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She lubes her skin for me.

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I asked my step mom how she keeps her skin so soft and beautiful. She let me in on her secret which is applying the most sensuous smelling massage oil and lotion to her long limbs. I was hypnotized as she stroked her long legs up and down. Even thought she wouldn't let me apply her special oil I appreciated that her towel slipped a few times revealing even more of herself.

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She needs a dick down.

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You have grown into such an attractive strong looking man. I've missed having you around since you've been away at school. Are you learning how to treat those college girls right? I could sure use some attention. Your father works so much and I am alone in the house now. Do you think you could rub my feet for me and make them feel better? How about using those muscles of yours and rubbing my sore tired legs. I can name a few other things that have been neglected like the spot in between my legs. Don't be bashful. You're a grown man now so show me what they've been teaching you in college as far as taking care of a woman.

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So what, I am a nudist.

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Alright, you caught me without any clothes on. How long have you been watching me? It's not that I am upset about you watching me, I am actually relieved because now you know I am a nudist. I also happen to know that young men your age have raging hormones about 98% of their waking hours so seeing a woman as voluptuous as I walking around nude is probably causing some stirring in your pants. Why don't we take care of that bulge right now so we can clear the air. I know you jerk yourself quite a lot, I hear you. Tell you what, I won't tell your dad you skipped college today and was spying on me if you jerk yourself while I watch. It's only fair you let me watch you since I caught you watching me.

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Spankings for a stockings thief.

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You may not be that much younger than me but I am technically your stepmother and I do not appreciate you stealing my stockings for your perverted pleasures. I think you should be humiliated for your actions. I don't care that you are twenty one years old. If you steal my stockings you get punished and the only way I know to teach a lesson is by spankings. Now go take your red ass over to the corner and leave your ass cheeks hanging out as you rub the feeling back into them. Oh you are so easy to manipulate. I am going to love being your mom.