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This is so not me.

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Oh don't look at me that way. This whole get up is your dads idea of a perfect housewife. He says he wants me wearing an apron when he gets home from work and that doing so will make him very happy. I can't imagine he truly gets enjoyment from seeing me in this ridiculous apron. I feel so damn frumpy. You date a lot of different girls in college right? Is this something you would want any of those cute hot girls to wear? Of course not, this apron is not my idea of sexy. You know what I think is sexy?...

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Vacation fapping.

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Ever since you were given that little video camera it's like an extension of your arm. We are on vacation! Why do you keep trying to sneak peeks up my skirt? If your father were here you wouldn't be behaving this way. He would rather go play golf than explore the beach with us so just behave your self! Is that what I think I am seeing? Do you have an erection? Look, we have about fifteen minutes until we arrive at our destination so I suggest you start fapping and get that erection gone before I park this car. It doesn't bother me if you have to rub it out here in the car, its better than showing up somewhere with you and your big boner. I'm just your stepmom so what do I care if I see your cock? Hurry up and get started on that thing and don't expect help from me, I'm driving.

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We own your baby batter.

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My sister just told me she caught you heavily making out with that slut girlfriend of yours, in your car, in front of my house a few nights ago! What is wrong with you doing such a thing where people can see? I am so upset over this news that I feel it's my responsibility to take all your baby batter from you before you go on your date with that slut tonight. There is no way your stupidity is going to make me a grandmother. I know you're probably giving it to her without a condom. You can't resist us so just lie there like a good young man and let my sister and I drain your balls of all that nasty cum. This is going to be an ongoing ritual before you leave for a date with anyone from now on. Your dad would blow a gasket if he knew you were going to fuck a girl in front of his house! Your dad won't find out about any of this so long as we keep what is happening our little secret. Don't you dare blab about my sister and I stealing your cum. It's better to give it to us than to let that little slut have it and ruin your life. Come on, the sooner you relax and let us have that nasty seed, the sooner you can leave for your date. Watch us milk every last drop from those loaded balls. Oh, look at that mess you made on yourself. Your aunt and I are going to go get cleaned up but as for you, part of your punishment is to go on your date with the stench of your own cum on your clothes. That's right, should your skank girlfriend wonder what that smell is or why there are stains on your shirt I suppose you will have much explaining to do, won't you?