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My wife's best friend jacked me off!

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I love my wife, of course I do! She is a great woman who is attentive to all of my needs. She also happens to be out of town on business at the moment so what was I to do when her best girlfriend called me sounding like she really needed help? I'm the kind of guy who will help anyone in need so I agreed for her to come over for just a minute. Now my wife and her best friend go way back to high school days together. I have seen her friend through marriage and a divorce and now in the dating scene. This is one good looking albeit strong minded woman. I had no idea what she would need to talk with me about but I wasn't going to turn a deaf ear to her. She began by saying she is confused by what men are telling her, that she is too forward. She wants my opinion of her. I prefer a woman that know exactly what she wants and believe me, this woman does. Not only did she want to voice her thoughts to a friend, she wanted to get her rocks of with a man as well! I was the man to understand in her eyes. How could I resist? It's not like I was going to fuck her so its not really cheating on my wife, is it? She claimed she wanted to reclaim her womanhood by making a man feel good sexually with no strings attached. So long as there are no strings attached and we both walk away mutually satisfied with our own secret that doesn't go beyond my front door, hey, I'm in! I lay back and let her do with my dick as she pleased. Not only did she rub it well, she placed it on her pussy lips as she stroked us both. She must be seriously horny cause she also wet her fingers and slid them inside herself and masturbated herself to orgasm right in front of me! This moment is definitely locked in my spank bank material for retrieval at a later date. I have a feeling she is going to take good care of my needs before she leaves tonight. I lay back and let her continue to stroke my cock. I must admit it felt pretty damn amazing to have a new pair of hands on it. I am so used to either my own or my wife's hands after all these years, it certainly feels like I am cheating on her, but I'm not. This is a one time deal for sure. It will help two lonely friends feel less lonely tonight and get both our needs met. She kept a steady pace as she extracted every last ounce of cum from my dick. I let out a huge heave of relief as my cum left my body. She said she wishes my goo would have been injected into her body, such a sexy thing to say. As she played with my warm cum she reminded me this would be our secret, that even though my wife is her best friend, she doesn't tell her all her secrets.

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My wifes hottest friend jacked me off!

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I've been under such tremendous stress at work lately that I decided to take a long lunch today to go home and rub out some relief. I had just settled into a fantasy in my mind that was for sure going to give me a blasting cum load when I heard my bedroom door open. My wife never comes home for lunch so I wondered who could have let themselves into my house at the most inopportune time. Ah, it was my wife's best friend. It sounded like she was talking to my wife on the phone, something about finding her shoes she let my wife borrow. I stayed quiet under the sheet in hopes she wouldn't notice me and make her way out of my room as quick as she entered. No such luck, as she was ending the call to my wife she saw me trying to hide. Crap, now what. Can't a guy jack off in his own bed in the middle of the fuckin' day in his own damn house without interruption? She came closer to me and was asking if I was ill. She said I didn't look ill. Despite being the blonde bimbo type, it didn't take her too long to determine exactly what I was doing before she interrupted me. Her apology accepted I was hoping she would just leave, but she didn't. She completely surprised me by saying she thinks I'm sexy and she is jealous of my wife for being the one to marry me. Wow, this is all news to me! Looks like my lunch break is taking a big turn for the better. She says she feels bad for interrupting me and wants to help me get my nut. I've always thought she was the hottest of my wife's friends but I've never said a word to anyone. Truth be told, I've beat my meat more than a few times while thinking of her. She has these big eyes that seem to say "Fuck me" without even trying. My wife says what a slut her best friend is but I think she is making the most of being single and having her fun while she can. At least she isn't home alone in the middle of the day trying to bang one out like this married man. I don't think there is much chance of us getting caught so I relax and let her take my manhood into her hands. Looks like one of my fantasies is becoming a reality right here and now. She does pretty much everything she can to my rock hard prick except insert it in her hungry pussy. She shares her saliva, pussy lips, tongue and perfect pink mouth with my cock. Oh this is so much better than anything I could have imagined happening with my wife's best friend. She does something my wife hasn't ever done, she puts both her feet on my dick and moves them up and down my shaft. She called it a foot job. I will let her do whatever she wants to my cock and call it whatever she wants. She made my cock cum and cum again. I was dizzy with delight as she says maybe she can catch me on lunch break some other time. Fuck, with a hand job this good I will make sure she knows when I go home for lunch since she knows where we keep our spare key now. Today certainly was full of sweet surprise.

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New masseuse wants a big tip.

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I know how these in home massage businesses work, or at least some of them as I have found from experience. These girls take a few massage courses then consider themselves professionals and able to work on the public. I know there is always one muscle that they would never have a hard time rubbing out, my main man muscle. I do have respect for a hard working professional but sometimes I enjoy pushing the envelope just a little bit. What better way to push the envelope with a professional than to flash some extra money. As soon as I saw this new masseuse I knew if I laid out a big tip on her side table that she would have to notice and at some point during my treatment address it, which she did. I made it quite obvious by placing her hand on my semi erect cock. She hesitated, like most of them do, but then concluded she really could use the money and jacking me off wasn't such a big deal after all. Despite her constant chatting I found her nervousness endearing. It was something of a turn on that she was so new to the massage business and actually thought because she had an education in body work that she would not be subjected to the ol' rub and tug. As I already know, money talks, always. Once she grabbed hold of my dick and lubed it well, she stroked with great skill, which is why I seek out new massage therapists. Not only did she agree to give me a happy ending she also showed me her perky tits. I don't often get the tits so this was an added bonus to the already heightened massage experience. I actually got quite the natural exhibitionist as she pulled her pants down just enough for me to have a peek at her shaven pussy as she stroked me off. Her smile as she was doing all this for me made the whole situation much less creepy than it can sometimes turn. I think she enjoyed this extra service today and I know she will enjoy using that extra money I bribed her with. To finish me off she climbed on the massage table and had me spread my legs. This was more service than I expected. It took a lot of work on her part but she gave me a great release as any true professional would. It must have been fun for her because she said next time she might suck it. I guess that means next time I will lay more cash on the table, anything to get her cute mouth around my cock.

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No one breaks my daughters heart.

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Alura can't stand to see her daughter mope around the house with a broken heart so she takes the matter into her own hands, literally by showing up at the ex boyfriends house and seducing him back to her little girl. Since the daughter won't give up her virginity to keep the boyfriend, Alura decides it's a mother's job to make sure everyone is happy. She tells him to lie down so she can do what her daughter wouldn't. He has to earn the right to fuck mom but he will accept a hand job from this buxom blonde. Alura has one dirty mouth as she strokes his manhood into her man toy and makes him promise to go make up with her daughter asap.

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No peeking!

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My boobs have grown so big, much bigger than my Moms. I know you take mom shopping when she needs new bras and panties and I really appreciate that you took me shopping to. It's nice of you to take care of me like you do my mom even though I'm only your step daughter. If you would like I can show you some of the things your money bought me today but you have to cover your eyes, no peeking. First I will put on the bra and then show you the matching panties. Do you like how they match? Do you like my little thong? I will try on some more for you but you can't look this time ok! Well, actually... you aren't my real dad so I guess it's OK if you look at me while I try on my new bra and panties for you. You don't buy mom panties that look like this do you? Her ass wouldn't look as good as mine does in them anyway. Oh wow, are you getting a boner from looking at me? Is that weird? I think it's weird but I like it. Since mom is away I can help you with that boner. Would you like me to help you? I've always wanted to see what your cock looks and feels like. Why don't you lie on the bed and let me stroke you daddy. Can I pull your dick out of your pants? Oh, your daddy dick is nice and thick. This turns me on that I make you horny for me. I like how long your dick is. It feels really good in my hands. Do you like your step- daughter helping you get off? You're such a dirty old man. I like jerking off older men's dicks. You know what else I like? I like to use my big natural home grown titties to fuck your cock with. Does that feel good to have my soft boobies wrapped around your stiff cock? My tits are real and mom had to go buy hers. You like mine better don't you? Oh wow you have such an awesome dick daddy! I don't think mom appreciates your dick as much as I would. I want you to do something that I bet mom doesn't let you do. I want you to cover me with your cum load. Will you do that for me daddy? Will you cover me in your cum? Please daddy I want it. I want to be the only one who makes your cock feel this good. I will do this for you all the time. Ahh that's it daddy yes, make a mess all over my big titties! Ooh, didn't that feel so good? So, um maybe can we go shopping again tomorrow?

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Nobody compares to you.

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My stepdaughter came to me the other day to tell me the not so good news that her boyfriend asked her to marry him! I say not so good because she did not seem happy about it at all. She confessed to me that she didn't really want to marry him because he was too young and immature, and that she preferred older men. Men like me. She said that she has a crush on me, and noticed that I paid her a lot of attention as well... more than a stepfather should. "I know mom has kind of let herself go, and we live in the same house so that's convenient... so I think we should just play!" she said. "You have a bulge in your pants too, you're so naughty Daddy!" She led me to my marital bed, and said she wanted to feel how hard my cock was. I lie down and let my little girl run her hand up and down the front of my pants to feel my bulge. With a mischievous grin she unzipped my pants and pulled out my rapidly swelling cock. She spit on the head and began to stroke it. "Do I do this better than Mommy?" she asked, as her hand pumped my shaft. "I bet she doesn't take care of your cock anymore, does she?" She took off her top and let me have a long look at her plump tits. She sandwiched my cock between her big naturals and began to slide them up and down. "I want to feel your cock in me so deep" she teased. She slipped out of her panties and played with her pussy as she taunted me, "Look how wet I am Daddy, just for you." Straddling my legs she played with her pussy while she stroked, "Daddy, I want to cum with you!" she moaned. Pumping faster and faster, she diddled her tight little pussy and began to moan and buck her hips. I matched the rhythm of her stroke and felt an enormous load begin to work its way out of my swollen dick. Just as I spurted a hot creamy load in her hand, she screamed as she had a simultaneous orgasm! "Daddy, your cumming made me cum! So yummy", she said as she licked my load from her fingers. "I'm definitely not going to marry him now".

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Now you know I'm a nudist.

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I wasn't expecting you home. Yes, I am vacuuming the house and I am naked. I try to only be naked when you aren't around so I could avoid an awkward discovery but here we are. Let's go in your room and have a talk. Now that you know I am a nudist I think we should clear the air on a couple things. I want to feel comfortable being naked whenever I want to in my own home. I understand you are a young man with raging hormones. All you college-aged kids are the same with the incessant desire for sex. Since I am not your real mom, I could maybe help you calm down some of those urges. You need to get used to seeing me naked without getting all worked up sexually. I think the best way to keep you from obsessing about sex when you see me naked is for me to take your cum from you and clear your head. I think once you cum you will look at me as just a woman in her natural form instead of a naked lady that makes you think of sex. I would really like to teach you the importance of being around nudity without it having to lead to sex. Do you like this idea? I can see the bulge in your pants, which makes me wonder how long you were sitting there watching me vacuum. From the size of the bulge it looks like you have a very excited cock in your pants. It's flattering that you get so excited over seeing your naked step mom. Lets take your clothes off during this lesson because if I am going to be naked, so are you. This could be a mother son thing between us. Your dick feels really good in my hand. Oh, and I feel how full of cum your balls are. Do you like the way I stroke your cock? What is it about seeing me naked that gets you so excited? Is it my huge breasts? I'll wrap my big tits around your shaft so you know how good it feels. We have to get your urges of sex with me out of the way so you can see me naked around the house and it won't make your dick hard. Am I doing a good job on your cock? You're being such a good boy laying there and letting me take your cum from you. Ok young man, it's time to cum for mommie. Don't be shy. Spray that cum for mommie. Get all that sexual tension out of that hard cock. Look at all that cum! Now don't you feel better now that you've let go of all that nasty cum? Now you can see me around the house without clothes on and it won't even phase you, and if it does... we can take care of that problem very quickly then get on with the day. Aren't hand jobs from mommie the best therapy?

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Nurse Nikki cares for my crotch.

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I've often wondered if home health care nurses ever do the full service, if ya know what I mean. What better way to find out than with a Dr. approved groin injury and a prescription for home care aid! I was told to stay in bed and rest as much as possible so that is the position I was in when the most beautiful health care professional I ever had the pleasure of laying eyes on walked into my room to tell me she was here to "inspect" my injury. The moment our eyes met I could already sense a slight flirtation on her part even though she was starting her home visit mannerisms with the most professional purpose. My mind was already reeling with several fantasy possibilities and my dick was not concealing my thoughts at all. I'm sure, given her profession she has seen many a hard on for her before me. I laid there and played the perfect patient while she performed her skilled duties in my groin area. First she manually palpated the swollen areas surrounding my dick then of course determined the best possible remedy for me was a release. I certainly was not going to disagree with a certified professional so I completely relaxed any nervousness I had about our appointment and let her hands do their thing. She took complete control over my manhood and stroked it in ways I hadn't ever attempted. She certainly showed me how to properly take care of a rock hard cock. The part I enjoyed the most is how into my pleasure she is. She isn't there to merely perform duties she is here to show how much she truly cares about my condition and is determined to make me feel better. I loved how she asked me if I liked what she was doing. She offered herself without clothing for my inspiration. This woman was going above and beyond her responsibilities for me. She titty fucked my rod and gave it her honey saliva, before I knew it she was completely naked and straddling my lower body. She gave me a perfect view of her ass in the air as she continued to stroke my stiffy, even spreading her pussy open to show me her pink. I wanted her to slide my dick inside but she spun around and positioned herself to finish stroking me off. I gave her my load almost immediately after her asking for it. Imagine my delight when she said she would come back in two days to continue our therapy and then two days after that as well. I lucked out today with the hottest home nurse ever. Maybe when my groin is completely healed I can give myself a new injury from pounding her little pink pussy, I certainly hope so.

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Of course I choose you!

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Is it true you and my mom are really breaking up? You've hardly been married one year, how can you break up right now? I heard her slam the door shut a few minutes ago. I know one thing for certain, I am not going to go with her. I want to stay living in this nice house. You will let me stay here with you wont you? You like me enough as a stepdaughter right? I'm eighteen and will probably go away to college next year anyway so will you let me stay here until I am ready to go? Donít make me go live in a shitty apartment with my bitch of a mom. Tell you what, I will show you just how fun living here with me could be. I know you are going to have certain needs arise and wouldn't it be nice to walk down your own hall and have them taken care of by a hot little cutie like me? I am so down to getting you off when ever you want dad. In fact, I'll show you right now what I can do for you. Pull your pants down and let me give that cock some good attention. I'll bet my bitch of a mother never stroked you off like I will. All you have to do is just lie there and relax and let me take all the stress away.

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Older men are better men.

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Iím a little pouty tonight daddy. I got dressed up to go on a date and my boyfriend blew me off to go hang with his friends! The most sucky part of this is I was planning on being naughty with him, as in giving him myself for the first time. Now I see that he doesnít really care about me. Iím so tired of immature guys, I really am. My mom got lucky with you. Youíre so sympathetic with me. I can tell you understand how I feel where guys my age just look at me like Iím speaking a foreign language. You know how to comfort a woman and I could sure use some comforting tonight. Since youíre being so sweet to me how about I show you some of the attention I was going to give to my loser boyfriend? I wonít go all the way with you because even though youíre my step dad, I still want to have some kind of a boundary. Youíre just so good to me now lay back and let me return some of that goodness.