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I know you stay in your room a lot and it concerns me so I want to talk with you a little. If anything I say makes you uncomfortable don't worry, I'm only your stepmother. It's o.k. to tell me what bother's you. I was wondering if you don't have a girlfriend because maybe you have a small penis like your father. Let me tell you all the reasons why having a small penis is a very good thing. First, you must stop watching porn because it will only make you feel bad about your penis size. I have seen a lot of penis in my days and want to show you how to properly make yours feel amazing. Why do you think I married your dad? If your small penis dad can get a hot trophy wife like me then that just proves to you size really does not matter.

Blonde,Big Tits,Jerk Off Instructions,High Heels,Small Penis Encouragement

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Even though I'm not your real mother I can tell something has been bothering you, can we talk? Your father is gone for a while yet so this is the perfect time for us to bond a little better. I happen to know you haven't ever had a girlfriend. You are certainly old enough to have had a few girlfriends by now so what's the problem? Oh you think you have a small penis and are embarrassed of it. I really want to get to know you and help you so you aren't so bummed out all the time. Why don't you show me what you have and I will let you know what I think. Oh my, yes it is quite small isn't it. Hey, it's the perfect size for anal! And you won't ever make a girl gag when she is sucking on you so those are positive things about having a small penis size. Since you showed me your private parts, I'll show you mine and I want you to touch and stroke yourself as you watch me undress. Yes, I am encouraging you to masturbate. You must get familiar with your penis and learn to be grateful for it because someday I know you will find a woman who will love it. How nice is it that you have a penis you can put in any woman's holes and it won't hurt her. Do you like my pink pussy? Keep stroking your penis while you look at mommies big tits and perfect pussy. I want to see you cum for me. Make me proud. Ah! Look at that tiny load! No woman will ever choke on your cum load and that is a very good thing sweetie. I'm so glad we could have this bonding moment together.