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I couldnít take my eyes off you.

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This is highly irregular behavior on my part. I donít make it a habit to hook up with the parents of my students. I happen to know youíre a recent divorcee and when you showed up for parent teacher conference I couldnít take my eyes off you. Thereís no harm in two adults having some enjoyment of each other sexually. Truthfully, it was the bulge in your pants that first drew me in to you. Oh wow, you feel every bit the size of what I imagined. I hope this tryst doesn't effect the way you see me as a teacher. Iím still a good teacher, I just have needs you know?

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I crave a fat cock like yours.

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I would much rather be in your bed than sitting in class right now. It was a great idea to ditch that boring biology professor to come here and fuck. Lets not waste any time cause I have to get back on campus for my next class right after we get each other off.

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I crave your big dick.

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I know my son would hate me if he found out I'm fucking his best friend. I can't help myself. It's hard living with a husband who doesn't satisfy my sexual needs. No one would understand but I have to have you, again and again. We don't have much time so hurry up and strip down so we can get to it. I love that you are already chubbed up for me before you unbuckle your belt. You fuck me exactly the way an old broad like me needs, balls deep. Go ahead and ram that cock deep inside and try not to think about what should happen if we get caught.

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I crave your experience.

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This shouldn't become the standard cliche of student/professor affair. There is a reason I agreed to come to your home. You are older and seem wiser than any of the students my age. I'm no campus slut but I have experimented enough to know that guys my age cant give me orgasms. This is the reason I am here. I want more from you than what you can teach me in the classroom. Please, Professor, give me my first orgasm.

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I cum first this time.

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There is a time when a woman has to demand what she wants. Not to keep count but youíve received way more orgasms from me than I have from you. Tonight is different, youíre going to lick my pussy until I say itís time to stop. I want orgasms, now start.

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I dare you to show me.

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You have like a revolving door of bimbos in and out of your room. I cant believe mom and dad don't care how many girls you bang in here. There is no way I can even bring a guy over and here you are having the time of your life. Such double standards they impose. If I have to keep hearing you make girls scream in your bedroom, I want in on the action. I don't have a boyfriend right now and all those sex sounds I hear have made me horny. Play a game with your step sister. I dare you to.

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I didn't really need this flat iron.

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When I asked to borrow your wife's flat iron I really just wanted an excuse to come over here and have you alone. We've all been friends for so long and you must know by now I have a crush on you. I've hid my feelings well every time we all get together for dinners and stuff but I can't wait any longer. I want to fuck you. If you don't want to fuck me then I will leave but that bulge in your pants tells me you're glad I am here to. Should I suck your cock and make you even harder so we can fuck? Lick my pussy for me. I bet your wife doesn't wear sexy heels like mine or tiny lace panties like I do. I like feeling sexy and being sexed. Oh yes, lick my pussy with that soft tongue. You ready to stick your dick in me now? Give it to me. Fuck me like you want to fuck and your wife won't let you. Oh yes, make a mess of my hair by fucking me all over this bed of yours. Doesn't that feel so good to be inside a hungry pussy? How do you wan to cum? You know you can't cum inside me right? You have to pull out and let it go wherever you want. Does your wife let you make a mess on her ass with your hot cum? I will let you make a mess on me. Go ahead, give me your hot cum. You like seeing your jizz so close to my vagina? I thought so. Now don't tell your wife about us. I will find another excuse to come back while she is gone real soon.

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I didnít notice a ring on your finger.

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You make one helluva work out partner. The gym can kind of be a bore for me but wow, you make it fun! You know, you have a really great body. I can tell you have super hard abs under your t-shirt. You didnít mention a girlfriend while we were working out nor do I see a ring on your finger so Iím going to be blunt. I would very much like to see the rest of your body. I was completely turned on by you being so close to me at the gym. You are so attractive I canít help what I want to do to you right now.

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I do more than just clean.

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I hope you like the way I cleaned your house today. I am kind of new to this particular cleaning service. Do you like the outfit they asked me to wear while cleaning your house? I noticed you quietly following me around as I dusted. I was told you are one of the special customers and to offer my extra attention. You have used this company often enough to know what I am talking about. I could really use an extra big tip as my rent is due and living in Hollywood is so expensive. You well to do men always like the special extras, dont you?

Missionary,Doggy Style,Brunette,18 To 19,Small Tits,Blowjob,Cowgirl,Cum Shot,All Natural,Long Hair,Piercings

I do what I want!

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How did you get such a bitch of a daughter? You're like the hottest and nicest dad of any of my friends. Your daughter called me a slut. I havenít even done anything slutty, well not yet anyway. Maybe I should give her something to talk about. I see the way youíre looking at me right now. I think we are both thinking the same thing.