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Step Mom is a web cam slut!

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I wasn't feeling well so came home early from work tonight to find my step-mom's bedroom lit up like Christmas. I had to have a peek to see what was going on in there. Ever since my dad split it's just her and I trying to make ends meet the best way we can. I don't mind just living with my step-mom. She is a sweetheart and makes sure we have a nice house to live in. Little did I know what she has been doing to keep us living in this nice house! I walked in her room and she was only wearing lace lingerie and nude stockings. She looked to be talking to someone on the laptop. She initially appeared startled but then looked relieved to see me and propositioned me to join her on the bed. She said she does web cam work for her second job and I walked in just in time to help her earn a lot of money in a private show with her for one of her customers. This was so weird. I knew I should have moved out of the house when I turned eighteen last year. Oh well, if it helps her then I should set all weird feelings aside and do as I am told. She said she was going to jack me off while this guy watched and paid us a lot of money. So long as I don't have to see who is watching my willy get wanked my by mom, I don't care. I laid down and she got to work making me hard. She said she was going to use her stockings, hands and feet to put on a good show for this pervy wanker. I never really looked at my mom in a sexual way before this. She is pretty sexy for an older woman. Girls my age certainly don't wear the kind of sexy lace lingerie my mom was wearing. All the things she was doing to my cock had never been done by anyone before. It was a little difficult to keep my dick hard knowing we were being watched and then she had to tell me now to tell any of our relatives about how we were earning the mortgage. I'm not sure anyone would believe me if I did say what I was doing with my mom. She is such a conservative prude to all my friends, always saying that her wild days are far behind her. It looks like her wild side caught up to her to me. She made my dick feel so damn good I didn't want the show we were doing to end anytime soon but it had to. She pulled off her silky stockings from her long legs and wrapped them around my shaft. The combination of her hands in those stockings was making me crazy. I had never felt anything like it and was pretty sure she had given me a new fetish to enjoy during my next stroke session. She milked every drop of my cum from me. They guy watching must have liked what he saw cause he gave us a huge tip on top of the private show. I was happy to help my mom and she said this was going to be a regular thing from now on. Looks like I just picked up a second job without even trying. I hope she lets me keep her soiled stockings.

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Step Mom likes perfect order.

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My mom is slightly obsessive when it comes to organization. Thank god I am almost out of the house and on my way to college soon so I don't have to hear her bitching about the way I fold my clothes, or make my bed or organize my bureau drawers. I don't have any other friends my age who's mothers bitch so much at them the way she does to me. The only reason I somewhat comply is just to shut her up. I fucked up today though. I organized the top drawer just fine and thought this would make her happy enough to be satisfied and leave my room. I thought wrong. She proceeded to my underwear drawer where as usual I threw them all in and forgot to roll each one as she instructed. Talk about a meltdown! Not only did she verbally express her disappointment, she insisted I needed a spanking to wake up my brain and do as she tells me. I'm eighteen and she pulled my pants down and whooped my bare ass! My humiliation began to turn to excitement as I felt my cock grown with every slap on my ass. My step mom, being the weirdo she is noticed my erection and said I was free to do with it what I pleased when she leaves the room and that she doesn't want to know about it. I think I'm going to forget to organize my underwear drawer for as long as I live in her house.

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Step Mom nurses my cock back to health.

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I'm so bummed. I had to spend the weekend in bed with the flu while the rest of my family went on a ski trip. I shouldn't be to upset because I wasn't completely alone in the house, my stepmom stayed home to care for me. I couldn't ask for a better stepmom, not only is she really sweet she is as equally sexy. Just like she always does when someone is sick in the house, she made her special chicken soup and brought me a bowl in bed. She spoon fed me and then noticed I really did not look so well and suggested she take my temperature, anally. That's when things got a little awkward an uncomfortable. I really did not feel like being probed for a temperature reading but she said all she could find in the house was an anal thermometer. Like the wonderful woman she is, she came prepared with sterile gloves and lube. She made is sound so clinical and quick that I let her remove my underwear but I did cover my junk. She got straight to business, putting on the gloves, applying lube on my balloon knot and gently inserting the thermometer. I couldn't stop my dick from bouncing around a little at the realization her hands were so near my sick but horny cock. She noticed my initial shyness which gave way to an engorged penis, she even called it a boner. Her tone completely changed when she realized it wasn't the thermometer in my ass that was causing my dick to engorge, it was her. She gently rubbed along my shaft with her gloved hand and remarked my dick was larger than my dads. I'm not sure I needed to know this but if I think what's going to happen is really going to happen then I don't care what she says about my cock so long as she milks every last drop of cum from it, which she does. She removes the examination gloves , applies lube to my dick and gives me probably the best hand job I have ever had. I'm only twenty years old so its not like I've had a huge amount of hand jobs but really, this woman know how to treat a cock. She showed me her perfect tits as she jacked me off with her warm loving hands. She twisted and cranked some pre-cum which she seemed pretty proud of and showed it to me. She wrapped her legs tightly around my body and gripped both my body and cock until she stroked a much needed release from my dick. Like the generous person she is, she let me know if I needed the same treatment tomorrow then she would be here to give it to me. She also said she wouldn't have to take my temperature again because she could see I was feeling better already. Thanks mom.

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Step Mom's feet make me hard

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My mom works hard. She's actually my Dad's second wife, but she's always been Mom to me. Sometimes when Dad's not around, she'll ask me to rub her feet for her. I never protest when she asks, because my mom is a certified MILF and has some of the sexiest legs and feet I've ever seen. I never really thought that I had a foot fetish, but every time I get my mom's sweaty, stocking covered feet in my hands, my cock begins to grow. I can smell the musky scent from her hot soles and it sends an electrical shock down to my cock and jump-starts it to life. The other day she came home from work early and was dressed in her office clothes. She was wearing a pair of thigh high black stockings that were sheer so I could see all of her toes in perfect detail. She called me into her room and asked me to rub her feet for her while she lay on her bed. Mom lay back on some pillow and put her feet in my hands. They were hot and sweaty and very ripe, and smelled delicious! Each time I rubbed her soles, she let out a moan and parted her legs just a little so I could see her blue panties and her creamy inner thighs. She told me that my Dad never rubbed her feet any more, I certainly didn't mind doing it for her!

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Step mom's nude panty hose (with Maya Hills)

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You are caught looking up your step mother's skirt at her panty hose. She knows you have a fetish for them and she confronts you. What would your father say about this? You are unconcerned with his wishes. Your sexy step mother Maya does not really mind. In fact, she now knows where all her missing panty hose have ended up!! Take your dick out and stroke it while you look at her pussy through those nude panty hose. She invites you closer so that you can smell her. There is a special quality to the scent of a woman's pussy after wearing panty hose all day long. Even her pretty feet have a distinct panty hose odor that turns you on. As she rubs her legs together, the distinct sound has you mesmerized. Would you like to see more of step mommy? She removes her blouse and bra and you see her big titties, but your focus is her pussy inside those panty hose. With each stroke you feel your balls know your orgasm is building. Step mom Maya's ass is high in the air as she plays with her pussy. You cum on her ass and pussy and leave a hot, sticky mess on her panty hose.

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Step mommy knows best (with Mikki Lynn)

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Your sexy step mother finds you in the middle of a jacking off session when you should be getting ready to go to school, but she does not scold you. Instead, she instantly decides that you could use a little help from her. Step mommy Mikki eagerly encourages you to play with your dick. This is definitely the best way to start a school day, and mommy knows best. In fact, mommy knows that playing with her titties will help you get to the end result much faster. Even better, she knows that her hand on your cock will speed things along. Not wanting to be left out of the fun, step mommy Mikki begins to play with her pussy. You cannot be late for school again, so you do just as she tells you. Now the time has come for you to finish yourself off and you do it right there with step mommy Mikki in your bed.


Step Son, I need some nudie pix.

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Honey, do you think you can help your mom for a minute? I've joined one of those online dating sites and I need some pictures to post. I really do need to get back into the dating world. You father has been gone for quite some time and its' been just you and me but I do need to be in company closer to my age, don't you think? This won't take long. I need some nice pictures of my face that make me look bright and happy and then maybe some more risqué pictures like I have seen other women post on their profiles. Is it to creepy if I ask you to take pictures of me that show off my body? I don’t want to make you uncomfortable. I really appreciate you helping me with this. Wait a sec, is that what I think it is? Son, are you getting an erection from seeing my body? I thought I was being creepy by posing seductively in front of you but actually you are enjoying this! Oh my, I am very flattered you find me attractive that way. I thought if you had to look at your mom in her lingerie it would make you grossed out. Well, so what shall we do about this? I think you took enough pictures of me to be able to use on my profile, but what about you? I can't cause you to have an erection then just let you walk away with it. Why don't you let me rub one out for you to say thanks for taking pictures of me. Come on, I need to start being sexual again anyway and what better place to start than in the comfort of my own home? Lay down on the sofa so you can get comfortable and let mom show you some mature sex skills that have gone un used for way to long. Ah, your cock is so nice! Can I taste it? Oh you taste so good and clean. I had no idea your penis is so big and straight! I haven't had sex since your father and really feel the ache in my groin to place your big dick inside me. I feel like I need to. We don't have to tell anyone about this ok? Who knew we were so attracted to each other? It's ok isn't it to want to make someone you love feel good sexually? I can't help that you are my step-son and I want to feel you inside me. It looks like you want this to. Do you like everything I am doing to your cock? Nice long slow strokes with my warm soft hands. Would you like it if I decided not to date anyone and just stayed home with you? I could take care of any needs you have. It would just be you and me like it has been except I am available for you your beautiful cock anytime you need me. Do you like that thought? I will do it for you. Are you ready to give me your cum? Don't be afraid to relax and let go of all your cum for me. This takes our relationship to a deeper place doesn't it? I am so glad you want this as much as I do. What a dirty secret you and I have. As I lick your cum from your dick, it means we are bonded together even more now. No dates for mommie, just you.

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Step-mom is my Valentines Day lover.

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Happy Valentines Day! I could hardly wait to celebrate Valentines Day with my girlfriend. I bought a box of chocolates for her and was eager to deliver the rest of her gift, my dick. As I was heading out the door I figured I would go say goodbye to my step mom and wish her a good evening. It was a sad sight that I saw, my mom sitting alone all dressed up pretty sipping on a glass of wine and on the verge of heavy tears. My dickhead dad was once again standing her up and choosing to work late rather than come home and celebrate a special evening with her. I felt really bad for wanting to go be with my girlfriend after seeing my sweet step mom so upset. She wanted me to go have fun with my girlfriend and not let her disappointment bring me down. I offered her some Valentine candy hearts I had stuffed in my pocket, which she accepted with awkward grin. I could tell she was ready to cry good and hard so I said my goodbye. I got as far as the front door and turned around with the box of chocolates meant for my girlfriend. I went back into my mom's bedroom and gave them to her instead. My heart was with my mom. She is the one who does so much for me, it didn't feel right leaving her alone just to go get a piece of ass. All it takes is a phone call to get laid anytime I want but I don't think my mom has that same option. Someone has to step up and act like the man around this house so tonight it is I. She sheepishly accepted the chocolates and was quite surprised at my decision to be with her tonight. Being the kind generous woman she is, she knew I was forfeiting sex to stay home so she offered to at least give me a hand job to show her appreciation. I didn't have to think too much about that offer and quickly made myself comfortable on her bed. She had a beautiful red lingerie ensemble on complete with stockings and sexy high heels. My girlfriend doesn't wear anything like this for me. It wasn't too hard a decision to stay home with my mom, look at her. She is definitely what one would call a MILF. Her skilled hands were gonna make my cock feel incredible. Not only did she stoke me beyond belief she was so damn horny she stuck me inside her. My dad is such an idiot for ignoring this sexy slut. She sucked and fucked me! This was turning into one helluva Valentines evening. My mom also introduced me to a stocking foot job and the unbelievable feeling of silk against my shaft. She gave my cock and balls so many sensations I had not experienced before. My head was reeling from her touch and I exploded with a stream of jizz that almost shot past her head! She thanked me for making her night so special and even called my cum shot sexy. I think my mom is the sexiest woman of all and my new mature lover.

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Step-mom shows off her body before her date.

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It looks like my stepmom is finally ready to start dating again. My pops passed on last year and left the house to her with the stipulation I also get to live here rent free as long as I wish. It seems kind of weird that she keeps his ashes in an urn in what was their bedroom. It’s even more weird that she asks me to come in to the bedroom to help her choose which dress she should wear on her first excursion back into the dating world tonight. I mean, my step mom is pretty hot and if there weren’t such a bad stigma attached I would definitely try and hit that. How does one go about flirting with their step mom anyway? The only extent I’ve taken it to is casually being around the bathroom area when she happens to leave the door open so I can watch her in the shower. I’m sure there are plenty of guys who have watched their mom having a shower then ran back to their rooms to rub one out quickly before her shower is finished. Anyway, so here I am watching her try on a couple of really sexy dresses for tonight’s date. I think I may have pre-conditioned myself or something but the sight of her almost naked body sends my dick into an insta-boner. I tried fidgeting around in the chair so hopefully she wouldn’t notice the bulge in my pants but she did notice, and was eager to do something about it. She said I am a growing man still and its ok to have these urges toward her. It flattered her that I found her attractive. She even told me she found my stash of MILF porn in my bedroom when she was in there earlier this week. She wasn’t grossed out at all, in fact she offered her own mommie skills on my cock. She wasted no time in pulling off my jeans and grabbing my rod which was oozing with precum. I helped her out of her dress, which she said she was saving for her date later. She also said if her bedroom door was open later then maybe we could fool around tonight but if it was closed it meant she had a guy in there and for me not to get jealous. It actually turns me on more to think my mom is a slut. Her stepsons cock in her hands right now and maybe in a few hours another cock in her hands and maybe even stuffing her mommie hole. She teased my cock with her clit and showed me all of her nice tight body. She kept saying what a dirty mommie she is for stroking my cock off. I gave her a nice gooey load all over her hands. She got even dirtier as she slurped my spooge from her fingers. Now that we broke the ice with this handjob bonding session she said I can come to her anytime for “talking”. I will most certainly be looking down the hall to see if her door is open or closed tonight, and if its closed, well I will be jacking myself off to the sounds of someone fucking my hot mom. Either way it’s gonna be a good night.

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Stepmom acts out her fantasy on me.

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Syren can hardly contain herself with the news of her step son making captain of the local college football team. The real truth of her enthusiasm was discovered as she told her son of her fantasy when she was his age. The captain of the football team back then was quite the man whore who took advantage of his football status by fucking every co-ed who threw herself his way, except for her. She went unnoticed. She says she was a flat chested nerd in those days and didn't get much attention at all. She was saying that she never lived out her fantasy of being with the football captain but now has her chance, with her son. Although she has enough sense not to fuck her own step son, she does want to have a quick little sexual fling with him and offers to pleasure him with her mature mommie hands. She has quite the sparkle in her eye as she uses her sexy body to give this young stud the cranking of his college years.