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Can I crawl in bed with you Step Daddy?

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Sometimes I have bad dreams and get scared in my room all alone. I love going in and crawling in bed with my stepdaddy. He always makes me feel better. Mommy works nights and step-daddy is always there when I need him. The way he touches me makes me feel so much better. And I like to make him feel better too. I donít tell mommy about our sleepy times games because Iím over 18 and she doesnít need to know everything. I like when daddy slides his fingers in my tight bald kitty. It makes me so wet. It makes me want to stick his big daddy dick all the way in my mouth. It's taken some practice but I can hide it all the way in my throat now and he really really likes it. Iím a very good girl. He really like it when I put the tip in my mouth and suck really hard while rubbing it. Then he gives me my special secret drink that makes the bad dream go away. I have the best daddy in the world!

Step Daughter,Blowjob,Small Tits,Brunette

Can I put it in my mouth, Step Daddy?

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Alison thanks you for picking her up from school because she missed the bus once again. She wants to thank you in the most special way that she knows. She promises not to tell anyone about your special time together. Alison takes off your jeans and she is excited to see your cock and she immediately begins to stroke you. It doesn't take long for her to gobble your dick all the way down the shaft. When you cum in her mouth, your good girl doesn't spill one tiny sperm.

Step Daughter,Handjob,Small Tits,Blonde

Can you help me upgrade daddy?

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I have been asking my mean ass mom for a new bed for a year! I'm 18 now, I am too old for a twin bed. How am I supposed to have boys over when they are gone in a twin-bed. My hot-ass step dad has been checking me out for years. But now that I'm an adult, it's gotten way more obvious. I've always wanted to see what his cock looks like and I want a new bed, soÖ two birds with one sexy hand job! I called him in my room and told him to sit on my bed to see how small it was. I could already see him getting hard through his jeans. I want a new bed, but I want to please Daddy more! I told him I would make him cum anytime he wanted if he got me a new bed. I pulled his cock out and started stroking it and spitting on it. Taking my clothes off and showing my tight hot young body, flaunting my ass and pussy in his face. Grinding my pussy on his leg, I asked him to please cum all over my hard ass rubbing his cock between my pretty round ass cheeks, he exploded all over my ass. I wonder if I actually let him fuck me next time I can get a car?

Step Daughter,Handjob,Small Tits,Blonde,Panties

Cock Lessons for my step daughter.

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My beautiful 18 year old step-daughter told me that she has only seen one cock and it scared her because she didn't know what to do with it. My wife was gone, and if you think I haven't jerked off thinking about her young tight body in a situation like this before you're crazy. She asked if she could see my cock, I know, I should have said no. But I just couldn't. I laid on the bed. She rubbed my growing bulge through my shorts, pulled it out, and started playing with it. Looking, rubbing and stroking with her young soft hands. She spit on it for lube. I loved seeing the spit fall from her pretty lips. Her hands slightly fumbly and inexperienced just made me harder. Stroking and jerking me, she pulled off her dress. Fingered her sweet little twat with one hand and my cock in the other. Then got on top of me and rubbed her sweet bald pussy on my hard shaft, hitting her tiny clit as she humped me like a pillow on a school night. Hopping off just in time to jerk me off and watch me cum. The excitement in her eyes and her sweet young hands, body and pussy all over me were completely worth the risk. Being a good step-dad has its perks.

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Crushing on my cousin

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I've always had a crush on my cousin. He isn't really my cousin, not genetically anyway. He has gotten hotter and hotter every year. My "auntie" told me he would be home that night and not to sleep in his bed. I pretended not to know and waited. I was in my panties when he got home and I could tell he was game too. I told him I've always had a crush on him and pulled his already hard cock out. I slide it deep in my mouth. It was so fucking thick and hard. I took my shirt off and let me him titty fuck me. I loved seeing him above me, his cock dragging in between my firm tits. I sucked him and jerked while he stared at my rack. I love being a dirty 'cousin' fucker. I jerked him off faster and faster until he came all over my chest. I couldn't help but like the tip clean. His cum tasted so good .I can't wait for the next sleepover.

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Cumming with Step Mommy 101

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I walked in on my 19-year-old stepson in the bathroom jerking off. I have always thought he was a good-looking boy. But, now he has grown into a sexy full grown man. He looked so fucking hot with his hard cock in his hand, young abs flexed as he rubbed his beautiful thick cock. His dad is several years older than me and hasnít fucked me hard or let me suck him dry in almost a year. I knew I had to have him. So I let him see me see him and had a talk with him. Turns out heís a virgin. ďMommyĒ was happy to help fix that. I got naked and he instantly got hard. I pulled his warm hard cock out of his pants and started rubbing it. Telling him he needs to cum at least once a day for good health. I made him take his pants off, he was so nervous and that made me want him even more. I took his shaft in my warm mouth, feeling his body tremble. This was amazing. I stroked him and jerked him and told him his feelings were completely natural until he gave Mommy his big fat load all her titties like a good boy. I have so much more to teach him. Starring Silvia Saige

Step Daughter,Small Tits,Blonde

Dad sent me a dick pic.

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My step-dad sent me a dick pic on purpose. I gave him an out and asked if it was for my mom. But he said no. That he thought now that Iím 18 and he and my mom are getting divorced that he wanted me to know how much he cared about his baby girl. What he didnít know is that I have been watching him for years and playing with myself thinking about his big step-daddy cock and how bad I wanted it. Once I knew he sent it on purpose, I took off my clothes and told him how I played with my pussy looking at it. I could see his swollen cock in this pants and I had to taste it. I pulled him out sucking on him like I've fantasized about for so long. Then I laid back showing him my pretty young pussy and ass until he couldnít help himself and had to slide deep inside me. It was so big and felt so good. He flipped me over and pounded me from behind. In and out, in and out. It was everything I thought it would be. Then dumped his huge hot mess on my tiny ass. I canít wait to do it again. This is a virtual sex clip. Starring Scarlett Sage

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Daddy's girl works my cock

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My stepdaughter has been getting up early to go to the gym with me. My wife doesnít want to go and I donít mind at all. I love taking my baby girl to the gym for "daddy/daughter" time. My little girl has grown into a legal little lady that wants Daddyís cock really bad. So, Iím going to give it to her. She asked who was hotter, her of her mom. Then pulled out her little tits. She pulled my rock hard cock out and started sucking it. Her pretty hot mouth on my cock felt like fucking heaven. She got completely naked and leaned back so I could see her tight bald slit while she yanked my cock with her pretty feet. Then going right back to sucking my cock like a good little slut. Laying on her back she stroked and pulled my dick until I came all over her tiny young breasts. Iím pretty happy with the new workout routine.

Handjob,Brunette,Big Ass,Milf,Cum On Tits

Daddyís Girl is a MILF

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My Step-Daughter and I used to have so much fun when she was still living at home. It started with trips to the park and snuggles on the couch. Then she started getting older and looking so beautiful and grown up. By the time she was 18, she was absolutely gorgeous. Dark skin, beautiful hair, and full ass that she loved flipping for me when her mom wasnít home. I knew it was wrong, but I turned her into the perfect secret fuck toy until she moved away, got married (lucky guy) and had some offspring of her own. Her mom and I have been having problems and my sexy baby-girl came home for a few days sans family. As soon as we were alone she couldnít wait to get her pretty soft hands on my cock. She laid me down, stroked and pulled on my cock. Showing me her titties, still so sexy. Showing me her ass while she jerked me off. Telling me how much she missed me drove me crazy until I came all over her pretty chest. She might be a mommy now, but she will always be my Good Baby Girl.

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Daughter-in-law wants the Daddy Dick

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My son is a "Starving Artist" that borrows money all the time to keep he and his wife afloat. To be honest, if it were my son, I would let him figure it out himself. But his wife, good lord. She is so young, firm and sexy. I see the way she looks at me. I've been around the block 2 or 10 times. I dropped by their house to lend them some more money. My son was at some smelly hippy art retreat. His cute little wife was in a pretty dress. She thanked me for everything I do. I could see it in her eyes. She wanted to pay me back and not with money. She got naked and stroked my cock. Her face as pretty as the day she married my son, but better because my cock was in front of it. Bending over and showing me her tight pussy and ass. My son is one lucking dumb shit. She jerked me off until I came all over her tiny tits. I think I might stop by more often.