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Pumpkin guts for penis lube.

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I have a huge crush on my step-sister. She always makes things fun around the house. She is only a couple years older than me and if our parents weren't married, I would totally try and get her attention and affection. It can sometimes be slightly awkward living with such a hot sister yet knowing I can't do anything with her sexually. I have jacked off thinking of the things I would like to do with her more times than I can count. Mom sent sis outside to work on the pumpkin centerpiece for our annual family holiday dinner which I saw as a perfect opportunity to spy on her while she gets messy in pumpkin guts. I would watch her hands skillfully wrapped around the carving knife as she has her way with what is supposed to be our table centerpiece then sneak back inside to my room and imagine her hands wrapped as skillfully around my dick. I guess I pissed her off by being outside and interrupting her creative time. She put her knife down and then pulled me down to the ground. I was laid out flat and slightly shocked when next thing I knew she was sliming me in pumpkin guts. I was happy just to be touched by her that I stayed still in hopes she would keep touching me and maybe even a little lower down than my chest. Part of my fantasy was already coming true when she took off her clothes to reveal her panties and sexy leopard print bra. As always, she started making fun of the situation and soon had my cock in her hand with the explanation that she was in college and its her time to experiment. I didn't care that she was covering my cock in slimy pumpkin or that it was super cold and making my willy almost shrink up inside of me. My cock was in her hands and that made me so very happy. It would have been much more accommodating to have her sneak in my warm cozy room some night to jack me off but since she had me in her grip right here and now, I wasn't going to complain. Of course, being the prankster that she is know to be she had to humiliate me during the cranking my making a special size hole in her centerpiece and making me fuck the pumpkin. I laid there hoping no one would walk in the backyard and see me with my dick crammed up a pumpkin hole. This was not ever part of my fantasy with my sister but since I liked her so damn much I would let her do pretty much anything she wanted to my dick. She must have taken a little pity on me cause after she made me fuck the pumpkin she started cranking my cock like she actually was enjoying herself. She asked for my cream to frost her fingers, of course I gave it to her despite my cold balls being halfway up my stomach. She told me I had better go clean up before mom caught us outside and we would have to explain what we were doing. The part I liked the most besides her squeezing my cum from me is that she called me a little freak. Little does she know all the freaky things I have done to her in my mind....hahaha. I am my sister's freak for sure.

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Road trip with Stepmom ends with a handjob.

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My stepmom is such a hottie and she doesn't even know it. I can't believe I get to go on a road trip with her, just her and me. My dad is such an idiot in his cheap ways to try and save money. Oh well, his cheap ways pay off for me in a big way. The first hotel we stopped at for the night put us in a king size bed together. What was I to do? I couldn't sleep and had to rub one out. I can't help that I used my mom's ass for my own personal pornography. I nutted so good I forgot to wipe the evidence off her ass cheeks. Oh well, maybe she wont notice that her underwear are slightly stiff the next morning… She noticed. We got to the next hotel and this one gave us a queen size bed! I gotta love my dads way of saving a buck. My mom was not happy about sleeping in the same bed with me again. This time she let me know why. In a strange way this discovery benefit me still in the fact that now she knew I objectified her for my own selfish gratification the previous night. Tonight she says it's her turn. She began to make my cock rock hard so she could climb on and get her own big "O" before dismounting and informing me that now she owns my cock as her plaything and because I was so naughty last night that I did not get to cum tonight. She made me put my pajama bottoms on and sleep turned away from her. I'm not sure how I feel about what just went down but I hope this road trip goes on a little longer than expected and I find out some new ways to take advantage of my mom and vice versa.

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Sexual favors are best gift ever.

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I have waited so patiently for you to reach the same age as me, eighteen! I hand made this very important birthday gift for you. I want you to read it carefully and be prepared for what it says. We have kind of been kissing cousins in an innocent flirty way but things just got a whole lot heavier now that you are eighteen. You are also the age now that I can disclose a huge family secret. I was adopted! So any hesitation you may have had about your sexual feelings for me you can now explore since we aren't even related at all except by the marriages in our family. I'll start with the birthday sexual favor for you and I'm sure in the very near future this is going to become full on hot and heavy. I have wanted to see your dick for so long though! Lie down and spread your legs wide so I can sit in between them and give you the best birthday hand job ever!


Sexy Witch gives tricks AND treats. Halloween BONUS video

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My boyfriend and I love role-playing games. I was super excited for Halloween this year and the chance to dress up as a sexy witch for my guy. We live over two hours away from each other right now so any chance we get we take full advantage of some fun time in. I could hardly wait for him to get to my door tonight. He told me go along with however he showed up since this was going to be part of our dress up fun for Halloween. I was kind of surprised when my doorbell rang since all the trick or treat young ones had come and gone long ago. I knew it could only be my boyfriend, full of surprises. He dressed as a ghost with an old sheet and even had a pumpkin pot partially full of candy. Oh, he was really playing this one like a cute lil' young guy would. I went along with it and told him I had his treat or maybe a trick awaiting him in my bedroom. Once I got him in my room I wanted to get going with the make-out and sexy time a.s.a.p.! What a surprise I got and quite a trick played on me to remove the sheet and uncover not my boyfriend but the hot young 19 year old from a few doors down. Oh my! I wasn't quite sure what to do with this sexy stud standing before me. I mean, my boyfriend was on his way and due very soon yet here I had this sexual young beast with one thing on his mind. He really did go through quite the effort to get himself in my room tonight. I didn't even want to know the specifics of how he managed to trick me. I was incredibly turned on at the sight of his young well developed body. I would have jumped on him in a heartbeat if I didn't have my boyfriend on his way to bone me. I couldn't have my pussy stretched out by another man's cock right before my boyfriend wanted in there. I also didn't want this sexpot to leave my house feeling all his efforts to get in my bedroom were wasted. I told him to get comfortable so I could give him a quick hand job. A hand job would show no signs of evidence unless I wanted it to and it would give this young guy something to tell his college buddies I'm sure. Oh his cock is so smooth and long. After seeing it fully erect I quickly let him know I was going to have him back to my house very soon so I could ride his long pole. He seemed pretty happy to have his cock cranked tonight given the circumstances. I could feel my panties becoming moist as I worked his shaft. Oh how I want to pull my panties to the side and climb on to feel his steel hard rod sliding inside me. I made sure to let him know exactly how good his dick felt in my soft hands and how he hadn't seen the last of my bedroom walls. He was going to be my neighborhood boy toy for sure. He gave up quite a thick load to me and just in time. We both had to clean up and get him out of my house before my boyfriend arrived. I would have no explanation for having a 19 year old in my house at this time of night. As he grabbed his cheesy sheet ghost costume I winked and assured him I would be seeing him again, real soon.

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She acts her fantasy on me.

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Syren can hardly contain herself with the news of her step son making captain of the local college football team. The real truth of her enthusiasm was discovered as she told her son of her fantasy when she was his age. The captain of the football team back then was quite the man whore who took advantage of his football status by fucking every co-ed who threw herself his way, except for her. She went unnoticed. She says she was a flat chested nerd in those days and didn't get much attention at all. She was saying that she never lived out her fantasy of being with the football captain but now has her chance, with her son. Although she has enough sense not to fuck her own step son, she does want to have a quick little sexual fling with him and offers to pleasure him with her mature mommie hands. She has quite the sparkle in her eye as she uses her sexy body to give this young stud the cranking of his college years.

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She doesn't deserve you, I do.

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I'm sorry to hear the news of your girlfriend breaking up with you. You really shouldn't waste so much time being depressed over a girl like her though. My friends on campus know her and say she is one of the biggest sluts at college. You don't want to be with someone like that. She doesn't know what a great guy you are, but I do. I noticed you've been in your room for days and are probably stressed out over this whole matter. It got me thinking of what I do to relieve stress and that I should do what a good step-sister would and help you get happy again. I think I am pretty and can take care of you in a way that girl never would. Can I give you a loving hand job until you cum? I know if I were in your place I would want it. I have to confess that I've seen you look at me when I step out of the shower and the door is slightly cracked open. It makes me feel good that you notice me in that way. I have thought about touching you like this. Sorry it took a nasty break up for me to make my move with you. Don't be nervous, I really want this. You won't tell our parents will you? I don't feel bad about being sexual with you but they probably wouldn't understand. Do you like what I am doing to you? Your cock wasn't so hard at first but now that you see I am serious in wanting to please you, your cock is rock hard in my hand. I like touching you. I want to feel your hard dick inside me but that will wait for another opportunity. Right now it's all about taking care of your needs. You need this don't you brother? You need some sexy fun in your life and I am here to give it to you. I see you keep looking at my feet. Do you have a foot fetish? Would you like my soft soles stroking your shaft? Oh I like your hard pole in between my soles. I feel my pussy getting moist. How would you like to cum for me? You want to cum on my feet or my hands? I think I can get a better grip with my hands. I want to feel your hot cum on them. I like being in control of your orgasm. Oh wow! That shot out of your dick! You already look like you are feeling better. Do you want to know what might make this even more fun? Come into my room later tonight when mom and dad are sleeping and I will show you. Now hurry and get cleaned up before they get home and remember this is our special secret.

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She doesn’t suck at handy’s.

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This may seem strange but you’re the only one I can talk to. My boyfriend broke up with me because I wouldn't have sex with him. I told him I would get his cock off anytime he wanted but it would have to be with my hands. I think that’s a pretty good deal, he didn’t. So here is my dilemma. I have to know that my hand job wasn’t the reason he broke up with me. I mean if this is as far as I will go I think a guy who really is into me will respect me taking my time to give up my pussy to him. I also think a great hand job could be a bonding thing and shouldn’t be ruled out as sexual intimacy. So here is where you come in my sweet step-brother. Will you let me jerk you and then rate my stroking skills? No one else is home and this can stay a secret between us. I think you’re getting quite the deal because in the end you get to shoot your load and what could be so bad about that?