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I have a slight addiction to your dick.

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Can you believe how long we've been able to keep this affair going? I sometimes can hardly believe you went through with marrying my sister and keeping this affair happening with me. You know I wouldn't ever have married you and I suppose this is one way of keeping me close, to marry my sister. Sometimes I feel bad but then I realize is sex was so good in your marriage then you wouldn't still be seeing me. That thought makes me feel better because I have a slight addiction to your dick. Enough of this talk, let's get to doing what you came here for.

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I have a thing for DILFS.

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I didnít mean to impose on your space. I met your son recently and he said if I needed a place to hang out ever, I could let myself in to your house. This is the room with the biggest tv so I figured I could quietly hang here until my parents came home. You're quite attractive. Iíve been know to have a thing for older men. I canít help myself around mature men. Hey, I have a great idea how we can pass time while I wait to go home. I see that rock hard bulge in your pants. You're thinking the same as I.

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I have a yummy creampie for you.

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Are you ready to have the surprise I told you about earlier? Remember how long Ive been talking about that new hot guy at work? We finally got to hook up after my shift and he filled me with a huge sticky load just for you. I can tell you're salivating already. Go ahead and come get your warm tasty present. Put your hungry mouth on my pretty pussy and lap up every drop of what I saved just for you my love.

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I have always had a thing for you.

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I can't tell you enough how glad I am that we got paired up for this science project because I really want a perfect grade in class this semester. Who knew college science could get so complex? It's really great you have the space at your house for us to study. Are you seeing what I'm seeing in this microscope? Hey, what are you staring at? ... Well, you know, I've always had a thing for you, which is one more reason why I'm so glad we are working together. I'll bet we can work well together in another way. You're so smart and sexy. I have so many bad and naughty things I want to do to you. Come over here with me. I've waited for this moment a long time and can hardly wait to feel your cock in my hands, mouth and pussy. Oh god yes, it's exactly as I imagined, perfect. You feel so amazing inside my tiny pink pussy. You're making me cum so good! Are you going to give me your cum? Shoot it all over my plump ass. Oh god! Look at that huge load! We make great partners don't we? Hey...are you listening to me? Hey, hey! If we want to pass this class we have to get to serious work now don't we?

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I have an extra chore for you.

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It must be slightly strange for you to have to get used to calling me mom even though we are the same age. What is even more strange I would think is you were such a punk to me in class and here I am married to your dad and woman of the house now. You essentially have to do what I ask of you our else there will be problems here and you don't want that do you? I notice you don't do many chores around the house so I have decided to add a new chore to your list that you absolutely must do from now on. The new chore is on my bed in my bedroom so follow me and I will instruct you exactly how to please your new hot young mommie.

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I have become obsessed.

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There is something I should confess to you now that my mom is gone for the day and we have some alone time. Iím kind of a snoop and was going through my moms phone the other day. You sent her a selfie of you that showed your cock. No wonder my mom is so happy, you have a huge cock! I canít stop thinking about it. I may be young but I am so horny. You remember what it was like to be my age, donít you? The guys my age are so lame at sex. Youíre just my step dad and I am technically of legal age so, will you help me with my "hornyness"?

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I have good news and bad news.

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Your ex girlfriend is such a pussy for making me deliver the news that she wants to break up with you. Who does that? She cant even send you a text? You don't need a girl like her. It might be a good thing she sent me here with the bad news because I also like to deliver good news. The good news is, she used to tell me how much she like fucking your big cock. Now that she is out of the picture, I want some of that. She is officially your ex now so that makes you a free man. Come fuck your ex's best friend. Don't make me beg for it.

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I have such a build up inside.

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Can you still believe our parents shipped us off to separate colleges? Not only separate schools but all girls and all boys private school? Is your school as strict as mine? I get no privacy to even masturbate! If I were into girls I would be in heaven but what I really want is dick. You probably are feeling the same way as far as always being around guys. I heard your school is even more strict because they dont want you guys sneaking away and impregnating any college girls which would tarnish your college experience. If youre thinking what Im thinking, we should take advantage of this time together before our parents get home. Its not completely wrong for a girl to want to fuck her step brother is it?

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I have to do it!

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This is so stupid to be grounded. I guess I should be glad my dad let you come over but Iím way to horny to not have sex while youíre here. We could fuck really quick right here on the couch. My whole family is upstairs watching a movie so no way will we get caught if weíre quick. Come on, make your girlfriend happy.

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I have wondered about an older man.

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I'm sure you didn't plan on just hanging out with me for the rest of the night but if my mom gets called to work, she has to go. Don't worry, I'm eighteen and can take care of myself. It sounds like my mom wants us to become friends though doesn't it? You seem like a nice boyfriend to her. What should we talk about? Um, did you know my boyfriend and I broke up about a month ago? The only thing I miss about him is the sex. I feel so damn horny all the time, it must be my age. Hey, if you don't say anything to my mom, I would be open to fooling around with you. I've always wondered what it would be like to fuck an older man and I'm sure you wouldn't have any complaints about my cute little pussy. My mom never has to know. If she asks what we did tonight we can both just say we ate the dinner she made and then went to our rooms to watch t.v. No one ever has to know.