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My sister is a porn star!

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I found out a secret about my stepsister. I was surfing through some of my favorite porn tube sites the other day when I stumbled upon a video that starred a big-breasted blonde chick that looked a lot like my older sister. As soon as I started watching it, and heard her voice, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that my sister was making porn! I felt guilty for watching it, but I couldn't stop. My eyes were glued to the screen as I watched her take a huge cock, and loving it! I stroked myself off to the hugest orgasm I had ever had, imagining that the girl who was in the room right next to me was a huge cock slut and now I had to keep it to myself that I knew her secret. I was looking at some pictures of her the other day from some porn site, and stroking my dick while laying in bed, when suddenly the door opened and it was my big sis! She caught me jacking off, and even worse... to her porn! She had a shocked expression on her face as she closed the door, and then opened it again and came into my room. She sat down on the edge of my bed as I scrambled to pull up my pants and pretend nothing was going on, then she grabbed my tablet out of my hand and saw was I was stroking too. I thought she was going to be furious, but it turned out that she was actually getting off on the idea that her little brother was rubbing his cock to her. She made me promise not to tell my mom and dad, then told me that she was a horny girl and liked making porn - how did I think she paid for her great big fake tits? "Maybe I should help you out", she said as she began to rub her hand over the unsatisfied bulge in my pants. She pulled my pants off and wrapped her hand around my shaft. "Do you know how many cocks I fucked to play for these big fat tits?" She straddled me and wrapped her huge fake tits around my dick and began to titty fuck me. "Little did you know that your sister is a big fucking slut". She pulled her panties to the side and let me look at her pussy. Her hand felt amazing as she pumped it up and down, milking my cock. "You have a pretty nice cock, little brother! It would feel so good inside me right now". She was teasing the shit out of me as she continued to stroke me. She put her mouth near my dick and asked if I wanted her to suck me. Hell yes! But she kept teasing me. She pumped and pumped until I couldn't take it any longer and felt a huge blast of sperm shoot out of the head of my cock and all over her hand. "So what do you think about me calling my agent and getting you into porn too?" she asked, "we could make so much money as a brother and sister team!"

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My sister must stay pure.

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Thank god for sisters who watch out for each other. Krissy Lynn is determined to keep her younger sisters purity intact when she pays a surprise visit to her sister's boyfriend. She explains her family is deeply religious so he must honor their beliefs and not pressure the sister into premarital sex. He is listening to Krissy, but his imagination soon takes them both upstairs to his bedroom where she can let her true nature be seen. She admits to being a true slut who is suppressed by her family but knows she can reveal herself to him. Does she really allow herself to be overcome with lust for cock or is it all in the boyfriends imagination

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My sister-in-law handles my tool.

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There is a reason I am single. I like women way too much to be tied down to just one of them. My brother on the other hand, married a hottie who has only gotten sexier as the years have gone by. I wish I had tapped that before he put a ring on it but maybe there is still a chance. We have flirted with each other over the years but never have made a move toward making anything happen. Today was different. I woke up uber horny and no women around to take care of my needs. I knew my brother was out running his usual weekend errands so decided to call him and ask to borrow a tool that I knew he owned and that I had absolutely no use for except to use it as a reason to go see his wife. I figured all this flirting had to eventually lead somewhere or at least I hoped it would. As I walked through their courtyard I noticed her laying out in a very small bikini. Her ass has a perfect roundness that just begs to be squeezed. I quietly approached, trying not to startle her. Oh how much I wanted to pull those bikini bottoms aside and mount her right there on her lounge chair. She noticed me and jumped up, forgetting he top was untied. Lucky for me I got a full view of those perky mounds that begged to be fondled.

She embarrassingly tied her top closed and called her husband, my brother to find out where the tool is I came over to borrow. As she spoke to my brother I couldn't help but feel my dick stirring in my pants. Next thing I knew I was rubbing my crotch on that tight ass of hers. She said goodbye to my brother's call and addressed my cock with pleasure. Next thing I know we're in the house and she has my dick in her firm grip determined to milk every drop of cum from my balls. She said even though she is married to my brother it doesn't stop her from playing around ever once in a while. It just happened to be my lucky day to come over while he is gone and get in on with her. She really is a cum hungry woman and a little dirty in the head which I totally like. As she stroked me she said she was going to swallow my cum and not rinse her mouth so she could kiss my brother with my cum in her mouth. That is just filthy but it made my cock so damn hard I could hardly wait to give all my hot load to her. She rubbed me slowly and the teased my tip as she practically begged for my man juice to mess her hands. I obliged with one of the biggest releases I've ever had. It kept gushing out of me as I convulsed into a state of euphoria. She did as she said and lapped up the jizz from my cock and showed me a good mouthful before she swallowed. My balls no longer ached and my dick wasn't going to swell again for a good day or so. I was satisfied completely by my sister-in-law.

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My son's fiance strokes me for a bigger diamond.

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My son is engaged to a "high maintenance" girl. I warned him about her when they were dating, but he pretty much ignored my advice and asked her to marry him. She's the kind of girl who only wears name brand clothes, has more shoes than she could wear in a lifetime, and is going to end up breaking the poor boy's bank if he's not careful. It was no surprise when she accepted his proposal, but rejected the puny little diamond ring her offered her. When she showed up at my house the other day, while I was conveniently all alone, I knew something was up. She told me that the ring he bought her was too small for a girl like her, and if she were to wear that it would make my son look like a cheapskate. "I can't show that ring to my friends", she said, "it'll be embarrassing for him!" She showed me a picture of the ring she really wanted, and asked me if I would make a deal with her. "You could either give your son the money, or we could work out something else, if you know what I mean. I know you know what I'm talking about, so do we have a deal?" She spread her legs, showing me her pink panties, "Follow me, sexy." She went into my wife & my bedroom and pointed to the bed, telling me to lay down. "I can't say I haven't wanted this", she said as she unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants down. My son's fiance began to slide her hand up and down the shaft of my cock, spitting on it to make it slippery. I felt guilty, but I also knew that if I was going to shell out that kind of money for his fiance's ring I was going to get something out of it for myself. I could understand what my son saw in her as soon as I felt her skilled hand on my rod. This girl knew how to work a man's cock and balls! She took off most of her clothing and let me have a good look at the body my son was going to be fucking. "I bet you'd fuck me way better than your son does, because you're older and more experienced, and extremely deprived of sex." She knew me better than I thought. She spun around and showed me her ass, slipping her panties to the side, she spread her pussy lips and gave me a long look while she continued to stroke me off. She began to stroke my hand faster and faster saying, "Come Daddy, cum for me. I want to feel that hot cum dripping down my hand, that would be so hot.!" Her hand beat my cock like it owed her money, which by this point I suppose it did. There was no turning back now, as a hot sticky load of cum shot out of my dick and covered the hand that would be wearing my son's ring.

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My son's girlfriend stroked my cock!

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My son has a really sweet girlfriend, and my wife and I really like her a lot. They have plans to get married after school, so we decided to let her stay with our family so they can save money while they attend the local college. His girlfriend is quite a catch, and we both know that our son would have a hard time finding a better girl. The only downside to letting her live her is that sometimes we hear them having sex in our son's bedroom. I personally don't mind hearing them, but unfortunately it does make it a little uncomfortable, especially when they seem to be having a lot more fun in bed then my wife and I. I remember the days when we were in our twenties and humped like rabbits any chance we got. The other day at dinner, I happened to make a little joke about the noises we sometimes here, and couldn't help but lament that I missed those days. My wife shot me a look, but I think I saw a look of pity cross the young girl's face. other day, while my wife and son were away, his girlfriend came to me to thank me for letting her stay with us while she was going to school. I told her we were happy to help, and considered her part of the family. Then, she mentioned how she felt sorry for me because it seemed that my wife wasn't taking care of me the way she took care of my son. She looked up at me with her beautiful brown eyes and said that she wanted to really "thank me", by doing something for me that my wife probably no longer did. She told me that she wanted to give me a handjob! felt my cock stiffen in my pants as this young beauty told me to lay down on our bed and she would take care of me. I nervously lay down and let my future daughter-in-law run her hands over the front of my pants, feeling my hard-on with each pass of her palm. She unzipped my pants and my cock sprang to attention. She took my stiff cock in her hand and spit on it to make it slippery. Then she began to slide her hand up and down the rigid pole. She complimented me on the size of my cock and said, "like father like son, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, does it?" I couldn't believe she was comparing my cock to my son's! She took off her top and revealed a pair of tight young tits, which were so much perkier than my wife's. Her long soft hair brushed against my thigh as she continued to make my cock feel loved. "This is the least I can do to repay you", she said. , she took off her panties and let me see her pussy. "This is the pussy your son gets to fuck every night", she said. "My pussy is getting wet for you. It's a shame I can't just slide on this cock". I stared at her tight young pussy while she milked my rod. Then she really blew my mind when she started to call me Daddy! "Are you going to cum for me Daddy?" she asked, as she started to pump her hand up and down faster. Suddenly, I felt a huge load burst from the tip of my cock and cover her hand. "You do shoot a big load like your son. I guess it runs in the family". I couldn't believe that I let my son's girlfriend jerk me off. "We can do this again, any time you want", she said. I think she is going to become an interesting addition to our family.

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My son's wife owns my cock!

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My son got married way too early. His mother and I tried to discourage him from marrying his high school sweetheart, before he had the opportunity to go to college and get a good job. But no, he had to marry his girl because he was afraid of losing the first girl he ever got to have sex with. His girlfriend was pleasing to the eye, and I could tell by the way she flirted with me that my son had his hand's full with that hot little number. I tried to tell him that there would be lots of pussy out there for him, and he didn't have to settle for the first one that had ever let him in. When he lost his job 6 months ago, we agreed to help them get started and that they would pay us back with interest. We were trying to teach them some responsibility. With neither of them working, they just seemed to keep getting deeper and deeper into debt. One day, his cute wife stopped by to talk to me while my wife wasn't home. She thanked me for helping them as much as we have, and said that she really wanted to repay us they needed more money for their car. She offered to wash dishes for me, or do gardening to pay back the loan, but I already have a wife and a gardener to do those things. "What would you like?" she asked. "Maybe you'd like to have something that we would have to keep a secret, between us". "We don't have to have sex or anything, maybe I could just jerk you off?" I was starting to sweat. I mean, here I was alone in my house, in my bedroom nevertheless, with my son's wife, and she was proposing to pay off the money I lent them by stroking my cock. What was I supposed to do? My brain was telling me to get the hell out of there... this was my daughter-in-law, but my cock was telling me something completely different. I let her lead me to the bed, and my brain shut off. The cock won. She opened my pants and pulled them down, while taking my already hard cock in her palm. She spit on it, leaving a long string of saliva leading from the tip of my dick to her plush lips. My hard cock was right against my son's wife's lips, and she teased me by denying me entrance. I couldn't believe what a slut my son married! She told me that she's always had a thing for older men, and asked if she could call me Daddy. She has always called me Dad, even before she married my son. She took off her top to reveal a pair of soft C cup tits. "I bet you'd like to see the pussy that your son gets to fuck all the time", she said as she fingered herself while stroking my cock. "I bet you'd like to feel that pussy, wouldn't you". She turned around on the bed and wiggled her round plump ass. She pressed her self back against my cock and let me fuck the crack of her ass. I was only millimeters away from her juicy pussy. She grabbed my cock in her hand and slapped it against her pink lips. She slid the head up and down the cleft and almost let me put it inside. I was almost fucking the same pussy that my son fucks! She stroked my cock with her ass up, reaching under her leg, so I got a nice long look at the wet snatch she denied me. She spun around and began to tease me with her mouth. Licking the shaft but not putting her mouth around and sucking me. She took my balls in her mouth and sucked as she stroked. The pre-cum was running out of my cock. My daughter-in-law was showing me what a good little whore she would be for me if I kept the money coming her way. She teased me by telling me how good her tight pussy would feel around my cock. "I can't wait for you to cum" she moaned. "I love stroking that fat fucking cock for you, Daddy". Finally I couldn't take it any longer. When she said "Cum for me Daddy", I let a huge load burst out of my cock and all over her hand. She licked the cum off of the head of my cock and told me how good it tasted. "Remember, this is our little secret", she said. "Can I go ahead and get that money for my new shoes, please?", she asked as she spread the cum around her fingers. What was I going to say now, no? My son's wife owns both of our cocks now. >

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My step mom's sister jump starts my cock.

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I'm like any other 19 year old guy in that I am constantly thinking about S E X. When my mom insisted I stay with my newly divorced Aunt over summer break I was vehemently opposed to the idea. How would I get the chance to score sex over the summer months if I was stuck watching over my Aunt? Don't get me wrong, my Aunt is pretty hot for her age but she's not really what I would consider being available to a guy like me. Aside from the fact she is my mom's step-sister, she is way older than me which would make the whole idea of us ever being sexual together completely absurd and wrong in my book. I've been here with her two months now and today, little did I know, our relationship was about to change. I was moving some stuff in the garage like she asked me to but was getting pretty hungry for lunch. She was in the driveway putting the finishing touch on a new battery installation. I had to stop in my tracks as I approached her. She had on a pair of really short shorts and the cutest combat boots I have ever seen on a woman. Her long legs looked so toned and strong that it sent my pulse racing as well as my mind. It was when she turned and spoke to me with grease smears on her face that I got even more turned on and could feel my cock stirring in my pants. She said she would make us some lunch after she got cleaned up if the car started ok, which it did. She also said she was glad I stayed with her during the summer. That made me feel good inside knowing she appreciated my company. As I watched her scrub her hands clean I found my thoughts drifting of her in a completely different outfit, her hair curled and sitting softly on her shoulders and her make up applied perfectly to enhance her already pretty face. She turns and offers me an apple to set on the counter to slice for our lunch snack. Hmmm, this sexy mature woman giving a young dumb and full of cum guy like me an apple... I think this reminds me of, hey, that's a whole other story. She begins to speak softly and seductively, telling me she has had unclean thoughts ever since my arrival to her home a couple months ago. It's been a long time since she has been sexual with a man and she wants to feel like a woman again by satisfying the nearest man in her existence, me. She begins to rub my semi hard dick through my sweat pants. Eager to get to my stiffening rod she removes my pants and becomes captivated by my cock. She strokes me, sucks me and even kisses my ball sack. It's like she can't get enough of my young cock in her hands and mouth. She makes my cock slippery with her saliva then slides it in between her soft tits. I thought I would blow my load from her titty fucking but held out until she stroked it out of me while instructing me to frost her tits with my cream. I did exactly as she asked as she spread my seed all over her chest. She said she is going to like her new relationship with me, and so am I.

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My step sister is an Alien!

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My step- sister has out of this world fire colored red hair and enormously perfect tits that don't belong on a twenty year old. I admit to lusting after her and spending lots of time in my room relieving my sexual angst over her with usually my right hand. I fall asleep at night hoping to have some kind of realistic dream of the many things I would like to do with her or have her do to me. It's like her every move oozes sex and it drives me crazy with desire for her. One night I had just fallen into deep sleep when my step-sister appeared in my room in a skin tight space looking outfit advising me she was there to collect my sperm to populate her planet with man slaves. What? Was I asleep or just dreaming. Was she real or some kind of look alike alien who had invaded my sister's body and was now looking to me to be the provider of sperm for her personal boy toy creations? I don't know but I didn't want to fully wake up and miss out on what ever it was she would do to extract my sperm. I laid still and listened to her every word as she instructed me to touch my penis and make it hard. She even knew that men like to look at tits and ass so she proudly showed me hers in offer of encouragement of my growing penis. She wrapped her awkward hand around my shaft and spit her silky saliva on it for lubrication. Her hand was colder than a human hand should be which made me really wonder if she was in fact an alien assuming the body of a sexy vixen step-sister for the purpose of stealing my sperm. Maybe I play to many video games but this seemed so real and yet, not. She pulled her outfit to the side at the crotch just like a real girl would do so a guy could see her pussy except she called her snatch a schaznat. She continued to let her tits hang on display from her silver uniform while she cranked my cock like any cum hungry girl would do. I couldn't take my eyes off her beautiful red hair and cream colored flesh. After much pole work she allowed me spooge on her perfect tits and continued to milk every drip of semen from my now empty balls. She scolded my load slightly saying it wasn't the best but should make a couple of slaves for her. I was literally to drained to feel any humiliation at that comment and as quickly as she exited my room saying something about returning to her mothership I fell back into a deep sleep hoping to continue this dream in an even better situation such as penetrating the schaznat with my man pole over and over again.

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My Step-Daddy Diary.

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My stepdaughter has been keeping a diary for years. I always thought it was cute, how she would retreat to a corner and spend hours writing about what I could only assume was her latest boyfriend. One day, I happened to find her diary laying on the couch in the family room and picked it up. I know it's not right to read someone's private thoughts, but I didn't see any harm in reading about her young crush of the moment. I know she would probably kill me if she knew I was reading it, so I took the book into my bedroom to find out what she had written. Most of what she wrote about was not very interesting, but when I turned to her last entry, the words at the top of the page hit me like a ton of bricks, "I think I'm in love with my Dad". I couldn't believe what I was reading! She went on to write that she found one of my shirts and was wearing it because it smelled like me. She went on to say that my scent made her so horny that she went to the couch to masturbate. "I lay down on the couch and fingered my pussy while imagining my Dad fucking me with his big hard cock", She wrote. I couldn't believe what I was reading. My step-daughter not only had a crush on me, but wanted me to fuck her! I barely had time to digest what I had just read, when there was a knock at the door. I quickly hid the book behind me when my daughter walked in, wearing my shirt! She was concerned because she couldn't find her diary. She said she left it on the couch (where I conveniently found it) and wondered if I had seen it. I pulled the book out from behind my back to give it to her, and she leapt towards me to grab it out of my hand. She had a panicked look on her face, and asked me if I read it. I told her that I had, and she stammered that it was only a fantasy, and she didn't mean anything that she had written. When I told her that it was ok, that I felt the same way too, a big smile spread across her pretty face. My daughter came to sit at the bottom of my bed and slid my big shirt off of her slender shoulders. She reached forward and stroked my cock through my pants. "Mom will never find out you know, that I'm in your room, all alone with you. Oh Daddy, it's not that weird", she said as she stripped out of her little shorts and top. Her body was amazing, athletic and perky. My cock was straining to get out of my pants. "Is it ok if I take it out Daddy?" she asked, as she unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. She took my thick cock in her hand and made it nice and slippery with her spit. "I'm going to milk you so good, Daddy", she cooed as her hand pumped up and down. "I'm glad you read my diary", she said. I couldn't believe that this was happening. I only hoped that her mom wouldn't walk in and catch us. When she wrapped two hands around my shaft and began to pump faster, I felt myself beginning to lose it. "I need your hot cum, I want to play with it", she said. The faster she pumped, the closer I got to orgasm, until finally a thick stream of cum shot out of the tip of my cock and covered my daughter's hands. She spread the sticky cum all over her palms and fingers and asked me if she could keep my shirt. Hell yes, she could keep my shirt.

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My stepbrother, the premature ejaculator.

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I could hardly believe what one of my girlfriends was telling me. My step brother and her have been hanging out lately and she called to let me in on something that has been happening between them. My brother struts around like he is so cool and such a stud but what I just found out from my girlfriend would make him a complete dud. She told me they were about to get busy last night when she took her top off and as my brother was climbing on he ejaculated. He hadn't even stuck it in yet? I felt embarrassed for him as she was telling me this! She said she wanted me to know the real reason she wasn't going to hang with him anymore. Oh I could hardly wait to put the phone down and go say something to my brother who thinks he is just all that. I went into his room right away and called him exactly what she said he is, a premature ejaculator. I told him it's my duty to make sure no one else is going to make fun of him about this condition. If he doesn't do something about it, he will be the laughing stock of the whole college campus! He was SO embarrassed but quickly agreed to my help. I asked him to show me how he jerks it. Maybe he is doing it so fucken fast that he has conditioned himself to cum at the slightest touch of his cock. Sure enough, only a few furious strokes and he was ready to lose his load. I made him stop and had him lay down so I could show him how to properly hold his release. If he doesn't know what its like to stay hard, how will he ever please a pussy? He will go through life being called the "Two pump Chump". I grabbed hold of his pretty nice looking cock, for a brother, and started squeezing my hand up and down. Only a few pumps in and he was ready to spew! I immediately went to the tip of his dick and squeezed really hard. I told him to think of something weird like polar bears or our grandma's birthday. It worked! He didn't blow his load! He did have some pre-cum dripping on my hand but that's ok, I used it for lube. His stiff shaft felt really good in my grip. I like how smooth his dick is, it's not veiny like a lot of guys I've seen pictures of. My brother has a really good looking rod and needs to learn how to use it so he can ram a pussy properly. Next, I had to get undressed so he could learn to see a hot naked girl without loosing his load. I got completely naked for him and he didn't spew so this training is going pretty well I'd say. I just hope our Mom and Dad don't wonder what we're doing in my brother's bedroom so long and come walking in. Maybe I should stoke faster and faster so we won't get caught. That's it brother, feel how good my warm hand is as it's jacking you off. I jack you off with my hand frontwards and backwards, up and down, slow then fast...cum for me brother, give it to me, its ok now. You lasted a long time with your hard on so you deserve a release. Ahhh, yes! Perfect! Look at what a big mess you made all over yourself just like you did when you were with my friend last night. So now you know what to do brother, you edge yourself every day so you can become a champion at fucking. You will not give our family a bad name due to your inadequate sexual skills. We pride ourselves on being the sluts that we are, you should to, but you have to earn it.