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Step-brother takes naked pics of his sis.

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Hey there, if you aren't too busy I need a favor. Ok, you know I've been looking for a job for some time now and haven't had much luck, until today. I came across a website that says I can make a lot of money in a short amount of time but I am going to need your help. Don't worry! It's just a modeling agency. I know I don't look like a typical model but this is a special agency and a place where I think I will do really well. It's for Adult themed work. I already researched this agency and they are reputable. They represent a lot of good looking people on their website and I want a chance to do what they do. What I need from you is some sexy pictures to submit to the agency for consideration. You're the only person I know with a professional camera although they don't want me to send photo shopped pictures, they just want nice looking sexy photos. You will help me? Yay! Thank you so much! I already have an outfit ready so let's hurry and do these before our parents get home. You can't say a word to your dad about this or to my mom either. There is no way they would let me get into porn. I promise I will be fine and if anything does get weird, you will be the first one to know. I am looking forward to making lots of money to pay for my own college expenses and get my own apartment. I really appreciate you helping me do this. Don't get weird on me but we have to take some top less pictures so they can see my boobs. Hey, you're trying to look at my pussy! You're being silly, it's good you're only my step-brother and not blood related or else this could be very wrong. Whoa, is that a bulge in your pants? I like that you have a growing cock for me. Real quick, put that camera down and get on the bed close to me. If I am going to make it in porn I had better get used to doing some things I may not have done before, like stroking you off for instance. Come on, it will be good practice for me. We're both over eighteen so it's not completely wrong to be fooling around. It's our raging hormones controlling us right now. Just go with it and relax while I pay attention to nothing but your big beautiful dick. This will give you something to think about while I am in California sucking and fucking all those strange guys. You were my first strange sexual experience and I like it. Am I making your dick feel good brother? I want you to give me all your cum and don't hold any back. Think of how much cock I am going to have stuffing my little pussy as I rub my wetness all over your leg right now. You like watching me move my body back and forth while I stroke you up and down. I'm ready for your hot load to coat my hands and make them sticky. Maybe if I rub my wet mound on your stiffy you will give your cum up quickly. You like that teasing don't you? Oh my god, look at all that sticky cum you gave up! You gave it up on our parent's bed! This is one huge secret that neither of us can tell, to anybody. We're so bad.

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Step-brother, you're a man's man.

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I can't believe I just got dumped via text! What kind of man does that? Not a real man, that's for sure. I have to vent my disgust right now. Thank you so much for coming in my room and listening to me. You're such a kind step-brother. I'm still in shock that my boyfriend, or uh, ex-boyfriend broke up with me by sending a text. What a coward. You would never do that to a girl, would you? Of course not, you are a man with manners. You are the kind of guy that I should be dating, not these immature losers. As a matter of fact, are you dating anyone? You aren't? Well, I'm newly available. You're the kind of guy who treats a girl exactly as she should be treated. Any girl would be proud to call you, her boyfriend, even a girl like me. Would it be completely crazy for me to imagine us together on a more intimate level? Even if it's just to console me through this break-up I could give you something in return. I could do something for you that a girl friend may do. Come here and lie down beside me. There is one thing I can't go without for very long, cock. I have to hold one and stroke it and feel how hard it gets for me. Ohhh, I like that you are already hard for me before I touch you. You must want me as your girlfriend. I need to feel like I have my feminine powers back by pleasuring you until you orgasm. I like to take things slow when I first get a boyfriend. I'll talk dirty to you and show you my taught body but all you can do is look, no touch. I'm the one in control of your cock and say when it gets to go where. I want all the pleasure to be yours today since you have been so nice in sitting here listening to my break up story. I'm going to play with every inch of your perfect penis as I stroke you off. Will you play with my little pink hole while I stroke you? Part my pussy lips with your tongue and tickle your nose with my pubic hair. Do you like my scent? I want you to keep my pussy scent on your mouth and nose for the rest of the day. It will give you something to think about for the rest of the night. Now that I've seen your cock and held it I want it as much as I can get it. I may have to sneak into your room at night while our parents are sleeping. Would you like that? Imagine how good my tight little hole is going to feel slipped on your big perfect dick. I want to see how excited you are for me. Give me your cum and show me how much you want to share yourself with me. Imagine you on top of me tonight and gently sliding yourself into me. You may have to put a sock in my mouth to keep me quiet from the moaning because I'm going to moan a lot from your pole. I want it. I want all of you. I'm a little cum guzzling whore who needs your hot load, pretty please. Explode for me brother. Oh yes, that's it I love seeing you twitch out as you give me your last drop. I can hardly wait to sneak into your room later so you better go clean up and rest up.

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Step-dad's dick is bigger than our step-brother's.

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I'll bet we can get our step brother to do anything we want him to. My sister and I love to get the attention of guys, any guy. We think our new step dad and his son are pretty cute. It's nice to have some men in the house again. Guys are so fun to toy with. You show them a little tits and ass and they will do anything . My sister and I thought we should have some fun with our new younger step brother. He is a mere freshman at our local college and such a cute nerd. We decided we wanted to see his cock. He already proved he is a pervert when he was peaking up my sister's skirt earlier today. This is the perfect way to get him back for trying to get a good look at my sister's ass. I sent her in to his room to sweet talk him into coming in our room for a minute. He really is cute in that skinny nerd emo boy kind of way. After humiliating him for peaking up my sister's skirt I told him to take his cock out of his pants so we could see his size. Not only did he pull his cock out so we could see it but he began jerking himself in front of us! We were getting pretty hot and horny watching him so we took our clothes off as well. This was kind of fun messing around with our new step brother. We had no idea his dad was standing in the hall watching all this go down. We were so embarrassed when we saw him and of course blamed everything he saw on his son. We knew exactly how to smooth things over later that night when we went into our parents bedroom. It's a good thing our mom works long hours as it gave us the perfect opportunity to ensure our new step dad wouldn't say a word of what he saw today. My sister and I were super curious about the who's cock is bigger, our new step dad or our new step brother's. This whole mess today was actually in our favor to have a chance to see what our dad has in his pants. Of course he didn't refuse a hand job from his two hot step daughters in exchange for complete silence of what he saw earlier today. It didn't take him but a minute to lie down on the very bed he and my mom share and let my sister and I take off his pants to work on his big wood. Our dad definitely won in the size department. We let him know how sexy he is and how fucken hot it is that he let us touch his big daddy dick. We worked his wood good with our cute little hands. He got to see our two tight college girls bodies as we stroked every ounce of cum from his balls. We even gave him a full view of our bouncy butts. I felt his cock throb in my hand as I smacked it on my hard ass. I hope our new dad really does keep his mouth shut and not tell our mom anything. I've already told him to come in our bedroom later if he wants to feel two wet tight pussies. Something tells me he is going to have lots of secrets from our mom. Hi little pervert brother. We have something we need from you and if you don't give it to us we won't let you lick our feet anymore and we all know how much you like do that don't we? Sit down and let us stroke your cock so we can collect your sperm load for our science project. All you have to do is sit there and let us do all the work so relax. We're sure you jack yourself off a few times a day anyway in between your work and college at night. You won't mind your two nerdy step sisters using your bodily fluids for science will you? Oh wow! You have a really big dick! We'll take turns stroking it until you give us a huge ejaculation to use for our project. You're really lucky we don't make you jerk yourself off because you know we would totally make you do it all by yourself. We figured you would give us a big load for our project if we work it out of you ourselves. You can even see our titties and our perfect bubble butts as incentive to give us your huge load. Do our little hands feel good wrapped around your stiffy? I like the way your cock feels in my hand. We'll both put our hands around your hard cock and jerk it off together. We will even kiss for you because you didn't know but I'm adopted so we can do all sorts of dirty things to each other and it isn't even wrong. Look, we'll show you how we French kiss each other. I think we've showed you enough for you to give us your fat hot load now brother. Cum in our glass specimen dish so we can examine your sperm now. Oh look it squirted all over us! Hurry let's take it over to the microscope so we can see the sperm swim around. You should put your pants on and get out of our room now. We only needed you for your contribution to our science project which with your hot load, we are sure to get an A.

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Step-daughter wants to jimmy your pipe.

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My step-dad is always complaining about how much money he spends on household repairs. He works hard to take care of me and my mom so I got the idea I could do a little research on the internet and maybe help him with the newest repair problem, his shower. I was sure I could use his biggest wrench and just give the nozzle a few knocks to fix it. All I did was manage to make a mess, of the shower and me. I was so sure I would be able to make him happy by not having to spend money on a plumber. Now he probably has to spend more money because of me. So much for internet plumbing 101 lessons. I feel really bad. I want to make it up to him but I'm not sure how. I obviously can't help in the plumbing department of his shower pipes but maybe I can help him clean out his own pipe. I did notice him looking at me a little different when I was apologizing to him for fucking up his shower. The way he was staring at my tits gave me an idea of just how I could help make him happy. Even though I messed up his other pipe, I was sure I knew how to fix his personal pipe. He didn't hesitate to take me up on my offer to jerk him off. I could tell he wanted my hands on his dick because it was rock hard before I pulled it from his pants. I shot loads of spit on his shaft to make it slippery. I then wrapped my big soft fleshy tits around his cock. I love pleasing my Dads cock. I'll bet my mom hasn't stroked him off in a long time. I want to make my Dad feel better than he has in a long time. I showed him my little shaved pussy and my tiny tight ass. I told him how I finger my pussy when I hear him fucking my mom in the next room. I make my Dad so hard with my dirty mouth. I tease his cock with my perfect cupids mouth but I only kiss his tip. I ask for him to feed me his cum. I'm hungry to taste his goo. I know its going to taste so good in my pretty little mouth. I point his dick right into my face hole and slurp off every last drop of his load. As he enjoyed watching me lick myself clean of his cum I reminded him to call the real plumber before mom gets home.

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Step-daughter's first sex toy gift.

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I have to admit, my Step-dad is quite a sexy older man. Now that I am 18 and grown up with such a womanly body it is going to be hard not to look at him in the way a daughter shouldn't. Guys my age are so immature and seriously dumb. My step Dad is refined and knows just how to make a girl feel special. I wondered what he was going to give me for my birthday present. He usually gives me a separate gift from the one he and my Mom give. Last year he gave me a gift card for a full day shopping spree at my favorite clothing store. I was sure he would give me an even better present this year since I am now legally an adult. He had me close my eyes and led me into the master bedroom. I wasn't sure what I was looking at when I opened my eyes. He said it was a sex toy. I had not ever seen anything like this before! He said I climb on and straddle it like I would a bike. He said the knobs control what kind of ride I would have on the toy. I could hardly wait to try it! I lifted my little jean skirt and spread my legs to carefully lower myself down. I turned on the vibration knob and Oh my gosh... my little pussy instantly became swollen and wet. This toy was the most powerful vibration I have ever felt in between my legs. My mom bought me some dildos and little pocket rocket toys which she gave me this morning before she left for work but none of them even came close to what this feels like. My Dad is the best. He knows exactly how to take care of a young sexually budding girl like me. I should give him a thank you that is equally as great as my new toy. I know I can't fuck him but I am going to make his cock feel better than it has in years. I saw his bulge growing as he watched me pleasure myself on my new gift. I knew the way he watched his little girl on this big sex toy that he was enjoying himself in a way I never expected but always hoped for. I like that his dick grew at the site of my young body. I knew he and my mom have a crappy sex life. I hear her complaining about it to her girlfriends all the time. Now I know why, it's because my Dad really wants to fuck me, not her. Now is my chance to show my Daddy what a grown up girl I am by taking care of his big daddy cock in a way I'm sure my mom has forgotten about. I want to clear his head from all worries as I milk every last drop of cum from his big dick. I want to make him feel so special that he wont even want sex at all with my mom, he will only want it with me. Since he works from home and I only go to college part time I am sure that will leave us with plenty of time at home, alone. This is turning out to be the best birthday ever. I can tell he is in my total control just by looking at my tight young body. I ask him to grab a hold of his stiff cock and rub it for me. I can feel my tight hole becoming moist as I watch him stroke his shaft. I ask if he wants me to take over the stroking. His slightly dirty grin gave me my answer. I had him lie down so I could get a good grip on his daddy dick. I stroked him with great fervor. I loved the feel of his quivering body under mine. I loved the size of his big shaft in my little hand. I love I was giving my dad a hand job on the very bed he and my mom sleep in. I wanted him to know what a dirty girl I will be for him any time he wants. I can hardly wait for the next time we are home alone together because I know he wants to fuck my tight little hole, and I am going to let him. He must have seen this in my eyes because he let out a huge gob of warm goo. It spewed out and glazed my hand. I thanked him again for my birthday present and said with a gleam in my eye that I hoped he knew how truly appreciative I am.

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Step-mom is my Valentines Day lover.

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Happy Valentines Day! I could hardly wait to celebrate Valentines Day with my girlfriend. I bought a box of chocolates for her and was eager to deliver the rest of her gift, my dick. As I was heading out the door I figured I would go say goodbye to my step mom and wish her a good evening. It was a sad sight that I saw, my mom sitting alone all dressed up pretty sipping on a glass of wine and on the verge of heavy tears. My dickhead dad was once again standing her up and choosing to work late rather than come home and celebrate a special evening with her. I felt really bad for wanting to go be with my girlfriend after seeing my sweet step mom so upset. She wanted me to go have fun with my girlfriend and not let her disappointment bring me down. I offered her some Valentine candy hearts I had stuffed in my pocket, which she accepted with awkward grin. I could tell she was ready to cry good and hard so I said my goodbye. I got as far as the front door and turned around with the box of chocolates meant for my girlfriend. I went back into my mom's bedroom and gave them to her instead. My heart was with my mom. She is the one who does so much for me, it didn't feel right leaving her alone just to go get a piece of ass. All it takes is a phone call to get laid anytime I want but I don't think my mom has that same option. Someone has to step up and act like the man around this house so tonight it is I. She sheepishly accepted the chocolates and was quite surprised at my decision to be with her tonight. Being the kind generous woman she is, she knew I was forfeiting sex to stay home so she offered to at least give me a hand job to show her appreciation. I didn't have to think too much about that offer and quickly made myself comfortable on her bed. She had a beautiful red lingerie ensemble on complete with stockings and sexy high heels. My girlfriend doesn't wear anything like this for me. It wasn't too hard a decision to stay home with my mom, look at her. She is definitely what one would call a MILF. Her skilled hands were gonna make my cock feel incredible. Not only did she stoke me beyond belief she was so damn horny she stuck me inside her. My dad is such an idiot for ignoring this sexy slut. She sucked and fucked me! This was turning into one helluva Valentines evening. My mom also introduced me to a stocking foot job and the unbelievable feeling of silk against my shaft. She gave my cock and balls so many sensations I had not experienced before. My head was reeling from her touch and I exploded with a stream of jizz that almost shot past her head! She thanked me for making her night so special and even called my cum shot sexy. I think my mom is the sexiest woman of all and my new mature lover.

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Step-Mom jerks me off again!

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You were caught by surprise when I caught you in action in my bathroom last week. This week you are back for more. I told you if you ever needed some stress relief when you father isn't around that I would help you out with a good ol' cock cranking. You know I work from home on Tuesdays and I'm pretty sure you stayed home from your college class to sit down for something better than a boring lecture. I was more than ready for a break from working so go ahead, have a seat by my desk and let me see that big young dick of yours again. I can hardly wait to get on my knees and pull that stiff shaft out from your underwear. I use my special hand oil to shine that beautiful knob and get right to some two handed stroking. You know I cant just use my hands. I must slurp and suck on this big boner! You love this sloppy dick work as my saliva sprays everywhere as my hands continue to crank you into cumming for me. I even sit back and take off my top so you can see your Step-Moms perfect little pert titties. I see how hard you are for me, How much you cant wait to drip your dick juice all over your Mom's mounds. It doesn't take long before you let out a deep moan as you leave your cream on my chest flesh. After I lick the last bit of semen from the tip of your swollen dick I jokingly tell you that I am going to kiss your father later with my cum stenched mouth from his own son! Who is the dirtiest one in this family? Your cum-hungry step Mom is.

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Step-mom shows off her body before her date.

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It looks like my stepmom is finally ready to start dating again. My pops passed on last year and left the house to her with the stipulation I also get to live here rent free as long as I wish. It seems kind of weird that she keeps his ashes in an urn in what was their bedroom. It's even more weird that she asks me to come in to the bedroom to help her choose which dress she should wear on her first excursion back into the dating world tonight. I mean, my step mom is pretty hot and if there weren't such a bad stigma attached I would definitely try and hit that. How does one go about flirting with their step mom anyway? The only extent I've taken it to is casually being around the bathroom area when she happens to leave the door open so I can watch her in the shower. I'm sure there are plenty of guys who have watched their mom having a shower then ran back to their rooms to rub one out quickly before her shower is finished. Anyway, so here I am watching her try on a couple of really sexy dresses for tonight's date. I think I may have pre-conditioned myself or something but the sight of her almost naked body sends my dick into an insta-boner. I tried fidgeting around in the chair so hopefully she wouldn't notice the bulge in my pants but she did notice, and was eager to do something about it. She said I am a growing man still and its ok to have these urges toward her. It flattered her that I found her attractive. She even told me she found my stash of MILF porn in my bedroom when she was in there earlier this week. She wasn't grossed out at all, in fact she offered her own mommie skills on my cock. She wasted no time in pulling off my jeans and grabbing my rod which was oozing with precum. I helped her out of her dress, which she said she was saving for her date later. She also said if her bedroom door was open later then maybe we could fool around tonight but if it was closed it meant she had a guy in there and for me not to get jealous. It actually turns me on more to think my mom is a slut. Her stepsons cock in her hands right now and maybe in a few hours another cock in her hands and maybe even stuffing her mommie hole. She teased my cock with her clit and showed me all of her nice tight body. She kept saying what a dirty mommie she is for stroking my cock off. I gave her a nice gooey load all over her hands. She got even dirtier as she slurped my spooge from her fingers. Now that we broke the ice with this handjob bonding session she said I can come to her anytime for "talking". I will most certainly be looking down the hall to see if her door is open or closed tonight, and if its closed, well I will be jacking myself off to the sounds of someone fucking my hot mom. Either way it's gonna be a good night.

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Stepdad and I have a dirty secret

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It seems I am always in trouble for something. I don't know why my mom and step-dad think it's necessary for me to go to such a conservative junior college. I try to mix things up a little with my wardrobe choices and next thing I know I am sent home with the threat of suspension. Now, my step-dad wants to talk with me, great. Yeah, I got sent home from school today, again. I was told I was dressed inappropriately. I think I always look good. All my important parts are covered so it's not like I am exposing myself. No, this isn't the outfit I wore to school today. You want to see what I wore? Ok, but only if you promise not to tell my mom. I know you two pay a lot of money to send me to that particular college and my mom would be majorly disappointed if she knew I got in trouble again and almost suspended. Are you sure you want to see the outfit? Alright, I will be right back and then you can see it's not so bad as to get me in trouble. So what do you think? I mean, I know its kind of sexy but I do still have my nerdy glasses on with it. I always feel like a tall nerdy girl and wanted to be sexy for a day at school instead. I know you have noticed when I wear clothes like this at home so I thought I would get attention if I wore this to school but got the wrong attention. Oh my, looks like there is a certain part of you that is paying attention to me right this minute. I see that bulge growing in your pants, dad. Tell you what, if you don't tell mom about me being sent home today I will help you out with that bulge. We will both be part of a secret and both get something good from this whole situation. You just sit back and relax while I strut around a sec and show you every angle of my tight body in this outfit. You like what you see don't you? I like what I see. I like that your dick is hard for me right now and that we are going to do something naughty that we have to keep secret. How do you like it stroked? You want fast and furious or slow and sensual? You don't get this hard for mom do you? If I show you my whole naked body will you raise my allowance? I don't mind showing off my body to you. If you would give me more money I could even do more things for you cock but for right now let's just take care of today's trouble. You want to give me your cum today don't you? I want to see it. Once you cum for me then our deal is sealed and neither of us will say a word about what happened today. Cum for me daddy, go ahead and shoot your load on my pretty hands. Make a mess on my manicure. I want it. Ok, now that you had your release, remember to keep this our secret. I'm going to get cleaned up and you probably should to before my mom gets home so neither of us get in trouble.

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Stepdad becomes my Sugar Daddy.

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I can explain the purchase of those expensive shoes on my credit card statement daddy. You are such a generous dad for giving me a credit card for my college expenses and I swear to you these shoes were needed for my education experience, I promise. If I could show them to you, you would understand but you don't want to see my expensive shoes, do you? You do want to see them? Ok, I brought them home with me this weekend so hang on and I will go get them. See! Aren't they the sexiest pump you've ever laid eyes on? Now you understand why I absolutely had to have them! I know mom never wears anything this sexy so she would never comprehend why I bought these with the credit card you gave me for school expenses. Let's not tell her about this, ok? It seems you are really enjoying looking at my long legs and sexy feet in these pumps. I have a proposition for you dad. It's a good thing you're only my step daddy otherwise what I am about to say would be completely out of the question. How about if I take care of that tent pole you're pitching in your pants and you let me buy anything I desire so long as it's sexy and meets your approval. Instead of being just my step dad you can also be my very own sugar daddy. I know you're curious to see my young tight pussy and my perky young boobs. You must be tired of looking at my mom's stretched out body. I know men need new stimulation in their lives, especially married men. Come over to your bed and let me show you how well I can care for your cock. If mom knew we were on your bed together like this she would be so incredibly upset. We don't care about her feelings right now do we? We only care about your cock and making it feel the best that it can. If you buy me enough things and pamper me in any way I ask I will let this big cock of yours penetrate my tight pink pussy. Can you see how fresh my tiny pussy looks? Oh your cock just throbbed in my hand. You really need this cock taken care of don't you daddy? This was perfect timing for me to buy these expensive shoes and for you to find out because now we know what more we can be for each other. I want to be your good girl and I know you want to treat me like the princess I am. No one has to ever know about what arrangement we have. Come on daddy, give your new pretty princess of your manhood a big load. I need to feel your hot cum in my hands. Unload your nuts for me and think of how happy your cock will always be now. Mmm, that was a huge load and now it's time to take me shopping for a huge charge on my princess pass card.