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This is great for stress relief.

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Even though I'm not your real mom I can tell when you're completely stressing out. Let me tell you a secret that I know works for my girlfriends and I. When we can't seem to fall asleep we rub one out to relieve anxiety. Do you know what I mean? I mean you give yourself an orgasm to release pent up stress. Im sure you're going to be given lots of opportunities at college to relieve stress by donating loads of cum to the girls. Why don't we practice here at home? I'll show you how giving up your jizz makes for a great night of sleep.

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This is our little thing.

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I feel a little strange sneaking in here this late at night. I happen to disagree with your dads form of punishment and thought I would come try to help you feel a little better about being confined to your bedroom. You were only behaving like any other eighteen year old would. I think you are a great guy so to help ease your mind a bit and maybe even help you sleep tonight Id like to use some of my motherly magic hands on you. Your father makes it perfectly clear I am only a step mom to you but I have a soft spot for you as I remember what being your age was like. I also know what you mainly have on your mind. Here, scoot a little closer and lets be quiet so we don't wake your dad.

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This is so inappropriate.

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I'm sure you heard the fight your dad and I just had. There is no way I can sleep in there with him tonight. I don't want to make this weird because I am just your step mom but I need to crash in here tonight. I have a big day of work tomorrow and I really need a good nights rest. Ill sleep on the top bunk and not make a sound. I hope this doesn't make you feel weird to know I am right above you. Oh wow, can you not do that tonight please? I can hear you fapping and its grossing me out. You aren't going to stop are you. Fine, lets just take care of your annoying erection so I can get some sleep.

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This is so not me.

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Oh don't look at me that way. This whole get up is your dads idea of a perfect housewife. He says he wants me wearing an apron when he gets home from work and that doing so will make him very happy. I can't imagine he truly gets enjoyment from seeing me in this ridiculous apron. I feel so damn frumpy. You date a lot of different girls in college right? Is this something you would want any of those cute hot girls to wear? Of course not, this apron is not my idea of sexy. You know what I think is sexy?...

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This was meant for your father.

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I should be angry with you for spying on me. This lingerie outfit was meant for your father and my one year anniversary. Its lost its specialness now that youve seen it. I suppose I should be flattered a young many like you would rather hide out in his stepmothers closet than be out chasing college girls. I think I have figured something out right now. You've been stealing my stockings haven't you? I wondered where they disappeared and now I know. I understand you are a very horny young man. I also think you have a stocking fetish. To show my sympathy of your uncontrollable fetish I am going to give you a little show as you jerk yourself off, but just this once.

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Vacation fapping.

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Ever since you were given that little video camera it's like an extension of your arm. We are on vacation! Why do you keep trying to sneak peeks up my skirt? If your father were here you wouldn't be behaving this way. He would rather go play golf than explore the beach with us so just behave your self! Is that what I think I am seeing? Do you have an erection? Look, we have about fifteen minutes until we arrive at our destination so I suggest you start fapping and get that erection gone before I park this car. It doesn't bother me if you have to rub it out here in the car, its better than showing up somewhere with you and your big boner. I'm just your stepmom so what do I care if I see your cock? Hurry up and get started on that thing and don't expect help from me, I'm driving.

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Vacation with Step Mom.

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My dad recently married one of the hottest MILFs I've ever seen. When he told me that they were going to get married, it made me a little nervous knowing that she was going to be living in the same house as me and my pop. My dad decided that the best way for us to all get to know one another better was to arrange our first vacation together as a new "family". He and I always loved surfing, so when he suggested we rent a bungalow for a week and catch some waves, I thought it sounded like a fantastic idea! Little did I know that one of my chores would be putting baby oil on my new stepmom. She asked me to put a lot of lotion on her so she wouldn't get burned, and I happily obliged. As I was spreading the oil over her smooth skin, I couldn't help but notice her butt wiggling a little every time my hand creeped further up the back of her thigh. I guess my little head took over, and I began to test her and see how far she would let me go. She spread her legs a little bit as my fingers began to slip under the bottom of her bikini, but then my dad walked in and I immediately had to stop and excuse myself to my room to take care of my raging hard-on. The entire rest of the trip consisted of her bumping up against me, catching my eye, and giving me little glimpses of herself while she adjusted her swimsuit or came out of the shower. When we got back home, she acted as though nothing had happened on our trip, especially when my dad was around. However, the other day I went into my room and there she was sitting on the edge of my bed! She wanted to talk to me about what happened on vacation. I was so embarrassed, and I was sure that she was going to bitch me out for being a pervert. However, when she told me that she was flirting with me and how she thought I was cute, I was shocked. I was even more shocked when she told me that she had been thinking about me ever since, and that the only way to get the thoughts out of her head was to do something to kill the curiosity, and that the way to do that was to rub my cock for me! She told me to lay down and began to feel my already swollen cock through my pants. "You're so big", she said, "you may be bigger than your dad!." She took my swollen cock out of my pants and began to slide her hand up and down the shaft. She took off her top and let me get a good look at her perfect tits, the same tits that I stared at all week long. "Every time you ran your hand up my leg, I thought my wet pussy would drip down my thigh", she said as she continued masturbating my cock. "I know it's not right for me to have all of these thoughts about you". She turned around and pulled her panties to the side, giving me a long look at her wet, pink pussy. "Uh uh, I just want to touch you", she said. She continued to stroke me as she turned back around and straddled my leg, grinding her pussy against my thigh. She teased me, and told me that she wanted to fuck me. The entire time, she wore a pair of hot, pink high heel shoes. "I'm going to stroke this cock until you cum all over my hands", my new mom said. I couldn't hold back any longer, and blew a big, thick load all over her hand. "Mmmmm, look at all that cum", she purred. "Don't you say anything, this is between me and you until next time".

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We own your baby batter.

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My sister just told me she caught you heavily making out with that slut girlfriend of yours, in your car, in front of my house a few nights ago! What is wrong with you doing such a thing where people can see? I am so upset over this news that I feel it's my responsibility to take all your baby batter from you before you go on your date with that slut tonight. There is no way your stupidity is going to make me a grandmother. I know you're probably giving it to her without a condom. You can't resist us so just lie there like a good young man and let my sister and I drain your balls of all that nasty cum. This is going to be an ongoing ritual before you leave for a date with anyone from now on. Your dad would blow a gasket if he knew you were going to fuck a girl in front of his house! Your dad won't find out about any of this so long as we keep what is happening our little secret. Don't you dare blab about my sister and I stealing your cum. It's better to give it to us than to let that little slut have it and ruin your life. Come on, the sooner you relax and let us have that nasty seed, the sooner you can leave for your date. Watch us milk every last drop from those loaded balls. Oh, look at that mess you made on yourself. Your aunt and I are going to go get cleaned up but as for you, part of your punishment is to go on your date with the stench of your own cum on your clothes. That's right, should your skank girlfriend wonder what that smell is or why there are stains on your shirt I suppose you will have much explaining to do, won't you?

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We should have vacation sex!

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I thought you would be hanging out with girls your own age this whole vacation. I am surprised to see you sitting here with me most days. Don't those twenty something's at the pool interest you? Your father certainly doesn't want to spend his vacation days soaking up sun with me so I do appreciate your company. I am wondering though, since you are my step-son if you might have a crush or something on me. I don't know of any other guys your age who want to be with a mother figure so much. If my guess is true then I have something much more fun for us to do than sit here on this sun deck. I haven't had sex in weeks and it doesn't look like your father is going to come through with vacation sex so, he is playing golf for another couple of hours. If you can keep a secret, I think its time you and I both get some vacation sex!

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We should talk about your lust for me.

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I think we need to have a talk. Oh, no it isn't about anything bad necessarily. It's about something that we need to work out together so we can live with each other peacefully in this house. You've always been accepting of me as your new step-mom however, when your dad bought me these big boobs a few months ago it seems you can't keep your eyes off of them! It's really becoming noticeable so I feel we need to clear the air. Don't you see enough boobs around the college campus? I mean, I know since you still have a few years left of college that you will be living here so we need to work this out. Why don't I show them to you to take some of the mystery away? There, see! They are quite nice aren't they? I love how firm and round they feel in my hands. Oh my, is that a bulge in your pants? Go ahead and let me see what you have in your pants. You remember I was raised by European parents so nudity and showing off the body is not a big deal to me. I am very open minded. In fact, why don't you let me take your cock out for you? I'm not your real mom so it's not such a big deal if I touch you down there. Wow, your cock is bigger than your dads but don't tell him I told you that. Your cock is so nice I want to play with it. Oh it feels so smooth and rigid in my hand. I like that I'm the reason your cock is so hard. I wish I could put it in my mouth where your dads cock goes but that may be a little to much. I'll just play with it in my hands until you're ready to give me that nasty cum of yours. I'm sure it's that nasty cum that makes you stare at me with such lust. It isn't cheating on your dad if your cock doesn't penetrate me. I bet you would like these huge tits touching your stiff shaft. Titty fucking doesn't count as penetration. How does your cock feel in between my huge titties? Oh you like my tits massaging your hard cock. We've gone this far so I may as well show you the other place where your dad's cock goes but you can't. Do you see my pretty pussy? I'm sure you want to stuff my little slit don't you? Imagine how good that would feel as I stroke you faster and faster until you are ready to release that nasty cum. Mommie wants a big load of hot fucking cum. Mommie always gets what she wants. Oh yes! Look at the big mess all over my pretty pussy. We had better keep this our secret. I don't think your father would understand your needs like I do. Now that your head is a little clearer, hurry and get ready for school. Try not to be so obvious when staring at my tits from now on.