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Step Daughter,Blowjob,Handjob,Small Tits,Blonde,Long Hair

Step Daddy bought me a cute little girl outfit

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Thank you so much for the cute little Onsie and Socks you left for me on my bed! They are so cute! Mom would never let me dress like this, where is she anyway? Well, since she's not home, let me try them on for you. Do you like the way I look Daddy? You're an amazing stepdad - much cooler than my real dad. Do you like me looking like your little girl, Daddy? You can touch me if you want... I love the way your big hands make me feel so small. Look, the onsie snaps open here, you can touch my little pussy if you want, I'm already wet. Being small like this makes me so horny... can I touch you too? Daddy! Your thing is soooo big! I want to put it in my mouth, is that ok? I love to make you feel good too Daddy - I want to be your good girl. Daddy, you're so hard! Are you going to cum soon? Cum for me Daddy, and I'll always be your little girl. Starring Emma Starletto

Step Daughter,Blowjob,Handjob,Brunette,Cum In Mouth

Step Daddy Daughter date goes too far.

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My wife suggested that I take my new stepdaughter on a "Daddy Daughter Date" while she was out of town. She is so young and sexy. I mean she is legal but barely. I took her out to dinner and saw men looking at me like "good for you" and women looking at me like I was a dirty old man. I loved it. It felt more like a regular date. I could feel her rubbing her feet on me under the table and flirting. When we got back to the house, she knew what she wanted. She wanted daddy to show her what a good girl she was at dinner. She told me she was horny and pulled her skirt down letting me feel her young pussy. Then rubbed my cock through my jeans, pulled them off and started sucking my cock. Sucking, jerking and gagging on me. She knows what daddy likes. Then running my cock between her pretty young slit until I almost came. Then deep throating me until I came hard in her mouth. I see more dinner dates in our future.

Step Daughter,Handjob,Brunette

Step Daddy gets a handjob for a shopping trip.

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Evelin Stepdad just got home from work. She wants to go shopping just like her Daddy takes her Mom. To what lengths will she go, to go shopping? She slyly strips out of her tiny top and too-short shorts, and notices her tight body is getting her Daddy's cock hard in his pants. Is this what Mom gets? She pulls down his pants to reveal Daddy's cock. She wants to do a good job for her Daddy, dripping spit to wet his cock for her hands. Her dirty talk and hands end up getting more than just a shopping trip in the end! Starring: Evelin Stone

Step Daughter,Handjob,Brunette

Step Daddy I can't sleep, can you help me?

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Evelin is having trouble sleeping. Mommy usually sleeps with her to help her fall asleep but she's not here. Thankfully her StepDad is here, and he'll let her sleep in his bed. Maybe helping Daddy sleep will help her sleep too! Sleeping with no pants is the most comfortable, and sometimes when she can't sleep, she touches herself... She'll help her Daddy sleep tonight, with her hands. He'll tuck her in with his cum. Starring Evelin Stone

Step Daughter,Blowjob,Blonde,Cum In Mouth,Braces

Step Daddy makes me feel better

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I got a sunburn and asked my step dad to rub some lotion on it. I know he wants me, I can tell by the way he looks at me. I pulled my shirt down and showed him my perfect titties and how much better than momís they are. I could see him get hard in his pants. I asked him to pull it out and he did. So like a good girl I put it in my mouth and suckled the tip while letting him look at my pretty eyes. He was so hard and just pushed himself deep in my mouth, down my throat. I got naked and showed him my young tight sunburned body. Slurping and gagging on his fat cock, jerking on it. I could feel him get harder and harder the deeper in my pretty mouth I got. I hope my braces didnít hurt him, it didnít seem like they did. I sucked him hard and deep until he exploded in my mouth. I loved feeling daddyís cum fill my mouth and slid down my throat. I love taking care of daddy after he takes care of me. Starring Anastasia Knight

Step Daughter,Blowjob,Blonde,Long Hair,Cum In Mouth

Step Daddy Teaches me a New Game

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I was so bored in my room playing with my hand puppet. Step-daddy came in and said that he had something more fun to play with than my toys but I had to keep it a secret and not tell anyone especially mom. He took off his pants and showed me a yummy game. He told me to rub his thingy, I was scared it hurt him at first but he said it didn't hurt at all. Then just a little bit of stuff came out of the top of it where he pees. It was weird but I liked it. I wanted to know what it tasted like because sometimes when I touch my wet spot in bed at night I taste it on my fingers and it tastes really sweet. Daddy said it was okay. I licked the stuff off the top and liked it. Then daddy said to take my dress off so he could see how pretty I am. I did and it was more comfortable that way, cause he rubbed my boobies and I liked it. I put his daddy dick in my mouth all the way like a good girl and sucked and rubbed it until he gave me my special drink that he made just for me. I like daddy's warm special drink. I hope if I don't tell my mom he will let me drink it again.

Step Daughter,Blowjob,Handjob,Small Tits,Blonde

Step Daddy Wake Up!

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Daddy wake up! Are you awake? I see your eyes. Good morning. Oh, what is that daddy? It is so big and hard. Do I turn you on, daddy? Well you aren't my real daddy so can I see it? Can I show you how I suck the boys at school, daddy? Mommy says I am such a little slut, but donít get me started on that bitch. I just want to rub my little pussy and suck daddy's big cock like a good little girl.

Step Daughter,Fucking,Blowjob,Big Tits,Hairy,Redhead,Tattoos

Step Daddy's girl gets fucked after being caught with a vibrator

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I finally was alone, and could play with my toy! Ever since my Mom got remarried, it's been weird living with a guy in the house. My stepdad is cool, but I don't get any privacy anymore. He left for work, and I had a chance to make myself cum, it's been a while. I was totally ready to cum, when suddenly my door burst open and my Dad was standing there! He quickly shut the door and was embarrassed, he said he thought he heard noises from my room, and opened the door to see me with my legs spread wide and my pussy twitching as I rubbed it with my vibrator. I was so horny, and I have to admit, my dad is pretty hot. I told him to come in, it wasn't a problem. I asked him if he liked what he saw, and of course he did. I wanted to show him more. I laid back and began to play with my wet pussy as he watched me. I could see he was getting hard, so I told him to take it out and stroke it for me. Oh my god! His cock was so big! I had to have more. I took it in my hand and rubbed it on my pussy - I wanted it inside so bad! I couldn't help myself. I needed to feel it in my mouth. I slid my lips around the shaft and sucked him deep inside my mouth. I loved sucking my Daddy's cock! But, I wanted more. I told him to lie down as I sucked and slurped his cock, and then I just had to climb on top and feel it inside my horny little cunt. I rode Daddy so good, sitting on top of his cock as he told me what a good girl I am. I turned around and let him see my ass bounce up and down, until he couldn't take it anymore and pushed his cock into me until he squirted a huge load of cum all over my ass! I love my Daddy. Starring Nora Ivy

Step Daughter,Handjob,Small Tits,Brunette

Step Daddy's girl got rid of mom - for good

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I'm so glad we decided to get rid of Mom. Now you and I can be happy together finally and you I won't have to think of you as just my step dad! I can't believe we actually did it! Mom will never get in the way again now that she's gone. I'm so horny now Daddy, can I just play with your cock a little? Let me take it out and play with you Daddy. It's so big, I love stroking you and making you cum in my little hand. I know you won't want to bring anyone else in the picture now, right? It's just you and me... forever. I want to make you cum Daddy, cum for your little girl... or else. Starring Alex More

Step Daughter,Blowjob,Handjob,Small Tits,Brunette,Long Hair

Step Daddy's girl is a greedy slut

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Now that I'm married, I still have needs that my husband can't provide for me Daddy. You're an amazing stepdad, you've always provided for my mom and me, especially me. I love when you spend money on me - the truth is I'm a greedy little bitch and can't get enough money, and I know you can't get enough sex. So let's make a deal - I'll take care of your cock and you take care of my other needs. I can't fuck you anymore because my pussy belongs to my husband now, but my mouth and hands belong to my Daddy. You taught me how to give wonderful blowjobs. Let me take care of you now Daddy. I love stroking and sucking your cock Daddy, give me your cum again please! MMMmmmm yes, thank you Daddy... you're such a bad boy! Starring Vera King