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A jerk off session to Brooklyn Chase's big titties

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You like big titties, don't you? Brooklyn has some sexy DDs that she knows you want to see. Get out your cock and start jerking it for her. She slides off her bra and you see those fat titties. They look soft and bouncy. Would you like to see them all shiny and slick as you jack off? Brooklyn grabs a bottle of oil and squirts some onto her large boobs. She wishes that your cock were in between those luscious mounds, but for now you have to handle your dick yourself. She continues to rub the oil all over her titties and her pink nipples. As she squeezes her tits together, you imagine how your dick would move between them. Brooklyn is completely turned on knowing how much her big titties turn you on. Watching you stroke off makes her very happy. She jiggles and bounces them for you. Oh, if you could only put your own hands on those tits! She is now ready for you to cum on her tits and she coaxes a hot load right on out of you. Your big load definitely makes Brooklyn very happy.

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A lap dance for my neighbor (with Binky Bangs)

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Your neighbor Binky just got a new job as a dancer and she is still pretty nervous about it. Can she practice a lap dance with you? Yes? Great! Have a seat and get comfortable. Binky gets right to it and even without music, you can see her talent developing. She has a cute ass. She asks if you would spend money on her and you tell her that you definitely would. Now the fun begins as she straddles you and starts to gyrate her hips. Binky shows you her perky tits and you instantly know that she is a good dancer. She can feel the bulge growing in your pants and this makes her feel awesome! She definitely feels confident about her skills. To thank you, she tells you that you can jerk off as she dances for you. You would never turn down such an offer, so you start jacking your dick. Binky bends over and lets you see her ass. You are also looking at her long legs. She has been told that her tips can be really good if she gives hand jobs in the champagne room and you confirm this fact for her. As she encourages you to keep stroking yourself, she asks you where you would like to cum. It is your choice, so you pick her mouth. Binky eagerly takes your entire jizz bomb down her hungry gullet, spilling nary a drop. If she performs like this in the champagne room, you know that she will be making some good money!

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A lap dance with my step daughter Reena

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Your stepdaughter Reena wants to ask your opinion about something because she respects you so much. She just got a new job as a dancer, but you cannot tell her mom! Do you think that Reena is sexy enough to be a dancer? She seems a little overdressed in her green sequin dress, but she looks hot enough. Reena tells you that she has never done a lap dance before and she would like to practice on you. You sit down and she shimmies over to you. Yes, her body is definitely sexy enough to dance. She pulls up her dress and smushes her butt in your lap. Immediately she feels that you approve. With her ass aimed in your direction, she removes her dress and grinds on you. Maybe you should pull your hard dick out and play with it while she dances. You can jerk off to her if you want. It happens that you love a sexy ass and Reena definitely has that. It does not take very long for Reena to take off every stitch of clothing and now she is writhing on the floor in front of you, encouraging you to keep stroking your dick to her. Reena wants to feel your dick on her small titties and you have a feeling that she will make a good living as a dancer. She wiggles her ass as you and she tells you to cum all over her jiggly ass. Your dick empties all over her fat ass and she asks if you want to come to the club to watch her dance tonight.