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Sis knows I'm a masturbation addict.

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I am a Loser with a capital "L". I know this and admit it. I can't get lucky with any girl I attempt to flirt with. They look at me as if I am speaking a foreign language then walk away in a disgusted huff. I try to watch porn but I can't relate to a lot of what I find. I like more fetish type stuff like spying on average looking girls without them knowing. I like to imagine myself on the other side of their bedroom door as they are changing into their pajamas, first the street clothes come off one by one, then maybe the panties. I always wonder who sleeps in their panties AND pajama pants or just the pajama pants or booty shorts even. I guess I am what one would call, a voyeur. My addiction seeped over to my real life when my step-sister found pictures of herself on my phone. I didn't mean to take pictures of her but her door was cracked and she had on such a cute outfit, I immediately started rubbing my dick while looking at her. I took a pic in hopes of returning to my bedroom to look at her pic and rub one out in private. I was so flustered I went to the kitchen instead to wait out the boner by grabbing a bite to eat, this is where I made my mistake. I left my phone on the counter where my sister found it and called me into her room for a confrontation. Why I didn't just go rub one out and keep my phone in my grip says what a complete loser I am. I had to go for some comfort food before cock time and now I'm in trouble. My sister may be petite but her tongue packs a big pow! She hit me where it hurts with her words. She told me to lie down so she could humiliate me for being a pervert. I did as I was told. She said for punishment she was going to crank out my cum while telling me what a pathetic excuse for a brother I am. If I didn't agree to her demands she would tell our parents I spied on her and took pictures of her. I can handle my sister being mad and disgusted with me but not our parents, they know I am kind of loner but they would be so disappointed in knowing I was perving on my sister. My sis grabbed hold of my semi wood and started tossing it against my leg and giggling. I'm not sure if I want her to be in control of my cock right now but I have no choice. Her grip is tight and with hardly any lube it is almost irritating me instead of arousing me like her pics did. I just want this to be over as soon as possible. She pulls, tugs, yanks and cranks in every way possible until she commands me to cum so she can take an incriminating pic of my jizz all over her. She's going to show what few friends I have my pussy load as she calls it. Just when I thought I couldn't sink any lower on the popularity ship, my step-sister has to assert her bratty self and destroy any shred of dignity I had. Now that I am free of that pathetic cum load I guess I will slink back to my own room and resume my search of average girls NOT related to me in any way for my next fantasy stroke session.

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Sister-in-law is more fun!

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It's really nice of you and my sister to let me stay in your house awhile. I hate that my parents fight all the time so it's really nice to be here where its' quiet. I should probably just go get a place of my own soon since I am over eighteen. Until I figure out what I am going to do it's just really nice that I get to be here with you. Do you like working from home? Must be weird to say good -bye to my sister everyday while you stay home and work. I would get bored being home all day. I'm kind of bored right now. You wanna do something fun? Pull your pants down so I can see your cock. I'm serious! We can pretend I am your little girlfriend while she is at work. Come closer so I can touch it. You have a nice dick. My sister is lucky to have a hard cock to play with except she is such a prude she probably doesn't play with it as much as she should. Aren't you glad I am here now so your dick will get all the attention it deserves? Jerk it for me and get it super hard. I like how stiff it looks now. Come here and lie down so I can jerk it for you. It's not bad if I jack you off is it? Just consider it my way of thanking you for letting me stay here. I like being naughty with your cock. I'm not going to say anything about this if you don't. This is making my little pussy wet, knowing I am corrupting you. You don't even care about my sister right now do you? All you care about is watching my little hands pump your penis. I knew your cock needed attention. We're both getting what we need. You know what else I would do for you? I would let you stick your dick in my tight little asshole. You know why I would let you? Because I like to get ass fucked and because my sister is too much a prude to let you fuck her that way. I'm not ashamed to be the dirty girl. Guys like dirty girls, don't you? I'll even show you my body, naked. You want to see m perky little titties? I bet you do. Did you ever think I would be playing with your cock while my sister is at work? Do you feel like a bad husband now? You should, but you like it. I want to do all the nasty things with you that my sister doesn't do. I wanted to fuck you the first time my sister introduced you to the family. I'm so glad to be staying here especially now that I am going to be your new plaything everyday. I want to take all your cum everyday before my sister gets home from work. You won't have any to give her even if she wanted it. Give it to me now. Give me you hot load and let me see how much you have just for me. I know you would rather give it to anyway because I want it. Oh yes, that was just what I want to see. I had better go clean my hands and you had better clean your cock then we have to pretend like nothing happened. This is our secret.

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Sister-in-law keeps things in the family.

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You know I love my sister and will do anything for her. You also know when you married my sister you also married me in the sense we are all family now. Imagine my dismay to drive down a street nearby and see you exiting one of those massage parlors, those rub and tug places. I know what goes on there with those cheap ho-bags and skanks. So, is my sister not putting out enough for you that you have to go spend hard earned family money on a corner shop hooker? I saw you wiping your hands of who knows what and you want to know something? I got pictures of you. That's right, pictures. When you married my sister you married us. I never want my sister to find out about you cheating on her with some cheap rub and tug specialist. She would be devastated to know you went outside the family for your sexual gratification. This is what is going to happen from now on. I am going to take care of your cock needs. You aren't going to throw your money away on any of those massage parlors again. Now lay back, don't touch me! I'm going to relieve you of any pent up load that may be brewing in your ball sack right now. This is a marriage that is very sacred to us and we will do whatever it takes to ensure the trust is kept intact. I know you're a dirty boy, only dirty boys go to massage parlors. I am saving you and her from any one else's hands ever touching this cock. I'm gonna make you a happy boy by making your cock like a hot dog in between my pussy lips. You wonder what it feels like inside these sugar walls don't you? If I let you slide it in that would be cheating on my sister with me and that won't happen. I'm going to keep cranking your cock until you give up your baby batter. No whore deserves this precious cum load only family does. Your cock and cum belong to me now it has ever since you said the words, "I do". From now on when your cock starts to ache and your balls start to bulge you call me. Just say to me "We need to have a serious discussion" and I will be available to drain your balls of every drop of cum. I want to see your cum, its time to give it to me you filthy pig. Oh that was so much cum! You coated my hands and your balls. You are filthy! Now, don't you ever let me catch you cheating on my sister, ever again! Remember, we keep things in the family.

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Sister-in-law shows my cock some gratitude.

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Everyone is having a hard time making ends meet these days. My gorgeous younger sister in law just lost her flat and had to move in with her sister, my wife, and I until she gets back on her feet. I don't mind at all because now I have an attractive woman to look at under my roof, not that my wife is unattractive but she has let herself go since we were married just one year ago. I didn't think she would let herself get so chubby but she has that ring on her finger so what can I do but spend more time with my computer searching for some hot trim body to jack off too, it's the fate of to many married men. Now with my sister in law here all I have to do is watch her little fine ass walk around a little while and I quickly go rub one out in the bathroom and no one knows anything is going on in my mind, that is until I bought a bunch of panties purposely to small for my fat wife. I figured since my cute little sister in law was staying here rent free that I could ask her for such a small favor of being a panty model for me. No harm in just looking. I could tell she didn't want to cause any problems between her sister and me or herself for that matter yet she wanted to express her gratitude for having our roof over her head. Damn, her little tight body looked so nice in every one of the panties she tried on. She took notice of what she was doing to me. She noticed my bulge and I think she got turned on knowing she was turning me on. So here we were and now what to do. She offered to take care of my bulge for me, not by fucking me but by rubbing one out real quick before my wife got home from work. There was no way I would pass this opportunity by. I was tired of both of my hands by now since my wife doesn't put out anymore and completely welcomed a new set of hands to crank my cock. Oh did she crank my cock good. Not only did she keep those pretty manicured hands on my shaft until I released a pent up load but she talked dirty to me the whole time which is also something my wife would never do. Damn, why didn't I marry her younger sister instead of her? Oh well, I suppose it could take awhile for this little nymph to get back on her feet and have her own apartment again, until then I will keep buying all kinds of sexy panties for her to try on for me. No harm in getting hand jobs so long as I don't fuck her, it's not cheating, at least by my rules it's not. My roof my rules and besides, its all in the family.

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Sisters share a Schlong. BONUS VIDEO!

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This video uses a fake penis, therefore is a bonus video this week! Older sisters are supposed to teach their younger siblings all about the facts of life. I apparently missed teaching a lesson of great sexual importance to my younger sister Randy so here we are adults in my living room about to have the lesson up close and personal, with my husband. The situation is, her husband has begun to ask for hand jobs and my sister doesn't know how to give him a hand job with a happy ending. She exclaims she can barely get him hard let alone finish him off. I feel its my obligation to help her any way I can but of course first had to tease her just a little that she should have learned to master the techniques of a great hand job when we were in high school. The truth comes out that she wasn't the slut I thought she was in high school, she was just saying all the things she supposedly did with guys so she would sound cool. Well, years later here we are trying to give her stroking lessons on a banana. I had to think of some other way to teach her because the banana was not going to give us the response she needed to boost her confidence in the "Randy Handywork" department. My husband was home so I called for his assistance. Randy was so flustered at the mention of touching my husband, her brother in laws dick that she called him her step brother, hmmmm, is there another story here that needs to be disclosed? We will save that for another day. My husband shuffles into the room and I immediately let him know the situation and tell him we need to use his cock. I knew he wouldn't have any hesitation in whipping his dick out for my sister to stroke. Look at her, I don't think any man would deny her a practice session with his penis. I gave her some lube and had her get right to work. She had a good grip on it and stroked it with great enthusiasm. I really couldn't see why her husband would have any issues with her hand jobs because before we knew it my husband was spewing pre-cum. The sight of my husband so turned on by her handy work was enough to make Randy focus on her stroking until she made my husband literally blow his load. He surprised her with such a geyser of goo that her facial expression said all it needed to, a job well done. Now that my hot sexpot of a sister has a new sexual skill mastered I'm going to have to keep any extra eye on her at the next family party.

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Sisters stroke the pizza boy.

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What is it about younger siblings always being so competitive? My younger sister thinks she does everything better than me. She has to do the harder workout, she has to tell the longest stories, blah blah blah. I had it one day when she let me know the boyfriend I had in high school who became sloppy seconds for her told her I gave a horrible hand job. I could hardly believe that! I mean, I must have given him over 50 hand jobs during the time we were dating! She says we broke up and he went to her because I was so bad at it. Well today we are going to fix that record. I am going to prove to her that I do not give a horrible hand job by striking a bet with her, problem is we need a cock. Hey, we ordered pizza before we started working out and it should be delivered any minute. Great idea, jack off the pizza guy! Which ever one of us can make the guy cum while our hands are on his cock is the winner. We each get one minute at a time to stroke him. I sure hope the person who delivers our pizza today is a guy so we can settle this bet once and for all. Ding dong, and who is at my doorstep but a cute young guy who's cock will do just fine I'm sure, if we can get him to come in and get jacked off by two strangers. Ha! No problem. He is more than willing to help out two competitive sisters and get a hand job. This is going to be fun! We got his pants off pretty quick and got to work on his dick. I could hardly believe it when my sister wrapped her mouth around his dick like a Hoover sucking up dirt. I mean, we just met this guy and she's blowing him! No wonder she always wins, cheater. I reacted like a good player and laughed it off knowing we had some time before he was going to give us his load so anything could happen in this contest. We both used two hands, then four hands, two tits then four tits. It soon became a team effort instead of a contest because we were having so much fun with a complete stranger. We even got naked and rubbed his cock with our ass cheeks! That was something neither of us had done before. The delivery guy just laid there with a big smile on his face in total amusement of our shenanigans. My sister is the one who got his cock to spew but since it frosted my tits and not hers we decided it was a joint win. She completely surprised me when she started licking his jizz from my chest flesh. My sister is such a dirty girl and I never knew it until now. I had to return the favor. Our delivery guy sure did deliver today, and he tasted as sweet as he looks. Always the freak that my sis is suggested we put some of his cream on our pizza for an extra topping. I had a better idea, keep him around the rest of the day and milk some more cum from him, straight into our hungry mouths. A family that plays together, stays together.

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Sorority pledge requires sperm.

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I really want to be part of the most popular sorority on campus. You're probably wondering why I'm telling you this so here goes the reason. In order for me to be accepted into this amazing sorority I have to jerk off a guy and provide proof by collecting a sperm sample as well as take a picture of my hand on the cock. I don't know any guys that I can just ask them to go along with this so now I am telling you what I need. It won't be too weird. All you have to do is lie there and I will do all the work. No one will even know who's cock I have a picture of or who's sperm I have in this little container when I'm through jerking you. As long as you don't tell mom and dad, this will be just between us. Besides, we're only step-brother and sister so it's not like I will have my hand on a real family member's member. You're such a good brother helping me out with this. You probably never knew your sister was such a slut did you? You're being such a good sport about this so I'll even suck you off while I jerk you off. I'm sure you don't mind my pouty full lips wrapped around this cock do you? You tasted really good brother. I'm surprised at what a nicely groomed cock you have as well. I wish we would've done something like this long ago. Now remember I need to get your spooge in this little container so I can take it back to my soon to be sorority sister's. Give me a good load brother and maybe I will be nice enough to jerk you off again for no other reason than I want to feel this cock in my hands again. Oh wow! Thanks for such a nice load! I can hardly wait to get this to my sister's so I had better go now. Thanks brother, you're the best.

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Spanked for smoking, better start stroking - Step Dad's dick.

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I'm frustrated. Like really frustrated. I want to move out of my parent's house so bad but don't have the funds yet. I don't get any privacy at all. I can't even sneak outside for a smoke! I was hidden at the back of the house and my step-dad must have seen the smoke cause I got busted. Great, that's all I need is to feel like a fucken kid again and get grounded or some stupid shit like that. My parents are so determined to keep me away from all the bad stuff they did that they watch me like a hawk. At the very least I've been able to get a few tatts and get my hair colored and cut the way I want. They told me not to use drugs or smoke, ever. I told them I don't do drugs, as far as I go are double size energy drinks which I jokingly refer to as my 'liquid crack'. I've hid the smoking pretty well until today. Fuck, if they didn't put so much unnecessary pressure on me I probably wouldn't have started smoking to relieve some of the stress! Oh well, so I got caught. I figured I would get a long lecture from my dad and that didn't bother me so much as long as he just doesn't tell my mom. My mom gets completely overdramatic and obnoxious about the smallest things. I may have well been shooting up in the yard rather than smoking cause she would equate the two, no doubt. He gestures for me to go in the house. I was heading to my room when he stopped me and announced he was going to spank me to teach me a lesson. I had to stop myself from laughing. So this is going to be his little game to keep quiet about this. Whatever, I will indulge him so long as this stays between us. I'm sure the spanking will last all of 3 minutes, he will feel like he's done his job as the authority figure and we can get on with our day. I had no problem laying across his lap so he could slap my ass although it became quickly apparent just why he had me in this position. I told him he could pull my pants down and spank me over my panties but when he pulled my panties down I knew this was more than punishment being served. My dad was completely perving on me and was probably happy he caught me smoking so he could justify getting my naked ass on his lap. I could feel his prick growing in his pants. It was pressing into my hip as I lay over him. I knew where this was going, forget the spanking and start the stroking. I knelt down before him so I could unleash his hungry cock. It was a turn on to have my dad hard for me. I figured if I gave his cock a good crank and cum then it was a guarantee he wasn't going to blab to my mom about my smoking habit. After I got a good grip on his dick I let him know he could sneak into my room when mom was asleep if he wanted. I could tell by the way he was staring at me with half glazed cum ready eyes that he would do anything I wanted. He gave me his cum so quickly I almost didn't see it spurt. Just to show him how much I loved stroking him, I frosted myself with his semen, right in between my perfect tits. I am such a filthy girl. I can hardly wait to see if he is going to sneak into my room later.

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Step dad gets caught jacking off.

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It's so boring at home sometimes. I already did all my chores and was going to sneak a peak on my Step-dads laptop for a while to see if he looks at anything interesting on there. Someone told me that laptops can be like personal diary's because they store a history of what has been viewed. My mom likes to go on about what a great sex life she has with my stepdad but something tells me she is lying or else why would she be telling her eighteen year old daughter about her sex life? Isn't that what people do to cover up something, they talk too much about it? I think my dad is kind of cute. He dresses like an older guy does but his pants usually show a bulge of some degree hidden in them. I admit to wondering exactly what is in his pants. I get a little jealous that my mom has a cute man and cock in the house whenever she wants. Maybe if I show my dad that I can give him something that she can't then I can have his cock whenever I want like her. I stepped into his office thinking he was out of the house but got a complete surprise instead! There he was with his cock in his hand jerking it to a very young sounding voice on his laptop. I knew he watched porn! And I also had a suspicion he might be into younger women. I took the opportunity and went for it. I teased him slightly with my young body before asking him to lay on the floor so I could finish what he started. Instead of watching that young looking girl on his laptop, I would give him a private show with my body. Once I saw how big his daddy dick was I knew I would make it feel so good that he would want to fuck me instead of my mom. My pussy has to be tighter than hers. I know men like tight wet cunts and after seeing his stiff dick, my pussy was more than wet for him. I climbed on top of his belly to give him a close view of my meaty pink pussy. As I rubbed my warm flesh mound I gripped his cock even tighter to mimic what it would feel like if he were buried in my hole. I told him I wanted him to show me exactly how to take care of his dick so he wouldn't have to watch daddy porn anymore, he could come to my bedroom and watch me instead. His dick was throbbing in my hand so I kneeled in front of him to work out his load. I was aching for his sticky cum to soil my hands. I was excited to know I was stealing his cum instead of him giving it to my Mom later tonight. I begged him for his hot goo and he gave it to me. He spewed a good load of spooge all over my little hands. I was so proud of myself for making my dad feel good. I also told him I want to play this game again, very soon.

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Step Dad owns my pussy.

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I can hardly believe my luck! The captain of the football team at my college asked me out this weekend. I have had a crush on him since the beginning of school but thought he would never ask a girl like me out. I am so different from the other girls at school who wear revealing designer clothes and high heels. I feel so plain Jane by comparison so imagine my surprise when he stopped me in the hall and asked me on a date! As excited as I am, I am also nervous because I'm sure he will be expecting me to do something sexual. You know I promised my virginity to Daddy... so do you think he would like a hand job instead of sex? I really value your opinion. You're my step brother and always have hot girls around you so you would tell me if you think a hand job is cool, right? I'm sure I will have to explain this heart ring on my finger at some point on the date and I think letting the guy know I will give him something good will maybe increase my chances of future dates with him. Ok, now that I have that part figured out, I need your help with the hand job. I haven't given to many of them and need practice before my big date this weekend. What do you say? Will you help your step-sister and let me jack you off? I want you to let me know if I give a good hand job. Awesome, you will help me?! Ok, lay down and lets take your pants off. Oh wow, you have a nice cock big brother! Do you mind if I spit on your dick to get it lubed? I know enough to know a dry hand job is not a good thing. Ah, there, does that feel good? Do you like the way my hand fits around your pole? Have you fantasized about your little sister doing this to you? Would you like to see your sisters bit tits? Can I practice titty fucking your cock? It's something else I can do with the football captain on our date. I really want to make him feel as good as I am making you feel right now. I'm going to get naked for him while I stroke him off, can I get naked for you right now so I know what it feels like and won't be so nervous. Hey, I wonder if I let the football captain fuck my ass instead of my pussy, if it still makes me a virgin. So long as he doesn't put it in my pussy then Daddy still owns my virginity right? I'm so glad you are helping me with all of this. It turns me on that I can make you so hard. I want to see you cum. I haven't seen a guy cum yet. Will you cum for me? If I stroke you fast will it make you jizz on me? I am so wet in my pussy right now. I want to do more with you but have to remember my promise to Daddy. I can hardly wait to see you cum though. I turns me on just knowing I can make a guy cum with my hands. Are you ready? Are your ready to make a mess on my hands? That's it, cum for me big brother! Ahh, that was so hot! I liked watching your jizz spew from your dick. Thanks so much for your help because now I know my date this weekend is going to go perfectly.