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Prove to me you kept your cum tonight.

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Who do you think you are young man coming in at this late hour of the night? I know you were out with that little college skank. You were probably fucking her dirty hole then thinking you could sneak in my house and go straight to bed. You deserve to be punished. You need a nice hard spanking on your skinny bare ass is what you need. Now prove to me you kept your spunk inside your junk tonight by jacking off in front of me. I want to see a full cum load for a young man of your age. Go ahead and get busy because you aren't sleeping until this is done. That's it, keep stroking and don't make a mess on my floor! Discharge your goo on your underwear and don't let a drop of that filth touch my floor! Oh you bad bad boy you spooged some on my bed! You go to the corner and stand there until I say you can leave. I can't believe what I put up with from you and I'm only your stepmom.

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Put these panties on for me.

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I had a feeling you were a little girly. There is only one reason you would be rifling through your step sister's underwear drawer, you wish you were a girl. It's o.k. I understand. In fact, I want you to put these pretty lacy panties on and show me how nice they look on you. Next I want you to rub your big clit for mommie. That's it, rub that big swollen clit and show mommie what a good girl you are. I'll even rub my pussy as you rub your big clit and let's cum together.


Road trip vibrator time for stepmom.

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My step mother and I have been on this road trip together for a couple nights. I can tell she is tired and wants to be to our destination already. I can also tell she would probably rather be alone than doing this trip with her nineteen year old kid. She sends me off to shower first and tells me to stay extra long because I need to do some manscaping. She called me a hairy little monkey! I can't help that I take after my dad like that. She wasn't repelled by my fur at all. I spied on her from the shower window and she just needed to get her nut is all. She pulled out quite the impressive dildo and battery powered vibrator from her back pack and went for it. I watched the whole thing. I watched her body quiver with each orgasm and then put her panties and pj's back on like nothing happened. I'm going to definitely need some extra time in the shower now, to rub my own nut out after seeing her.

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Road trip with stepmom.

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My stepmom is such a hottie and she doesn't even know it. I can't believe I get to go on a road trip with her, just her and me. My dad is such an idiot in his cheap ways to try and save money. Oh well, his cheap ways pay off for me in a big way. The first hotel we stopped at for the night put us in a king size bed together. What was I to do? I couldn't sleep and had to rub one out. I can't help that I used my mom's ass for my own personal pornography. I nutted so good I forgot to wipe the evidence off her ass cheeks. Oh well, maybe she wont notice that her underwear are slightly stiff the next morning... She noticed. We got to the next hotel and this one gave us a queen size bed! I gotta love my dads way of saving a buck. My mom was not happy about sleeping in the same bed with me again. This time she let me know why. In a strange way this discovery benefit me still in the fact that now she knew I objectified her for my own selfish gratification the previous night. Tonight she says it's her turn. She began to make my cock rock hard so she could climb on and get her own big "O" before dismounting and informing me that now she owns my cock as her plaything and because I was so naughty last night that I did not get to cum tonight. She made me put my pajama bottoms on and sleep turned away from her. I'm not sure how I feel about what just went down but I hope this road trip goes on a little longer than expected and I find out some new ways to take advantage of my mom and vice versa

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Rocker stepmom has the hots for me.

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I think it's pretty cute when my stepmom cranks up the 80's rock in the car. It annoys my dad but makes me wish I knew her way back when. I got my chance when she came to my room late night dressed in one of her old concert shirts. She tells me I look a lot like her boyfriend back then. She asks if she could mess around with me the way she used to mess around with him. My dad was asleep down the hall so there was a risk with her being in my bedroom but I didn't care and let her have her way with my dick. She blew me and stroked me til my head was spinning and cum was escaping my cock. I hope my new stepmom has more of these nights when she wants to relive old times with my cock.

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She gets me hard with her ass shaking.

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I happened to walk in the front room today to my step mom listening to her music and dusting the furniture. This doesn't usually make me stop and my jaw drop but today she had her tight exercise clothes on and acknowledged my looking at her ever so often. She tormented me with her big ass that I so wanted to pull her pants down and tap that. I'm sure she knows how goddamn sexy she is. She put on quite the show until she could sense I was ready to explode a load in my pants and then had the nerve to walk by me and flip me off as if to say fuck you for perving out to your stepmother. What a bitch!