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You have me figured out.

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Its me again, here in my nightie looking for you know what. Your dad took that certain pill but he fell fast asleep soon after. You know I only married him for his money. Its a bonus to the marriage that you still live at home. We are close to the same age and I sometimes wish you were the one well off financially so you and I could be together. It seems as though this little arrangement benefits us both for the time being. Come on, let me see that cock I love so much. I need my fix before bedtime. I need to be sexual to feel alive. Your dad takes such great care of the bills but he doesn't take such good care of my sexual needs. This wont take but a few minutes to satisfy my simple sexual perversion of watching you stroke yourself.

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You have to give me a baby.

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Looks like it's just us in the house for a few days. Your dad took off for a business trip. This is the perfect time to talk with you about a recent discovery I had regarding your father. I found a bill from a Dr. in your dads mail that he was being charged for having a vasectomy, a vasectomy! He knows how badly I want to have a baby of my own. I've had a good time being a step mother to you but I really would like to have my own baby. Since your dad fixed himself so he can't give me a baby I figure your DNA matches his so you can be the one to give me a baby and I will just say I got pregnant before your dad had his little surgery. We have to have sex as many times as possible while he is gone on this business trip. I am feeling fertile right now and craving cock. It's a good thing you're in college now and know what to do with a woman's pussy. Oh yes, your cock feels amazing. Make sure you don't pull out when you cum. You need to make mommie pregnant. I feel you so deep inside me. Fill me with all your hot seed. No one ever has to know we fucked and that is how I got knocked up. You did such a good job sweetie. I felt your hot load shoot deep inside me. I'm going to go take a nap now and envision all your cum staying inside me so my belly can grown big with your baby.

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You have to stop stealing my worn panties!

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I'm not sure what to think about finding my worn panties under your pillow. You have some explaining to do. They have been missing for at least a week when I noticed they didn't come through the wash. I am guessing you have been smelling them while your masturbate yourself. I am sympathetic to your situation and figured a solution without letting your father know you've been perving on your stepmothers lingerie. I understand you're eighteen and have crazy raging hormones and are in between girlfriends. So what I'm going to do is hump your pillow you rest your head on to sleep. I'm going to put my scent all over this pillow so you have plenty of me on here to stroke yourself at least for a week. You can take your pillow now and go back to your own room. Do with it what you need to do and stop stealing my underwear!

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You know I do not wear panties.

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I suppose you walked in at the most opportune time didn't you? You had to catch a nice glimpse of my plump ass as I was standing up here on the kitchen counter. I don't like to wear panties because they make those lines under my tight dress. You probably never saw what was under my dress before so I understand about that bulge in your jeans. Oh yes, I addressed that throbbing bulge. No need to be shy about it. I am kind of flattered to have such a reaction from a young guy. I know you must see plenty of hot ass walking all over that college campus. So what should we do about your situation? Your father isn't due home from work for a few minutes which should be just enough time for a young buck like you to work a hot load out of those fully loaded balls. Go ahead and stroke that young meat stick while your horny step mama gives you a sexy show.

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You must be spanked!

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We need to have a talk. I got my credit card statement which shows a charge that I know I did not make. My only conclusion is you took my card and went to the sex shop with it. How dare you steal my credit card and go to a sex store! I don't know what your real mother would do but I believe in hard spankings. Get over here across my lap and take your punishment for stealing. I should give you a good thirty whacks. Oh gross, what is that? Do you have an erection from me spanking you? You do! This is unacceptable. Now you need to take off your pants for me and receive the rest of your punishment. Put that disgusting erection between my thighs so you can lie down flat. You disgust me in every way. I hope your ass breaks open and bleeds. You deserve some pain for your inappropriate behavior. Oh god, what did you just do? Get up, get up! You just ejaculated on my lap! I can't even stand to look at you now. Go to your room and get out of my site. No campus parties for you this weekend mister.

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You need to get to class.

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How many times do I have to come get you out of bed to make you get to college? Your so lucky to still live at home while you're in school. The thing is I don't want you living here forever so I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get your ass out of bed and in class. I'm not kidding when I say whatever it takes. This is going to involve your hard cock so I suggest you pay attention.

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You never look me in the eyes.

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Yet again an instance where I try to accomplish something harmless, only to catch you staring at my chest. I cant blame you really. You must be a boob man like your father. I do have quite a lovely set of breasts don't I? Maybe its just time we clear the air a little and get your curiousness out. No sense in you being near me perpetually frustrated that you cant get a full sighting of my huge tits. Go ahead, you grab hold of your semi-swollen cock while I tell you exactly how to jerk it.

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You perverted punk!

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Those college girls who tease but don't put out have got your junk all wound up tight. You can't help but keep spying on your stacked step mom while home for the weekend from school. She happened to mention her best friend, who also has quite the pair of melons would be over today for some quality girl time. Why risk only seeing one pair of big tits when you can see two for some spank bank material? There you are hiding in the bushes while those busty MILF's drone on about nothing. Thank goodness they are topless and the stirring in your trunks is about to get a huge release. Oh shit! They caught you eyeballing their fun bags and want you to go talk with them. What could they possibly say? You didn't expect them to demand that you complete that task on your sex stick while they watch. Go ahead, jerk it while these two mature yet very horny women direct your every stroke on that cock of yours. They want to see how big a college guys load is on those gigantic boobs.

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You should be ashamed.

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I know it's weird I am your step mom and we're close to the same age. You have figured out by now I married your father for his money and he married me for my looks. What I didn't expect is you stealing my panties which tells me you're also attracted to my looks. Did you think I wouldn't find my panties at some point? I would like to watch you while you show me what you did while sniffing my scent. Go ahead, don't be shy. This is as much fun for me as it is for you.

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You should clean your messes.

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How could you or why did you leave such a filthy mess on my kitchen floor? I know your real mother wasn't such a fan of keeping a clean house but I am! Just because you're in college doesn't mean you're too old to clean up after yourself in this house so get down there and clean your muddy mess. I'm waiting. What is taking so long down there? Oh, I think I see what the problem is. You have a raging boner in your pants from peaking up my skirt. What a little pervert you are! If it will help speed things along then why don't I be a good sport and help you get rid of that nasty nuisance. Go ahead and pull that annoying cock from your pants and stroke it while I have a little fun teasing you. Is it my feet in these heels that turned you on so, or my long lithe legs that disappear into this business skirt? I confess I planted the dirt there in hopes of getting this reaction from you. I know you didn't make that mess but you're going to make a different mess for me aren't you? Look at my beautiful feet as you stroke that cock. In fact, I want your hot load all over my feet. Hurry before your dad comes home. Yes, fuck my feet! That's it, now I'll have a tasty snack by cleaning my feet with my tongue. Next time I'll plant some mud to keep it really dirty in this house.