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Stepdaughter caught with a dick in her mouth.

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My wife has a strict rule about her daughter having boys in her room. It's not easy being a stepfather of a 19 year old girl, especially one who looks like my stepdaughter! I came home a little early from work the other day, and heard some noises coming from our daughter's room. I was curious who she had in there, so I peeked through the crack and saw my little girl giving some guy a blowjob! She looked like she really knew what she was doing too. I stood and watched for a minute or so, and saw her take this lucky guy's cock all the way down her throat. I don't know where she learned to do that, but as I was standing there I couldn't help but think that she could teach her mom a thing or two. I have to admit, that watching her deep throat her boyfriend really started to turn me on, and that now I couldn't help but see my little angel in a totally different light. I snuck away from the door and went to the neighborhood bar for a beer, to give them time to get him out of the house, and to rethink what I had just seen. I had to confront her about this, because her mother would not be very happy about a boy being in her room. Plus, I couldn't stop seeing the image of that big cock in her mouth. After about an hour, I went back to the house and saw that she was alone again. I knocked on her door and went in to have a little talk with her. I told her what I saw, and she was rather upset that I had seen her. She actually called me a pervert, and asked if I was jerking off while I watched her. Honestly, she was right. I felt like a pervert, because all I wanted at that point was to feel my daughter's mouth around MY cock. I made her think that I was going to tell her mom, and hinted that the only way she would keep me quiet would be to give me a little of what she was giving her boyfriend. We still had a little while before her mom got back, so I figured this was the time. I was feeling a little buzzed from the beer, so when she told me that she wouldn't blow me, but she would jerk me off if I kept her secret, I jumped at the offer. I lay down on her bed, and my little girl crawled on top of me. She called me a pervert for spying on her, as she unbuckled my belt and began to rub my cock through my pants. I think she was enjoying this actually. She had the chance to not only get me off, but to get one over on her controlling mother. I was as hard as a rock when she pulled down my underwear and wrapped her little hand around my shaft. Even though she told me she wouldn't blow me, she gave my rod a long lick, and looked up at me with a devilish grin. "Is this what you want Daddy?" she asked me. Oh hell yes! She wrapped her lips around the tip of my cock and slid her mouth all the way down to the base. It felt as incredible as I imagined it would! Here I was in my stepdaughter's bed being sucked off by the same girl who used to sit on my lap not that long ago! My daughter was an expert cocksucker, just like I saw her do with her boyfriend. She gladly stripped out of her clothing and showed me her pink pussy. She asked me if I wanted to fuck her, and I think she already knew the answer. I let her tease my cock with her hand and her mouth, as she worked up an enormous load of cum. I felt it building as she increased the speed of her hand pumping up and down my cock. When I couldn't hold out any longer, I shot forth the largest load I ever had in my life. My cum shot out nearly two feet from the tip of my dick, and almost hit her in the eye! She spread the sticky goo around her fingers and looked up at me with a cute dimpled smile and said, "Remember Daddy, If you keep my secret I'll keep yours".

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Stepdaughter takes one for the team.

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I can't believe my favorite band is playing a concert tonight and I may not get to go see them perform! I love this band and bought my ticket months ago with my best girlfriend. Problem is my car is in the shop and she doesn't want to drive her new car downtown for the show. If she doesn't drive, then there is no way I can go or at least I thought such was the case. While I am practically begging her to drive tonight she suggests I ask my step-dad if I can use his car and in exchange I "take one for the team." I had no idea what she was talking about and when she told me I was completely disgusted at her suggestion. What kind of girl offers to give her step dad a hand job just so she can use his car? I'll tell you, a desperate one. I swallowed my pride and walked into my mom and dads bedroom. With the most enthusiasm I could muster, I offered to clean the house, cook dinner, anything in exchange for use of his car. He gave me that keep trying and maybe we can work something out look, yet again, maybe not. Since I saw a glimmer of hope for my cause, I offered the last resort, a hand job. My mom wasn't home, it was just us so now was the time to make my move. I threw it out there like my girl friend said to and he totally took it. I didn't know a hand job was so important to an older guy but I'm glad it is! He quickly laid down and made himself comfortable so I could perform my end of the deal. It helped knowing he has discreetly checked me out more than a few times recently. I think this arrangement is a win -win situation for us both. He was already hard when I pulled his sweatpants down. I had no idea my dad had such a nice big dick, no wonder my mom is super jealous of him around other women. My mom would probably throw me out of the house if she knew I had my hands wrapped around my daddy's dick right now. He agreed this would be our secret arrangement. Now that I've seen the size of his cock I wish I would have thought of something sooner to get my hands on it. I was originally grossed out at the thought of stroking off my step dad but now I want more than just my hands on it. I wanted to make him cum harder than my mom could ever make him. I bet she doesn't even give him hand jobs anymore. Now he feels what a tight grip I have with my hand wrapped around his cock, it won't be long before he will feel how tight my pussy is. I'm sure I can get more out of him than just a borrowed car for the night. If a hand job gets me his car for a night, imagine what my tight young pussy will get me. I can hardly wait to find out but for now I have to focus on helping him cum so I can get going to the concert. I lubed his shaft until it was super slippery and stroked him with such a tight grip, up and down in anticipation of his big hot load. It didn't take long after I called him daddy and asked how he likes his cock stroked that he blew his load all over my hand. I held up my end of the deal. As he looked at me with half dizzy eyes he nodded his head yes, that I could use his car for the night. I like this new found arrangement. I could hardly wait to call my girlfriend and thank her for the suggestion. It doesn't feel like I had to "take one for the team" at all.

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Stepdaughter's sex toy gift.

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I am a pervert. I admit to it. My current wife and I have been married only a few years and my sex drive is still pretty high while hers as gone kaput. What is there left for me to do but watch as much porn as possible and try my best not to stare to much at my wife's daughter who lives with us. It's pretty hard not to notice my step-daughter. She is almost twenty-one yet looks like she is younger, much younger. I have a thing for females in pigtails and my daughter likes to wear her pigtails all the time. This afternoon as I was on my way to the kitchen I heard a slight buzzing noise in my daughter's room. I didn't want to pry but I wanted to make sure all was OK in her bedroom. I opened her door to one of my all time favorite fantasies, my step-daughter in pigtails playing with her pussy. There she was, her legs open wide and the vibrating toy pressed against her pussy. She was in such ecstasy she didn't notice me watching her through the slightly opened door. I watched her long enough to detour myself right into the hall bathroom so I could rub one out. After I shot my jizz into a wad of toilet paper and cleaned myself up, I got a keen idea. I saw various attachments at my favorite sex store that go with that particular vibrator my daughter was pleasuring herself with. I could go buy her one of those attachments in hopes she might let me watch her use her toy a little closer to her than her doorway. I purchased the cute purple color rabbit looking thing, put it in a gift bag and could hardly wait to give it to her. I stood at her door with anticipation yet a little anxiety at what her reaction might be to this gift she was about to receive. She looked a little perplexed yet wasn't repulsed so I took it as a good sign I might get to watch her use it. Sure enough she plugged in her vibrating toy with the new attachment on it and held it to her pink panties. I could already feel my dick swell and move in my pants at the sight of her pleasuring herself with something I bought her. It wasn't too long before she said she felt weird being watched by me. It was fun while it lasted I thought and prepared myself to exit her room so she could continue her masturbation privately. She surprised me with an invitation to lie down on her bed and let her see what I have in my pants since I already got to look at her. She was clearly amused at my hard on, knowing she was the cause of it. When she wrapped her two little hands around my swollen shaft and pumped it, I thought I had to be the luckiest man on earth at that moment. She talked so dirty to me and said all the things I wanted to hear being the old man pervert that I am, or that she says I am. She gave me a better hand job than her mom ever did. The way she focused on my tip was nearly driving me insane. I didn't take my eyes off her tiny titties with those long nipples. She jacked me off with such fervor that my legs were quivering and I'm pretty sure my toes were curled. How could I not give every last drop of my cum to her when she asked repeatedly for it. She asked for a mess on her tiny little hands and she got it. As I lay there in my post cum bliss she reminded me it would totally suck if my wife found out about this, in same breath she asked for my credit card. Looks like this hand job is going to cost a little more than I expected.

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Stepmom is the hottest MILF.

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My Step-mom has the hottest friends. They get together once a week for "Book club" where they basically sit around drinking wine all afternoon and talk about some stupid romance novel or something. They're all super hot MILFs, and I always seem to find some reason to walk through the living room to get a peek at them. They love to flirt and embarrass me, and it really turns me on when they do. The more wine they drink, the flirtier they get. One of them even kissed me in the kitchen while my mom was reading something from a book with the rest of the ladies. My mom is nothing to sneeze at either. She's actually the hottest one of the group, and I heard them teasing her about me more than once. It seems that they all have young boy toys that they play with, and were making fun of her for not having one. Well, when she called me in to her room to talk, I was shocked when she said that her friends said that I had been flirting with THEM. I thought she was mad at me for embarrassing her, but she told me that she was actually concerned that I was thinking about doing something with one of her friends and that I was fixated on older women. She said that she wanted to be a grand mom one day, and that wouldn't happen if I ended up with a Cougar. She said that she wanted to help me get my curiosity about older women out of my system right then and there. She told me to lay down on her bed. She took off her top and let me see her enormous round tits in her sexy bra. My cock was growing as she unzipped my jeans and began to rub me over my underwear. She breathed on my cock and I could feel her hot breath with only the fabric of my shorts between her mouth and my dick. Mom pulled my cock out of the top of my underwear and put her mouth over it, slurping it deep into her mouth. I couldn't believe my luck, here I was getting sucked off by the hottest MILF on the planet - my mom! She stroked it with two hands, twisting her fingers as she milked it. "You're such a good boy," she said and then plunged her mouth over the head again. She took off her bra and slid my cock between her fleshy mounds. "Your dad likes when I do this to him", she said. "How come you never hit on me?" she asked. "Aren't I cougar enough for you?" I think my mom was actually jealous! She continued to suck and slurp on my rod, alternating with her hands. I felt like I could go any minute. "There are other games we can play too," she said. She knelt up above the head of my stiff dick, and pulled her panties to the side. She had an enormous clit and a bush! She took the head of my cock and ran it along her pussy lips. "How about if we play Hide-the-Tip?" she asked. She slipped the first inch of my cock between her velvety soft pussy lips and into her wet hole. All I had to do was thrust my hips upward and I would be fucking my mom! I didn't have time for that, as she kneeled back between my legs and stroked me faster. "I want to taste your cum" she said. She pumped and pumped and finally I exploded in her hand. Mom licked the cum from her fingers and sucked the last remaining drops from my rod. "Now you stop hitting on my girlfriends," she said as she wagged her finger at me. "If you want a cougar, you come to me, and only me. It'll be our secret".

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Stepmom owns my cock in chastity.

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I thought I had my masturbation/sex addiction under control. I live in the college dorms where there is always someone around, not much privacy for me to indulge in my needs. I few weeks ago I was able to get a girl to my room for some fucking time when I got caught by the RA (Resident Assistant). We aren't supposed to have girls in our room. I figured if we didn't moan too loud then no one would even know we were there. I was wrong. The school immediately called my step-mom to let her know I would be suspended from school if I dis-obeyed the college ordinances again. My mom acted pretty calm over the phone when I spoke with her after the Dean was finished basically telling her what a fuck up I am. I was anticipating her to be completely upset with me but she wasn't. I went home the following weekend and found out why my mom didn't sound so upset with me over the phone. She had something awaiting me as my punishment. She had a very disappointed look in her eyes as she explained I was going to wear a chastity as my punishment for getting caught with a girl in my room at school. I saw these things on the internet but hadn't ever seen one up close. I was hesitant and slightly resistant to the idea of my cock being under my mom's complete control. I knew I had done wrong but to take away my main source of pleasure was just cruel. She knows I have a masturbation addiction. I don't tell her much about all the pussies I've fucked cause I think she would be a little jealous. I don't know if its true but there is a slight weirdness to my relationship with my mom. It's something I feel from her. I feel like she wants to control all of life and she does not seem happy when I talk of girls I am hanging with. I feel I have to kind of do as she says since she is the one doling out the money for my car and school. My dad left us a lot of money but all in her name, so I want to keep her happy. I figure this is just her way of making an impact on me but by next week or so the control she feels will wear off and she will take this thing off my cock and forget about putting it back on. I will have my freedom to fuck when I want even if it is just my own hand. I will do anything to get my dick back where it belongs, free balling in my boxer briefs. Only thing is, when she released my cock from its plastic lock box, she seemed a little too happy to be wearing the key around her neck. My suspicions were right, she does have a weirdness toward me. Truth is, I want this. I do want my mom to have complete control of my cock. I do crave for her to release me week after week. To keep her happy, I will do anything.

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Stepmom strokes my fantasy.

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My stepmom has no idea how much I think about her. She probably sees me as just another college kid slacker who holes up in his room all day being anti-social. If she only knew what I've imagined her doing to me in my fantasy she would possibly send me to counseling. She's just a regular mom like many other moms out there except she has something special to her. She wears frumpy clothes and eye glasses that fall down her nose but I see something else when I look at her. I see her hair softly curled and hanging loose to frame her beautiful face. I see her in gorgeous vintage lingerie with stockings and elegant elbow length gloves. She would wear sexy black satin wedges with rhinestone bows to match the bows on her lingerie garter strap. Her lips would be crimson red like a perfect red rose, most important, she would be wearing pearls that hung down in between her still scrumptious middle aged breasts. Ahh... I have blasted my hot cum many a time by my own hand to this fantasy of her. If she could only see herself as I do maybe she might dress up a little more instead of looking like she just got out of yoga class. Oh well, maybe it will just have to be my twisted little fantasy that no one else will ever know about, or will they? She is dressed exactly as I imagined. Here she is in my own bedroom! All her attention is directed to me. She moves her perfect body seductively to show every curve accented in her lingerie. After she gives me quite the visual tease she slowly comes to me and goes right for the bulge that is growing by the second. She tells me how long she has wanted a moment like this to happen, us, alone. I lay there as if I am dreaming but don't want to move in case I should wake up and this isn't real. My cock is in her hands, wrapped in her pearls and cradled by her gloved fingertips. She sucks and strokes my hard on so perfectly well. She tells me how much she loves the feel of my dick in her hands. Before I knew it she was straddling me and asking for my load. She said to give my cum to mommy. This drove me to the point of no return as I let every ounce of hot spunk pump from my swollen member. She milked it until it was dry and then licked the last drop from the tip. My step mom tasting my jizz! I must be day dreaming again,...or am I?

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Stepmom trades one cock for another - yours.

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How long were you standing outside my bedroom door? I can't believe you were perving on me and my special friend. What you saw us doing can't be repeated especially to your father. I love your father but I have certain needs that he doesn't meet and for this I keep special friends. Since you creeped out my friend who was just here by spying on us, now you get to take his place. You're only my step son so it doesn't matter if I use your cock for my pleasure and play toy. It may seem a little strange to you but then so is spying on your step mother. I would think you would be so busy with college girls that you wouldn't have time to hang around the house as much as you do. Do you have a weird thing for older women? Is that why you were looking at me suck my friends cock? I'm not going to suck your cock but let me see it and at least play with it. As I said, I need special friends and these friends all have a cock. I need cock and lots of it. You won't way a word to anyone about me touching your cock will you? I'll make it worth you keeping a secret from your own dad. Something tells me today may not have been the first time you watched me with a lover. I don't mind that you were watching. It turns me on to know you liked what I was doing with my friend. I'm kind of glad my friend left because now I get to bond closer with you. Do you like the way I stroke your cock? Is mommie taking care of it good for you? If you can keep this hand job a secret then in some time I'm going to fuck your cock just like I do my lover's. For now, I want to see you cum. I want to know that you will give your cum to me whenever I ask for it. It is very special for you to give your step-mom your seed. I'm asking for it now. Go ahead and relax while I stroke out every last drop of spunk from your young tight balls. Imagine how good my pussy is going to fuck this cock when you've proven to me you can keep our secret. Oh your cock is so hard in my hand. Look at all that pure white spunk! You're such a good boy for giving me a huge gooey load. Ok, we had better get cleaned up so I can start dinner before you dad gets home. I'm so happy you are my newest special secret friend.

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Stepmom transformation from bitch to MILF

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All my stepmom ever does is bitch, bitch, bitch. She is one of those type A personalities and control freaks who has to have everything done their way. Sometimes, I don't know how my dad deals with her. Just now, for example, I went into the kitchen to see if she was going to be making dinner anytime soon. She was sitting at the table doing her taxes or something, because she looked really stressed out. She had papers scattered all over, and her hair was all messy. She was wearing some ugly pajamas or something, and looked like she just crawled out of bed. All I wanted was some food, and she flipped out on me! She told me that I was old enough to make my own food, and she was my stepmother, not my caretaker. Jeez she can be such a bitch. I'm back in my room now, and just want to rub one out and have a little privacy. What should I think of this time? I'm digging deep into my spank bank and coming up empty. Hmmm, I know - what if my frumpy, bitchy stepmom was a super hot and horny MILF? It's a stretch, I know, but what if? I'm imagining her now, wearing some sexy red lingerie. Her hair is down, and looks really soft and pretty for once! She even has makeup on and has taken off her ugly glasses. My mom is telling me how horny she has been for me, that she's always wanted me. She shows me her pretty pink pussy, and surpise... there's no hair! She begins to finger herself and tells me that she wants my cock. She puts her hand on my underwear and pulls them down, taking my big cock in her hand. I can't believe my mom is actually hot, and is making my cock hard! My mom even begins to suck my dick. She's always wanted to do that, I know. She takes my fat head between her lips and slides her mouth down around the shaft. I'm going to give my mom a big mouthful of cum before this is over. She strokes me and tells me that she wants me to cum all over her face. She tells me that my cock is bigger than my dad, and then asks me if I want to see the pussy that my dad gets to fuck every night. Hell yes! She spreads her pussy lips and starts fucking herself with her fingers. I can hear how wet she is. She keeps fucking her pussy as she jacks my dick, and I begin to feel a huge load build up. My mom gets her face real close to my cock as she palm-fucks my shaft. Just as she's talking, I let it blow and it goes right into her open mouth! I can't believe it, but she actually licks the head and takes even more of my cum into her mouth! Holy fuck, I busted a great big nut in my mom's mouth! Uh oh. What's that noise? OH SHIT!! My mom just walked into my room and caught me jacking off!!! FUCK!! She shut the door quickly, but I know she saw me... I just hope she doesn't realize I was jacking to a fantasy about her!

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Stepmom transforms from maid to super babe.

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I was pretty excited to get out of school early today. Some days college requires to much concentration for me. I was looking forward to going home and laying around in my room until dinner. Ahh, lazy days like these are so much appreciated. I had no more than walked in the house when I saw my stepmom down on all fours washing the slate floor. Sure, I fantasize quite a lot about my stepmom. She has a pretty nice body for her age and she is super cool to me. I have to stretch my imagination when I'm rubbing one out to her though because she always dresses so, how do I say...tacky? I mean I know she is at home all day cleaning and other motherly duties around the house but she doesn't know how to co-ordinate her clothes at all. She throws on whatever happens to be within reach. Not that I mind when she wears her old jean mini skirt but if she could only do something with her hair and wear some lipstick it would sure help my cause when I'm alone in my room frantically trying to pop a load without getting caught. When I saw her today in her usual jean skirt and old layered shirts I immediately started transforming her in my mind to the perfectly poised and sexy mom I want her to be for my cock cranking fantasy. She wouldn't make small talk with me, she would arch her back as she is on all fours so her ass is nice and high then invite me to follow her ever so gracefully as she prepares me for a little motherly love on my young manhood. She would be dressed in a hot pink chemise, which showcases her breasts and curve of her hips. She speaks slow and seductively saying how happy she is to have me home early so she can help relive some of my pent up stress from school. She touches me with her perfectly pedicured feet inside her silky pantyhose. I lay back and watch as she slides her hands down her hose, and plays with herself and watched my dick grow as a result of her titillation. I love when she wears stockings because it makes me think of all that goodness wrapped tightly inside. I feel my worries of the day melt away as she strips her stockings off and her panties so she can slide herself onto my knob. Her moist pussy waxes my knob and my shaft as she slides up and down. When my dick is nice and lubed with her pussy juice she uses those mature hands to stroke me off so damn good. She knelt in front of me so I could see her tits and her bush while she milked the cream from cock. She gave me her silky stockings that she thought said Mommy on them but I haven't the heart to tell her otherwise. It doesn't matter, she wiped my cum with them and told me to smell them later when I hear my dad fucking her in the next room to remind me what she will do for me anytime I want. A tender loving mommy hand job.

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Stepmom wants a boob job

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My step-mom is not much older than I am which makes for moments of awkwardness around the house. I could see myself very easily staring at her a little too long at the most inopportune moment. I like how mature she is for her age and the fact than I get to hear her and my dad go at it like rabbits in the next room. I've beat off many times to her sexual sounds and wished she were making them for me instead of my dad. Lately my dad has been working long hours and I can tell it's affecting my mom. She called me in their bedroom to ask me if I knew why my father was really keeping such long hours. In her mind it absolutely had something to do with the new secretary of his and her gigantic breasts. My mom has small breasts from what I gather by the clothes she wears. I'm personally not a fan of huge breasts and believe more than a mouthful is wasteful. My step-mom began asking me if her breasts were too small. She wondered if she should get a boob job to make my dad show interest in her again. She placed her hands on her tits over her clothes and squished her flesh and caressed herself as she asked what I thought of her breasts. I could feel my dick beginning to swell and hope she wouldn't notice the bulge forming in my pants. She was so caught up in her concern over her breast size and my opinion that before I knew it she had removed her clothing and her bra to reveal her beautiful small breasts to me. My dick immediately swelled to it's capacity and this time she did notice. She also determined it would be to both our benefit to take care of this engorged dick of mine. She asked me to lie down on her bed so she could stroke me off. I didn't hesitate one moment to get my cock cranked by her skilled hands. In my nervousness I somewhat lost my boner but so what if my dad happened to possibly come home from work early and catch me in his bed? My mom was enjoying the fact it was because of her that my cock grew. I wasn't going to stop her from doing something she felt would make her feel better. She exclaimed how much she has always wanted to play with my young cock. I think the combination of my nervousness and that is was my hot step mom's hands on my private parts made my dick a little shy but workable. She patiently stroked and rubbed me to a deeply satisfying orgasm. Soon as I gave her my hot load she giggled and only thing she could manage to say was for me not to tell my daddy. Uh, I'm pretty sure there is no way in hell I would tell my dad his wife cranked my cock in his bed. I may be young and barely legal but I'm not that stupid.