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Step Dad plays the stunt cock

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What is a young woman to do when her boyfriend breaks up with her because she wont put out? Poor Zoey, she is 18 and still a virgin, the thought of sex makes her squeamish. Before she gives up her precious pearl of virginity she wants to make sure she is with the right guy. Not that he wasn't the right guy. She's just so...naive. After a little crying she decides to go talk with her mom. Her mom, also Zoey, notices the pouty face and wonders why. Young Zoey reveals that her boyfriend just broke up with her because she wont have sex with him. Mom doesn't understand why a boy would break up with her beautiful daughter until Zoey also adds that she is a virgin! Well now, this is news to Mom. What can Mom do to help her distraught daughter? A brilliant idea comes to mind, she can teach young Zoey to give a good hand job. This skill will certainly preserve her precious peach and yet be enough to keep a boyfriend. Mom suggests they enlist the help of Zoey's step-Dad's penis for educational purposes of course. Zoey resists saying that idea is gross. Mom says that a cucumber just wont give the same results as a real penis. With a little hesitation young Zoey agrees with Mom and they make their way to find Dad. Mom pitches the idea to Dad, who is in agreement of anything to help his lil' Zoey be happy again. Mom gets right to the education by pulling down Dads sweatpants to reveal his penis to young Zoey. Her reaction is as expected, ewww! Mom shows her how to lube the dick and if she doesn't have lube then she can always use her own spit. Lil' Zoey is kind of shocked to learn she can spit on a guy and it's a good thing. Mom's experienced hands show her how to use both hands and twist upward on the whole shaft as well as shining the tip. Mom is trying to create an experience for her daughter that she can go confidently and recreate with her next boyfriend. Zoey never even took off her top to expose her young perky budding breasts for her last boyfriend. When Mom learns of this, she lovingly insists that lil' Zoey needs to get comfortable showing some skin and helps her remove the top of her innocent looking nightie. As young Zoey is becoming more comfortable in her skills but has to add, "Can we not tell Grandma about this?" Mom assures her that she isn't telling anyone about this lesson. They continue a team effort to bring Dad to climax. Young Zoey is taught to learn the signs of a guy who is soon to cum: shaky legs, cock stiffens, balls may shrink, may feel cock throbbing... Mom says that with lots of practice lil' Zoey will be so skilled that she can get a guy to buy her anything she wants if she can make him cum really good. This tidbit of information lights young Zoeys eyes up and she can hardly wait to make her Daddy cum with her little hands. Before she knows it her Dad spews his hot goo out the tip of his dick all over both Zoey's hands. It is quite a thick load for them. Young Zoey is so proud of herself that she cant really think of anything to ask for except, toys. Since she is a growing young woman she is sure to get those toys. A trip to the local Adult store with her Daddy and she will get any toys there that she wants. that she has felt the power of a good Hand Job, she also wants to make her Daddy cum again! What a good lil' Zoey.

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Step Daddy Daughter date night

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Hey dad, I was just foraging in the fridge and noticed the only thing mom left for us to eat is the left over meatloaf. It's not fair she gets to go out with her friends tonight and leaves us the leftovers. I have an idea though, we should do a daddy/daughter date! I don't really know much about you. It's not like we hang out or anything. You dated my mom and then poof, you two got married and now you're my dad. Wouldn't it be fun to have a date night with your step-daughter? The place I want to go is a little upscale so we both need to change clothes. That sounds like fun to you? Oh yay! Ok, I'm going to go change and I will be ready soon. Look how nice we both look! Tonight we will be each other's arm candy. That was such a good dinner. I had more fun tonight than I have had in a long time. Now I see why my mom married you, you're a keeper. Did you have fun with me? The night doesn't have to be over just yet you know. Mom is going to be out for the whole night, she texted me. I would like to show you my appreciation for tonight with a little something special. If you come lie down beside me I will show you what I mean. I know you must have thought about this before but you're way too much a gentleman to ever make a move on me. I want to do this for you. I want to take care of your dick tonight, especially since mom isn't around. I will even get naked for you so you can have some extended eye candy here in your bedroom. Oh my, I can see why mom married you, you have a really nice looking dick! So that 's what makes her moan when I hear you two fucking. How does my hand feel on your shaft dad? You know it would be so easy for me to slide my panties off and get my little pussy close to your dick. I want to wait to be extra naughty when we aren't in my mom's bed. I've thought about it before, you fucking me. I see the way you look at me sometimes. It's ok, I've thought about it to. I want you to make me moan like you do my mom but for right now, all attention is focused on you. Your dick is so incredibly perfect. It's smooth and gets rock hard in my hands. Will you give me your cum soon? I want it. I want to see how much you enjoy my hand wrapped around your hard dick tonight. That's it, cum for me daddy. Oh yes, just what I want to see! I love the way you spoil me.

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Step Daddy gets sperm sample encouragement.

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Are we the only ones home? I don't want mom to be here because I have something important to ask you. I heard you and my mom talking last night and it sounds like you are sick. You are the best step-dad ever and I am so worried to think you are sick. So, are you? Oh, you were just going to the doctor for a regular physical! I am so relieved to hear this. I couldn't handle the thought of losing you. Hey, what is that thing? You need to take what back to the doctor, a sperm sample? That is so weird! How do you do that? Do you have to go by yourself and watch porn or look at dirty magazines to jack off to? Sounds like a sad thing to have to do. Tell you what, since you know how much I care for you, why don't you let me help you get that sperm sample? I could jack you off and you don't even have to look at anything except me. Would you like that daddy? Lie down for me so you can be comfortable while I make your dick hard and rub it. Oh my goodness, you are already semi hard. You must have been really wanting me to touch you like this. I confess that I have been curious about your cock size in so much that I would have offered to do this even if you didn't need a sperm sample. What do you think about that daddy? It turns you on to know your little girl thinks dirty thoughts of you doesn't it? I'm not your real daughter so it isn't completely horrible that I should have sexual thoughts of you. I'm just curious and I care. Do you like the way my hand feels on your dick? I want to show you my body. I have been so curious about your body, you must be curious to see mine. I'll even show you my tiny pink pussy. I can't let you fuck me but you can think how good I would feel as I keep my hands wrapped around your hard cock and pump you. The sound of my hands pumping up and down your dick is making me horny. I can feel my pussy getting moist and I like it. We would have to wait until Mom is gone a long time or when she is asleep at night for you to have enough time to fuck me. It would feel so good to have your hard dick stuffing my pussy and stretching it. Can you imagine that daddy? But for now I want you to give me all the cum you have. I want to milk every drop from your big daddy dick. Oh! Did that feel good? I almost forgot we need your sperm for the doctor! I'll wipe it off my hands and put it in the sample cup for you. Wasn't that better than having to beat off alone? Now hurry and take this sample to the doctor's office and I'll be thinking of you and daydreaming of later when you sneak into my room.

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Step Daddy, am I your type?

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I normally talk to mom about issues with guys but since you're here maybe I can get your opinion instead. It seems as thought ever since I started college, I can't get a date or even a glance from a cute guy. I had a boyfriend in high school but now it's as though I am invisible. In your opinion, do you think I'm cute dad? I mean, if it were twenty years ago, would I be your type? You think I am cute? Really? You're not just saying that because you're my step-dad are you? How do I know you aren't just saying this to make me feel better? Come here and let me see if your dick gets hard from me. If I can make your dick hard then I know for sure you think I am cute and not just trying to make me feel better. Can I tell you a secret? I have peaked in the bathroom more than once when you were naked. I kind of have a crush on you. Do you want to try and see if I can make you hard? I want to try. Mom wouldn't have to ever find out. I won't tell her. If I can't get a boyfriend in college, then maybe you could be my secret boyfriend. Come here and lay on my bed. Wow, your penis is kind of hard. Can I take it out of your pants and see it? I have to admit, I am a little clumsy when it comes to handling a penis, I hope it doesn't turn you off. I will try to make you feel really good. My hands are soft and I will use my long fingers to rub you all different ways to give you pleasure. Does that feel good Dad? If I show you what I look like naked would that help you get super hard? I want to know I can please a man, especially a cute man like you. I'm not sure what to say because I don't know how to talk dirty like some girls can. Do you like the sound my hand makes as I stroke you up and down, Daddy? This is kind of awkward for me but I like touching your penis and knowing it is hard because of me. Are you going to shoot a big load out for me? Oh wow! It feels warm and sticky on my hand. I guess this means you do like me.

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Step Daddy, its better if I show you.

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I knew I shouldn't have tried to send seductive pictures to my boyfriend but we've been apart for over a week and he misses me. We aren't supposed to be having sex either. I'm nineteen and certainly old enough to use my body for pleasure if I want to. My mom freaks out about anything sex related which made me hesitate to send sexy pix to my boyfriend, but then, how would my mom ever know? I accidentally sent the pix to my step dad, that's how my mom might know. My dad didn't respond to the pix so I was hoping he really didn't get them, like they were lost in cyberspace somewhere. When my dad got home from work he called me into his room right away and showed me what I was hoping to be forgotten. I didn't know what to do except make him an offer, a sexual offer if he wouldn't tell my mom what I did. I know what a prude my mom is so figured anything sexually I could do for my step-dad was going to seal the deal of silence for me. I told him it was better if I showed him what I would do. He followed me to the bed and got comfortable. As I rubbed his groin I asked if it turned him on knowing I was in his office taking sexy pictures of myself. I could tell by the growing bulge in his trousers that he was very excited to be laying down for me. I'll bet there are lots of dads who fantasize about their step-daughters. I know I have stayed awake later than I should just so I could hear my parents having sex in their room next to mine. It's a natural desire to be aroused by the sounds and sights of something sexy. As I removed my dads pants and caressed his cock I told him if he wanted, we could have lots of secrets from my mom. I told him I wanted him to sneak into my bedroom at night from now on so he can fill my little body with his hot cum. He can pretend he doesn't want sex with my mom so he can save his load for me. His cock is such a perfect size it made me think about how good it would feel in my ass. I told my step-dad I wanted him to be the first to stretch out my tight little asshole. It had probably been years since he saw a sweet little body naked so I stripped naked as I stroked him off. I kept saying how much I hope he will start sneaking in my room as I asked for his cum in my hands. As he stared at my small tits and started breathing heavy I could tell he would soon give me his hot load. His cum felt so warm as it frosted my little hand. The thought of my dad giving me his big dick made me forget all about my boyfriend. Maybe I will break up with my boyfriend and consider my dad my new one. His dick is so much bigger anyway. Oh, we have a mess to clean before mom gets home!

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Step Mom and the Cock Doctor.

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I can't believe I'm sitting here in a supposed penis specialist's office. My step-mother thought it necessary to bring me to a cock doctor just because I'm nineteen and have not ever had a girlfriend. I may have mentioned I hate the size of my penis to her half jokingly and now here I am about to find out if I am well equipped or below average. My step-mom is kind of neurotic that way, thinking everything has to be approved or disapproved by a doctor. I had no idea what to expect at this appointment and I certainly didn't expect my Dr. to be a D.I.L.F. (Doctor, I'd, Like, to Fuck). I'm sitting here with a MILF and a DILF with no clue what is going to happen with my penis. The Dr. seemed to make everything sound as simple as measuring me while flaccid then measuring me when erect. I was getting turned on already with the thoughts of the sexy Dr. touching my dick. Instead of the Dr. taking my member in her own hands, she instructed my mom to do so and let her know that she will be responsible for getting my dick hard. My mom is a totally sexy woman but it did seem weird that she was now responsible for my hard on so we could get on with the Dr. appt. My mom wrapped her hands around my shaft and started pumping. The Dr. joined in with some direction in cock stroking. My mom's hand felt so warm and tight around my dick. They took the necessary measurements for the exam and concluded my cock is above average all around. I can confidently go please any woman with my member. So here am sitting with two hot women and a raging hard on. The Dr. let my mom know it was o.k. to finish me off since it wouldn't be right to send me into public with blue balls. Not only did my mom stroke me with all the tender loving care she applies to everything she does, she pulled up her dress and mounted me! She exclaimed my dick is larger than my dad's and she wanted to fuck me. The Dr. encouraged us to fuck right in front of her! My mom rode my thick dick like a champ. Before dis-mounting she plunged herself deep with my rod until she achieved orgasm. Hearing her moans of pleasure made me almost shoot my load inside her but before I did she popped off my cock and knelt in front of me to finish me off with hand job. As my toes were curling from a mind numbing orgasm, I could hear the Dr. say I shouldn't have any more self esteem issues from my dick size. Better yet is what I hear my mom say, that we would be spending lots more time together. Why go out and get a girlfriend when I have my mom at home? Now let's see how long we can keep this hidden from my Dad.

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Step Mom fingers my ass.

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I don't know what the obsession is but I can't stop following my step mom around the house. I have to be near her. My dad really scored when he married her and I secretly wish they were only dating instead of married so that I may have a chance to swoon her away from him. I know I'm just a young guy who's barely legal but I know a great woman when I see her and my step mom is the best. I was heading out to the pool today and caught her from the corner of my eye as she was digging in her garden. She was bent over in her tight shorts with her round ass moving up and down. I could hardly contain myself and felt my erection immediately. I moved closer to her without knowing what I would say if she noticed me, which she did. Not only did she notice me and scold me for creeping up on her but she was aghast at the bulge in my pants in knowing it was there because of her. She became disgruntled and said we had to talk inside the house and straighten out my obsession with her. I didn't know what to expect as I followed her to the bedroom where she instructed me to lie down on the bed. What ever she had planned she said I could not tell my dad. As she placed her hand on my crotch and felt my hard on she said she was going to take care of this and then we would never speak of it again. She then said my dick was bigger than my father's. What am I supposed to do with that information? I just laid still as she took control of my raging hard on. She placed my shaft in between her gorgeous tits and fucked my dick. She kept saying how big my dick is. I may have a chance after all to do what I would really like to do to her. She showed me her perfectly shaped pussy then went to work on my cock with great enthusiasm. I thought I was going to spew my load when she got completely naked for me. She played with my balls and jerked away telling me how sexy I am. I wanted her slip her tiny slit on my dick so I could spread her pussy lips wide. Instead, she said she was going to do something to me that most men like and proceeded to slide one of her fingers in my ass hole. I've never felt anything like that before as I've always felt my hole was an exit only but I have to admit it felt really fucken good to have her finger moving around inside me. She said she was tickling my prostrate. I don't know if she was for sure but I didn't want her to stop jerking me off until I drained my balls for her. She called me a dirty boy as she wiped my cum from her hand and exclaimed she had to get back to her gardening. I was dizzy from such an intense release and even though she said I had to stop spying on her I wouldn't be able to stop, not after an experience like she just gave me. Maybe so long as I let her slide her finger in my ass I might get a turn to slide my manhood inside her.

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Step Mom gets rid of my blue balls.

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I've been dating the same girl for about three months. I like her so much and we have a fun time whenever we are together but there is one major problem, she doesn't put out. She will kiss me and let me play with her tits only with her shirt on. I don't know how much longer I can hold out waiting for her to want to go all the way with me or at least just put her hand on my cock and rub me out. She is so damn cute and fun that I keep handing around waiting, and waiting. We ended out date as usual tonight, lots of kissing and my hand up her shirt. She says she has to go and I drive away from her house with a raging hard on. I have even pulled over to the side of the rode and rubbed one out before heading home on occasion, yet tonight I didn't feel like doing that. I wanted to get home to my comfy bed and lay awhile to think about how I can keep seeing this girl I like so much yet satisfy my damn hungry dick with something other than my own hand. As I was trying to come up with a solution, there was a knock at my door. My step-mom let herself into my room and noticed immediately I did not look content. She guessed correctly about my dilemma and actually presented a solution I had not even thought of. She said she always wants me to feel taken care of and that includes my dick! Whoa, should I be weirded out? My mom has not ever suggested anything of this sort. Maybe its because it's the middle of the night and she is delusional from tiredness. I don't know, but I'm going to lay her and be quiet like she says because my dad is in the next room. She confessed they don't have much of a sex life and this would make her happy to take care of my blue balls. It would make her feel like a sexy woman to be able to take care of a man. She even called me a good looking young man. I know MILFS are all the rage in the media right now but I have seriously not ever thought of my step mom in a sexual manner, until now. She removed my sweat pants and eagerly started stroking my pole. Her hands felt so warm on my cock. She is so tender and careful to pay attention to what she thinks I would like. It turns me on that she is actually enjoying rubbing my dick for me. She took her tits out and started titty fucking me. I try not to look at my mom sexually but after this experience it is going to be really hard NOT to be hard around her. I would never think a woman her age would have any interest in a guy my age. She is always remarking how college kids have no brains yet. I say its cause my little head still has control over my big head. She continued to pump my shaft steadily and talking in her sweet sensual voice. She was committed to calming me and milking every ounce of cum from me, which she did. I gave her my pre cum and a full load that kept seeping quite a lot after the initial spurge. Oh her hands made me feel so amazing. The most amazing part of all of this is now she says its ok to ask her for a hand job anytime I am feeling stressed out, which for me is like, everyday. She says as long as we can keep this a secret from my dad, all I have to do is say the word and she will sneak into my room for a cock service quickie. I have the best step mom, ever.

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Step Mom is a web cam slut!

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I wasn't feeling well so came home early from work tonight to find my step-mom's bedroom lit up like Christmas. I had to have a peek to see what was going on in there. Ever since my dad split it's just her and I trying to make ends meet the best way we can. I don't mind just living with my step-mom. She is a sweetheart and makes sure we have a nice house to live in. Little did I know what she has been doing to keep us living in this nice house! I walked in her room and she was only wearing lace lingerie and nude stockings. She looked to be talking to someone on the laptop. She initially appeared startled but then looked relieved to see me and propositioned me to join her on the bed. She said she does web cam work for her second job and I walked in just in time to help her earn a lot of money in a private show with her for one of her customers. This was so weird. I knew I should have moved out of the house when I turned eighteen last year. Oh well, if it helps her then I should set all weird feelings aside and do as I am told. She said she was going to jack me off while this guy watched and paid us a lot of money. So long as I don't have to see who is watching my willy get wanked my by mom, I don't care. I laid down and she got to work making me hard. She said she was going to use her stockings, hands and feet to put on a good show for this pervy wanker. I never really looked at my mom in a sexual way before this. She is pretty sexy for an older woman. Girls my age certainly don't wear the kind of sexy lace lingerie my mom was wearing. All the things she was doing to my cock had never been done by anyone before. It was a little difficult to keep my dick hard knowing we were being watched and then she had to tell me now to tell any of our relatives about how we were earning the mortgage. I'm not sure anyone would believe me if I did say what I was doing with my mom. She is such a conservative prude to all my friends, always saying that her wild days are far behind her. It looks like her wild side caught up to her to me. She made my dick feel so damn good I didn't want the show we were doing to end anytime soon but it had to. She pulled off her silky stockings from her long legs and wrapped them around my shaft. The combination of her hands in those stockings was making me crazy. I had never felt anything like it and was pretty sure she had given me a new fetish to enjoy during my next stroke session. She milked every drop of my cum from me. They guy watching must have liked what he saw cause he gave us a huge tip on top of the private show. I was happy to help my mom and she said this was going to be a regular thing from now on. Looks like I just picked up a second job without even trying. I hope she lets me keep her soiled stockings.