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Can I be your good girl for an hour?

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Augh! I hate that your son is always late! I mean, I don't mind that I have to sit here at your house and wait for him to get here, if you don't mind. He just tells me all the time he is leaving in enough time to be where he says he will, and he never is. I am the one who has to sit around trying to figure out what to do. It's nice that you don't mind keeping me company even though I am ranting a little. I do really like your son, he has so many nice qualities. I bet he gets his nice qualities from you, he certainly has your pretty eyes. To tell the truth, I prefer older men than young guys because men your age have their shit together. Men like you plan for things like traffic and time management. Men like you are probably really good in bed to. Hope that I didn't embarrass you. I've been told I'm a bit of a flirt. So how long until your wife gets home from work? Well, I 'm going to be here waiting for your son and your wife won't be here for an hour...Hmmm, wanna have some fun while we wait? You wanna be my older guy for a little bit? Nobody has to know. I'll show you what a good girl I am for older men. I want to play with your cock and make you cum. Usually when I am frustrated I like to play with myself but in this case I will play with you to relieve my frustration. Now that I know what time your wife is at work during the day I can have an excuse to meet your son here more often if you like the way I stroke you today. Don't get me wrong, I still like your son but I think I like you better. You probably last a lot longer in bed to. Now that I have your dick in my hand would you like to see some of my tight body? Does your wife show you her body? That's too bad your wife doesn't show you her pussy. That's why you should have a young fun thing like me on the side. I want to show you my little shaved and wet pussy. Its' wet because I have your mature cock in my hand. Are you having as much fun as I am? Your son would be so mad if he walked in right now and saw his dad's dick in my hand. I don't really care what would happen because right now I want to see your white cum in my hands. Do you think your wife would be mad or happy if she walked in and saw us together? Maybe she would be happy because then you wouldn't bother her for sex anymore. Maybe we could all trade and fuck each other cause she is only your son's step-mom. Your cock keeps getting harder the more I talk dirty to you. I knew you were a pervert like me. Oh yes! Look at all that hot cum shooting from your cock! Did I milk you nice and good? I like that your son was late today because now I want to do this more often with you. You are my new older man crush.

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Can I be your new girlfriend after you divorce my mom?

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I heard you and my mom fighting last night and I wanted to say something important to you. It sounds like you two are getting a divorce, which is a good thing because my mom can be a real bitch. Like how since I am eighteen now I have to go find my own place to live. I certainly don't want to move out and be alone so it got me thinking that I could move out and be with you! It makes perfect sense that I can step into my mom's place and take care of all your needs like she did. She complained about all the things she had to do for you. I won't complain at all. Would you like to know why I won't complain when I take your stuff to the dry cleaners or make you dinner or clean your bathroom? I've had a crush on you ever since you met my mom. Now that I am grown up I can finally do something about all these feelings I have for you. I will be happy to take care of anything you need to have done including taking care of your cock. I can really hardly wait to touch you down there. I've heard you and my mom fucking and it sounds like fun. I want your cock all to myself. I am much more fun than she ever would be. Look at my cute petite body and my soft boobs. My mom's boobs are all stretched out and gross, in my opinion. Wouldn't you rather look at my tight young body and smile everyday than hers? I won't fuck you until we move out together but I will get naked and jack you off to show you how much I want to take care of you. It's satisfying to me to have my hand around a grown man's cock instead of stupid college guys that I am used to being with. Do you like this? Do you like me? I can't even imagine how angry my bitch mom would be if she knew we were in here together. I've wanted this to happen with you for so long. I was glad to hear you two fighting because it gave me my chance to tell you how I feel toward you. Isn't this going to be fun when we move in together? I can't wait to suck and fuck you and be your naughty little girl. I will own your cock, not my mom. You know what else I have fantasized about for a long time? Your hot load on my perky little tits. Come one big daddy, give me that man juice on my titties. Release your juice from this rock hard cock for me. I feel it building up against my tiny little hands. You like these little girl hands all over your big dick don't you? Ah, here it is! All your shiny spooge on my little titties. Isn't that pretty on my titties? I am so much better with your cock than my mom ever was. I can hardly wait to go shopping for our new place together. You do want me to move in and take care of you, don't you daddy?

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Can you adopt me as your real daughter?

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I'm so glad you're home from work my American dad. There is something I want to talk with you about. As you know my college course is ending so that means my time here with your family as my host is ending. I have been thinking about how nice you are to me and how much I want to stay here and not go back to Vietnam. You made such a nice bedroom for me I want to always stay here and be like your own daughter. I was thinking if there is something I can do for you that would make you want to let me stay here with you. You could adopt me so I could really be an official part of your family. I have noticed that you like to stare at me and I can feel some kind of intensity between us. I would like to show you what I can do so you can see I am useful and you will want me to stay. Come over here, lie down and relax for me. Oh daddy I like the clothes you are wearing today but I want to get those sexy pants off you. I also want to take my own clothes off to convince you how much I want to stay here with you. I can make you feel really good like I used to make my boyfriend back in Vietnam feel. I always am curious about American cock. Your penis is probably bigger than any penis I have seen. Your penis is so thick daddy and it is bigger than what I had in Vietnam. Would you like to see the sexy little thong I wore today in hopes of you seeing it? It is really tiny and sexy. I want to be your special sexy girl, all yours. You know what is even cuter than my tiny thong? My little pink slit is under these panties. I'll show you so you can decide if my tiny pink pussy is what you would like to have everyday. Your penis is so big in my little hand. I finally have a big American white cock in my hands. I'll slide my wet mound up and down your shaft but you can't slide it in until you make me an official part of your American family. You can give me your big load of cum without putting your penis inside me. I'm going to stroke your load out of you daddy. I get so jealous when you have sex with the host mom. I want to be your special girl. I want to be the only one you give your cum to. I'll be a good girl for your cum daddy. Oh daddy your cum is so sticky. I'm so happy I can help you relax. Now that I've convinced you to adopt me, you can come in my room anytime.

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Can you handle being my new step-daddy?

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My new step-daughter tries to be such a tough young woman but I can see she is still quite the little girl at heart. It is cute though how she thinks outlining her eyes in black eyeliner will make her look like a little blonde bad ass. Her mom let's her do as she pleases which means she takes a few college courses here and there but mainly stays home and away from the world that she claims just doesn't understand her. Her mom went out for the night so as I retreated to the bedroom for some much anticipated down time I was contemplating ways to get to know my step-daughter better. Seems like she could use a good father figure in her life. Just as I made myself comfortable, she came bursting in my room all shook up from a scary movie she was watching. I wasn't sure what to do for her so I lay there and listened as she rambled on about the movie, wishing her mom was here right now and then the curiousness of my cock size. She says she has never seen her mom so happy and that she can hear our sexcapades from her room next to ours. She says since I am making her mom so happy she wants to do something for me to make me happy. She tells me she wants to follow in her mother's footsteps starting right now with my cock. Before I could protest she asks me lie down so she could examine my dick. She was so eager to get my cock in her grip and her mouth found its way to my shaft like it was attracted by magnetic force. She immediately licked, slurped and sucked my growing shaft as she exclaimed how beautiful it is. I felt slightly guilty for letting my step-daughter blow me on the bed I share with her mother but it was a fleeting feeling as what she was doing to my dick felt to good to stop her. She took off her clothes for me as she displayed her pussy and ass close enough for me to tickle. She moved her pretty lithe body around me as she jacked me off with a steady rhythm and asked for my cum in her mouth. Her mom never lets my cum touch her mouth so this request sent my mind into overdrive and I quickly gave her my hot load to which she lapped up every drop. As soon as she got me off she let her little girl side manifest and asked me to come cuddle her and watch a movie. I don't know what I am going to do with this new step-daughter but so far I think I'm going to suggest my wife go out for the night more often and make sure to put a scary movie on for my new little girl

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Catching him in Panties!

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Rilynn walks in on her step dad prancing about in her mom's pink panties. Quickly she figures out she can offer something of value to him in exchange for her silence. She makes him her private sissy bitch as she teases him while she jacks off his rather large and rock hard cock. Rilynn provides plenty of visual stimulation with her young toned body as she uses her own pretty panties against his stiff shaft. After much stroking and dirty talk she asks for his cum in her moms panties so she can leave the soiled evidence for her mom's own discovery later. First, her dad needs to take her car shopping in exchange for the unexpected yet incredibly fulfilling hand job he just received from his sexy daughter.

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Caught blowing him, the viewer wants a turn!

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It's not easy being the parent of a couple of hormone driven young-uns, but that's exactly what I became when I married my wife, and my son and I moved in with her and her daughter. I sensed from the beginning that there was a little awkward flirtation going on between the new siblings, what else can you expect when you put two horny college kids under the same roof? I never thought that anything would become of it however, I figured that the taboo of being step brother and sister would be enough to keep things under control. Boy, was I wrong. My wife started working opposite shifts from me, and put me in charge of getting all of the household supplies. She gives me a list, and I'm responsible for making sure that the house is fully stocked with enough to feed a family of four. I wrapped things up pretty quickly at the store and headed back home early. The house was strangely quiet when I went in, with no sound of music or television. I thought this was a little strange, so I tip-toed down the hall towards my step-daughter's room to see what was going on. There was a light on and her door was open pretty far... far enough for me to see my son getting a blow job from his sister! I was shocked! I couldn't believe that they were doing that, and I wondered how far they were going? Were they fucking? What was their mom going to say? I watched for a little while, and before I knew it, I felt my cock begin to stir in my pants. I just couldn't help it, I was angry, but I was turned on watching my new daughter take my son's big cock all the way down her throat. Her mom never did that to me. I backed up and decided to pretend I didn't see anything, and I must have bumped into something because suddenly they scrambled to get my son out of his sister's room as quickly as possible. I gave them a few minutes to get their shit together, before deciding that my daughter needed to be talked to about what was happening. I'd spare my son the embarrassment for now, and deal with him later. When I walked into my daughter's bedroom, she was pretending to be asleep at first. She "woke up" and asked what I was doing home so early. I told her that I've been home for a while, and was very curious about what I saw happening on her bed. She acted like she didn't know what I was talking about at first, but soon realized that they were busted. She glanced down and must have seen the raging hard on that was in my pants. "I think you like what you saw", she said. "You know, I could do the same thing for you that I did for him. Just promise not to tell my mom, ok?" My new daughter told me to lay down on her bed and said that she wanted to see if my son takes after me. She slid her hands over my pants and felt my hard cock. "I can't wait to play with yours Dad." She pulled my pants down around my ankles and slipped her hand up inside the leg of my underwear to grab my cock in her little hand. She spit on my cock and started to stroke her hand up and down the shaft, as my cock grew in her hand. "Don't worry Daddy, I won't tell mom. I think I like your cock better than my brothers!" Her double handed stroking technique was driving me crazy. She was much hotter and better at this than her mom is. She was driving me crazy by calling me "Daddy" over and over. Then, she confirmed my worst fears - she was fucking her brother! At night, my son would sneak into her room and fuck his sister in the room right next to ours. While my wife was passed out from her medication, my son was getting all of the action with his hot young girl. She kept stroking, and telling me that I could fuck her too maybe. The thought was dangerous, but made me feel like I wanted to explode. She twisted her hands and pumped them up and down, milking a load from deep within my balls. Before I knew it, two huge shots of cum flew over two feet high out of the tip of my dick. I can't remember coming like that since I was my son's age. I think things around the house are going to be a little awkward from now on.

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Caught in action!

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Its your first day of college. You don't want to be a nervous wreck so you decide to crank out a quickie in your step-mom's bathroom. As you are frantically wanking, your step-mom walks in on you! Awkward! MOM!!! She closes the door to let you finish what you started. Not more than a minute passes when, shes back! What? You want to help me so you can get to the gym? Holy hell, seriously?! My mom is going to help me get a good release so she can get on with her day? Um, ok! I mean shes my step-mom but shes still totally hot, or so my friends say. Wait until I tell them she thinks its best for me to get my nut with her help. I do what a good son should, release my cock into her mature and experienced grip and watch her go to work on my nicely grown up dick. I thought I was just going to get a great hand job but then she surprised me by laying her luscious lips around the tip! She sucks and cranks simultaneously right before my eyes! How am I ever going to concentrate in class today when I have this image of my mom on my pole? After much enthusiastic stroking and sucking she tells me I need to hurry up and cum so we can go. I tried really hard to aim for her tits, the very ones I used to suckle from but in moment of toe curling orgasm I missed and my jizz plopped on to her rug. She was not happy about this but even so, said anytime I needed some relief to ask her. Wow, thanks Mom!

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Caught jacking with her panties.

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My step-sister warned me that you were a little weird but I let you stay here anyway while she and your dad went on vacation. You aren't even here but a few days and I leave to go work out only to come back to my room for something I forgot to find you sprawled out on my bed, half naked, with my dirty panties! Aren't college kids supposed to be out fucking like bunnies, spreading your seed in as many college girl's holes as you can? What kind of kid digs dirty panties from his Aunt's hamper and uses them to jack of his cock? You really are weird. Show me what you were doing when I walked in on you. Here, take my panties and show me what you were doing. Do you like the way those panties feel on your stiff shaft? Is it the thought of my sweet pussy juice dried inside the crotch that turns you on enough to steal them? Your cock is still hard as I am standing here reproving you for being such a perv. My words don't even phase you. Now I am intrigued with your dirty little mind. Maybe I should come over there and finish what you started. Wouldn't the real thing be so much better than you lying there imagining my pussy so close to your cock? Keep jacking your cock while I wrap your balls in my panties and on your dick. I'll do it for you. My panties tight around your shaft as I rub them up and down your rigid shaft. You are so fucked up in the head and I think I like playing with you this way. I was going to go work out but I'll get my work out now by working out your nut from this young hard cock of yours. I'm gonna give you my pretty pink little pussy in your face while I jack you. That's what you wanted isn't it, your Aunt's warm moist spot in your face? Stare at my pretty pussy while I stroke this rock hard cock. I'm going to make you cum all over my dirty panties. I'm not stopping until you give me your hot cum you dirty little panty sniffer. Ah, yes, very good, you made a gooey mess all over my pretty panties. You get to keep them as a souvenir for your time at my house. I'm going to the gym now, while I'm gone I expect you to wash these sheets that your dirty little hairy ass was all over and clean the rest of my house to. Oh yeah, stay the fuck out of my room.

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Caught with my best friends Dad.

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Ever since I turned 18 my parents have loosened the apron strings slightly by letting me come and go as I please. I still have to sneak around a little thought because they don't know I am seeing my best friends Dad. I find older men much more attractive than guys my own age. They are so much better at sex and generally have money to buy me whatever I want. This morning I was sneaking in the patio door after saying goodbye to my sexy older boyfriend when I turned around to see my stupid step- brother looking at me. What a fucken pig laying there watching me kiss my boyfriend goodbye. What do you meant you're going to tell mom and dad I was out all night with my best friends Dad? They won't believe you! So what if you know his whole family! Do you also know that he is going to leave his wife for me? I'm ready to move out of this house and be a grown-up, something you wouldn't understand. Alright, I get that you aren't going to keep quiet about this, so what will it take to shut you up? No! I'm not going to jerk you off. That's gross! Why don't I just give you money instead or take you and your friends to the mall tomorrow. Why can't you be a normal step-brother and just take the money? Jacking you off is not normal! How much have you thought about this? You little perv! It's bad enough were almost the same age but seriously! You're my step-brother! Wanting your sister to do things with your cock is really not normal at all! Ok, ok if a hand job is the only way to keep your mouth shut then let's go to my room and get it over with before mom and dad wake up. I can't believe I have to jack off your cock right now. I think the fact you saw me with an older guy made you all hot and bothered didn't it? How many times have you thought about me touching you this way? You want to see me naked? That wasn't part of the deal but ok, fine. Take a long look cause it's the last time I will be naked in front of you. Have you ever seen a naked girl this close to you? probably not. This is the first time a girl has ever touched your cock isn't it? I can hardly believe you want your sister to stroke you off. Glad you didn't catch my boyfriend fucking me or me sucking him off cause then you would probably want me to do that to you. After I get your disgusting jizz out of your rod, you can forget this ever happened. Come on, hurry up and give me that gross goo! My pussy is just inches away from your dick. Think about how close my pretty pink pussy is to you right now and let go of your load. Ah, that's it! Thank gawd that's over. I kept my end of the deal so now make sure you don't say a word about my older boyfriend to anyone. Ugh, I have to go wash your dick smell from my hands, you still gross me out little brother.


Cheating student gets a cock beating.

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When I got called into my teacher's office, I couldn't help but feel a little nervous. See, it was finals week, and I didn't really have enough time to study for my Biology exam. I crammed as much as I could, but finally realized that if I wanted to pass this class, I would have to resort to other methods. Yes, I cheated. I made a little crib sheet that I tucked into my sleeve and managed to slip underneath my test when I thought my hot teacher wasn't looking. When the buzzer signaled the end of the test, I bolted from class, sure that I had gotten away with it and would be passing Biology after all. So, when I heard my name over the intercom and was told that I had to report to my teacher's office, I broke out in a sweat. I couldn't imagine any reason why I would be signaled out, my teacher never wanted to see me privately before. I have to admit, that my Biology teacher is pretty much the hottest MILF in school. She has luscious blonde hair and a kick-ass body. She wears glasses, and always dresses in tight business-like clothing that is such a turn on. She's very confident, and it has been more than once that I waxed my pole thinking about some extracurricular activities with her. When I walked into her office, she told me to have a seat and proceeded to pull out a small green piece of paper covered in writing. FUCK! I left the room in such a hurry that I totally forgot my cheat sheet! I was so busted. She told me that I could be expelled because of this, and the first thing I thought of was how my parents were going to kill me. She told me that she could have me kicked out of school and my tuition wouldn't be refunded. I was screwed. She gave me two options. First, she said that she could be a bitch, and call my parents to tell them what I did, or she said she could do whatever I told her and let her give me a handjob! My teacher was a sex addict! She got down on the floor between my legs and began to rub my cock through my jeans. She said that I was a naughty boy and deserved naughty things to happen to me! She opened my pants and pulled down my pants and underwear. I couldn't believe the way this was turning out! Once I was sitting there with my cock hanging out, she stood up and began to step on my cock with her sexy heels. She said that she could hurt my cock and make me feel pain if she wanted to because I was a bad student and cheated. I was a little nervous that she was going to bust my balls literally! Fortunately for me, I think she preferred my cock in her hand and not under her heel. She got back down on her knees in front of me and went to work on my rod. She slid her bright red lips down over my shaft and began to suck my dick. I couldn't believe my hot MILF teacher was milking my cock, teaching me a lesson by stroking me off. She said that she wanted my cum all over her pretty face! This chick was crazy! She stripped down to her panties and bra and kept stroking me harder, alternating between her hand and her mouth. She demanded that I cum on her face, her dirty talk was driving me crazy! I wasn't going to be able to hold out much longer, and finally when I felt it ready to blow, she opened her red lips and my hot load shot right in her mouth! She slurped down all of my cum, and berated me for missing a spot on her face. The good thing for me was I wasn't going to be expelled, but the bad thing is I think this crazy bitch teacher owns my dick for the rest of the year!