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Bitchy Mom becomes bomb ass hot!

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I know I'm a lazy slob. Why should I go get a job or bust my ass cleaning the house if I don't have to? My dad says as long as I am going to college I don't have to work outside the house, or inside. My step-mom on the other hand, thinks otherwise. She is smoking hot, my step-mom. The only way my dad landed a babe like her is because of money. We don't live a lavish lifestyle but he makes her as comfortable as possible. The only thing he really demands is that the house is clean every day when he returns home from work. Some days I like to fuck with my mom and leave stuff everywhere just to watch her bend over and pick up the trash. I like to watch her hips sway as she vacuums. She really is super sexy and doesn't even know it. If she would shut her mouth and fix herself up once in awhile maybe she would feel better about herself and not feel the need to gripe and complain about cleaning up after me. Maybe, if she put on some sexy lingerie, let her hair down and put some heels on she may even like cleaning up after me. She would recognize me as the young virile stud that I am and actually ask me how she could serve me better. She would lead me into her bedroom and have me lie down on the very bed she sexually services my dad on. Her bitchy whiney voice would be gone and she would speak to me so seductively. She says she only married my dad because she wanted to be close to me. The more she talks the harder my dick is growing. It is rock hard by the time she places her hand on my crotch. She says we are going to have fun and oh how I am a little nervous at the sight of such the gorgeous goddess she has become just for me. Right away she shows me her huge tits that were practically spilling out from her corset. Oh how I want to wrap my lips around her nipples and suck. I'm so nervous I will lay here and let her direct where she wants this to go, after all she is serving me, my cock. Holy fuck I love how she holds my pole. I can hardly believe she confesses she only married my dad so she can stay home and play with me. How is this all happening? Is this real or fantasy? It certainly feels real to me. I am in ecstasy from all this attention my cock is getting from the sexiest woman I know. She asks if I am going to give her my sticky cum. My mom, asking if I will give her my hot sticky cum! If she keeps working my pole like she is she will get every drop of my jizz all over her pretty hands. Just when I was about to let it spew she turned her tight body around so I could stick my dick in between her ass cheeks. I was hoping to slide it in her little perfect puckerhole but she climbed off me and continued stroking my rod, faster and faster. I was practically convulsing by the time I ejaculated on her skilled hand. My dick was so sensitive and she kept rubbing it as she told me to be a good boy and lay still. This woman was blowing my mind not only did she take my cum she gave me permission to go back to watching my cartoons as she continued cleaning. My perfect fantasy.

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Blackmailed by step-son.

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My step-mom is a little hottie. She has gorgeous hair and near perfect breasts which she proudly puts on display in her dresses. She is my dads arm candy and my fantasy. Imagine my surprise and delight when I came home from work early one day to find my step-mom's hand wrapped around my sister's boyfriends cock! I didn't know my mom had a thing for younger guys. She is married to my dad who is getting up there in years. I took this awkward moment to seize the opportunity for some hand action on my junk. The poor fool boyfriend already managed to get his rock hard dick back in his pants for a hasty exit as I presented an offer to my mom. She knew she was caught in quite a predicament, one that my dad would most certainly dis-approve. I told her she could finish what she was doing with my sister's boyfriend on me and I would keep my mouth shut about the whole situation. At first she relented and claimed how gross of a thought that is but quickly came around knowing time was ticking away and dad would soon me home from work. I would almost get my rocks off as much with her hand job as I would spilling the little sick scenario that I walked in on. Didn't take much convincing, she opted for the hand job. I could feel my cock stirring and the familiar ache in my groin in the knowledge my cock was about to be stroked off number one, by someone who is into younger guys and two, by my hottie step-mom! Bonus deal! Not only did she jack me off with skill, she got completely naked and played with her pussy. Knowing she was touching my cock with the same hand that was rubbing her pussy was sending my head in a spin. She has quite the naughty mouth for a mom. God did she have a tight grip on my dick. When she called me a naughty boy and asked for my cum I could feel my load start to build. Fuck me when her titties started bouncing from her arm action I let my load go. I wish she would have let me cum on her tits instead of my stomach but she did say we could do this again. Her idea not mine! Oh hell yeah, I would come home from work everyday to get my cock taken care of by her. Its especially dirty because here we are under my dads roof doing these things and he will never know. My step-mom fantasy is becoming my reality. Fucken love life!

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Blackmailing Step Daddy

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My step-daughter is a little princess. She thinks because she is going to college and doesn't have a part-time job, that her Mom and I should give her a bigger allowance. The girl is 18 years old, and still wants money to go to the movies with her friends! I refused to give her more money, and thought that was the end of it. Well, she came to me the other day, asking me again for more money. I was reading a self-help book, when she came barging into the living room and snatched it out of my hands. She immediately began her plea by telling me that I have always been like a Daddy to her, even though I'm not her real father. She said that the allowance that we're giving her just isn't enough for her to do all of the fun things she wanted to do. I wasn't about to buckle and give her more money, until she put her hand on my knee and looked me in the eyes and said, "Maybe I can just tell mom that you... had your way with me? I don't think she'd like that very much." Her hand moved up and down my crotch. "As long as you play my game, Mom never needs to know. It can be our little secret." My daughter was blackmailing me! She unzipped my pants and pulled out my already hard cock. I couldn't help it, I was angry but also incredibly turned on by the control she was taking over on me. Here I was on the family couch with this 18 year old girl's hand around my cock saying, "look how hard Daddy's cock is for me?" It's true, I was hard for my step-daughter. She took off her top and let me see her firm, small breasts. Her nipples stuck out like two hard pencil erasers. "You're such a NASTY Daddy, getting hard for his little girl", she said as her hand slid up and down my slippery pole. She stood up and slid out of her cute little pink shorts and gave me a long look at her tight little round ass and shaved pussy. She teased me by saying that she would climb on top of my cock and bounce up and down, but that I probably couldn't afford the allowance that would allow that to happen. She put her mouth close to my swollen cock and teased me some more as I felt her warm breath on my engorged penis. My daughter climbed on top of me and straddled my legs. Her pussy was only inches away from my rod as she continued to stroke me. She tormented me with what could be. She moved her face next to my cock and began to pump her fist faster. "I want to see it squirt!" she said, as I felt the pressure build. I blew an enormous load all over her hand as she looked up at me with an evil look in her eyes. "So what do you say about that allowance, Daddy? Can I go to the movies with my friends? If I can't, then I'll tell Mom all about what we did today. She wouldn't be happy. Reward your little princess."

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Boss demands my baby making juice.

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My boss is one demanding and slightly demented biotch. I try to lay low in the office in hopes to just go to work, collect my paycheck and go home. No such luck. A call into my boss's office for a meeting with her today turned into something I could never have predicted. Her confidence is off the charts which makes being in her presence quite nerve racking, not to mention she is pretty damn sexy and knows it. She starts with informing me how my performance at work is lacking followed by a statement that my balls are in her hand. I thought it was my lucky day to have her come on to me although my luck was short lived. She was actually threatening my job security if I failed to donate my semen to her dream of being a mom. I wasn't going to even get to donate my preferred way, sweaty office sex. No, she was going to take my manufactured man juice from my body with only her hands, right here, right now. My cock was already semi-erect just from the knowledge she was going to take control of it. I'm not sure what the haste was but she was determined to gather every drop of seed from me before I left her office. She unbuttoned my pants and as they dropped to the floor I knew she was serious with her desire. She reminded me of my position in this company and how she could affect it. This woman was confusing me with her advances and compliments of my body yet not allowing me to touch her. She lubed my shaft and began stroking me with great fervor to build up a huge load from my balls. She remembered how I give her compliments frequently on her choice of shoes and gave me a foot job with her gorgeous soft suede ankle boots. This woman, my boss was holding nothing back to ensure a huge load from me. Her tight grip on my sensitive dick was making my head spin. I don't really recall what else she said, I just wanted to explode. As I felt the jizz spurt from my body I looked down to see her scooping every drop into what looked like a fancy shot glass. This was turning into such a strange day. She began referring to my glop as her babies and saying how much she loved each and every one. At this point, I just wanted out of her office and back to my desk so I could get on with my day as if this weirdness never happened. True to her bitch self she told me to get out of her office and not expect a raise. I hope when she takes my sperm to the lab for testing she isn't too disgruntled when the results come back with the note: 0 sperm count. You see, I never had the chance to let her know I got snipped years ago.

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Brat strokes him for his credit card.

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Oh hey Dad, I'm real glad I caught you at home right now because I need something like now. I really love my little LV purse you bought me but you forgot to buy me the whole matching set. Yea, it's a matching purse and luggage set. There is no way I can travel to Europe this summer without my purse and luggage set. How embarrassing if they don't all coordinate! What do you mean you won't buy me the whole set, Mom gets to have one. I deserve one just like her. Well, yea, I know she does things for you that I don't do, that's why she's your wife and I'm just your step-daughter! I don't have to do things for you like she does, you're supposed to get me things so I feel good about myself and look good. Augh, o.k. fine, what do I have to do to get the matched set I want? I'm not going to suck your cock, that's gross. I do want this bad enough to wank you for it, that's not completely disgusting. You may as well come here and lie down so I can get to your dick. Are you sure you want your daughter to jerk you off? Will you still call me your little princess if I have my manicured hands around your pole? What if I let you do other naughty things to me? You know what I really, really, want? A brand new BMW. If I let you stick your dick in my ass, would you buy me a BMW? My friends would be so jealous if that happened. I wouldn't say anything to anyone about how I got it either. I would be your own personal fuck toy if you want, I won't even tell my mom. If you like the way I take care of your cock with a hand job will you consider the BMW offer? Do you like how I make you feel? You know I would fuck you better than mom does. Mom doesn't have a tight little body like mine. Wouldn't you rather see my little body underneath you and my pretty face looking up at you than her plastic surgery enhanced face? Come on Daddy, let me keep stroking you off until you shoot your load. I will, I want to see you cum for me. I can hardly wait to feel your cum drain from your balls all over my perfect hands. Do it Daddy. Give me your cum. Ah that's it! Ok, now that your dick is taken care of, can I have your credit card? Thanks Dad! I will show you how hot I look with my matching purse and luggage as soon as I bring it home. You better hurry and clean up before mom gets home and don't worry, I won't let her know what I did to get my matching luggage just like hers. No way, this is our secret.

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Bratty sister jerks off her step brother

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Every weekend my step-dad leaves my step-brother and I treats. He has done this for as long as I can remember. This week he brought home two beautiful cupcakes from a nearby bakery. I couldn't resist bringing them both to my room and scarfing them down before my brother found out. Oops! ... He found out as I was halfway into my yummy red velvet cake and pretty much done with his lemon chiffon. I offered him the crumbs and maybe a taste of my cake, or not. I didn't owe him anything because I had something on him. I knew something that would get him in much more trouble than me eating his weekend treat. I know he watches me when I shower. He probably touches himself while he peeks through the door. If our parents knew he spied on me and touched himself while thinking perverted thoughts of me, he would be on lock down for weeks so that's why I had no problem eating his cupcake plus mine today. I'm already a few steps ahead of him in anything that goes on in our house plus I let him know I could rub him out better than he ever could. I'm sure he has soiled plenty a tissue at the thought of my tight little body. I wanted to see just how hard his cock gets for me. If I stroke him off then it fulfills one of his fantasies and lets him know once again, whatever he does I can do better. He wasted no time in lying down on my bed to get jerked off by his sister. I grabbed a hold of his dick as if it were my own and started cranking, using my cupcake-sweetened saliva as lube. Not only did I cover his cock with my sweet spit, I stripped from my clothes and climbed on his body to show him all that he wanted to see without having to spy on me in the bathroom. I slid my pussy right up close to his swollen testicles and stiff shaft as I continued to tell him how naughty we were being with each other. I teased him about how easy it would be to slip his dick inside my little wet slit. I stroked him super fast and then nice and slow, he was in my complete control and I liked it. He was quivering as I blew cold air on the tip of his dick and teased the soft ridge. I could sense he was reaching explosion so I grabbed on tight and jacked him off so hard like his dick owed me money. He had a few post cum convulsions and I let him know he didn't have to sneak around and spy on me anymore, all he has to do is ask and I will show him whatever he wants to see, including the inside of my pretty pink pussy. All he has to do is ask.


Bros before Hoes - unless her hand is around my dick.

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My best friend has a hot girlfriend. I know, it's against the "Code" to check out your buddies girl, but this chick is a smoking blonde with an ass I just can't stop thinking about tapping. My buddy is a bit oblivious to how hot his girlfriend is however, and sometimes I think she's a little too much for him. I highly doubt that he knows how to properly fuck this girl, which is something I have been thinking about doing for quite some time now. The other day, I dropped by his house to get away from my nagging mom, but caught him just as he was heading out. He said he was only going to be an hour so I should just hang out in his room until he got back, and then we would find something to do. It wasn't long after he left that his girlfriend popped in, questioning where he was and why I was in his room. She's hot, but did I mention she's also a little bitch sometimes too? She said that he was an idiot for leaving me alone in his room because I might steal something. Her bitchy, bratty attitude made me just want to pull her hair and punish her with my dick for acting like she's not interested in the same thing I want. I know she's into me too, even though she can be a royal pain in the ass sometimes, I catch her eye now and then and get that feeling that she needs to be fucked by a guy who knows what to do with that ass. I guess I was coming on a little stronger than usual, because my friend wasn't around and it was kind of hot to be alone in his room with her. I decided to play with her a bit. I told her that I wanted to fuck her, just to see what she'd say. At first she acted like she was insulted, but I could tell that the idea turned her on. I couldn't believe my luck when she said that she should get revenge on her guy by jerking my dick for me! Hell, I'd love to have this hot babe's hand wrapped around my shaft, I can't lie, even if she is my best friend's girlfriend. She made me swear not to tell, and I did the same with her. The next thing I knew, she had my pants around my ankles and my wood in her palm. This chick was a pro, and knew exactly how to handle a hard cock. She spit on my dick and ran her hand up in down in a variety of ways, which made me want to fuck her even more. The little cock-tease even acted like she was going to blow me, but told me that it wasn't part of the deal and I would just have to wait until next time for that. She pumped and pumped until finally I spewed a heavy load right into her palm. Always the little bitch, she actually called ME the asshole for cheating on her boyfriend. I know the code is "Bros before Hoes" but what the hell.

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Brother wakes with a boner.

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Hey, stepbrother wake up! Mom and dad are gone from the house and I want to you to take me to the beach today. Come on, wake up! We never get to do anything fun together. Don't sleep the day away. Ever since my mom married you dad we haven't spent much time alone together. Today would be a perfect day to spend together doing something fun so wake up! Oh, what's this? Brother, you have a boner! Oh, ha ha ha, this must be the morning wood I have heard of. Is this morning wood or are you hard because I am here jumping on you with my cute tight body? I'll keep jumping on you until you wake up. I can play with your bonder until you fully wake up. I'm sure I can do this for you. I always wondered what your cock looked like. Is that nasty wondering about what my brother's cock looks like? I can rub my cute little boobs on it and make it even harder. Do my hard nipples feel good rubbing your hard cock? I'll bounce on your boner with my bubble butt. I like to grind on your hard morning wood. Look at my little pink pussy as I pull my panties to the side. I'm going to pull your big cock from under the sheet so I can see it completely and touch it. Oh it is so big! I love stroking it with both of my tiny hands big brother. I also love you checking out my ass. I've noticed you look at me ever since our parents married and we all moved in together. I'm going to use your hard cock and rub it on my clit. This feels so good rubbing myself with your big boner. I can't slide you into my tiny pussy. I don't think it would fit inside but you can look at it as I stroke you. Don't you love this way of getting to know each other? I can do this every morning to wake you up. I want to make you cum for me. Will you give me your cum big brother? Ah, you squirted cum out for me like a water hose spraying out! Ok so now you are awake, go get cleaned up and I will be waiting downstairs for you to take me to the beach or to a movie. Spending all day with you is going to be so much fun.

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Brother, You need that ass pegged.

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Stepbrother steals his sister's strap on for his own private pleasure. He forgot to put the dick away afterward and now sister knows exactly how to punish brother. She is going to fuck his tight little pucker hole while she steals his filthy cum. This is one strong willed broad he shouldn't have messed with her cock. He had better relax his sphincter because she isn't getting off of him until he gets off. What is a sissy brother to do buy lie there and take everything his gorgeous sister is willing to give him.

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Buy me boobies please!

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I have reached to point of desperation. I am a full grown woman in every way, even my age now makes me legal yet the one part of me that refuses to grow up is a part I get to see every time I look in a mirror. I am as flat chested as I was when I first entered puberty. I can't even begin to explain how depressing it is to have boobs that don't even fit into an A cup bra. In fact, the name of the bra I wear is "Almost A" how embarrassing is that? I'm sure my small boob size is the reason I hardly get asked out on dates and passed up for any job promotions even though I have been at the same job since I was 16. I hear about Dads buying their daughters expensive gifts all the time. My real dad isn't around but I do have a step-dad. He is pretty stingy with his money but he did buy my mom a set of nice big tits and I want some to. My mom probably had to have anal sex with him or something gross like that to get him to buy her boobs. I would be so grossed out to have sex with my step-dad but I was talking with a girlfriend who suggested I just jack him off. Old guys get excited just to have the attention of a cute young girl she was telling me. She was sure all I would have to do is ask for my boobs and let him know I was going to take care of something really important for him. Sure enough, all I had to do was put on my cute face and ask him real sweet and before he could give me a rejection, I started getting undressed so he knew I was serious about taking care of him. I showed him how pathetic my teeny tiny boobs were, but I could tell by the erection growing in his sweatpants that he was getting turned on! I took off my top and told him to lay down on my Mom and his bed. I grabbed his stiff cock through his sweats, and told him that I wanted to be his slut. I know he likes my big round ass, so I took down my panties and bounced on his crotch. When I finally pulled down his sweats, his fat dick bounced out and I couldn't wait to get it in my hands! Both of my hands fit around his shaft, as I spit on his cock and stroked it for him. I played with my pussy for my Dad as I pumped my fist up and down his shaft. I decided that I would let him feel what it might feel like to be titty fucked by me. Since I don't have big enough tits, I used my fat ass. I slid my Dad's cock between my ass cheeks and bounced up and down on him. His cock was squeezed between my ass, bumping against my tight little asshole. I knew he was getting closed, so I grabbed his dick in both hands again and pumped him with a steady rhythm. Finally, just when he was ready to blow, I aimed the head of his cock towards my tiny tits. I was hoping he'd cover them with his jizz, but my tiny boobs were just too small to catch it all! I rubbed in whatever landed on my chest. I think I'm going to love having a nice pair of Double D's!