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Big Tits,Brunette,Jerk Off Instructions

Big isn't bad, it's good!

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Your father said you wanted to talk with a female about something. I know I'm not your real mother but glad you feel comfortable enough to talk with me. So what is on your mind? You have a freakishly large what? A large penis and you want me to tell you a female's opinion of it? Ok, let's see it. Oh wow! That is huge! But it's ok to have a penis that large. I'm sure there are many girls who would love to feel your cock stretching them out between their legs. I'm not one of them but let me see you get it hard so I can see it's full potential. Since it's hard you may as well jerk it off so I can see how large of a cum load that size of a penis produces. Go ahead, we're both adults and I'm just your stepmother so it's perfectly ok to show me how you stroke yourself. Oh wow, look at those very long strokes you give yourself. I can see you're getting close to losing your load. Give mommie your cum. Go ahead, grip that massive cock and force all that hot cum on me. Remember to not tell your dad about what just happened. I don't want to have to tell him how much bigger your cock is than his.

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By deductive reasoning you are guilty.

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There are only three of us in this house, you, your dad, and me. Your dad has been at work all day and I know for a fact he wants nothing to do with my granny panties as he calls them. I found a sticky kind of foul smelling substance on a pair of my panties that I thought were clean and dry in the clothes dryer. Would you like to explain why you took my panties and put them back soiled with your semen? You either have the hots for me or you want to feel like a girl and you use my panties to get yourself off. You are going to put these soiled panties back on and show me what you do with your little mini dick while wearing my panties.

Big Tits,Brunette,Jerk Off Instructions,Femdom,Humiliation,Chastity

Chastity is a bitch isn't it?

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I can't handle the thought of you going out and fucking stupid college girls so this is necessary to keep that cock under my control. Just because you're in college doesn't mean you're grown up and can handle the responsibilities of being a dad should you know up one of those college girl sluts. I am sympathetic to your needs and will let you out of chastity for a good cock stretch. How does that feel? It must be nice to feel the sensation of your dick growing big. Go ahead and stroke yourself. This is the only chance you get for some relief because as soon as you cum, the chastity goes back on. Your father may be encouraging you to go get as much pussy as possible but I am completely against it. I am all you need. It would be so embarrassing to go to your dad and tell him your young dick belongs to mommie, wouldn't it? That is why this is our secret. I think you like belonging to me. You know you would be the campus cock with your raging hormones. I hope you know I am only doing this for your own good. Oh what a full cum load you had! I hope you enjoyed that release because you are under lock and key for two weeks starting right now. That's a very good boy.

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Come share bath time with me.

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You know how much I enjoy bath time after a long work day. Your father was supposed to be here to draw my bath but he has better things to do now it seems. Just give me a listening ear while I tell you all about my day. Oh you like my red toenail polish? It is my favorite color as well. I do have pretty feet don't I? Yes, I have large breasts to. Let's pay attention to my feet right now. You should try some of the things I am about to share with you with the next girl you get serious with. You really are a great stepson you know? Most guys your age only care about their next conquest and here you are caring about your stepmothers well being. I think we should make a full night of fun together. Go wait for me on my bed and we can watch a movie together and snuggle and who know what after that.