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Worship your Goddess.

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It appears as though your father has decided to relive his youth while I have to keep my desk job to support our family. Look at me, my poor tired feet squished in these high heels all day. Your dad joined a band and has no time for me anymore so that leaves you to be the new man of the house. I know you're grown up and would rather be hanging out with those college girls your own age but as long as you are living under this roof I deserve some of your attention. You can start by worshiping my tired tootsies then drawing my bathwater. Oh your duties don't end there, they end when I decide I have had enough attention. I am the Goddess of this domain and should be treated as such. Something tells me by the way you are gazing at my voluptuous body that you don't mind being the new man of the house at all.

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You are a perfect size for anal.

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Don't be so bashful about showing me your size. This isn't a contest or comparison contest. I simply heard you talking with a friend about your concern over having a smaller sized penis and wanted to verify this and offer some encouragement. Oh, so this is quite a lot smaller than I thought. Well, lets' focus on the bright side of your size such as you are perfect for anal sex! If you have that kind of kink, as so many women do, you will find the exact match somewhere out there and you two will enjoy all the mind blowing anal sex you can give her.

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You are kind of kinky.

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You thought I would be upset when I discovered the hidden camera you planted in my bedroom. I only have a few questions like, "How long has it been there?" "What do you do with the footage?" "Have you watched your dad and I going at it?" I must say I haven't heard of any of my friend's stepsons hiding a camera so they could essentially be watching their own family porn. You are kind of kinky aren't you? It actually turns me on to think you've been watching me. I had no idea you were turned on by your stepmother. I also think it's only fair that I get to watch you do something sexual. Why don't you show me what you do while you watch your hidden camera footage. Go ahead, start touching yourself and don't stop until I see everything.

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You are not having sex in my house!

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What do you mean my daughter went to the store to get condoms and left you here waiting in her bedroom? So this is what happens when I'm at work? Well it's not going to happen today. You are going to pull that semi erect cock out of your pants and jerk it off in front of me right now. That's right, get all that filthy seed out of your system so when my daughter gets back, you can't get hard to fuck her. I mean I want to see every last drop drip from your dick so get stroking! Oh look how hard you are! Is it because of me sitting here giving your instructions or because the thoughts you had of fucking my sweet nineteen year old girl? I know all about your raging college hormones, I had them once to you know. Keep stroking that cock. I don't want to be in here when my girl comes back home. I think I hear her car driving down the street. I'm going to count down for you to cum and you WILL cum when I tell you to. Stroke it faster and faster. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, cum! Very good, you're good at following instructions. Now remember, not a word of what just happened to my daughter. You will have to tell her you're inadequate as the reason you can't get an erection for her today.

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You are not too old to spank.

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There is no way you are going to get away with these horrible grades. Your father pays good money for that college tuition! He doesn't care what kind of grades you earn, but I do. Get over here and lay across my legs so you can get a spanking. There is no sense in grounding you because I know you sneak out the bedroom window at night, but I can make your butt sore for a while. Spanking your ass is quite the workout and now I'm hot and bothered. Don't mind me while I take off this hot blouse and jacket. I'm not done with you yet. Me being topless is not meant to turn you on so lay back over my legs and let me finish that spanking.

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You are such a dirty boy.

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I know that look in your eyes. It's the look that you need to be a dirty little pervert and watch your stepmommie give you a pantyhose show. No one else has perfect high arched feet like mine. It turns me on to see a guy as young as you that is so into his fetishes. Most eighteen year olds probably don't even know what a fetish is yet you and I compliment each other and allow for playtime this way. Go ahead, you know what to do while I talk about my perfect pantyhose feet. You may stroke your cock as I talk. This is my favorite kind of play.

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You are such a good photographer.

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You know I am trying to get some pictures other than my horrendous selfies for my social network sites. You're such a good step son to help me with these pictures. While you are here, would you mind taking a few risque pictures for me to give to your father? He doesn't have to know who took them. I can tell him one of my girlfriends came over and took them. It's our anniversary soon and I would really like to give him some sexy pictures of me. I can see a bulge in your pants sweetie! Is this a turn on for you? I like that a young man like you can become aroused from looking at his stepmother. Maybe you should go to your bedroom and take care of that boner while I go and cook you a wonderful meal for being such a great help to me.