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Brunette,Foot Fetish,High Heels,Upskirt

What do you think of my high heels?

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I am going out with the girls tonight and need your opinion on which pair of my heels make my legs look their best. I would ask your father's opinion but he just says they all look good. I've noticed you staring at my legs when I wear heels so figured you would be the perfect person to tell me exactly which pair of heels are best. Go ahead and have a seat while I give you a little show.

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Whatever I say goes.

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You know I am a mail order bride for your father. Your dad is so pussy whipped it's fabulous. He says I can have anything I desire. Since I am so much younger than your father and closer to your age, I decided I want you. Your father is much too old to satisfy my sexual needs but the way I see it, you are part of the family package. I married him but I want you. He doesn't have to know. This can be our dirty secret.

Blonde,Big Tits,Foot Fetish,High Heels,Upskirt

Which sexy shoes look the best?

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As you can see I am ready to go to a party but I can't decide which heels look best with my sexy blue dress. Will you help me decide? I'll try each pair on and walk a little so you can hear my heels against the hard floor. Examine the arch of my foot as I place each heel on my perfectly pedicured feet. I'll even show you my cute wrinkle soles as I flex and point my toes for you. Do you think you can choose the right pair of sexy heels for me?

Big Tits,Red Head,Pantyhose/stockings,Non-nude,Bra Fetish

Why are you a pantyhose thief?

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I have been holding off long enough but it's time I find out why my pantyhose keep missing. I want to understand why you have such a fetish for my hose. Is it the texture of the weave? Is it the sound they make when your hands run through them or is it because they can so easily wrap around your private parts? Do you like the sound they make as they are destroyed? The ripping and shredding sound, does it make your private parts tingle and stir? Go ahead, touch yourself as I shred these hose for you.

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Will you help me measure my buxom breasts?

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I'm so glad you're home because I am so confused by something that happened today. I went bra shopping and my old bra size doesn't fit me. I've worn the same size since I married your father years ago. You've seen my boobs, only in clothes or my swimsuit but tell me, do they seem bigger? I really need your help. I'm going to place this tape measure around my chest and you tell me what the number says. It's real important you read the number correctly. What does it say? Maybe if I take my dress down and measure over my bra only it will give a different number. I think to get the most accurate measurement I must remove my bra as well and measure against my flesh. What to the numbers say when I wrap this measuring tape around each breast? Oh my, I see this has excited you. Well since you are such a good help to me I can help you get some relief from that rock hard erection. Go ahead and stroke yourself as you continue to look at mommies big titties. That's it, just like that. I know you want to cum for me. Make that cock cum for mommie. Oh I see all that cum you just released from your penis, just for me. I'm so proud of you that you let go of all that nasty cum and you helped me find my true breast measurement. Now go clean up before your father comes home and make sure you write than term paper tonight! I want my special boy to be at the top of his college class.

Big Tits,Brunette,Pantyhose/stockings,Office,Foot Fetish

Worship my feet at work day.

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Since you can't seem to behave yourself at school, it's your punishment to come to work with me today. You don't get off that easy son, you must worship my feet until I give you permission to stop. Rub them harder. I'd like to see you take a big sniff of my feet. Both hands must stay on my feet, not your cock. You aren't allowed to touch your cock. I see how big your erection is inside your pants but this is part of your punishment for misbehaving, not being allowed to touch your penis. A young man your age in college should not still be a trouble maker. Your job is to make my feet happy. Is it my high arches that gets you so excited? Why don't you think about that question while I get ready for a meeting. You busy yourself with something other than your cock until I return.