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She earns her mardi-gras beads.

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Here we are in New Orleans, while my step-mom goes out for the night I am left on the couch to sleep off the cold I caught. I can hardly believe she is leaving me here alone when shes the one who gave me her stupid cold. I cant blame her though for wanting to have fun. My dad certainly doesn't care about making sure she is smiling. I wonder where he is, the selfish bastard. Soon as I kick this sickness, I'm going to take my mom out and show her off like she should be. She looks so hot tonight and I can only imagine what she did to earn all those beads she has around her neck. In fact imagining what she did is making my cock stir under this heavy blanket. She says she is going to help my night get a whole lot better by giving me a little taste of what she was doing on the party streets of New Orleans.

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She is a big slut.

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You're my favorite stepdad. I have to tell you something that may upset you but because I like you so much it must be told. You know how mom is always going out of town on business trips? They aren't so much business if you get what I'm saying to you. The guy from work that she goes with, she is having an affair with. That's right, my mom is a big fucking slut. I saw her treat my real dad this way and now she is doing it to you. I don't want you two to get divorced so maybe there is something I can do to make you stay here. You could cheat on her, with me. I'm not talking about fucking me just yet, that is too forward. I can see you are stressed out from this news I gave you so why don't you let me just take care of you for now. Sit down dad and let me get you hard so I can stroke some pleasure back into your life. I'll do all the work. I'll even show you my big tits. I know you like big titties daddy because I've seen them in your dirty magazines. I have nice young tits for you to see anytime now since you and me are having a fling. I'll put your stiff cock in between my fleshy tits and fuck you with them. You deserve something nice just for you. You are such a good guy I can hardly believe mom is cheating on you with that asshole at work. I'll be good to you and make your cock cum every day. Would you like to see my pussy daddy? I can't let you fuck it just yet but some day you will get to slide your big daddy dick inside me and masturbate yourself inside me. For now, I get to jack you off with my pretty hands and watch your cock grow harder and harder for me. You probably won't be able to get hard for my cheating mom anymore because I will be taking your cum from you every day when she leaves for work. This will be our naughty secret. I don't like my mom anyway so I don't care what she thinks about me jacking off her husband. Do you like how shiny I've made your cock with my spit? My hands slide up and down your big daddy dick. I want to taste your cum daddy. Please feed me. Squirt your hot load into my mouth. I want a part of you inside me. You taste so good! Now I have you inside me and my mom doesn't anymore. This will show her, that slut.

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She made me eat my cum.

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Do you know how much I dread laundry day in this house? Itís not just the dirty clothes I abhor touching, its the crusty socks that continue to come out of your hamper by the washer full. I know they are crusty for reasons other than you wearing them on your feet. I havenít told your father about your nasty sock for cum rag habit. He would probably encourage you to get your nut as much as possible. Since I am the one who has to deal with your filth, letís show you how to properly dispose of your jizz, like grown men do. These are called tissues. I donít care how many boxes of these you go through so long as you arenít cumming in your tube socks anymore. I didnít sign up for this duty when I married your dad but it looks like Iím the one who has to teach you some courtesy when it involves where you deposit your sticky loads. Letís get this over with. Go ahead and lie down as I plan to fully take you through the process of what I would like to have happen when you decide to jerk your cock. A young man of your age should know how to keep his clothes clean and the waste basket full of paper cum rags when youíre away at college. Letís keep this as our private pre-dorm lesson. And so its a lesson you wonít soon forget I am going to make you eat your own warm goo. Go on, lick that spunk off my fingers you filthy thing you. I have better things to do with my day than have to teach you how to be a considerate man with your cum. Gag on that a little and think about where youíre going to make your next deposit. I expect to always see a box of tissue in your bedroom.

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She makes me her new dick.

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My dad's new wife can be pretty demanding. I like that about her. She is so much hotter than my dad's last wife. It's pretty nice to have a step-mom who knows she has a sexy body and shows it off, everyday. She gives me plenty mental masturbation and she knows it. Today she came in my room to inform me that because all her girlfriends have young boy toys, she is claiming me as hers. I'm only eighteen! What do I know about pleasing a hot sexy beast such as my step-mother? It doesn't seem to matter what skills I may or may not have, she had my pants off and my already semi erect dick in her hands before I could say one word. I felt dirty for all the nasty thoughts I was having about her. As she began saying what a nice cock I have and that girls my age probably didn't have a clue how to take care of it I realized she was right. I needed her skilled hands to take me to places I haven't been before. How lucky was I that my sultry sex bomb mom was going to stroke me to heaven one hand pump at a time? I could handle her calling me Junior as long as she will keep control of my cock and take my cum, everyday I hope. She says she wants me available for her at all times. She also says my rent is free from now on if I give her my cock whenever she wants it. I feel like this is my lucky day! I know she has my dad wrapped around her finger and now she gets me to. I don't know of any other step-moms like this one but I'm sure glad my dad married her. She has such a dirty mouth and is saying things to me that no one has said before. She cups my balls like they've never been handled by anyone else. I couldn't believe she climbed on me and put my stiffy right up against my dick, and called me a pervert! I think she wanted it deep inside her. She masturbated as she rubbed her soft pussy lips all over my dick. I could see pre-cum leak out and make her skin shiny. Just knowing my pre-cum was on her pussy was almost enough to send me over the edge. I think my mom gets off on calling me a perverted little boy but she is the one who is totally out there, and I like it. As she stroked and twister her slippery hands all over my shaft she asked me to give her my cum. She cranked and made my head spin as I spewed a geyser of goo all over her pretty hands. I wanted her to be proud of me and it sounded like she was when she saw what kind of load I gave her. She said now she owns me and for me to not waste another drop of cum on anymore young bitches. I'm totally down for that. My step-mom made my dick feel better than it ever has. I'm so glad my dad finally got it right and married a true cock slut.

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She needs my baby batter.

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I think you've heard me talking recently that my partner and I want to raise a baby but that means I need to be inseminated with someone's sperm. I don't want just anyone's sperm in my body. This is where you come in. You aren't my brother by blood so it wouldn't be a genetic problem for the baby if I had your sperm injected inside me, that is if you're o.k. with this idea. We don't have to fuck for this to happen, all I need is a nice load of your cum to take to my Doctor. I even brought protective latex gloves so I'm not technically touching your cock if that makes this whole thing easier. You're ok with this? Great! Alright well lie down and I'll do all the work. How does that feel? Are you comfortable with me touching your penis like this? It won't take long for me to extract your seed will it? You know I'm a total lesbian so this isn't going any farther than a hand job, right? I'll undress and show you my body if that helps you build up to cum quicker than me just stroking it with my clothes on. Do you mind if I take this latex glove off? Ah, that feels better to me I'm sure it does to you as well. Now I can officially say I have had my brother's erect penis in my hand. Have you ever been stroked off by a lesbian before? This is actually kind of fun. I like the way your cock feels in my hand and since this is for a greater good I have nothing to feel guilty about. You want to see my pussy? I guess I can show it to you. Does it turn you on knowing I have not ever had a dick penetrate my pussy? I'm ovulating right now and am uber horny for sex. This is why I need your sperm today so I can take it straight to the Dr. and hope for a successful insemination. What else turns you on to speed the ejaculation that I need? Ok, I'll show you my ass. Does my soft round ass feel good against your stiff dick skin? We probably shouldn't take much longer to do this because I am getting so turned on I'm tempted to sit on your dick and milk the cum out with my pussy. That would be a waste so I have to keep stroking. Come on little brother, cum for me! Oh yes, that's it! Maybe this will be enough to make my belly pregnant. If not, I will be back for more, if that's alright with you.

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She plays with my cock!

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Going to college can be very expensive, which is why my Aunt offered to let me stay with her instead of in a dorm on campus. She's my mom's step-sister, and has always been a lot cooler than my mom, so I was happy to have the chance to live with her for the semester. Her boyfriend, however, wasn't very happy that a young guy was living with her. He thought that we must be messing around, which caused a huge fight between them and caused him to break up with her. I felt really bad about that, like it was my fault, but my aunt told me that since she was going to be accused of doing something that she might as well do it! She kept complimenting me, and asked me if I had ever thought about her in that way. I couldn't deny that I had fantasized about her, she's very hot and flirts with me quite a bit. She told me to lay down on the bed, and began to rub her hand up and down my crotch over my pants, and I felt my cock begin to swell. When she unzipped my pants and began stroking my cock, I couldn't believe this was happening! She kept talking dirty to me as she spit on my cock and kept stroking. It turns out my aunt is a real slut! She took her top off and let me have a good look at her small tits, "I never thought I'd be stroking my nephew's cock!" she said. She took the rest of her clothes off and started to rub her pussy while I watched. Straddling my legs, she kept one hand gliding up and down my shaft while the other rubbed her wet pussy. "Look how close my pussy is to your cock!", she exclaimed. I wanted her to climb on my dick and ride me, but she just kept stroking and talking dirty. I could feel a huge load building and I knew it wouldn't be long before I blew a load in my aunt's hand. She started pumping faster and opened her mouth right over the head of my cock. She wanted me to cum in her mouth! I strained against her palm and shot a load right on her lips and tongue! "It's going to be fun having you live her," she said, "but you better not tell your mom or she'll be really mad".

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She practically begged for it.

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My cute as a button stepdaughter came to my room to vent at me about her mom. This seems to be her favorite past time lately, bitching about her mom. This time it's because my daughter wants to go out with a guy she's had a mad crush on and her mom is forbidding it. Now my kid is turning to me for some sexual relief. I'm pretty open minded but I don't think I could fuck my stepdaughter. I fantasize about things happening but I couldn't go that far with her. Imagine my relief when in her frustration she suggested she jack me off to help her get some frustration out! Wow! It took me half a second to lie down where she asked me to so I could receive her handy work. My daughter is such a young cutie. Her mother is still pretty hot for her age but her body has definitely lost the tightness that her daughter now has. The kid is college age so I feel she is enough a grown up to decide for herself if stroking dads cock is going to make her feel better. No guilt here. She pulled my pants down and took my semi flaccid penis in her warm perfectly manicured hand. Her mother never gets manicures. My daughter has perfect hands and so soft wrapped around my cock. She started talking dirty to me telling me she will only handle cock. She says she all grown up and can take care of my cock. I got a lot more than just a hand job as she undressed. She showed me the bra she bought when she went shopping with her mom a few days ago. I was so excited to see her young tits. She made my cock slippery with her saliva and commented it's the perfect size for her. I was having such nasty thoughts about fucking her. Her dirty talk was just about sending me through the roof. She rubbed her tiny pussy as she stroked me. Since my wife was expected home soon, the kid sad we would ruin my wife's life another day when we get to fuck. It only took a couple more minutes before my hot load escaped my cock. I gave my daughter my sperm which to my surprise, she promptly licked from her hands. I'm not quite sure what began here tonight in my bedroom but I certainly like where it could be headed. I won't need to bother her bitch of a mom for a boning any more when I have the newer younger version right down the hall, who definitely wants my cum.

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She put me on dick duty.

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I'm lying in bed wishing I were anywhere but here. I can hardly believe my dick is limp and useless right now. Just the thought of masturbating causes me to leak pre-cum and there is nothing I can do about it. I rubbed it too much so my mom took me to the Doc who's remedy was to wrap it with instructions to leave it bandaged at least two weeks. I should be out sticking my dick in every willing hot college girl on campus but instead I am here leaking at the thought of it but that soon changed. My step sister came in saying our mom sent her in to do the examination duties on my dick. Apparently my mom is too embarrassed so she figured since my step sister and I are close in age that she would do the deed with better ease. There was an awkward explanation of what she was about to do and then she just went for it. I knew right away I would get a raging boner. My sister is pretty fucking cute and don't think I haven't fantasized about sneaking down the hall in the middle of the night for a little late night cock surprise. Despite the awkward situation she was being a good sport. Sure enough with her removal of the bandage, quick exam and determination that everything looked o.k. to her, I let the boner stand strong for her to maybe help a brother out. She was flattered that her presence was making my dick hard so she went along with it and became quite the sexy seductress. Not that she had to work for my willy as it was all ready for anything she would do to it. She undressed to show me her perky little tits which made me leak even more at the thought of sliding my dick in between those little perfect mounds. With a good strong grip from her petite hands she worked my stiff shaft up and down repeatedly and with good rhythm. She was very determined to work my first cum in weeks from me. She showed me her naked tight body which included a glimpse of her pretty pussy. When she asked for my cum I couldn't hold back and gladly relieved myself of that pent up jizz all over her tits. While my head was still dizzy with relief she reminded me she was there for an exam that got a little out of hand so to speak and had to get back to our mom who was waiting downstairs for the report. I may just be able to make that late night trip to my sister's room now that we've had this little surprise encounter.

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She takes your cum away.

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Did I overhear mom and dad saying you're sick and don't have to go to school today? They are so gullible! There is no way you're missing college today. If I have to go then so do you because I will not be picking up your homework assignments. In fact, I'm on to your skip school scam because I happened to hear in the hall yesterday that your girlfriend was blabbing to her friends you were going to cut school today to go over to her house and fuck her, all day. You always fake sick and get whatever you want but not this time. I'm going to take your cum and keep you here all day as my personal play toy. We can both skip school together except you're not getting laid and neither am I. Your shenanigans have ruled this house long enough. Who do you think you are? I'm the boss of you today. Your poor girlfriend will think you stood her up and probably break up with you. It would make her so jealous if she knew your step sisters hands were around your cock. I'm going to milk that cock dry and then when those balls of yours make new cum, I'll drain your balls of that also. You belong to me today, all day. I'll do things to you your girlfriend probably hasn't done before like stick my wet finger up your butt. I'll bet that feels so incredible to have your asshole massaged as your cock is getting jerked. Oh wow brother I feel your cock throb in my hands. Your cock is so much bigger than I imagined a dork like you to have. I want to make you cum so good you will be glad to stay home with your sister all day. Oh yes, give me all that cum. I want to taste it. I think I got a pretty good size load out of you but there is still the rest of the day yet. Now I just have to tie you to your bed and wait for the next round.

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She wants to be a porn star.

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"Hey Daddy, can I talk to you?" This question almost always leads to some sort of trouble. My wife's daughter from her previous marriage is all grown up and still living with us. She has a very generous father who pays her college tuition and buys her whatever she wants as his way of not having to keep her under his roof. I don't mind her living with us except she has developed into a body I can hardly keep my eyes off of, curvy in all the right places. I am her step- father but I am still a man with needs. She came to me earlier today saying she needed to talk and I was the only one she felt she could open up to. It seems she got an offer to go to L.A. and be a porn star. She says she will make a lot of money and won't have to depend on her dad to pay for her education any longer. The problem is she is pretty much a virgin and is apprehensive about her sexual skills to be a porn star. This is where I come in, she wants to know if I will watch her imitate what she has seen in porn videos to see if she looks as good as the porn stars. I sure as hell wasn't going to decline a free show from this lil' young thing who looks like her mom must have 20 years ago. I made myself comfortable in my corner chair and watched her bend over in her skin tight yoga shorts. She wore high heels that made her legs look long and lithe. Oh my I could feel my dick starting to swell. She did a little strip tease show for me and with each article of clothing she removed my dick continued to swell until it was fully engorged and aching for her tight little pussy. She spun around from showing off her backside to notice my bulge and address it. When she suggested she practice with my cock I practically exploded right there. I could hardly wait to feel her soft young hands around my shaft. Her fingers were moist from playing with her pussy as she inched closer to me. I could smell her feminine scent in the air and it made me dizzy. I thought she was going to come to me and climb on my pole like a porn star would but instead she removed my pants and grabbed hold to give me an award winning hand job. She is eager to learn what boys like and I am even more eager to let her practice all she wants with my "step-daddy stunt cock". She tried all the tricks she saw in the porn videos. As she stroked me off she kept saying how she wanted to be my little porn star. I don't know why this turned me on so much but it did. As she was asking for my cum I gave it to her and watched as she spread it all over her huge tits. Judging from the way she was able to dirty talk and stroke a load from me, she will be a huge hit in L.A. I can hardly wait to sneak away from her mom and wank myself to one of her upcoming vids.