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Our family is weird

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You are so super cool for letting me stay here until I get my own place. My parents are so uptight conservative it was suffocating me to stay there. You and my sister letting me crash here for awhile has been so helpful! I honestly donít even know how my conservative uptight sister landed a chill and open minded guy like you. I was waiting for the perfect time to tell you how much I appreciate being here temporarily. You have gone way beyond making me feel comfortable and welcomed. I happen to kind of get a vibe while here that you and my sister arenít fucking very much. Youíre such a great guy so keep that open mind while I offer to take care of some of your sexual needs while Iím here. Iím not going to fuck you so itís not completely cheating. Weíre just helping each other out where we need it the most. Think of this as some stress relief for you and some for me to since I donít have to be apartment hunting the longer you two let me stay here. See! we both benefit so long as this stays our secret.

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Panty stealing step brother is a masturbation addict.

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I know my little step brother has issues, most nineteen year old guys do. He always seems to have one hand in his pocket doing something with his rocket if you know what I mean. I'm talking to my girlfriend on the phone, go into my bedroom to grab a sweater and what do I find but my little brother laying on my bed with a very guilty look on his face. I ended my phone call quickly to deal with the reason my brother thought it was ok to be in my room, on my bed. His pants appeared to be barely fastened and the lid was off my clothes hamper. I deducted pretty quickly he had been rifling through my dirty clothes. Even with my own reasoning I gave him a chance to explain, which he offered none. I wondered what item of my clothing he had in his possession so undid his pants to find out what he had stuffed down there besides his semi hard cock. Oh great, my satin purple panties. There wasn't any reason to get too upset with him. At his age his hormones probably are driving him crazy enough already. It kind of turned me on to think he was getting aroused at the scent of my cunt on my panties. Why not go ahead and give him something more to fantasize about? I told him it is ok to have a panty fetish. It's ok to sniff my panties just so long as he returns them to my hamper when he is finished. To let him know I had no hard feelings I told him to lay back while I let him sniff my panties while I jack off his cock. This was going to be fun, especially when I saw how big his dick is. Nothing like a good size hard cock in a girl's grip even if it was my brother's cock. As I stroked him with my spit for slippery lube, I asked if his cum in my panties is the reason they have seemed a little more stiff than when I originally put them in to launder. He has been stealing my panties and shooting his semen in them then sneaking back into my room to put them in my dirty clothes like they never left. Its kind of creepy yet a turn on to know he thinks of me while he is stroking himself. My brother is turned on by his big sister, how sweet is that? I own his cock now. He will give me his cum or I will let everyone know what a perverted panty thief he is. I'm such an understanding big sister I let him frost my purple panties and then keep them for masturbating material later. I understand all men have needs, even little nineteen year old young men. Now that I've seen what a big dick he has I may just have to sample that inside my pussy next time my panties go missing.

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Peeping Pervert brother gets caught.

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All I wanted to do was lay down and enjoy a little self love time before the family came home. I've been so stressed at work and rubbing one out seems to help make my anxiety manageable. I removed all my clothing and was really getting into the feeling of my clit beginning to swell with excitement when I heard a thump outside my bedroom window. I sprang up from my bed and rushed to close my drapes. How embarrassing that someone was watching me flick my bean! I mean, embarrassing and gross! Not more than a few minutes later did my step brother appeared knocking at my door. So he was the one spying on me! What a pervert! I felt so violated and disgusted at the same time. I wanted to call the cops or something just to show him he cant get away with looking in windows and spying on a girl. So why were you looking at me? Were you touching yourself as you watched me play with my pussy? I should call the cops or tell mom and dad what you were doing. Better yet, show me what you were doing. Yeah, that's right, pull your cock out and jack it off in front of me instead of being a creepy pervert and hiding to do it, or better yet I'm going to jack you off so you can relieve yourself and leave me alone. You heard me, lay your ass down here in front of me so I can get your dick out of your pants and crank out a cum for you. It's kind of sad that you have to watch your own sister to see what a real girl looks like so I'm going to take pity on you and rub one out for you so I can get back to my pussy and rub my own stress away without having to worry about you watching. How does it feel? How do your sister's hands feel around your hard on? It's better than standing outside my window and working it out your self isn't it? What is it you were staring at the most when you were spying on me? my little tits? Or was it my hands touching in between my legs on my moist pussy. I will let you see all of it up close since we both know the only reason you were watching me is because you cant get close to any other girls. You're such a geek. Are you going to give me your cum? Can you give your load to your sister? Come on you pervert, go ahead and fill my hands with your goo. Hurry up so I can get back to my own masturbation session. Now hurry up and go clean yourself before our parents get home, oh, and come back in my room tonight after they go to sleep. Now that I've seen the size of your cock I don't have to rub one out with my fingers anymore, you are going to be my dorky dildo and get my little pussy off from now on.


Pervy panty sniffer and the Babysitter.

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So why is it that we are pretty much the same age and your parents asked me to come over to watch you and the house while they are away? You're nineteen right? Isn't that old enough to take care of the house by your self? There must be an issue of trust with you. You seem ok to me but I know quiet types like you, there is something pervy lurking in the back burner of your brain. Hey! Were you just looking in between my legs? Are you trying to see my panties or something? That's it! You're a panty lover pervert! Now my time here gets more interesting. Go do something for me. Go get a pair of your mom's dirty panties from her hamper. Go on, do it! I don't want them clean either, get them out of the dirty clothes. I won't cook you any dinner tonight unless you play along with what I say. Your mom has good taste in lingerie. These are really pretty panties you brought me. You want to smell them don't you? Here, have a deep sniff of your moms dirty underwear. You're getting a boner. This is fun. Come here and lie down for me so I can wrap your mom's panties around your dick. I'm finding out why you need me here to watch you. If I weren't here you would probably have all your mom's dirty underwear in your room filled with your jizz. This will be our secret that you are going to soil just one pair of your mom's panties. I will help you because this is kind of funny to me. Don't you think it's a little weird that your dick gets hard when you smell your mom's underwear? They smell like pussy. You must like the scent your mom creates in between her legs. I've read about panty perverts like you. I want to see if you can spooge all over the panties. Would my panties get you as excited as your mom's? I'll let you smell mine. It's like a drug for you isn't it? The smell of a female's pussy on fabric. I'll bet you haven't even tasted a pussy, only smelled it from afar. Guys like you are such dirty perverts. If I keep stroking you with your mom's panties wrapped around your dick, will you make a mess in my hands? I want to see it. I want to see what kind of cum load guys like you can spew. Oh wow! You really had a lot of goo in you. I'm going to clean my hands with you mom's underwear and then you put them back in her hamper. Go on, I'm serious. She is going to have fun doing her laundry tomorrow with the discovery of her extra crispy panties. You may have some explaining to do.

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Playing Doctor with her Therapist.

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I have no idea why my parents insist I come to therapy sessions. It must be to appease their guilty conscious about not spending much time with me. I do feel time is a valuable thing that should not be wasted, don't you Doc? I've been thinking a lot about our sessions and conclude the only thing that is bothering me is lack of sexual expression. You can help me with this I'm sure. Let's not waste any more time with you listening as I rehash my childhood. Our time together could be used more constructively with me expressing my sexual nature and you playing a part in my fantasy. You always enjoyed our role- playing exercises and now we can take them to a different level which will make us both happy and satisfied. If you like, I can even call you Daddy. I will do whatever it takes to get you off. Let's play a game where I tell you how much I want to see you stroke your cock while I talk dirty to you and undress. Don't worry, it's all in the name of therapy. This will help me as much as it will help you feel good. You can give my parents the usual exceptional review plus we will have a whole new bond between us. That's it, make yourself comfortable, pull your cock out for me. I want to see what has been hiding underneath those professional slacks all these months. Oh Doc, you have a really nice looking dick! It's so long and smooth. I can see it swelling as I talk dirty to you. Does seeing my pretty pink pussy make your heat missile want to penetrate my hot walls? Isn't this fun Doc? I think so. You know what would make it even more fun? Let me jack you off. Let me take ahold of your pretty penis and stroke it nice and slow for you. Don't worry, I won't tell my parents or anyone about this. This will be our secret between Doctor and patient. If you like the way I take care of your dick, maybe we can even continue this outside of your office. You know, I could be your girlfriend and service your cock any time you want. We could live in a house together far away from here and have our own little world, just the two of us. What do you say Doc? Do you like my fantasy of us? Don't answer that until I have made you release your cum in my hands. Should I call you Daddy while I'm stroking your shiny shaft? Do you like that Daddy? Am I doing this right? Do my soft warm hands feel tight enough around your big daddy dick? Oh yes, I feel your dick getting super hard. Your breath is becoming heavier as your balls tighten up to expel your hot liquid in my hands. Give it to me Doc. I want it. I have been fantasizing about this since I first started therapy with you. I love you Doc...Ah! There it is! This is what I want from you. You gave me your cum all over my little hands. Doesn't that feel good? This is a much better way to use your couch than me lying here talking for an hour. Is that release just what the Doctor ordered? Well, I had better get dressed and now I am definitely looking forward to next weeks appointment, aren't you?

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Playing hookie for some nookie with Step Dad.

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What is a girl to do when she has a major crush on her stepdad? How long am I supposed to wait to be able to tell him how I feel? I love my mom but I love my dad too. When I think of my step-dad I feel a different love for him the way I feel about my mom. I feel different sensations in my body. I get moist in my panties and have a hunger to feel his manhood in my hands. I figured out the perfect way to get to stay home with him and reveal all these pent up feelings toward him. While my mom was long gone to work, I came out from my bedroom to tell my dad I didn't feel well and would be staying home from school today. I promised I wouldn't bother him on his day off. He looked so comfortable and sexy laying on the couch reading that I wanted to throw myself on top of him right there. I decided a little grown up seduction was more appropriate. I let him know I would be spending all day in bed and he was welcome to come check on me anytime. College guys just don't do anything for me, not like the feelings I get for my step dad. I gave him a flirty smirk before leaving to go put myself into something sexy and wait for him to come to my room, I hoped anyway. Before I left I asked if I could lay in his bed since his was more comfortable than mine. I actually wanted him to be more comfortable in his own room should he come check on me. I knew I would somehow get his cock in my hands today. Sure enough, I didn't take him long to make it to the bedroom. I had on a special lingerie set on specifically for this moment. It didn't surprise me how quickly he came to check on me. I could feel the sexual tension building between us as the months have gone by. I wanted to put his big stiff dick deep inside me but today I was going to make him feel the best with just my hands. I loved the way his smooth dick skin felt in my hands. I gave him lots of my spit to keep his shaft lubed. I told him how much I love his cock. It's the biggest dick I have had in my hands. I knew his cock was going to be a perfect one. He spurted a load so fast it disappeared on the sheets. I managed to save a little of it on my hand to taste. I was so turned on after rubbing my wet pussy all over his leg that I let him know we still had the rest of the day together to do nothing but play with each other.

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Porn could be a good job for me.

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August decides there are way too many jobs that don't offer much pay for the time put in, especially for a pretty girl like her. She determines porn is a viable career choice instead of doing time in college for a low paying job afterward. She has heard there is a very popular type of porn being shot, which she thinks you can help her understand it better. The porn is called Taboo. Since you are the ever supportive and doting step dad you of course want to encourage her in her endeavors. She doesn't want to be a nervous wreck when she travels to CA, porn capital to appear in taboo themed movies so her idea is to enlist your help in some pre-porn practice. She feels a hand job with a little dirty talk with you would help her feel much more comfortable in front of the camera when the time comes. Eager to support her career dreams and get wanked off by one hot stepdaughter you do as she says and lie down beside her so she can begin practicing her handwork. Anything you can do to help your little princess.

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Porn is my past. You are my present.

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How could a guy have a hot porn star for a stepmother and not jerk off to her daily, multiple times a day even? Nikita Von James is your super sexy stepmom and says porn is her past but she understands you are a virile young man who has a high sex drive. She is more than willing to help you out with that demanding dick of yours. Watch as she teases you with her tan toned body and a firm grip on your cock.

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Pretty princess poses for her Step-Dad.

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My step-Dad is a really good photographer. I don't know why I haven't asked him to take pictures of me until now. I need some good quality pictures to put on my social network sites that weren't taken with my cell phone camera. My Dad is a pretty cool guy so I figured if I brought him his camera with a smile on my face he would be happy to help me, and he was. I started posing cute and innocent but then something inside me switched. I liked being in front of his camera, knowing we were sharing a moment between only us. He was looking at just me and whatever I wanted to do. I let my hair tumble down and frame my face. My glasses were removed so I could better seduce the camera lens with my soft come hither eyes. I was having unexpected fun playing the sexy model. I waited for the perfect time to ask my Dad if he didn't mind taking some personal pictures. Every girl should have some sexy pictures to show a boyfriend or hot date. My Dad didn't even flinch when I said I was taking off my shirt and bra. I could feel his eyes heavy on me and knew he would enjoy this as far as I wanted to take it. I only had my skimpy thong panties on when I looked down from his camera lens and noticed something much more worth staring at. He had an obvious boner in his pants! I felt like the prettiest girl ever because I knew he had that boner from looking at my body. I was enjoying this far too much to leave it alone. I let him know that if he wouldn't tell my Mom, I would take care of his boner. I had been curious about the size of his cock for quite some time. I heard my Mom raving about my Dads cock size to one of her girlfriends over the phone. She didn't think I could hear her. Ever since that day, I've tried to catch a glimpse of it whenever I could. Now, with my Mom gone for the day, the opportunity to have his cock in my hand is perfect timing. I tell him he should lie down on the couch to be more comfortable. I also let him know he can keep taking pictures of me pleasuring his pole if he wants. So long as he doesn't let Mom see these pictures I will stroke him to climax. I'm not sure what Mom would think if she knew what I was doing to her husband but I don't care. I want his dick in my hands and his orgasm in my control. I rub his super hard shaft in between my big soft tits. I almost put my pillow soft lips around his tip, but decided to save it for another day. I want to suck and fuck my Dad but today I am only going to stroke it. I want him to want me another time. He keeps taking pictures while I show him my little pink pussy. I remove his jeans completely so I can put my wet slit on his bare skin. I want him to desire me. I give him permission to come in my room any time we are home alone together. I'm so glad we finally broke the ice and got intimate with each other. I will make him feel so much better than my mom ever could. He spurts his man juice all over himself. I asked him to cum for his little princess and he did. I loved the feeling of his warm jizz on my hands. I thanked him again for taking pictures of me. I knew exactly what I wanted when I asked him to take those photos and I made it happen. Dads little princess isn't so innocent anymore.

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Prom princess puts out for her stepbrother.

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I can hardly believe my boyfriend broke up with me the day of prom! I had my new dress ready, got my hair colored and styled and then got the phone call from the loser that he decided to go out of town on a camping trip instead of take me to prom. I was heartbroken until I got the bright idea of how I could still go and be seen in my new dress at prom and have a great time. My stepbrother wasn't doing anything interesting so he agreed to take me. We had such a fun night! He knew my ego was a little bruised so he treated me extra special all night long. The whole night was better than I imagined it could be. The only part that was a little...should I say, confusing was when my brother and I were slow dancing, I could feel a bulge in his pants. I didn't think he had those kinds of feelings toward me. We haven't ever even teased about anything sexual so I was really surprised to feel such hardness for me. I was wondering how I could possibly repay him for making me feel so special. Once we were home from the dance and in my room talking about the evening we just had, I knew exactly what I could do to show my appreciation. I would take special care of that bulge in his pants that I felt earlier. We'd have to be quiet though because our parents are sleeping in the room next door. I could hardly wait to wrap my manicured hand around his cock and stroke him. What guy can resist a hand job from a pretty young blonde like me? Even though he is my stepbrother I wanted him to feel as good as he made me feel tonight. I was surprised by how big his dick is. It felt good in my grip. I've heard him beating his meat alone in his room before. If I had known what a nice sized dick he has I would have gotten it in my hands long before tonight. It only felt a little weird cause we are kind of related but while I was stroking him I focused more on giving him pleasure than the fact he is my brother who I've practically spent all my growing years with. None of that seemed to matter because he definitely was rock hard for me right now. I cranked his cock with a firm grip, up and down, up and down. He started to moan heavier and his breathing was getting faster so I knew he was going to give me a great geyser of his goo. I asked him to spew it on my prom dress. You see, my boyfriend really broke up with me because he didn't think I was going to 'put out' on prom night. I'm going to mail my cum stained prom dress to him to let him see what he missed. Hahaha...he really is the loser.