cumming! You had better go get cleaned up and put something on that gross bite so it doesn't get infected. Bring me some wipes so I can get your goo off my hands, who knows if your spooge has gross germs in it to.

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Stepsisters frilly dress gives her step-brother a boner

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I'm nineteen but look way younger than my age. I like to play dress up still like when I was a really young girl. I haven't outgrown the need to feel lace and chiffon fabric wrapped around my little body. The more lace my dress has the prettier I feel. One of my girlfriends said I should probably start dressing like other girls my own age. I saw a girl in a magazine with half her head shaved and skin tight clothes on. Maybe I should switch to that kind of look but first I want to know what you think. You are my step-brother and since you are a few years older than me I value your opinion. So what do you think big brother? Should I get rid of my long pig tails and shave my head on one side to look like those edgy girls in the celebrity mags? What about my dress, I love the way it feels on me but if I should dress more my age I want you to tell me. What is that? What is happening in your pants? Is that a boner I see? Does that mean you like the way I look exactly as I am right now? Can I see it? I can't help but giggle because you are getting a hard on because of me. Lay down so I can feel it. It feels like someone else really like this dress on me besides me. If you won't tell anyone, I will keep touching it until I make you cum. I may look innocent but I'm not a virgin. You want to know something else? I know you have been stealing my panties. No wonder you like me in my frilly dresses, you probably wonder what panties I am wearing underneath. I want to jack you off big brother. You have probably thought about me doing this with you haven't you? Here I am stroking your thick cock with my little hands. It looks like you enjoy my other hand gently squeezing your balls. Don't you feel naughty having your cock stroked off by your little sister? You are a bad influence but I like it. Do you like how I jack you off? I bet your little sister's hand feels better than your own. Do you want me to stroke it faster for you? Are you gonna make a mess all over my little hands? I want you to . Oh wow! You made my little hands a big gooey mess! Now don't tell Mom or Dad about this or else it wont ever happen again. And you want me to dress up for you and stroke you until you see stars again, right big brother?

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Stop perving on me!

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Ever since your last girlfriend broke up with you you've been totally perving on me. Come on, you're my step-brother. That's gross to have sexual thoughts toward me. Are you so hard up for some dick worship that you have to come to me for it? Fine, I will help you a little bit. I'm not going to fuck you but I will give you a hand job, then you have to leave me alone. Gawd, can't you even pull your own pants down so we can get this over with? Do I have to do everything? You should feel lucky I will even touch your creepy brother cock. I didn't realize you had such a big dick and even bigger ball sack. Do you like them played with? Do you like the way I'm spitting on my hand and jerking you? You know Mom would kill me if she knew I had your cock in my hand. We should probably hurry this up. I'm going to show you my perfectly pale boobs and even tease you with my tiny pink pussy. Watch my boobies bounce as I lean over you and furiously stroke your shaft. You cover my hand in your hot cum but you had better go clean yourself off before Mom gets home!

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Stroke off punishment for a snitch.

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I have had it with your lies and thievery. You are the worst step-brother ever! How could you take the $20 I gave you to keep quiet yet still tell our parents I was out past curfew last night? You've had it in for me ever since your dad married my mom haven't you? I don't know what to do anymore! I don't have enough money to move out on my own yet so I'm stuck here dealing with you. Wait, I know exactly what to do with you. You think you have the power because you have a penis? Think again you lying pervert. I've done some snooping and heard around you are a pervert, and not the cool kind either. You know what I am talking about, the kinky kind who has dirty thoughts about family members, namely me, your sister. I'm on to you. I have the pussy and I have the power. I bet you touch yourself while you think of what my little body looks like naked don't you? I'm going to take care of your perversion right now, lay down!! Look at you in such a vulnerable position. I know guys like you, you're really a sissy boy instead of the macho guy. You cock is getting harder with every slap I give it. I should tell your father what a disgusting dork you are. You won't tell on me ever again because now I own your cock. Your pathetic dick that stands at attention with my every humiliating word. Look at you lying there letting your step sister say such degrading words to you. Not only am I going to stroke out every ounce of your sissy seed, the next time I am fucking a guy I am going to make you watch while you stroke yourself off. I figured you out, you haven't been with a woman have you? That's why you were so up in all my personal business because you have no sex life of your own. You must feel so small right now having to get wanked off by a family member since no self respecting girl would accept what a pervert you are. Have you ever seen a pussy except on your computer screen? Look at my perfect pink sweet slit. It's no wonder you haven't been with a real woman, look at your cock. To fuck your cock would be no more enjoyable than inserting a tampon, and probably just as sexy. I'm going to keep stroking your cock with a steady rhythm. I will tell you when to cum. Listen to my every word and give me your cum when I ask for it. Now! Give it to me! Ha, look at that little load oozing from your cock slit. I won't make you slurp your load today but that plan is in your near future so you better learn to like your own taste. Hello!!!!! Did you hear me? What did you do, go off into some fantasyland in your head? Augh, I've had it with you. Mark my word, things will certainly change around here.

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Stroking Step-Uncle Jack.

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My niece is staying with my wife and I for a couple of weeks while her parents are away. My niece is over 18 and is old enough to take care of herself, but apparently she got caught having a few boys over at the house when her parents were away. My sister is her step-mother and is a bit of a control freak. I personally don't think there's anything wrong with a young adult girl having a guy in her room. I'm a lot more lenient than my sister, which is probably why my niece calls me the "cool uncle". She came to me the other day, and said she wanted to thank me for letting her stay with us. Then, she started asking me if there was any way she could earn some extra money so she could go to the mall... her mom didn't leave her any spending money as punishment. My niece asked me if she could clean, or do the dishes or something to make some extra cash, but we already have a cleaning lady so there's not much I could offer her. That didn't stop my enterprising young niece though. She put her hand on my leg and asked if I was "Sure" that there wasn't anything she could do. Now I was starting to get a little nervous. Here was my young niece suggesting that she was willing to help me out if I helped her out. Her hand traveled further up my leg until she planted it on my stiffening crotch. I had to ask her if she could keep a secret, because at this point I was seriously thinking about taking her up on her offer to give me a handjob! She promised she would, and took my cock out of my pants. She began to stroke me with long slow strokes, using the softest touch on my now fully erect penis. She stroked it up and down and then took off her top to reveal a pair of tight young tits. She even took off her pants and panties and let me feel up her firm round ass! She went back to work on my cock, promising me that the next time she might even use her mouth on my rod... as long as I helped her with some extra spending money. Finally I couldn't take it any longer and shot a load all over my nieces little hand. She's such a sweetheart, she gave me a little kiss before I cleaned up and took her on a little trip to the mall. This will be a fun couple of weeks I think!

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Taking your sperm for science.

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My sister and I are horrible at science. Now we have a project due in class and know we will get a crappy grade like all the other assignments we've tried unless we can turn in something extra special. We are way too hot to be continuously getting such crappy grades in college although I think my sister's idea for this new project will help us finally get an A. All we have to do is gather some sperm so we can look at it under a microscope and report everything we see. We can't ask our step dad for a sample but we can get one from our sissy younger step brother. He is so submissive to anything we want him to do for us that this extraction for science will be a breeze. Hi little pervert brother. We have something we need from you and if you don't give it to us we won't let you lick our feet anymore and we all know how much you like do that don't we? Sit down and let us stroke your cock so we can collect your sperm load for our science project. All you have to do is sit there and let us do all the work so relax. We're sure you jack yourself off a few times a day anyway in between your work and college at night. You won't mind your two nerdy step sisters using your bodily fluids for science will you? Oh wow! You have a really big dick! We'll take turns stroking it until you give us a huge ejaculation to use for our project. You're really lucky we don't make you jerk yourself off because you know we would totally make you do it all by yourself. We figured you would give us a big load for our project if we work it out of you ourselves. You can even see our titties and our perfect bubble butts as incentive to give us your huge load. Do our little hands feel good wrapped around your stiffy? I like the way your cock feels in my hand. We'll both put our hands around your hard cock and jerk it off together. We will even kiss for you because you didn't know but I'm adopted so we can do all sorts of dirty things to each other and it isn't even wrong. Look, we'll show you how we French kiss each other. I think we've showed you enough for you to give us your fat hot load now brother. Cum in our glass specimen dish so we can examine your sperm now. Oh look it squirted all over us! Hurry let's take it over to the microscope so we can see the sperm swim around. You should put your pants on and get out of our room now. We only needed you for your contribution to our science project which with your hot load, we are sure to get an A.