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Step Mom nurses my cock back to health.

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I'm so bummed. I had to spend the weekend in bed with the flu while the rest of my family went on a ski trip. I shouldn't be to upset because I wasn't completely alone in the house, my stepmom stayed home to care for me. I couldn't ask for a better stepmom, not only is she really sweet she is as equally sexy. Just like she always does when someone is sick in the house, she made her special chicken soup and brought me a bowl in bed. She spoon fed me and then noticed I really did not look so well and suggested she take my temperature, anally. That's when things got a little awkward an uncomfortable. I really did not feel like being probed for a temperature reading but she said all she could find in the house was an anal thermometer. Like the wonderful woman she is, she came prepared with sterile gloves and lube. She made is sound so clinical and quick that I let her remove my underwear but I did cover my junk. She got straight to business, putting on the gloves, applying lube on my balloon knot and gently inserting the thermometer. I couldn't stop my dick from bouncing around a little at the realization her hands were so near my sick but horny cock. She noticed my initial shyness which gave way to an engorged penis, she even called it a boner. Her tone completely changed when she realized it wasn't the thermometer in my ass that was causing my dick to engorge, it was her. She gently rubbed along my shaft with her gloved hand and remarked my dick was larger than my dads. I'm not sure I needed to know this but if I think what's going to happen is really going to happen then I don't care what she says about my cock so long as she milks every last drop of cum from it, which she does. She removes the examination gloves , applies lube to my dick and gives me probably the best hand job I have ever had. I'm only twenty years old so its not like I've had a huge amount of hand jobs but really, this woman know how to treat a cock. She showed me her perfect tits as she jacked me off with her warm loving hands. She twisted and cranked some pre-cum which she seemed pretty proud of and showed it to me. She wrapped her legs tightly around my body and gripped both my body and cock until she stroked a much needed release from my dick. Like the generous person she is, she let me know if I needed the same treatment tomorrow then she would be here to give it to me. She also said she wouldn't have to take my temperature again because she could see I was feeling better already. Thanks mom.

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Step Mom teaches virgin to give a handjob.

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I have such a hot and sexy boyfriend. I really love him and would do anything for him, except give up my virginity. I don't think I am ready to do that. We were making out pretty heavy in my bedroom and I was again feeling the pressure to go all the way. The only thing I could think to do is go next door to my mom's bedroom and ask her advice. My mom is pretty smart about most everything and sure to give me the best answer to this dilemma. I want to keep my boyfriend and I also want to keep my virginity. She did present a solution that I think will be the best for all three of us. She said people our age, college age have raging hormones but guys have it even worse than girls. She said guys just basically need to cum and they don't generally care how. They just want that release. She suggested I give him a hand job to show him I care about his release and yet enables me to keep my virginity. Problem is I don't know how to give a hand job. I have such a great mom, she offered to show me how to give my boyfriend a hand job! If it was ok with him of course. He agreed quickly and we made our way to my mom's room. She asked him to start stroking himself so we could see how he likes to be rubbed. We were looking for his stroking rhythm. She directed me exactly how to make my boyfriend feel good enough to forget about my pussy. I started stroking nice and slow with my saliva spit on him to make his dick slippery. She told me a trick to a hand job that I didn't even know, which is to massage the base around the balls. She says his sensations travel all the way inside his body not just in his penis. I don't know of any other mom that would be able to teach her daughter how to give a hand job with her daughter's boyfriend. My mom showed me how to give such a great hand job that my boyfriend's cock was as hard as I think a cock can possibly get. I stroked it fast and slow, from the base to the tip. I teased the tip with my soft hand before going back down the shaft again. I was eager to see my boyfriends cum as I hadn't seen any guy ejaculate. My mom instructed me to take off my clothes so my guy could see my naked body as I worked his cock. My mom totally surprised me by taking off her dress! Here we were both naked for my boyfriend's ultimate pleasure. My boyfriend must have liked what he was seeing because he started to leak what my mom called, pre-cum. She said it meant I was doing a good job. She had me put both of my hands on his big dick as I stroked his with a tight grip to get him to ejaculate. As I inspected the sticky goo on my hands my mom said he probably was still cumming so she took over his cock and continued to stroke it which gave my boyfriend goose bumps. She said to keep his orgasm going as long as possible. I thanked her for her incredible instruction and she actually thanked me for letting her teach me how to give a hand job! I think she is totally tickled that I made it to college and am still a virgin. Now that I have these hand job skills let's see how much longer I am able to keep my special box closed and wrapped up nice and tight.

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Step Mom's feet make me hard

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My mom works hard. She's actually my Dad's second wife, but she's always been Mom to me. Sometimes when Dad's not around, she'll ask me to rub her feet for her. I never protest when she asks, because my mom is a certified MILF and has some of the sexiest legs and feet I've ever seen. I never really thought that I had a foot fetish, but every time I get my mom's sweaty, stocking covered feet in my hands, my cock begins to grow. I can smell the musky scent from her hot soles and it sends an electrical shock down to my cock and jump-starts it to life. The other day she came home from work early and was dressed in her office clothes. She was wearing a pair of thigh high black stockings that were sheer so I could see all of her toes in perfect detail. She called me into her room and asked me to rub her feet for her while she lay on her bed. Mom lay back on some pillow and put her feet in my hands. They were hot and sweaty and very ripe, and smelled delicious! Each time I rubbed her soles, she let out a moan and parted her legs just a little so I could see her blue panties and her creamy inner thighs. She told me that my Dad never rubbed her feet any more, I certainly didn't mind doing it for her! I was drifting into fantasy when suddenly my mom asked me if that was a bulge in my pants! She saw my stiff cock, and knew that she was turning me on. "I think I might have to replace my Dad with you" she said. She asked me if I was peeking up her skirt, and rubbed her fingers over the crotch of her panties. "Look at that, you're getting nice and horny", she said "What a good boy you are. Come lay next to me on the bed and let me see that bulge you have for me." She rubbed her feet over my crotch, teasing me with her toes and soles. The entire time, she kept taunting me about how turned on I was getting. She put her feet up at my nose and told me to smell her feet . "Do you want to show mom your cock?" she asked. "You're making me nice and horny too" she purred, as she pulled down my pants and underwear. My cock was fully engorged, and she began to give me a foot job with her silky stockings covered feet. She leaned forward and spit on my swollen shaft and began to pump her hand up and down as she masturbated me. She kept talking to me the entire time, telling me that I was making her panties wet, and praising me for having such a hard cock for Mommie. "I think you've jacked off to me before, haven't you? You're a bad boy," she teased. She took off her top and let me see her huge D cup tits. The look in her eyes was pure lust, as she told me that she wanted me to squirt my cum on her, and that I was such a good son for being hard for her. "Cum for Mommie like a good boy", she moaned, while her hand pumped up and down. I shot a load that blasted at least 3 feet in the air! I have the hottest and horniest step-mom in town I think, and now I will never look at giving a foot rub in the same way.

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Step Mothers stroking lesson

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Your step mom figured you you've been sneaking into her room and stealing her panties for your masturbation material. You left some DNA on the crotch. Oops. Now she calls you in her room to get you to fess up. For some reason she doesn't thing you are "doing it" the right way so she proceeds to tell you she feels its her duty to school you in the proper ways of self gratification. You don't know whether to be nervous or excited. Since you are an obedient son, you do as she says. You remove your sweat pants and lay back on her bed. Legs spread, you are eager to continue the lesson. She gets your cock lubed for you and from the tip down around your nut sack. Not only is she warming up your growing shaft but she pulls her juicy pale tits out for your viewing pleasure. She even shows you a glimpse of her perfect pink pussy. Her hands aren't the only part of her body that's going to wrap around you stiff shaft. She pulls her titties out and engulf your dick in between them. Oh wow! You haven't ever had titties on your dick before and hers are epic. They are so fleshy and warm. You don't know where she keeps getting her spit from but she has plenty of it to keep your cock nice and wet. Mommie really does know best as she squeezes a hot load from you. Oh yeah, cum for Mommie! She says you cum just like your Dad does. You shot so hard you frosted her face! She was so proud of you as she plays with your cum on her hands she says, "very nice". Maybe Mom has some lessons on fucking next?

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Step sister humps her pillow.

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What do you care if I'm dressed like this? I'm having a sleep over with my girlfriends tonight so we always dress up cute. Gross! Why are you asking me if I sleep with boys? I don't do anything with boys. If I get that urge that I need to rub my pussy on something I just hump my soft fuzzy pillow. You want to watch me hump my pillow? No way, that's silly. You don't believe I can get myself off my rubbing on my pillow, fine then, I'll show you. See, I just do this until I feel wet in my panties and I get goose bumps. Hey, you're getting a bulge in your pants! You know, just because I'm a virgin doesn't mean I don't know what to do with a cock. Come over her and I will show you. Our parents aren't home and we aren't even blood related so it's not a bad thing if I touch your cock. I'll show you what a virgin pussy looks like while I rub your dick for you. Do you like the way I am touching you? I'll touch you every day after school if you want me to. College is so boring isn't it? We can do this every day and have something to look forward to. Oh you want to watch me hump the pillow again? It turns me on to have you watch. I love to feel my fuzzy pillow on my butt. I have an idea, why don't I rub my little tight pussy on you instead of my pillow. Your skin feels so warm and manly against my soft skin. I like this much better than my pillow. I wonder what it would feel like to bounce my pussy on your cock. I can't stick it in because I want to stay a virgin but we can play against the outside of my hole. I can hardly wait to make you cum. I want to see your thick white cum and maybe next time we play I can swallow it. Oh I feel you cock letting go of your cum! Now, since your cock is taken care of for today you can't come perving on my girlfriends tonight, you aren't invited. We had better get cleaned up before our parents get here. I don't feel like such a virgin anymore thanks to you big brother.

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Step Sister strokes while girlfriend sleeps.

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Hey, I'm not kidding right now. You need to come get your girlfriend out of my bed so I can go to sleep. Did she take something to make her zonk out or what? No matter what I say or do she won't wake up. You have such horrible taste in girls just like your dad that is until he married my mom. My mom is the best thing to happen to your dad but you can't tell me this girl is the best thing to happen to you. Look at her just laying there totally oblivious to anyone around her. I can say anything and she doesn't even move. Watch, "Hey, I'm going to give your boyfriend a hand job so you had better wake up!" See? Nothing. I know she is the super jealous type. It would be hilarious if I was cranking your cock and she woke up and caught us in action. It would be all her fault for putting us in this predicament. Go ahead and lie down and let's see what happens. I bet you never thought your step sister would be touching your cock and for sure not next to your girlfriend. It's not like you're my real brother so this isn't wrong. It's more out of curiosity that I am doing this with her lying there. I want her to wake up and catch me touching your big dick. She is so jealous and possessive of you, this is the perfect way to get her back for falling asleep where she doesn't belong. I'll bet I give a better hand job than your girlfriend because what we're doing is naughty, worse than anything you two do together because we're kind of related. I wish she would wake up and see me naked with my pussy so close to your big cock. It would be so easy to accidently slip your dick in my slit. I may be a naughty girl but I do have boundaries. Fucking my step brother would be a little too wrong. Since we're in such a compromising position, why don't you tell me all the dirty things you want to do to my tight little body. I know you think about sex all the time, why guy doesn't? I can't believe we live in the same house and haven't fooled around before this. What would happen if your girlfriend wakes up right as you give me your cum? She would be so mad that you gave your sister your cum. She is so possessive I'm sure she doesn't even like you to jack yourself off. She probably wants all your cum. Oh wow! You just spooged! I don't want to get in trouble so I'm going to wipe your sticky mess all over her and take off. You tell her what you want about why your cum is stuck on her. Thanks bro, that was fun!

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Step sister's sweet revenge

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My step-sister and I have always had a pretty good relationship. We talk about most everything easily except one thing. A long time ago I made her be part of one of my sick fantasies while I jerked my cock nearby. I didn't harm her at all, it wasn't like that. All I did was convince her we were going to play a fun game and had her undress to her panties and stand against a tree in our back yard. I then tied her to the tree and left her standing there for oh, about half an hour while I went inside the house and looked at her through a window while jerking my cock to pop. As soon as I released I went out and released her. She was a little creeped out and said she didn't want to play that game anymore. I've been wondering when she was going to bring this incident up now that we're adults. She called me over today to say there was something important to talk about, maybe today is the day to finally get her grown up perspective of that game we played long ago. Sure enough as soon as I was in her bedroom to talk she brought up that tree game and said she now has fantasies involving being tied up as well as being the one who ties up. She thought it only fair that after all these years, I get to experience what it was like. She even figured out what it was I was doing when I left her there at the tree. She says we're going to play that game again only this time I get to be the one tied up and she is going to jerk off my cock while I lie here helpless. My cock was already semi hard just from her talking about what she was going to do to me. It wasn't until she had me tied and brought out some crazy toys that I began to get nervous. My dick shrank and I became slightly anxious and wanted to end this game before it continued. My sister wasn't going to have any of that. She berated me for leaving her alone all those years ago and jerked furiously on my dick. It didn't hurt what she was doing to me in fact it made me rock hard. She was kind enough after a little pain was inflicted to show me her pretty pussy as she held my cock tight in her grip. She stroked me so fucken good with her strong hand, faster then slower and also teased the tip which made me squirm. I loved her filthy talk as she jacked me off. She asked for me cum all over her which made me spew my spooge quickly. I thought she was ready to let the past be buried until she smeared my cum all over me and announced she was leaving me to lay there in it, all alone. She wasn't joking as I heard her shut her bedroom door and here I am, all alone, tied to her bed. At least she didn't leave me with blue balls so she must still love me if just a little bit.

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Step Son, I need some nudie pix.

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Honey, do you think you can help your mom for a minute? I've joined one of those online dating sites and I need some pictures to post. I really do need to get back into the dating world. You father has been gone for quite some time and its' been just you and me but I do need to be in company closer to my age, don't you think? This won't take long. I need some nice pictures of my face that make me look bright and happy and then maybe some more risque pictures like I have seen other women post on their profiles. Is it to creepy if I ask you to take pictures of me that show off my body? I don't want to make you uncomfortable. I really appreciate you helping me with this. Wait a sec, is that what I think it is? Son, are you getting an erection from seeing my body? I thought I was being creepy by posing seductively in front of you but actually you are enjoying this! Oh my, I am very flattered you find me attractive that way. I thought if you had to look at your mom in her lingerie it would make you grossed out. Well, so what shall we do about this? I think you took enough pictures of me to be able to use on my profile, but what about you? I can't cause you to have an erection then just let you walk away with it. Why don't you let me rub one out for you to say thanks for taking pictures of me. Come on, I need to start being sexual again anyway and what better place to start than in the comfort of my own home? Lay down on the sofa so you can get comfortable and let mom show you some mature sex skills that have gone un used for way to long. Ah, your cock is so nice! Can I taste it? Oh you taste so good and clean. I had no idea your penis is so big and straight! I haven't had sex since your father and really feel the ache in my groin to place your big dick inside me. I feel like I need to. We don't have to tell anyone about this ok? Who knew we were so attracted to each other? It's ok isn't it to want to make someone you love feel good sexually? I can't help that you are my step-son and I want to feel you inside me. It looks like you want this to. Do you like everything I am doing to your cock? Nice long slow strokes with my warm soft hands. Would you like it if I decided not to date anyone and just stayed home with you? I could take care of any needs you have. It would just be you and me like it has been except I am available for you your beautiful cock anytime you need me. Do you like that thought? I will do it for you. Are you ready to give me your cum? Don't be afraid to relax and let go of all your cum for me. This takes our relationship to a deeper place doesn't it? I am so glad you want this as much as I do. What a dirty secret you and I have. As I lick your cum from your dick, it means we are bonded together even more now. No dates for mommie, just you.

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Step-brother has a pantyhose fetish

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I need your opinion on something. You know I got the job at that fancy law firm but they have a dress code I am not too happy about. I have to wear stupid pantyhose under my skirts. If I have to wear tight uncomfortable pantyhose I am at least going to wear a cute outfit that shows my body. I don't want to be a frumpy office woman at my young age. So what do you think about my outfit? I'm cute right? You want to see my what? You want to see my feet in the pantyhose? Alright fine since you are cook enough to offer your opinion of my outfit, there, see my feet. What's that in your pants? I saw your dick just move in your pants when you looked at my pantyhosed foot. Whoa, did you know you have a pantyhose fetish? I thought old men were the ones who have fetishes not young step-brother's. I have a little time to waste before I have to be at work so why don't you lie down for a few minutes and let me see just how big a boner you have for me. You are such a naughty brother having dirty thoughts of your step-sister. This kind of turns me on to see you getting hard because of me. I wouldn't mind stroking you off before I have to go to work. It'll be a fun way to start the work day. It's fun to be naughty with you. This is so naughty to play dirty with you. You really want to see my pantyhose don't you? You don't even know these are completely sheer hose so you can see everything. I can take this outfit off for you so you can see it all yourself. How does my little pussy look in these sheer pantyhose? These things aren't comfortable at all! They make me feel like I'm in vagina bondage. So are you the reason my mom's pantyhose have gone missing all these years and she thought I was taking them and reusing them? You stole her dirty nylons out of the trash can all these years. You like em dirty so here, smell my vagina as I'm wearing them right now. Imagine how ripe they'll be at the end of my work day today. If you give me a nice cum load to make all this handy work worth it, I may give you these ripe hose tonight when I get home from work. I'll even do better since this is so much fun. I'm going to wrap these around your big dick and you get to keep these hose after you cum all over them. Since you get my hose I was wearing to work today I get to use your car for the next two weeks! While you're home today jacking off all day to the scent of your sister's pussy I'll be driving your hot rod with my pantyhose as on your driver's seat.

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Step-brother sneaks a peek while sister is having sex.

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My boyfriend and I finally got some alone time at my parent's house the other night. I was so glad to get to have sex with him in a bed instead of his car like we usually have to. Were only 19 and both still live at home which makes for strategically planned fucking sessions. I thought it was just us two alone at my house until I noticed my bedroom door was cracked and there were a pair of eyes watching my boyfriend pummel my pussy. From the height I could tell they belonged to my step-brother. He is kind of a disgusting pest sometimes the way he lingers around me whenever I bring girl friends home. He is always asking me to hook him up with one of them. Never did I think he would have an interest in seeing my and my guy bumpin uglies. I didn't say anything to my boyfriend about us having a lurker cause I didn't want him to stop fucking me until we both got off good. I knew I would deal with my brother at some point when I found the right time. Besides, if my boyfriend knew we were being watched, he would have probably kicked my brother's ass and then we would have to explain what happened to our parents. I devised a much less messy plan and one I think my brother would prefer over an ass whooping. If he promises not to tell our parents or anyone about what he saw, I would give him a quick release session. I don't know of any guy who would resist getting their dick rubbed by someone other than them selves. I bet he wanked his woody furiously while watching my fuck my guy the other night. I am pretty sure I'm the first girl to lay her hands on my brother's boner. He is the epitome of a little wanker. I felt myself get turned on as I slowly stroked his stiff shaft. I told him I would give him the best hand job he will ever receive, ever. It was only slightly creepy putting his dick super close to my perfect pucker. I certainly gave him enough lube from my mouth. We would be in so much trouble if our parents came home and caught us. I didn't care. I swallowed his dick far down my throat and continued to suck and stroke until he tensed up to work out a big nut for me. I had him squirming all over his bed in anticipation of that spooge. His balls were shriveled up inside him as he let his cum release for me into my hand. He made a sticky mess of me and of course I had to taste him. Now we both have a secret and I have two actually. I can't tell our parents or my boyfriend about what my brother and I just did. Maybe I just created a whole new way of relating to my creepy peeping tom of a brother plus got me a whole new dick to have fun with.