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I don't usually have sex with a customer, but...

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I just want you to know I don't normally go home with customers because I could lose my job at the strip club. You took such good care of me all night at the club so I wanted to do something to take care of you here and now. What I want to do with you we couldn't do in the VIP lounge so come closer and let me play with your cock. Did you know I could feel how hard your cock was for me when I gave you all those lap dances? There is a reason I am the top bitch at the club and now that my hand is wrapped around this big dick of yours I'll show you. I need to taste you first though. Oh your cock tastes so good! I can take all that big hunk of meat down my throat. Give it to me. Go on, push it down my throat so I can gag a little on it. I like when a big cock makes my eyes water. Now that it's slippery with my deep throat saliva I wanna jerk it. I saw you staring at my big tits all night so here they are without the bikini top. Come here and slide your cock in between my tits. My soft mounds feel so good on your cock don't they? You know, it's kind of pathetic that you have to come to a strip club to get a girl. I just happened to be horny for your money and came home with you. You are going to pay me for my time tonight. Wow, knowing you are a money slave really turns you on! I can tell you are close to shooting your load. I'm a hungry little cum slut tonight so shoot that hot load in my mouth. I want all of it to slide down my throat. Oh your cum tastes so good. That was about a 20G deposit in my mouth. You're happy to pay it though, my new money pig. Starring: Leya Falcon FEATURING VIRTUAL SEX SCENES SIMULATING THE FOLLOWING: BLONDE BIG TITS BLOW JOB HAND JOB CUM SWALLOW

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I donít mind being another notch

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All my girlfriends have bragged about what a great lay you are. I think its pretty great you spread your love around and make women so happy. There is something sexy about a man that has as much experience in the sack as you. I can relax and receive pleasure knowing I donít have to teach you anything. Why donít we start by me giving you some pleasure. Pull that beautiful cock out of your and let me wrap my lips around you.

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I dressed sexy for you tonight.

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Do you like my new outfit? I bought it just for you. Do my stripper heels turn you on? I'm your dirty girl tonight lying here waiting for you to come fuck me. First lick my clit then stuff your face in my ass. Cram your tongue up my asshole and tongue fuck it. Squeeze my tiny nipples as you rub your cock. I need to suck that hard cock right now! Oh you're dick is huge! I am practically gagging on it. Oh please stick it in my wet pussy! Fuck me really hard while you have me in good ol' vanilla missionary. I can hardly wait to turn over to my favorite position, doggystyle. I want to finish myself off while riding that big dick of yours. Inject that warm cum inside me! Ah, that felt so good I want to lick it off your cock. Your juice and my juice, you're the best.

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I dressed sexy for you.

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Youíve been working all day and Iíve been thinking about how to help you relax when you got home. Do you like my new lingerie? This will help you forget all about how difficult your day at work was. Come closer as I strip for you.

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I feel bad about your divorce.

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It's nice of my parents to let you stay here so you can get yourself together after that horrible divorce of yours. I've been wanting to come in your room and tell you how cool it is to have you here. Not to get too personal but how' the sex life after your divorce? Nothing? Really? You're a good looking older guy! Not that you're old but you know what I mean. I'm eighteen so everyone seems older to me. Well, I've always found you attractive. You like what I'm wearing? Aww, thanks. You know, we could fool around a little and no one would have to find out if we aren't too loud in here in your room. Just don't ever say a word of this to my dad, I won't either. I want to feel what it's like to be with an older man. Oh wow, your dick is really a lot bigger than what I thought it would be. I like the way your mouth feels on my soft pussy. Do you like the scent of my sweet spot? Now that you've made me wet can I ride it? Oh gosh I feel like I'm being stretched out! You'd better hurry and cum before my dad hears anything going on in here. Wow! I didn't think you would have so much cum! Look at the big mess on my bottom!

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I get what I want

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Look at me. Why would a husband cheat on a sexy woman? I have no idea but he did and now itís my turn to get what I want. Itís the perfect excuse for me to get new cock and one that wants me as much as I want it. Oh, youíre bigger than I expected! Wow, like youíre a really great size. Fuck my husband and his mediocre sized dick. Youíre going to be the cock I crave from now on. Two can play the cheating game and it looks like Iím getting the best outcome. Now get over here with that gorgeous cock so we can make each other cum!

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I get what I want.

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Cuckold husbands are the best. Im a woman with many needs. My husband is the sweetest man to me. There is no way I would leave him for another man even though his cock isnít quite what I need to satisfy me. We have a compromise, I get to have big dick whenever I want so long as I include him in the action. The thing is weíve come to understand, my husband is a cuckold and gets off on the fact he canít satisfy me so I go elsewhere for my sexual needs. This kind of arrangement isnít for everyone but its perfect for me. Right now Iím going to enjoy a big black cock in my holes while my cuckold listens to every delightful slurp.

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I get you to myself.

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You look so damn yummy. I hate that I have to share you with you wife. I'm sure neither of us thought we would be having this affair. We both know the drill as in we don't have much time so get over here and let me taste that cock I love so much. I am so fucking horny tonight. Did you notice this new bra and panty set I bought especially for you? Tonight I am going to rock your world babe.

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I get you tonight.

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You never like to tell me your schedule. Why are you like this? Is it you because you are always waiting around for something better to come along? There is nothing better out there I guarantee. I am the best part of your life and if you stay with me tonight, I will prove it.

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I grew it out for you.

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I know youíve been patiently waiting for me to grow my bush for you. Itís finally fully furry just for your pleasure. Do you like what you see? Look how soft my bush is and the sweet the hairs around my lips look. Donít be shy, get down there and smell it. I can hardly wait for you to dive in my hairy pussy.