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I am your goddess.

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Here it is in the early morning hours and I wait to be worshipped. You should not keep a goddess waiting. I'm not going to waste time humiliating you as you should be. Reprimand will come if you do not satisfy me sexually. Begin at my feet.

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I am your Spanish tutor.

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Thank you for hiring me to teach you Spanish. Shall we get right to the lesson? Lets start with simple numbers. I notice you are not paying me attention. Would you rather learn lets say, body part names? I can teach you that and show you. Oh, now I see you paying me great attention. I find you attractive also. We can take this Spanish lesson a little farther if you like.

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I appreciate you.

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I know this was your house before you married my sister. So I kind of just view this as your place to still do as you want. What is it that you want to do at this moment? I love my sister very much but I canít pass up a good lay. I think there is a reason beyond you just being family that has let me stay here. Why donít you come closer and let me show you how much I appreciate you?

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I came from a dry marriage.

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Itís been awhile since I had regular sex, or any sex for that matter. Iím newly divorced as you know. I was in a dry marriage for way too long. We both know why Iím here at your place so maybe we should get right to it?

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I can be a little intense.

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Honestly, Iím not a crazy girl. I mean, I can get intense but itís only because I think we will have insane chemistry. Iím glad you didnít ignore the numerous texts I sent. I knew once you saw me in person you would want me to. I will do anything to make you happy.

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I can be a lot of fun.

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I can't believe we're having this discussion that you want to break up with me. You can't break up with me. What would I do without you in my life? What about all the fun times we've had so far? You want to throw all that away? What about all the amazingly great sex we've had? You won't ever find a girl that treats you as good as I do in bed. I am a freak and we are a special breed. Do I need to remind you how good the sex is? Come on, fuck me and then I will go make you a nice dinner. Let's forget we ever had this breaking up conversation. I really need your cock inside me bebe, how much longer are you going to make me beg for it?

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I can be more than a babysitter.

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Your kids are sound asleep. Your wife has been dropped at the airport. I thought about turning in early tonight but then noticed your light on. If you think you may have trouble sleeping alone while your wife is away, I can help with that. Ive noticed your lingering glances my way. Your wife is too busy to notice little things like that but I see the way you look at me. You aren't the only one in this house with fantasies. Why don't we make one of those fantasies happen tonight?

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I can be sexy, I think.

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Youre a pretty cool step brother which is why I invited you to my bedroom. I have a very important question for you. Why do you think I cant get a date? Is it because I dress too much like a tomboy? I like being comfortable. Hey, if thats the reason why I cant get a date then wait right there. I have a solution. Ta da! What do you think of this outfit? Its sexy right? I may have to practice walking in these heels before I go out in public. You are totally looking at me in a way Ive never seen you stare before. You arent saying much, so does that mean this outfit makes me sexy enough to go out on a real date? Oh wait, I just saw something move in your crotch area. Whoa, you are getting a chubby for your step sister! Oh this is getting exciting. I want to see it. I will show you my private parts if you show me yours and whatever happens will happen.

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I can be such a naughty girl.

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It only took three martinis but it looks like my mom is out for the night. I have no idea what you saw in her enough to marry her. Did you marry her so you could get closer to me? I'd like to think so. I'll bet there are plenty of young women my age who have affairs with guys your age. That is the reason for the whole 'Sugar daddy' genre isn't it? I have so much fun being your naughty step-daughter. Lets not waste any time cause I could hardly wait for my mom to pass out so you could come to my room.

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I can be your extra dirty girl.

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I love these nights when we role play. You are always saying how much you want me to call you my daddy. So what do you think of my outfit, daddy? I wore my cutest lace bralette and matching panties. I especially like my hair in pigtails cause I hope you pull them later when your stretching my little pussy with your big daddy dick. Shall we start with stuffing my mouth full of your cock, my lover?