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Modeling for my perverted neighbor.

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I want to thank you for taking the time to do this favor for me. My dad said you are a really nice guy and a good photographer. Can you believe the modeling agency told me I had to pay for my own pictures and use their photographer! I found a different agency that will let me submit almost candid shots and still get me quality work. My dad said you wouldn't mind taking these pictures of me. Wait, are you taking pictures of my butt? I only need full body shots silly. You may be on to something though because I should get some pictures of what I look like in lingerie. I'm sure I will be getting jobs to model lingerie. Do you think my body looks ok? I have to compete with so many skinny girls in modeling business. Are my boobs to big to be a model? You think I look good? Thank you, that's nice to hear. Hey, is that a bulge in your pants? I don't mind doing something nice for you since you're doing something nice for me. Can I see what your cock looks like? I've never seen the dick of an older man before. Oh wow, you have really big balls. I like them. This is kind of fun don't you think? I didn't know I had this effect on grown men like you. I'm getting turned on because you are. Would you like to see my boobs? Don't take any pictures of them but you can look. I know something about you. I know you were looking at me as I was laying out at the pool the other day. When my dad suggested I come over here to get pictures taken by you its no mistake I wore the cutest tiniest pair of shorts I own. Would you like to see my little pussy? I don't mind taking my panties off for such a nice guy like you. Oh you want my panties wrapped around your cock while I jack you off? That is so hot. Isn't that called a panty fetish or something like that? You guys get kinkier with age don't you? You know, I'm thinking maybe I should just skip modeling dreams and go straight into porn. This is kind of fun jacking off a neighbors cock. I bet there are all kinds of porn scenarios that start out this way. Would you like to shoot your cum on my ass like they do in the porn movies? Oh wow! look at all that cum you shoot on my ass cheek! That was so much fun but maybe we should get back to taking my pictures before my dad comes over and wonders why I have been here so long.

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Mom and daughter tag-team sluts.

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So tonight turned out to be one of the craziest nights I've ever had at the local dance club. I figured I would go in and hand at the bar, knock a few back while looking at the ladies gyrating on the dance floor then go home to rub one out. Tonight was a shock and most pleasant surprise. A mom and daughter duo came in wearing tight little mini skirts and tank tops. They both had long lithe legs and pretty much the same exact body only it was like seeing what the young one will look like in about twenty years. I started fantasizing right away what it would be like to take these two brunette beauties home. How great would that story be to tell my buddies at work on Monday, that I had a mom and daughter combo on my cock! I quickly offered them drinks and kept them liquored up the whole night. Instead of me making the moves, they actually suggested I go home with them! No hesitation here, we left without another word. I stumbled into what looked like the mom's bedroom and flopped on her bed. I was so incredibly horny for these two hotties I could hardly believe my luck. I heard them going back and forth about not telling the dad that they brought a guy home. The anticipation of what was going to happen stirred my cock in my jeans. They finally noticed and announced they weren't going to fuck me but would take turns jacking me off. Hey, fine with me so long as I got to leave my load somewhere in their vicinity. This was better than hooking up with some random bar chick for a fuck. I was getting full on cock attention by the two hottest women in that whole club! They teased me while they removed their sexy little outfits. The mom was intrigued with my shaved balls, saying her husband's sack wasn't anything as nice as mine. The daughter kept a steady pace on my dick with both of her perfectly manicured hands. Their banter back and forth was pretty entertaining I must say. I most certainly was going to put this whole visual in my spank bank for the next time I had nothing but my right hand man to do the dick deed. They took turns until the mom instructed the daughter to go for it and make me shoot my load for them. I spurted out a geyser of goo. I hardly had time to collect my thoughts before they were telling me to hurry up and get my jeans back on cause I had to get out of there before the husband came home. I could hardly believe I got cranked by such beauties and the sad part was I didn't even get their names. Oh well, adds to the fantasy to only know them as the mom and daughter duo.

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Mom's surprise facial.

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It's not my intent to embarrass you but we must talk about a very important issue at hand. I've waited until everyone is asleep so don't worry about anyone hearing this conversation. Are you curious why I brought a ten pack of tissue boxes in your bedroom? You should be curious. I present one incredibly stiff and crunchy sock as evidence to support the reason you need a large supply of tissues at all times. I know why this sock is stiff. You're jacking of and leaving your jerk wad in clothing! This is unacceptable! I can't cringe every time I load the washing machine with your clothes anymore. I respect your privacy and the need to unload all that pent up angst from your cock but not in your clothing anymore! Besides being unsanitary and completely gross, it's not a healthy habit for a guy your age to establish. You're college age now and need to learn to at least hide the evidence of your daily activities with your penis a little better. So we are perfectly clear what I expect of you I am going to demonstrate the complete procedure for disposing of your shall we say, waste. Have you not given any thought at all to the fact that when your cum soaked stiff articles of clothing are put in the wash with the rest of the laundry, your DNA is swimming around contaminating our clothes? No more will this happen. I can hardly believe you're actually hard with an erection. Did this conversation and scolding excite you? I will show you how easy it is to grab a few tissues and wipe all your cum load away. I even bought trash liners for your little garbage bin here in your bedroom. You can empty it yourself when it get's full. I don't imagine at your age, a full basket of cum rags with take long to acquire. You probably get hard from a gust of wind blowing your way. I understand the need to stroke your cock and release that pent up pressure. I think giving you these tissues will satisfy both of our needs when it comes to your cum disposal. Speaking of disposal, I want to get back to sleep so go ahead relax and give me that hot load. Go ahead, relax and give me that nice big load you have. I don't mind showing you a little skin to hurry this along. Give my mommie titties a look while I continue to stroke you to ejaculation. I'm ready for it. Oh My Gosh! I had no idea you were capable of THAT much ejaculation! No wonder you use your clothing for your enormous loads. You may run out of this stash of tissues sooner than I expected! Ok, well I need to somehow go down the hall and wash your mess off me and get back to bed before your father wakes up. I don't know many stepmothers who would go through such lengths to educate their son's in this matter.

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Morning wood gets wanked by step-sister.

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I hate mornings. I lay in bed as long as possible until my step-mom comes to my door and pounds on it for me to get my lazy ass out of bed. This morning my mom didn't come to wake me up, my step-sister did. I'll admit I have a crush on my little step-sister. Not that I would act on it or anything because now that our parents married we're kind of related. Good thing I didn't have to do anything to get what I got this morning for a wake up call except keep my lazy ass in bed as usual. My sister came in all awake and bouncy. Only thing I hate worse than mornings are morning people. I was hesitant to make the slightest move because I could feel my raging morning wood in my underwear and did not want to gross her out by presenting it to her. My sister found my wood all on her own and immediately became fascinated with seeing it then touching it. I was half drowsy from sleep but was not going to do anything to stop whatever it was she wanted to do with my dick. She pulled my underwear down and started saying what a big cock I have and how she is the cutest girl to ever touch it. I wasn't going to argue with her as I didn't want her to stop touching me so I lay there as she wrapped both her little hands around my shaft and exclaimed she was going to give me the best hand job of my life. I usually just fuck a pussy that is this close in proximity to me but since she is my sister I should probably just lie here and get the hand job. She can go off a bit on her rambling but it's something I have grown accustomed to with her. As long as she is holding my cock, I'm keeping quiet. She stroked it tenderly then smacked it around a few times which was completely surprising yet titillating. I couldn't help but be mesmerized by her long blonde pigtails and little schoolgirl skirt. I like that she is old enough to be legal yet young enough to still look so damn young. As she continued to babble and strip for me, the sight of her tight little body was enough to give me very dirty thoughts and send me to the edge of ejaculation. All she needed to do was shut her trap for half a minute and jack me to make give her my cum. When she deep throated my dick and used her spit as lube she cranked me off but good. It was a weird yet kinky way to start the day. Thank god her mom didn't walk in and see my dick in her daughter's hands.

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Mother's Day seduction by step son

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It's just me and my step-mom at the house since dad passed away a couple years ago. Even though I am twenty I could move out and give her the privacy she probably would enjoy but I can't do that because I have the secret hot's for her. It's not really something I can just come out and tell her but maybe todays' Mothers Day gift will show her how I feel. She was laying in bed reading a book, wearing her sexy mommie reading glasses when I came to her with her gift. I could hardly wait to see her reaction. The anticipation was causing me to have butterflies in my stomach and a stirring in my loin, what a crazy combination. She seemed to be embarrassed yet intrigued and figured out my intentions toward her pretty quickly. I don't know why she doesn't have guys asking her out left and right but I'm glad because that leaves plenty space for me. I could hardly wait to see the sexy silky lingerie piece on her curvy body. She said she would try it on so I could see her in the gift but not while I watched her change. She stepped away from me a typical mom and returned to me a sexy siren. Of course my cock began to swell at the sight of her full breasts and smooth hips encased in silk and soft mesh. She noticed my reaction right away and commented how this was all so flattering to her. We both awkwardly gazed at each other when she suggested since this is a special day that we should take our mother son bond a step further. I didn't expect her to full on fuck me nor did I want that but rather go a slow pace sexually with her. She offered to wear this gift as she stroked my cock into orgasm. I knew she would probably be a little shy about sex since it had been so long since she was with a man, much less her own step-son. She asked me to lie down and get comfortable so she could be the sexy sultry woman she has hidden for so long. I was honored to be receiving such a great gift from her and this made me wish I had somehow found the way to instigate my feelings before. She lubed my cock with her deep throat honey saliva and stroked me into dizzying heights of pleasure. She modeled the lingerie as she stroked my rigid shaft until I could no longer hold back my load. Her sweet voice and solid hand job made me bust a fat nut all over her pretty hands. My fantasy of what might happen when I gave her the lingerie gift was nothing compare to the reality of what actually happened. I have spank bank material for the next month from this experience. Now that we have passed an invisible boundary maybe I will no longer be the only one in this house cranking on my cock. A whole new relationship was created from one silky sexy gift.

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My Asian stepdaughter wants my American cock.

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I was laying in bed, taking a little nap on a Sunday afternoon, when my stepdaughter popped into the room to ask me a question. I met her mom in Vietnam and brought them to America after we got married. Now that she has turned 18, she's becoming quite a pretty young lady, and as it turns out her hormones are raging. She told me that she was having trouble with guys, because she was too shy and that she had a crush on me! If that didn't blow my mind enough, she told me that she was curious about what a penis looked like, and asked me to show her mine. I thought I must have been dreaming, because there is no way that this hot younger girl would be interested in an old guy like me. Even though I was nervous about her mom coming home, I let her take my trouser snake out of its lair. The next thing I knew, this adorable Asian girl had her hand wrapped around my shaft and started stroking it like an old pro. She took off her top to reveal a pair of tight 18 year old tits with rock hard nipples, and continued to crank my cock. She told me that she gets jealous of her mom sometimes because no other guy compares to me! This girl knows how to stroke my ego almost as good as she strokes my rod. My stepdaughter began to beg me to give her a hot load, and started pumping harder. I couldn't believe my luck! Of course, her mom would kill me if she knew her daughter was on our bed and asking me if I wanted to see her pink pussy. She took off her frilly white panties and spread her legs to reveal a shaven tight Asian cookie. My stepdaughter had the filthiest mouth ever, I couldn't believe the nasty things that were coming out from between her innocent looking lips. I wanted those lips wrapped around my penis, and she knew it. She stroked and stroked and finally milked out a thick load all over her tan Asian breasts. I must have been dreaming I thought, because the last thing I remember was hearing her say I should sneak into her room later that night and she would be waiting.

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My ass must win the contest!

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You have to help me with something very important and you can't say a word of this to our parents. Remember that time when I caught you and your girlfriend in your bedroom and I didn't tell mom and dad? Well, there is a best ass contest going around campus and I need your help so I can win. You owe me some help for not squealing on you about the girlfriend incident. This is what stepbrothers are supposed to do, help their sisters. All I need you to do is take a few pictures of me so I can post them to social media. All this attention on my ass will be sure to get me the win plus maybe even a boyfriend. Eww, what is that happening in your pants? Are you getting turned on by all this ass talk and photographing my big round butt? This is certainly not what I expected to happen. You should probably rub that out real quick before you leave my bedroom just in case you run into our parents in the hall. You're too embarrassed to rub in out in front of your stepsister? Get over here and I'll take care of it then. Just don't like it too much because this is the only time this is going to happen. Hurry up and lie down so I can get this situation under control. Oh the things I have to do to win an ass contest!

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My big step brother's cock makes me a lot of money on web cam.

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I've been having a lot of fun making extra money doing web cam shows. It's super easy to take the money from these horny dudes. I'm lucky to be able to do the shows while I still live with my mom and step-dad. It's the quickest and safest way for me to make enough money to move out and get a place of my own. I thought I had my timing down with everyone's schedules so I could web cam in complete privacy. I almost had it down right except I forgot to find out my big brothers work schedule. He hardly pays any attention to me anyway except to perv a little when I get dressed up to go hang with my girlfriends. He's a pretty cool step-brother that way. He stays out of my business and I stay out of his, that is, until today. I was flirting on my cam site, trying to keep these fun guys entertained by promising them a "Gold show" soon where they can watch me fuck myself with my favorite dildo. I was showing off my lush booty to the guys when I noticed my brother looking at me through the slightly opened door. I didn't know what to do except invite him in to explain what I was doing AND to beg him not to tell my mom. I don't think my mom would understand making money this way. Once I explained a little of how web cam shows work and I could see his intrigue I knew I had to make him an offer to keep him silent about this for sure. I told him I could make more money if I have a real cock instead of a dildo. When I told him I would split whatever money we made doing a show together, I could tell he wanted in. We immediately made the goal I set for us to do a show together and had to quickly get ready to start so I had him get comfortable on the couch. I hoped he didn't think I was going to fuck him or anything cause that's just way to gross for me. I mean he IS my brother, even if its just step. I wasn't going to fuck him but I was going to give him a hand job to remember. I could hardly wait to show him what a dirty slut his little sister is. His pole was so huge both of my hands wrapped around it! I could tell by how quick he got stiff for me that I turned him on. Imagine that, getting turned on by your little sister. I bet he was hoping something like this would happen. I would even bet he has touched himself while spying on me outside the door. I jerked the fuck out of his big wang partly because I wanted to give my cam guys an excellent show and part because I was disgusted at being spied on by him. I straddled him and bounced my lush ass in his face. I flashed my perky bouncy tits in front of him. I teased him about staring at me too long when I wear my cheer leading outfit home from the football games. He was totally into my school girl outfit I was wearing for today's show. After some solid stoking, I could tell by his heavy breathing he was close to unleashing his load so I told him I wanted it. I wanted him to give all of his cum to his little sister. Oh, he did. He squirted it as high as my head. That much spooge near my face surprised me a little. Now that I had his cock completely in my control I let him know he would get in just as much trouble as I if he told our parents. I also told him I was keeping all the money we just made off that cam show. He is such a pervy freak I'm sure all I have to do is flash him my pussy again later and he would let me use him for my stunt cock any time I want. Hahaha and again, for free.

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My booty must trend before sundown.

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You're the only one who can help me win the contest going around campus for best ass. I'm sure you've heard about it but did you know my ass is a contender? That's right, your little college freshman stepsister is going to win best ass on campus with your help of course. All you have to do is work your computer genius skills to make my ass go viral. You have to get my ass trending before sundown so I can get the most votes from everywhere! Just look at this plump round ass, it totally deserves to win! Oh no, is that what I think it is? Are you getting a boner from me talking all about my ass? I think I have a solution. I will take care of your boner so then you will have a completely clear head, pun intended, to go do all the computer work necessary for my win. Hurry up and lie down so I can crank your cock brother!

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My brother in law's cum is mine today.

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My sister get's the best of everything. She always had the nicest clothes, jobs, and she married you, the hottest guy she ever dated. I was so jealous of her at your wedding that she landed you and I wish I had seen you first. So here we are, packing your house up so you two can move across the country and I probably won't see either of you again for a long time. You know, she is working for a couple more hours and since it's just you and me here right now why don't you and I have a little fun before you move? You can't tell me you never thought of me like that. I know it's bad but look, you will be way on the other side of the country and it's not like it will be awkward at family gatherings because you won't be here for those anymore. At least let me just see your cock. You must have a great looking cock or my sister never would have married you. Come on, unzip your pants and pull it out so I can see it. Is it too forward if I ask to touch it? Just look at like a friendly hand shake goodbye right? Oh wow, you know I have to have a long hand shake with that beautiful cock right now. Get over on the couch so I can get a better grip on that gorgeous dick. I've had such a crush on you for so long I'm so glad I get to steal your cum today. I want all of it so when my sister gets home from work there is nothing to give her tonight. You know I would so give up all my holes to you. My sister better be treating that big cock of yours right and if she isn't you come back across county to me. Look at my pretty little holes. These can me yours if she doesn't fuck you right. It would be so easy to slide it in my tiny hole right now but I want you to have something to come back here for if it doesn't work out with my sister. I'm going to play with this big cock until you cum for me. I feel your cock throbbing for me because you want me to steal your cum today. I'll cup your tight balls until you squirt that jizz for me. Ah! That's it! Look at all that cum you gave up to me and not my sister. You messy bad boy you. Now don't go saying anything to my sister because I'm not going to either. We'll just pretend like this never happened except for the wicked little smiles we exchange when she isn't looking.