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My cheating step mom jerked me off to keep me quiet.

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My stepmom is pretty hot. I have fantasized her a lot while growing up, and admittedly have a little crush on her. One day I came home early from classes, and I heard some noise coming from my parents bedroom. I knew my mom and dad were at work, so I cracked open the door a little bit to see if we were being robbed or what. What I saw in my parents room was so shocking that I couldn't believe my eyes. I saw my hot mom in bed with some strange guy! I know they couldn't see me, so I watched for a while, getting angrier yet more turned on as this big dude pounded my mom's pussy while she moaned like a slut in heat. I snuck away before they saw me, and decided to confront them right then and there and threaten to tell my dad that mom was cheating on him. I went back down the hallway and saw them kissing as they were getting dressed. I heard her tell him that she was happy that he got off for lunch to come over for an afternoon quickie. I moved back down the hall just in time for my mom to realize that I was home and she was busted. She made some lame excuse about this guy being an old friend of hers, and he even helped the lie by saying it was great that she "showed him around". After he left, she shut the door and turned to me with a very serious look on her face. "So, what's it going to take to keep your mouth shut about this?" she asked me. I was furious, and a jealous that she would let some other guy fuck her in my dad's own bed. She told me to follow her into her room so we could discuss what happened and work out some sort of arrangement for me to keep quiet and not tell my dad. Well, it would have to be something pretty good for me not to spill the beans on her affair. Little did I know how far she would actually go to buy my silence. She started telling me that she and my dad haven't been getting along that well lately, and that my pop only wanted to watch football and drink beer, and wasn't paying any attention to her. I believe that, I've never seen my dad be romantic or anything with her. As I said earlier, I had a crush on her myself, and I think I was more jealous than anything. If she was going to be fucking another guy, I wanted it to be me! Once she realized that I had a thing for her, she realized that what she could do to keep me quiet. All she had to do was give me a little taste of what she had been giving to someone else. It turns out that my Mom is actually quite the town slut behind my dad's back. She told me that she had lots of "friends" who keep her satisfied, and that she needs lots of cock because she is such a whore. She told me to lie down on the bed and she would give me a handjob if I would keep quiet. I had been dreaming of my mom for years, so now I knew that this was my chance. I laid down on the bed as my mom proceeded to give me one of the best handjobs I've ever had. She used her mouth on my tool and beat my dick like it owed her money! She took off her clothes and let me have a good look at her perfect MILF body. Mom even told me that she let other guys fuck her in the ass, and if I was a good boy and kept my mouth shut, that I would get to tap that ass as well. That was all it took to blash a huge load of cum from my cock, and my mom slurped it all up like the good little whore she is. Now that I know what a dirty whore my mom is, things are going to be a little different around here.

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My cock cranking cookie break.

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My hot stepmom is a good wife. She bakes for my Dad every time he goes away, because he likes to have freshly baked cookies when he comes home after being away for a while on business. I knew Dad was coming home tonight, and that only left me a couple of hours alone with Mom. I was feeling really horny, and my Mom has been taking care of my hard cock for a while now. I let her think that it's the only thing that will relieve me of all of my stress. I decided that I would go down to the kitchen and see if Mom would be willing to lend me a hand while it was still just the two of us. She was wearing an apron and a short skirt so I could see her long sexy legs and a little bit of cleavage. My cock was raging as I watched her mix the ingredients. She knew what I wanted, but told me that she had to get the cookies finished, and that the last time she burned them my Dad spanked her and fucked her in the ass! That just made me even harder. She held up her kitchen timer and told me that we only had 12 minutes in between batches and that she would help me out but I had to make it quick. Usually she takea a good long time stroking me, because she likes it almost as much as I do. She set the timer and put the tray in the oven, and told me to go lay down on the floor. My cock was already out, I was rubbing it the entire time she was talking to me. I lay down on the rug and let Mom take over. She lubed my dick with shortening and began to stroke my rod up and down with her soft, slippery hands. It was so hot watching her in the apron, and I knew that the pressure was on to cum soon. I could see up her skirt, and saw her red lacy panties that just covered her wet MILF pussy. She moved closer to my cock and let me feel the fabric against my balls as she kept stroking. The clock was ticking in the background as she kept talking really dirty to me. "Are you going to be a good boy and cum for me?" she asked, "You have all that nasty, dirty, fucking cum in there." She started using two hands on me and kept cranking, until she pulled out a thick load of hot cum all over her hands, with one minute to spare! She kept stroking me until the buzzer went off, then she jumped up and ran to the oven to pull out the perfectly baked cookies. She scooped a couple of warm cookies onto a plate and handed them to me. "Now, go do what you need to do!" she said, as she fixed her apron and went back to the kitchen. I love my Mom!

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My Dad is bigger than your Dad.

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Best friends Chloe and Zoey are usually scheming how to get guys their age in between their legs but Chloe now has the hots for Zoey's stepdad. It doesn't take the girls long to come up with the idea of a sleep over at Zoey's house to get near him when mom is out of town. What dad doesn't know about the girls but will soon discover is they are more than just friends. These girls like to do a little more than just talk when in each other's company. Dad happens to catch them and is soon invited in Zoey's bedroom for some innocent fun, or is it? Chloe takes the lead as she can hardly wait to get a gander at a older man's dick. Zoey is somewhat shy about getting near her stepdad's member but with a little sweet talk from her friend the fun ensues. Just how far will these girls go?

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My daughter stays a virgin.

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As you know, my husband and I hold esteemed positions in our local church and are determined to keep our daughter a virgin until marriage. I don't know if you are "The One" for her. I know she likes you very much and is always talking about you so it seems as though you two will be dating for quite some time. You understand how my husband and I feel about her virginity don't you? I'm sure you are a very nice and respectful young man but I want to take matters in my own hands so to speak to ensure I am the recipient of your sperm and not my daughter. I will masturbate you before your date this evening. What I am doing with you is sacred. It's for the good of your future and my daughter's. This is our sacred secret. No one is home right now so this is the perfect time to begin our bonding. This is only for the purpose of cleaning your penis of all that dirty semen that way you aren't as excited for my daughter later. All you young men only think of sex, don't you? I bet you masturbate every day, probably more than once. I know dirty boys like you. This time I will take care of that dirty seed. You will like it, I'm sure. Lay back and put your hands at your sides so I can get to work. I am going to do filthy things to your cock so you can't do filthy things later to my daughter. Oh! Look at how stiff you are for me! Do you get hard as this for my daughter? You young boys are all the same trying to stick your sinful cocks inside a pussy. Think of my daughter's little pussy while I stroke you off. Look at my pussy. My daughter's pussy looks just like her mom's, pretty and pink. You want my pussy don't you? Dirty boys are my favorite. I want you to give me that filthy load of yours. I know you dirty boys how you like to see your jizz on a pretty girl. You want to see your filthy seed on a pretty mom? Come on, give it to me you dirty horny boy. Oh yes! Let go of all that nasty cum! I want all of it right now so there is nothing left to give to my daughter later. Good boy, very good. Now that your balls are drained of all that nastiness you should get cleaned up so you can be ready when my daughter comes home, and don't mention a word of this to anyone if you don't want the wrath of the Almighty to answer to.

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My friend's hot mom jacked me off.

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Being a poor college student really sucks sometimes. I didn't have enough money to go across country to be with my family for the holiday season so my roomie arranged for me to stay with him and his mom. I don't mind staying there cause his mom is one attractive older woman. I hear that older women know so much more about how to please a man than college aged girls. It would be fun to find out if that is true although I'm not quite sure how to go about making it happen with my best friends mom. I guess I will just feel things out while I am there and see if the opportunity arises along with a little rising in my pants hehehe. Luck just might be on my side today. I got to my friends moms place and he hadn't arrived yet so it's just me and his mom for at least an hour. I don't want to upset her or come on to strong so maybe I had better let her do the talking. I settled in my room and went to the kitchen to see what was going on. I must say his mom's body is totally rockin'. Her body is tight and her hair is really pretty as it falls around her shoulders. I immediately found her attractive, even with a flowery apron on. I thought the days were gone when women wore dresses to do housework. I hope she didn't feel my eyes were intrusive. She invited me to sit with her on the couch while we waited for my buddy to get there. I couldn't hold back and had to tell her how nice she looked in her dress. It compliments her curves so well. I felt my dick start to move a little at the sight of her and smell of her perfume so close to me. She said how lonely she has been since she is only one who lives in the house. I opened up my legs slightly so she could see what effect she was having on me. She quickly noticed and addressed my boner, as she called it. Then she suggested we go to the room I am staying in just in case her son walked in she did not want him to see anything he shouldn't. Wow, looks like I am going to get first hand experience of how well a woman of age can work a college age cock. She kept telling me how sexy I am. No girl has ever said that to me. Good looking yes, but not sexy. I watched her remover her high heels from her beautifully arched feet as she hovered over me letting her breasts fill her bra. I asked her to strip which she did slowly and seductively. Her bra and panty set matched and totally sent my dick into the super stiff range. She said she wanted more time with me but suggested she rub me out really quick before her son got home. Oh wow, she also likes to play Mommy games and said for me to call her mommy. This woman is blowing my mind right now and I can hardly wait for her to rub me out so I can blow a load all over her mature hands and where ever else my jizz lands. She stroked and sucked my cock like no other. What am I doing wasting my time with stupid girls my age? I want the mom treatment from now on! I can only imagine what an incredible lay this broad must be but maybe we will get to that later this week. She stroked me until I blew a creamy load all over her just like I imagined I would. I was shocked when she lapped up my spooge from my dick just like I were her man or something. Just as I was hoping, she said we would get back to my dick later but right now I had to clean up before her real son got home. I think I am going to like having a new "mom".

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My girlfriend's athletic daughter jacked me off!

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It was really nice of you to buy me this exercise ball. I've wanted one for a long time but wasn't sure how to use it. Oh, I just lay on it and stretch? Like this? Hey, why are you looking at me like that? Oh, I see why you bought me this ball. You wanted to watch my toned body stretch. Now I get why you stare at me sometimes. I do admit to thinking my mom looks pretty sloppy lately. No wonder you're attracted more to me than her. I'm sure my tight tummy and tones ass looks much better naked and even in clothes than hers does. I know you like what you see right now because right now I see a bulge in your pants. Tell you what, since you were so nice and bought me something that will help with my fitness regimen, I can help you with that bulging muscle of yours in your pants. My mom is gone for about another hour so we have just enough time for me to work my bicep muscles by cranking your cock. You like the way my muscles flex as I am outside doing yard work don't you? Do you want to see my strong arm muscles flex around your stiff shaft? I am the exact opposite of my mom. I am super tight everywhere and I mean everywhere. She had too many kids so I'm sure she is stretched out everywhere. I feel bad for you, you're a nice guy and you're stuck with a sloppy girlfriend. I'll make your cock feel really good. I'll use all my muscles on your big boyfriend dick. Do you like how your cock feels in between my meaty thighs? I can use all my muscles to give your cock the complete workout. I'll even use my tight ass muscles and rub your shaft up and down. Oh this feels good for me to. Which muscles should I use to make you lose your load for me? You like the grip of my strong hand the best. Wow! What a big mess you made! You had better use your own muscles to clean this mess before mom gets home. Thanks for being part of my workout today and thanks for the big ball. I'll be sure to bounce on it again in front of you very soon.

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My girlfriends virgin sister stole my cum.

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I have a great girlfriend. We've been dating for about 6 months and things just couldn't be going any better. She comes from a really nice family that really treats me like I'm always welcome in their home. Her parents are super cool, and I think her little sister even has a crush on me. It's cute. We were supposed to be going to go see a movie, so I arrived at her place a little early, hoping for a little alone time in her room before the show started. I let myself into her house using the key under the mat and wanted to surprise her. I looked around, but couldn't find her anywhere, so I popped into her sister's room to find out where my girlfriend was. Her sister is only 18 years old, and has always been a little shy and awkward around me. My girlfriend loves to tease that her lil sis has the hots for her boyfriend, but I just think she has an innocent crush. When I walked into her room, her little sister greeted me with a big smile and told me that my girlfriend wasn't home and wouldn't be so for at least an hour. I was feeling a little frustrated because I really wanted my girlfriend to give me a blowjob before the movie. I was bummed, but her sister told me that I could just hang out with her. Why not, I thought. She's cute and I sort of like the attention she gives me. She must have been feeling a little bolder than usual, because she confessed to me that she did like me, and even more unbelievable ... she was a virgin! She had a look in her eyes that I have never seen with her before. I felt like she was going to devour me if given the chance. She reached across the bed and started feeling my crotch, telling me that she was very curious about guys and wanted me to be her first! I was nervous. I have never been with a virgin before. The thought was really a turn-on, and my cock began to respond to her touch. When she asked me to lay down on her bed so that she could jerk me off, I happily obliged this not-so-innocent virgin. She took my rod out of my pants and began to slide her hand up and down the shaft. My dick was screaming for a little slippery wetness, when the next thing I knew she plunged her mouth around my man-flesh and pushed the entire thing down her throat. Her mouth was gushing spit and she used her throat-juice to lubricate my pulsing penis. Her sister's skills couldn't compare to this 18 year old cock-gobbler. She quickly popped her puffy titties out of her dress and got back to milking my dick. She alternated between her soft, tiny hand and her cupid-lipped suck hole. Looking into that innocent face, and hearing her tell me about how much she wanted to swallow my jizz drove me crazy. Soon, I didn't care if her sister got home early or not. All I wanted to do was to feed her cute little virgin sister. I blew a load all over her hands and she licked it up like a happy little kitten with a warm bowl of milk. After she slurped up every drop of my goo, she asked me to call her when my date with her sister was over. As long as she can keep our dirty little secret, I think I'm going to love teaching this little nymphet a thing or two.

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My mom's best friend is so hot!

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I heard some noise in my mom's and went to investigate. Holy shit, her hot best friend was standing there rifling through my mom's clothes. I don't know what it is about this woman but I feel my cock twitch whenever she is around. I'm college age now and the girls at my school are so loud and obnoxious most of the time with their whiney voices. This woman, my mom's best friend has a sexy soothing voice, the kind I want to have whisper dirty words in my ear and here we were, alone, in the house. She said my mom told her to let herself in and pick out a dress for her date tonight. She narrowed it down to two and asked a man's opinion on which she should choose. I could hardly believe when she began to change clothes right in front of me! She said no peeking but come on, really, how could I not try and have a look at her body. She is one of the sexiest women I've laid eyes on. She put the first dress on and it looked great, showing off her curves but the second dress made my cock stir immediately. As she smoothed the fabric against every curve of her body I could feel my pulse quicken and my dick begin to swell. Just when I began to tune her speaking out, she noticed my bulge. Not only was she not offended but she actually said that maybe rubbing me out would help lessen her anxiety about the date this evening. I felt like the room was spinning. How did I get so lucky to be home alone with her for this opportunity? She said for me to lie down and get comfortable on the sofa so she could sit beside me and be a little naughty. This is my mom's best girlfriend about to get busy with my dick! The worse part is that I am still a virgin. Call me old fashion but I'm not the kind of guy interested in sticking my dick in just any hole. I would certainly stick it in my mom's friends holes but only if she wanted me to. I was happy just to have her pay attention to me after all these years of knowing me as the cute young guy. She didn't make fun of the fact I'm a virgin, she said she would be extra careful with me. She said I have a nice cock as she gripped it with a saliva coated palm. She played with her pussy with one hand as she jacked me off with the other. She called it mutual masturbation. She also said I can't tell anyone about this. I don't even know who would believe me if I did tell. This is a sexy mature woman giving my cock the best rub down ever. I wanted to lose my load as she edged me into mind reeling numbness. As she milked my jizz she said she would do this to me again so long as I don't tell my mom about this. Truth is I've been saving myself for her. Maybe when she sees I can keep my mouth shut about our little secret then someday I may actually get to lose my virginity to her. A man can dream.

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My Neighbor is a cock tease

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I'm a solidary kind of man. I prefer my own company. Imagine my surprise when a little asain hottie came to welcome me to the neighborhood this morning. She apparently has been stalking me since I moved in, but in a good way. She is this petite cute thing that talks non stop but her presence was brightening my day already. She offered to make me coffee but quickly got to the purpose of her visit. Seems the man who I bought the house from and this little hottie had an arrangement worked out where she shopped with his credit card and he got sexual favors in return. She claims she never fucked him but did enough to make the arrangement worth his time. She is now in my kitchen offering the same deal to me. How could I resist? Looks like I was about to get a hand job from the cutie. She didn't give the traditional hand job. She liked to reach around and fondle the ball sack from between my legs. Interesting technique but since I have no sexual prospects on the horizon for such an old man like myself, I'll take what touch I can get. It took quite some time to let go of my load. She claimed her hand was getting tired and she had shopping to do so I needed to hurry. I did not want to disappoint this little lady so early into our agreement. I sure hope she comes back every day to take care of my dick.

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My sister has to stay a virgin.

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You don't know me all that well but we need to have a little chat. You've been dating my younger sister now for a while and I hear you are pressuring her to have sex with you. I'm sure you're a good guy and all but I don't think she is ready to give up her virginity at eighteen years old. This is where I come in. Any time you and my sister are going to go out I want you to come here early so I can jack you off. You're going to give me your baby batter instead of filling her with your seed. She doesn't need to know about this. No one needs to know about this. Let's just say it's my way of protecting you both from bringing an unwanted baby into the picture. With my help both of you will keep on making out as much as you want, having fun in each other's company and you won't have any of that young jizz reaching my sister's uterus. I'm going to teach you what real pleasure is by paying all the attention you will ever need to that dick of yours. Get over here and lie down. We only have twenty minutes until my sister gets here and we have to get all that spunk out of you. I am not letting you deflower my little sister. One day you young guys may grow up and realize it's the experienced women you should be chasing not the naive virgins. I don't care if you stay in love with my virgin sister because your cock is the only thing I am interested in. I own this cock from now on. I'll stroke this dick in ways that you haven't even thought of yet. As time goes on I may even let you stick it in my tight pussy. An experienced tight pussy is so much better than just a tight one. Good things come to those who wait and I have all the time in the world. I may also someday deep throat your cock to give you my sweet slippery saliva. I'll have your dick so far down my throat that all I have to do is stick out my tongue to lick your balls. I'll give you every part of my tight body so long as you stay away from my sister's virgin pussy. She could never make your cock feel as good as I am right now. Does it feel good when I gently pull at the tip and tease your knob? My sister wouldn't know that trick. This is why you now come to me to get this cock relieved of its ache to cum. I'm ready to see your cum. Are you going to impress me with your load? I want to see it the load you've been saving for my sister that I'm stealing from you right now. Oh yes, that was a nice looking load. Do you feel better now? Ok, go get cleaned up before my sister gets here and remember, any time you come for a date you get here twenty minutes early for our pre-date. Deal?